My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 27

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Episode 27: Dream in the game becomes reality

9. Final struggle (1)

The butler had to swallow his saliva as he saw Anna’s murderous eyes.

Assassination of Adrian had already been attempted once.

There was no reason it couldn’t be the second time.

“Yes, that will do. “There’s no need to think about it complicatedly, right?”

No matter how much I thought about it, getting rid of Adrian was the surest and most seamless method.

“But if that happens, my relationship with my lord will become irreparable. Moreover, the media’s attention is focused on the little master… … .”


Although he knew he shouldn’t do this, the butler ended up pouting at Anna’s words out of pity for Adrian.

As Anna’s cool eyes turned towards him, he bowed his head even more deeply.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“How long have you worked for me?”

“This is our 30th year.”

“Then there’s no way you wouldn’t know, right? “The fact is that I absolutely hate being disciplined.”


The person in front of us who poisoned even a 7-year-old child is Anna.

Considering her tendency to be suspicious and wary, this was something she should never have done.

Naturally, the deacon’s complexion became contemplative.

And when Anna approached me holding the wine bottle on the table, my whole body started shaking.


“Do you think I don’t know that? But no matter how much I think about it, I’m not doing this because I don’t think there is a better way.”

I thought he might just come swinging a wine bottle.

However, Anna simply poured the contents of the bottle onto the butler’s head.

“Why do you think you’ve become smarter than me after working behind the scenes?”


But Anna hit him on the head with a wine bottle, and the shock became too strong to ignore, so the butler had to kneel and pray.

“sorry. My thoughts were short. I just felt sorry for the little master… … .”


“That’s right. “Never, I have no other thoughts.”

Did you like the honest answer?

Or is there something else on your mind?

She returned the wine bottle to the table and helped the butler to his feet.

“Then you can turn it over.”


“He’s not just a commoner, but the lord’s son dies, and someone has to pay for that crime.”

However, the butler’s face darkened at Anna’s next words.

“You did something you weren’t asked to do out of loyalty to me. okay?”

I can’t believe you’re trying to throw away the person who supported you for 30 years just because you said something wrong.

A thousand dollars rose in the butler’s heart… … .


As soon as I asked the question, ‘You don’t like it?’, my head went cold.

Anyway, if Anna made up her mind, she realized that no matter how much he denied the charges, she had no choice but to be accused of the crime.

It’s terrible, but nobles are like a disaster that commoners cannot dare to face.

If you think about your family, it was best to just obey.

“All right. Please leave it to us. “I will prove my loyalty to you.”

“Hoho, good. “I liked that answer.”

When he saw Anna’s expression return to normal, he was relieved that his family would be safe.

“Tell me to make sure I handle it this time. If you fail again, I will request the assassination of your leader.”

With those last words, Anna left the room.

The butler cursed himself a few minutes ago, but it was already too late to regret it.

In the unlikely event that Adrian could overcome this crisis, his life might open up, but I thought that the possibility of that happening was extremely low.

* * *

[As of now, the Kingdom of Reinharts declares that the war with the Croisen Empire has ended, and we promise to forget the mistakes of the past and cooperate with each other for peace.]

Ten days after the end-of-war negotiations were underway.

This terrible war has finally come to an end.

As I watched the king’s declaration in Count Otis’ division commander’s office with the commanders of each family, I had to sigh with relief.

Even after a long time had passed since the information about the end-of-war negotiations was made public, the atmosphere in the unit was in turmoil as the negotiations had not been concluded.

Naturally, there was talk here and there that war might reoccur, and just in case, an inspection was conducted yesterday.

If a rematch occurs, it is obvious that it will be more intense than before.

However, today the end of the war was declared without any surprise, and not only me but all the commanders gathered in the division commander’s office were heartbroken.

“Come on, everyone, have a drink. “Isn’t it a happy day?”

Count Otis opened the expensive champagne he had prepared to celebrate the end of the war and personally poured a glass for each of the brigade commanders.

Before the war first broke out, I thought he was a lazy boss, but after the war broke out, he showed himself to be a good boss who had nothing to complain about.

