My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 270

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Episode 270: A chance in a game turns into reality

58. New era (6)

To maintain peace on Earth, terrorist groups must be wiped out.

However, the problem is that now that religious issues are complexly intertwined, there may be endless genocide, no matter how many people are killed.

Then the people of Earth will think like this.

‘The chairman of the Rondel Peace Organization is massacring the people of Earth using the word peace.’

Conversely, the Rondel people may think this way.

‘A citizen of my country was killed in a terrorist attack, so you are not allowing me to take revenge?’

Will it be possible to achieve the peace that the goddess requested in this way?

I decided that ordinary methods of clearing out terrorists would not work.

‘I am definitely discouraged by this opportunity.’

So I decided to use this situation as a warning opportunity.

Show off your overwhelming force and overwhelming presence so that no one from Earth or Rondel dares break the peace I asked for.

I plan to record everything that happens from now on on video.

By recording and then releasing the video without editing, we plan to engrave fear into people so that they will never have such foolish thoughts again.

‘It would be a good idea to resurrect people as zombies and have them kill each other so that terrorists can’t justify their deaths by imposing beliefs they don’t understand.’

No, wouldn’t that make me look too devilish?

It’s annoying to talk about it being a temple for no reason.

Anyway, I have a lot of tools.

Intimidation and threats can be said to be his specialty.

‘Let’s go fancy.’

Please note that threats and threats are not limited to Earth.

This also applies to the countries of Rondel who do not yet know my exact level.

At that time, I was about to leave the Count’s office, saying that I would go for a walk and clean up terrorists.

“Do you know where the enemies are?”

Count Rayers asked me.

Although it was attacked by terrorists, no details have been revealed as to whether they were IS, Al-Qaeda, or another armed group.

It is only natural to understand the enemy before attacking.

I gave a simple answer to the count who asked with a puzzled expression.

“I know everything.”

And as soon as I left the Count’s office, I took out my smartphone.

I had a network of connections that I had made to use in times like this.

* * *

When you think of IS or Al-Qaeda, you tend to think that they have great influence in the Middle East.

However, many of these Islamic armed groups are concentrated in North Africa, which boasts a vast territory, and there are cities, such as the Libyan port city of Derna, that are occupied by specific groups and manipulated to their liking.

Currently, Derna in Libya has fallen to the combined forces of IS and Al Qaeda.

It was a land that even the Libyan government had semi-abandoned.

“Long live the great disaster.”

“I know. “The fact that the U.S. military couldn’t intervene and Egypt collapsed is enough to make our lives miserable.”

When Egypt was intact, Derna in Libya was subject to frequent air raids.

Egypt was a country with virtually no rivals in Africa, ranking higher in military power than Israel.

Therefore, it was like a thorn in the eye of IS and Al Qaeda.

Since Egypt collapsed due to an unexpected disaster called the Great Disaster, it could not help but feel like a gift from God to them.

The first great disaster had an unexpectedly large side effect, which was the rise of terrorist forces.

The world’s major countries, including the United States, did not miss the opportunity to falter and rapidly increased their power amidst the chaotic international situation.

People who had lost their homes were brought in to expand the workforce, and as the country collapsed or faced a crisis, weapons warehouses that were not properly managed were abandoned here and there.

“What will Rondel look like in the future?”

“We will expand our troops. However, if Rondel expands his military power on Earth, it will be considered an invasion, so the advanced Western countries that attacked us in the past will naturally rebel. “I never thought the day would come when we would agree with these guys.”

However, there was an entity that put a brake on the expansion of these terrorists: an unexpected third force, a nation belonging to Rondel.

They steadily strengthened their power by embracing the indigenous people, and pushed out terrorists from their areas.

For those who were already displeased with the presence of an invader who was subverting the contents of the temple, the situation was like lighting a fuse.

That is why the IS + Al Qaeda joint forces located in Derna launched a large-scale attack on Cairo, Egypt.

“Still, I’m surprised they didn’t counterattack right away.”

“What did you say, Chairman Lawrence? “That person is the Chairman of the Rondel-style United Nations, and he is preventing wars from starting on Earth.”

“Haha, are you saying you have no choice but to come forward because of that person’s warning?”

“I heard you’re a great wizard? There was even a video floating around on YouTube.”

“that? Oh, how can you believe that? “It must be manipulation.”

The IS+Al-Qaeda joint force in Derna was currently in a very tense state.

This is not only because they blew up the Governor General of the Chase Kingdom stationed in Egypt, but also because they received a large amount of activity funds and various new weapons from the leadership.

Thus, the atmosphere in Derna, a port city in Libya, was almost like a party.


“what’s the matter?”

“What is that?”

“uh? “What is it?”

But it didn’t take long for this atmosphere to change.

This is because a black dot was seen above the sky of an elementary school where the headquarters of the Allied Forces was located.

Those on guard duty expressed their doubts, and when they confirmed through a telescope that it was in the shape of a human being, they were all perplexed.

A person was falling from an empty sky without a parachute, and I had no idea how to accept this.


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But then.

-Pot! Pot! Pot!

I couldn’t help but scream as I watched the magic circle of various colors appear and disappear repeatedly like a hologram, centered around the falling person.

“emergency! “The Rondelians have invaded!”

In Rondel, there are individuals with inhuman-like powers.

Thinking that maybe the other person in the sky was like that too, I shouted for emergency for safety.

Hundreds of people poured out of the elementary school, and soon a barrage barrage spread across the sky.

-Titty teeting!


However, the bullet did not reach the unfamiliar intruder.

As if it had hit a steel armor, sparks flew and bullets scattered in all directions.

