My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 267

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Episode 267: Dream in the game becomes reality

58. New era (3)

someone said

‘Gifts are the future of the Earth.’

There is no need to explain what this means.

Newly given power in a new environment and new laws.

It will be the minimum consideration given by God and a means to overcome hardships.

Therefore, each country strictly managed gifts.

We took steps to ensure that special forces soldiers, who were better and better controlled than anyone else, could have gifts, and we continued to conduct research on gift recipients and the gifts themselves.

In the first place, gifts are a limited resource.

Since you can obtain gifts for 100 people at the temple inside the dock, it was natural to take care of them with care.

“Seonghyun! “One guy runs away!”

“yes! Fire Arrow!”

“hey. “That’s all good, but how can shouting out the name of the technology not work?”

“Our Lieutenant Lee doesn’t know anything. “This is like spirit.”

Recently, we had no choice but to send these precious gift users to the battlefield.

The reason was to hunt monsters that drop magic stones and magic items.

Monsters that appear in places known as hunting grounds drop bigger magic stones and better magic items depending on their strength.

However, if you hunt using firearms or mechanical devices such as guns or grenades, you cannot obtain anything, so you end up having to use cold weapons to kill the monsters.

However, it is too dangerous for ordinary people to fight monsters with cold weapons.

So, the government deployed them to acquire magic items with the purpose of strengthening gift users.

Lieutenant Lee Geun-seok’s special forces squad, which was hunting orcs, was also a party formed in that way.

“Whoa, let’s get some rest.”

“This is kind of fun, isn’t it? “I think this is what it would feel like if there was a virtual reality game.”

“Unlike in games, if you die, it’s completely game over.”

“Haha, that’s right.”

“I heard that virtual reality games actually exist in Rondel.”

“Is that so? Wow, the more you know, the more you break common sense.”


“When you think of a fantasy world, it feels like becoming a mercenary and fighting monsters in a medieval setting. However, there are UFOs flying around, knights emitting light beams, and even the soldiers’ personal weapons are all-purpose weapons that can be used as rifles, sniper rifles, and grenades. I’m like this… … .”

The government divided gift users into squads based on their ability level.

In addition, to increase survivability, two people who could demonstrate synergy were included in one squad.

Synergy refers to the synergistic effect that occurs when gift meets gift, and in their squad, Lieutenant Geun-seok Lee’s Wind Cutter and Second Lieutenant Kim Seong-hyeon’s Fire Arrow, which is loud like a tentacle, were added to demonstrate a powerful synergy ability called Fire Burst.

The power of the fire burst is enough to wipe out 20 orcs at once.

However, synergy has the disadvantage that it consumes too much magic power and cannot be used excessively.

Still, it meant that they had powerful special moves, so their survivability was bound to be high.

“Let’s end our orc hunting today and stop by the troll hunting ground before returning.”

“Oh, is it finally time for the special move?”

So, if you still have magic power left after completing your quota, you empty it by visiting a high-ranking hunting ground and hunting monsters.

If you’re lucky, a powerful monster may drop a good item right away, so they used synergy like that.

However, they failed to enter the troll hunting ground.

The reason is that the place was already almost saturated.

A squad with gifts of a higher level than these and the Knights of the County of Rayeth occupied the hunting ground.

“Why is the County of Rayers like that in Korea?”

“I guess they decided to share a hunting ground with each other.”

So Lieutenant Lee Geun-seok was worried.

Should I go back to the orc hunting ground and empty my magic against the orcs, or should I take on a new challenge?

“Let’s try to catch an ogre instead.”


“If you pour in all your synergy, don’t you think you can catch one fish without difficulty? When I looked at YouTube, I saw American guys hunting down ogres and obtaining OPG (Power Gauntlets). “If we eat just one, our squad’s combat power will increase dramatically.”

It was certainly an appealing proposition.

Good items may not come out easily, but I couldn’t help but be interested.

Non-combat items are collected by the government and returned as special allowances, but combat-related items are placed first in the acquisition squad.