“Congratulations on the victory of the 23rd Division of the local army!”


The war ended as a war of attrition without victory, but the men of the 3rd Division under the 2nd Corps had no hesitation in using the word victory.

The reason is that it was clear that everyone here would be ranked high in their majors.


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The expressions of not only Count Otis but also the brigadier generals who received the cup were bright.

“I never thought the day would come when I would benefit from my subordinates. “Thanks to Brigadier General Lawrence, I am looking forward to the prize for meritorious work.”

“Haha, that’s right. Brigadier General Lawrence, thank you so much. Thanks to this, my position in the family has greatly improved.”

“I was also able to further solidify my position as successor. Please visit our family anytime. We will give you a great welcome.”

And their joy was returned as favor toward me.

Of course.

It would be no exaggeration to say that most of their majors were caused by me.

“This is all thanks to the excellent knowledge of His Excellency, who trusted and supported his subordinates.”

“I heard people are really humble?”

If I had focused on my major, the atmosphere in our division would not have been this warm.

But Count Otis said something unexpected.

“Maybe it would have been better for you if the war had lasted a little longer.”

When I tilted my head, not understanding what he meant, he smiled and tapped me on the shoulder.

“If I had accumulated more majors, it would have been possible to become a lord. “It’s unfortunate, but with my current major, a single victory would be the limit.”

There is a very big difference between having the title of baronet as a hereditary lord and having the title of viscountess as a non-lord.

No matter how high the title of Danseong was, he had no fiefdom and could not pass the title on to his children, so he was no different from a half-nobleman.

Of course, if you only have a title, even if you are only half of that position, you can boast about accumulating wealth that commoners can’t even dream of, but by the time you reach your children’s generation, you will have become a fallen nobleman, and this is how Count Otis reacts.

“it’s okay. “I didn’t really fight for my major.”

As a count who didn’t know my true intentions, I smiled wryly at the sight of him not really caring.

“It’s too bad. “I have a lot of ability, but I’m in an environment where I can’t use it.”

“I’m sorry about this.”

“It’s really okay. “You don’t have to worry about it.”

Anyway, if I push Cedric out, I will be the official successor to our family.

But even though I wave my hand and say it’s okay, these people don’t seem to be feeling uncomfortable.

“Hmm. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to rely on my family at this point. “I have a daughter, and I’ll find a place for her sometime.”

In particular, the count’s consideration was excessive.

He suddenly tried to attach his own daughter.

I had no choice but to just smile and brush it off by saying I would think about it.

“Okay, think about it seriously. “I am always welcome.”

But isn’t she the daughter of Count Otis?

Famous for being stupid?

Since the story had nothing to do with me anyway, I turned my gaze out the window of the division commander’s office.

‘It’s finally coming back.’

After I return to the family, things will happen to Anna and Cedric that they could never have imagined.

As I raised my mouth to the champagne glass, I felt a strange mixture of tension and anticipation.

* * *

The day after the end of the war between the Kingdom of Reinharts and the Croisen Empire was declared.

The local army, made up of lords and private soldiers, was immediately disbanded.

After saying goodbye to my comrades with whom I had fought together, I packed my bags and set off on my way back to Viscounty Lawrence.

The distance from the territory is 5 hours.

Of course, I had no intention of making fun of that brief moment, so I logged into the game right away and have been hunting for three hours now.

“Whoa… … . “I’m slowly losing strength.”

The level you need to achieve to clear stage 8 of the Giyeon quest is 250.

However, the current level is 202.

It’s been almost 10 days since I achieved level 200, but I feel like I’m still stuck because leveling up isn’t going smoothly.

I think our party’s combat ability has greatly improved due to the last Death Knight battle.

However, as we became stronger, the monsters we had to face became stronger, and the amount of experience needed to level up increased, making it impossible to level up more than once a day like before.

This isn’t our problem.

It’s the problem of a poor party.

Just looking at the monster we are dealing with now, it is a monster that is normally dealt with in a party of 5 people.

