My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 268

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Episode 268: Dream in the game becomes reality

58. A new era (4)

Wars and terrorism caused by religion occur countless times in the Middle East.

Many people die and lose their homes due to this situation, but there are people and organizations that clearly benefit from this orgy of destruction.

Among them, the most representative place is definitely the United States.

When it comes to Islam in the Middle East, many people think that it is hostile to developed Western countries, especially the United States, but there are many sects of Islam, and there are also countries that maintain alliances with the United States.

The United States is selling weapons, technology, and people to the Middle East.

You may question the idea of ​​selling people, let alone weapons and technology, but the people we are talking about here are the US military.

The countless American soldiers who sacrificed their lives by supporting the allies or becoming the subject of the war were bringing enormous benefits to their country.

“If we continue like this, we will all wither and die. “If Rondel’s magic penetrates deeply into society, the weapons we sell will be pushed out of the mainstream like cold weapons that went into decline with the advent of matchlocks.”

In this way, the military industry has become an important axis that cannot be separated from the United States.

However, when the axis was in danger of being shaken, military companies that were contemplating their own survival came up with a solution.

“So I think now is the time for us to come together and fight against a common enemy.”

“The way to fight a common enemy is to support terrorism? “Isn’t this crossing the line?”

“You’re crossing the line. Do you still say that after seeing that China and Japan have already disintegrated due to Rondel? “Our choices are also for the peace and stability of our planet.”

It was supporting a radical armed group in the Middle East that is notorious as a terrorist organization.

They are united in their faith under the religion of Islam and are berserkers who are not afraid of death.

If they had better quality weapons and abundant resources, the world’s power structure might have changed.

Are such armed groups and American military companies joining hands?

It was a story that could only appear in conspiracy theories.

However, the current situation made it possible because a common enemy called Rondel appeared.

Rondel is not only shaking the religion they believe in to its core, but also changing the power structure of the Earth.

With the appearance of such a powerful enemy, two forces that would never mix were coming together.

“There is almost no terrorism in Rondel, right? “There is no war caused by religion.”

“I heard so. “They say there is only one religion.”

“Will those noble people be able to continue to expand their territory like they are now, even after experiencing the terror of rampaging berserkers?”

“but… … .”

“I’m showing it to the guys. Earth is a very dangerous land. “It’s a place where day-to-day survival itself is a war.”

“Are you saying that what makes such a situation possible are armed groups that have received support from our advanced weapons?”

“That’s right.”

They had only one wish.

Every moment the Rondel people enter Earth, they face a threat to their survival.

“But isn’t there a problem?”

“It means Rondel’s side is being caught.”

“You know very well. “If we do that, even our United States could end up in danger.”

However, such drastic measures made even the owners of the military companies, known as merchants of death, hesitate.

“Do you need to think hard? “Is there anyone here who hasn’t used a middleman to sell weapons to the Middle East?”

“Hmm… … .”

“You just have to do what you do. All you have to do is release a large quantity to middlemen and use windbreakers to fan the flames, and the weapons will flow into the Middle East on their own. Then, even if we get caught, we can shift responsibility to the middleman.”

Since arms dealers were an inseparable force from corruption, the method was nothing new.

If the UN and INTERPOL were intact, it would be a difficult tool to use, but since the two organizations were currently in a state of disrepute, there was virtually no force to stop them.

Of course, the U.S. government could understand the situation, but they are the ones most closely related to the government.

Moreover, from the U.S. government’s perspective, even if this situation became known in the future, it was judged that there would be no problem in proceeding with the work since it could be dismissed as ignorance.

“After thinking about this and that, it doesn’t seem like a bad way to try it.”


In the end, as the terrorist support operation of the American military company gained sympathy, the threat of the Rondelians who entered Earth was not limited to religious groups.

* * *

During the first major disaster, the ground in northeastern Africa collapsed and sank.

As a result, the entire Gulf of Suez, including the Suez Canal, was covered with desert sand, causing numerous casualties.

Among them, the most damaged country was Egypt, and its capital, Cairo, completely lost its function.

As the country’s government became unable to function properly, the Egyptian people were forced into a game of survival where they had to fight against infectious diseases and poisonous insects.

The bigger problem is that many of the extreme Islamic armed groups, including IS, are located in Libya, a country next to Egypt.

In the meantime, Egypt was a representative terrorist target of Islamic armed groups, so the surviving citizens had to live in hell every day.

“The Knights of the Kingdom of Chase completely drove out IS from Alexandria.”

“Oh, that’s good news.”

“And it looks like maintenance of the Suez Canal has also begun.”

“A canal?”

“With the Strait of Gibraltar blocked, the Mediterranean Sea was completely isolated. “If Suez is breached, Egypt will become the only passage between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.”

“Indeed, Rondel’s country is definitely amazing.”

However, the situation changed drastically when an investigation team from the Kingdom of Chase, a country belonging to Rondel, was dispatched to Egypt.

The Kingdom of Chase was a power among the kingdoms in Rondel, second only to Lucias, and even dispatched an Auror Master to lead the investigation.