And like a missile, a person hit the ground with terrifying speed.


A billowing cloud of dust.

However, the dust cloud was scattered in all directions by a sudden wind, and soon a handsome young man with silver hair appeared.

The clean, pure white robe with no trace of dust boasted splendor with gold thread and various jewels, and the spear in his hand seemed so far removed from this world where personal firearms are the mainstream.

There was no sense of reality in the person in front of me, as if I was watching a scene from a movie.


He then raised his hand and gave a light greeting to reduce the tension, and the Allied terrorists, who had been momentarily distracted, belatedly came to their senses and aimed their guns at the same time.

“W-Who are you?”

There was one thing unusual about the young man: several cameras were hovering above his head like drones.

A silver-haired young man answered someone’s question.

“My name is Adrian L. Lawrence. He is the King of the Duchy of Lawrence and Chairman of the Rondel Peace Organization.”

Only then did it occur to me that I had seen his face somewhere.

The person in front of me was a wizard known to have devastated Japan.

“Don’t be scared! “Because the Japanese video is probably fabricated!”

The scene where he fights the devil is very famous on YouTube.

Thanks to this, several terrorists were startled, but soon corrected their expressions and shouted firmly.


Could it be that they didn’t think that terrorists would urge them to surrender?

Adrian said with a chuckle.

“You will all die today.”


And Adrian began to slowly move one step at a time.

-Quaang! bang!


Various types of bullets, including grenades and grenades, were fired.

However, their attack did not reach Adrian, and when Adrian lifted the spear-shaped magic sphere, the entire city was instantly covered in darkness.

Then, like a torrential downpour, lightning and flames began to pour down loudly.

-bang! bang! Kwarung!


Lightning destroyed everything it touched, including humans and objects.



The rain of flames melted everything it touched like hydrochloric acid.

-Go go go go go!

The air vibrated from the loud noise created by magic, and the thunderbolts and rain of flames that filled my vision reminded me of the end of the world.

However, all of those attacks only killed terrorists like guided missiles.

I don’t know how they were distinguished, but they didn’t cause any harm to the general public, and even created a barrier to protect the surroundings.

A scene that would have made no sense if the wizards of Rondel had seen it.

It was natural that even in the eyes of people on Earth, it was as mysterious as a scene from mythology.

Even though it was a scene of large-scale massacre, the mesmerizing grandeur was terrifying.


The spell lasted for about a minute and then disappeared as if nothing had happened.

The sky, which had been dark with dark clouds, was clear, and there was no smoke or dust rising.

However, the floor was filled with craters and sinkholes, and the charred corpses here and there and the large amount of blood soaking the floor proved the manifestation of great magic.


The once noisy city fell into silence.

Adrian glanced around at the scenery of Derna and slammed the magic staff on the ground.

Then, the city destroyed by the Great Magic was restored as if time had been turned back.

“It’s in the basement too.”

Adrian walked leisurely with cameras following him like an enthusiastic fan.

* * *

In this terrorist eradication operation, it was just me and Arcia.

We divided into east and west, centered on Libya, and cleared 11 regions each, wiping out hundreds of thousands of terrorists.

Not only did he kill him, he even filmed it with a camera and released it to the world in full without editing.

The full video wasn’t that long.

Although they attacked as many as 22 bases, they never stayed in one place for more than 3 minutes and moved straight to the next location using the information they had obtained in advance.

So, even without editing, the two videos did not exceed 30 minutes each.


A terrorist group that had plagued numerous countries, including the United States, was destroyed in just 30 minutes.

[IS and Al-Qaeda were destroyed by Chairman Adrian L. Lawrence (Prince) and his wife Arsia L. Lawrence (Queen).]

[The powerlessness of the two beings that transcend humans is fully captured in the video.]

[With a single cut of the pregnant woman’s knife, the mountain flew away and several kilometers of land cracked. Is this really human power?]

[Statement by Chairman Adrian L. Lawrence: I do not want the two worlds, Rondel and Earth, to fight. If a problem arises, I have no choice but to move like this.]

[To prevent armed conflict, suppress problematic forces by force? So contradictory logic!]

[His threat under the guise of a warning is bound to work. In the United States, the two people are defined as walking nuclear warheads.]

Naturally, the media and the Internet around the world went into an uproar.

There were quite a few people who were excited about the emergence of a global dictator.

But I stuck with one content more than the others.

“Was it really necessary to emphasize pregnant women in the article?”

“Iknow, right.”

He suddenly became a heartless person who pushed his pregnant wife into battle.

In fact, he decided to follow even if Arcia tried to stop him.

Moreover, as Arcia was reborn as a god, the unborn child also strengthened and strengthened, and was so invincible that it was thought that he could even block a bullet with his bare body.

Well, I can’t help but not know, but I didn’t like the reporters’ provocative title.

“For now, I feel like threats are working.”

This time, Arcia and I fought splendidly, showing off our might as much as possible.

Therefore, the visual effect was truly amazing, and it instilled shock and fear not only on Earth but also among the national leaders of Rondel.

Arcia and I’s abilities were completely revealed on this occasion.

“Will this really prevent terrorism?”

“well… … .”

Cleaning up IS and Al Qaeda does not mean that terrorists will disappear completely.

There are many other terrorist organizations, and new terrorist groups may even be created due to religious troubles.

If my existence is considered a threat, I will refrain from committing suicide, but there is no way to prevent crazy groups that take even this as pride from appearing.

So, in the meantime, I’m thinking of making a proposal to both Earth and Rondel.

“We need to work together to solve this.”

That is, holding a meeting where all the national leaders of Rondel and Earth gather together.


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