‘Why don’t you pretend to be crazy and find a party member?’

No, that’s not it.

It’s best not to do anything that stands out as much as possible.

Even though it may be slow, if you continue hunting like this, you will eventually reach max level.

‘And the battle, which is no different from actual combat, will become your bones and flesh, so let’s think of it as a good experience as much as it is difficult.’

Didn’t you realize this while dealing with Death Knight Pascal in the last Giyeon quest?

Even if the abilities are similar, the combat ability is greatly improved depending on how you use it.

Even when dealing with the named monsters in the next Giyeon Quest, it will probably be difficult to clear them just by leveling up normally.

So, it will be easier to think about not being impatient and taking care of yourself.

“hmm? what’s the matter?”

I was sitting and resting against the corpse of the giant subdragon, the Elder Drake, and slowly got up to resume hunting.

But for some reason, Arcia, who would usually follow me without saying a word, just sat still, staring into space.

“Nigger, what’s wrong with you again?”

But she wasn’t the only one who was strange.

This is because a black eagle, which was flying well in the sky, flew towards me as if charging, landed on my shoulder and flapped its wings vigorously in an unexpected action.

I was embarrassed because this had never happened before, and I asked Black Eagle to find out.

“No way, something happened outside?”


To my question, Black Eagle nodded eagerly as if to answer yes.

With a hardened expression, I looked at Arcia, who was not moving, and immediately logged out.

[Exit Chronicle Online.]

As Chronicle Online ended, I lost consciousness and felt a tingling sensation throughout my body, as if I had been electrocuted by static electricity.

This was a phenomenon that occurred when goggles linked to virtual reality transferred control of the body to the brain.


And as soon as my sense of reality returned, what greeted me was a vibration that shook my whole body.


It was a binge that irritated my eardrums.


I took off my goggles and rolled my eyes to understand the situation, using the ring-shaped artifact I had received from my father before going on a mission.


The first thing that caught my eye was Arsia, standing guard in front of me, deflecting the incoming force with her Aura Blade on her dagger.

“Great Shield!”


Rather than observing the situation, I immediately used the 7th circle defense magic built into the ring to support Arcia.

The barrier formed around the ring expanded its range and offset the blue force on Arsia’s behalf.

Thanks to this, she found some free time and started reporting.

“I think he’s an assassin. “They have a similar energy to the guys I defeated last time.”

But what she said next was unexpected.

This is an attack by assassins?

What assassination is so loud?

“Do you think assassins these days even have force swords (vanguard weapons)?”

“I don’t know about that. However, the enemy is clearly armed with the Vanguard’s Force Armor and Force Sword, and there are three of them.”

Three Vanguards are enough to evaporate a levitation train in an instant.

“But other than a surprise attack by three Vanguards, the surroundings are completely fine?”

“Fortunately, it appears that Sir William was prepared for battle. While he is biding his time, the remaining friendly Vanguards quickly scramble to deal with the enemy.”

thank god.

Since there are five Vanguards on our side, it won’t be difficult to deal with them.

“But I don’t think things will be that easy.”

But I soon realized that Vanguard was not the only problem.


The ceiling of the levitation train containing my room tore off, revealing a giant metal spider.

“Armored golem?”

It was a weapon from the previous generation that became obsolete with the advent of Vanguard.

Thick armor, a mass of 100 tons, and agile mobility that are not suitable for it.

It was an appropriate thing to describe as a close-attack tank.

“There are six in total.”

Three Vanguards and six Armored Golems.

I understand that the opponent is not just any ordinary assassin guild.

It’s definitely a place with a great name.

I sighed as I saw the armored golem approaching, tearing the wall of the levitation train like a piece of paper.

“It seems like my uncle changed his target from Sir William or Lord Pessius to me.”

Actually, that would be the most convenient.

Looking at the scale of the enemy, I feel a strong will not to let me into their territory.



“Is one Force Sword enough?”

“of course.”

I took out the exclusive equipment I acquired while clearing stage 5 of the Giyeon quest from subspace.


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