Naturally, it was inevitable that the investigation team would be over-armed, but this was very effective in Egypt.

Just by driving out the armed groups, it was possible to gain support from the indigenous Egyptian people.

Moreover, the people of the Chase Kingdom had a similar appearance to the people of the Middle East, so they did not stand out as being very foreign among the local people.

Thanks to this, the Chase Kingdom, centered on Cairo, Egypt, was steadily expanding its power, and was even thinking of reopening the canal and getting into the shipping industry.

From Rondel’s point of view, this could be said to be the most ideal act of aggression.

Although the royal family of the Kingdom of Chase was worried that a battle would break out in the process of driving out the armed group persecuting the local people and that they would ignore Adrian’s warning, they did not stop expanding their power.

“Your Excellency the Governor!”


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“What’s going on?”

The governor’s office of the Kingdom of Chase, located in Cairo, Egypt.

The 35-year-old young Auror Master, Count Eiros, who had been appointed as the temporary governor, narrowed his brows and stood up from leisurely reading a book at the sight of his subordinate rushing to find him.

However, his expression could not help but harden after hearing his subordinate’s report that followed.

“Well, I just received a call from His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence saying there was a message to be delivered.”

Prince Adrian L. Lawrence is considered to have seized the hegemony of Rondel at the age of 22.

It is said that the biggest obstacle to territorial expansion on Earth was not the resistance of the indigenous people, but something that caught the eye of King Lawrence.

Therefore, Count Eiros was extremely nervous and quickly asked for the details.

“There is a very high possibility that the activities of armed groups around the world centered on religion will become more active. Therefore, he asked us to strengthen inspection and search to better protect our citizens and prevent terrorism.”


I was worried that something might be going wrong, but surprisingly, the message was full of consideration.

‘Unlike the Rondel countries established in other regions, those of us who have established ourselves in Egypt already understand well the ferocity of Islamic militant groups.’

So the Count easily realized what Adrian’s warning meant and nodded obediently.

“If you even give me a warning like this, it means something big could come.”

“But with the current military force, just maintaining the current alert posture is too much, isn’t it?”

Count Eiros did not ignore Adrian’s advice and tried to faithfully implement it, but his lieutenants resisted.

Since the governor governs the country, his lieutenants are naturally closer to administrators than soldiers.

So the lieutenants said so, but Count Eiros, a soldier by birth, was adamant.

“Is the teleport gate erected here a decoration? If you want, you can strengthen your troops within 10 minutes. So, please request reinforcements from your home country. If possible, focus on Vanguard.”

Considering the distance between Earth and Rondel, no matter how many teleportation gates are built, a large amount of magical energy is bound to be consumed to move once.

This means that the cost consumption is very high.

Moreover, since it was they, not the governor, who handled the expenses, the lieutenants were reluctant.

But I couldn’t help it.

“All right. “Then we will take action right away.”


“Yes, Your Excellency Governor.”

Even though he was only a temporary governor, Count Eiros was a young nobleman with a promising future, and behind him was a big man named Duke Jeremy.

Duke Jeremy was the only Grand Master in a kingdom that did not even have the Republic of Prius, and Count Eiros was the Grand Master’s greatest disciple.

He is a person at the center of power.

So I had no choice but to obey.

“Your Excellency, we will send you 2,000 additional Vanguards from our home country.”

“Oh, really? Very good. “That should be enough.”

Currently, the total number of troops they have is 500 Vanguards.

However, the Chase royal family judged Adrian’s advice to be an excellent justification for increasing military strength by sending four times as many troops as there are now.

So, it was decided to suddenly deploy a large number of additional vanguards.

“Then you guys will work with me to plan the deployment area for additional troops.”

“all right.”

Count Eiros and his lieutenants faithfully continued their duties.

But then.

-Quaaaaaang! Kwaaaaang!

The floor shook violently as if there had been an earthquake, accompanied by a threatening boom that resounded in the air.

“Well, what is it?”

Count Eiros approaches the balcony to check what is going on… .

Something heavy appeared above their heads, breaking through the ceiling of the building.


Soon, the entire governor’s office was engulfed in flames and explosions.

The identity of what fell without warning was a bunker buster.

Even though Earth’s engineering technology is inferior to Rondel’s magic, Rondelians are ultimately people made of cloth.

If a bullet pierced his head, it was natural for even the Auror Master to die.

Of course, Count Eiros, a high-ranking noble, was prepared for surprise attacks with various artifacts, but other people did not have artifacts that performed as well.

Even the artifacts that the Count had were almost lost, so everyone in the Governor-General except him had no choice but to be slaughtered.


“What a dog… .”

The Grandmaster’s disciple, Count Eiros, was attacked by surprise.

In addition, hundreds of high-ranking administrators of the Governor General and citizens of the Kingdom of Chase were killed.

This is a serious issue that cannot be overlooked lightly.

“Since you fought first, it doesn’t matter if you respond.”

The situation that Adrian was worried about occurred.


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