At best, you can only catch one or two ogres a day, but as they pile up, they become a number that is hard to ignore.

at last. Lieutenant Lee Geun-seok nodded and said, “Let’s give it a try.”

The ogre hunting ground was located on Bukhansan Mountain behind the Blue House and near the unit they would return to.

So Lieutenant Lee Geun-seok drove the vehicle himself.

“By the way, did you see the video of Rondelin and the Demon King fighting on You Tube?”

“Ah, you mean the Japanese incident? Well, because it’s famous.”

“Is that real? “With one attack, the terrain changes and an area of ​​several kilometers is blown away.”

“no way. “It’s not some kind of nuclear missile.”

“Haha, right? “Is this like a promotional video?”

Second Lieutenant Kim Seong-hyeon talked non-stop even in the car.

I drove on the road like that for about 30 minutes.

I was finally able to arrive at my destination.

“It’s quiet.”

As expected, no matter how good the ogre was dropping off, no squad was permanently stationed, perhaps due to its strength.

Thanks to this, they entered the hunting ground with high expectations.


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“There’s one over there.”

“Then shall we go right away? “Our scribe!”

Unlike orcs, ogres do not form groups, so they seemed relatively easy to hunt.

But it didn’t take long to realize that it was a huge illusion.

“Huh? “He doesn’t even nod?”

Ogres were simply considered troll-level monsters, but trolls and ogres were of a completely different class.

The thick leather seemed to be made of bulletproof material all over the body, and its massive weight overwhelmed a tank, and its strength was like that of heavy equipment.

Thanks to this, the synergy attack they were confident in did not work, and a disaster-like situation was bound to occur in close range situations.



A tank with a strength enhancer gift who was using a carbon shield tried to block the club swung by the ogre, but flew away vomiting blood with the sound of a bomb exploding and landed in a nearby tree.

The shield was torn, and the arm holding it was unrecognizable.

The collapse of the strong defense line caused panic.

“Fuck, run away.”

Even if you try to run away, it’s no use.

Ogres aren’t just fat. It was impossible to escape because its entire body was made of muscle and its size was far superior.

-Thump thump thump!


A squad member who had the gift of agility and was using a spear blocked an attack from an ogre with a spear, but ended up covered in blood and stuck to the floor.

Unlike the tanker, it was a complete death that even rescue was impossible.


A catastrophe caused by lack of knowledge and experience, as well as excessive confidence gained from receiving the gift.

Only then did I understand why there were no people in the ogre hunting ground.



While trying to run away in a situation where a normal accident was impossible, my foot got tangled.

Lieutenant Lee and Ensign Kim were tangled together and rolling around on the floor, and the shadow of death fell over them.

The reaper’s scythe, no, the ogre’s club was swung.

“Oh, no!”


Those who sensed death flinched and closed their eyes tightly.

“… … .”

But for some reason, nothing happened to the two people who expected terrible pain.

When I cautiously opened my eyes, I saw that the terrifying ogre had been divided into countless pieces the size of pods and were falling apart on the floor.

And then.

The two people opened their eyes wide, not knowing what was going on, and heard the voices of strangers.

“Shouldn’t we control the position here? “You’re making gift users go crazy.”

“S-sorry. Originally, it was normal for security forces to be stationed… … .”

“There was no one at the entrance, right?”

“I think it might be due to leaving the workplace. There are very few people visiting this place… … .”

“Really, I don’t know who it is, but I guess I should punish him properly. My life is at stake, but I can’t believe I work so carelessly. “The stupidity has gone too far.”

Since when had they been there? There was a group of people standing next to them.

Three men in suits who appeared to be from the government and people dressed in flashy clothes that anyone could tell were from Rondel.

Among them, a woman was seen holding a sword in her hand in the empty air, and it was not difficult to figure out that she, wearing an oversized cape coat, had saved them.

“Crushing an ogre into diced pieces.”

But the surprise didn’t end there.

The seriously injured tanker and his bloodied comrade’s bodies flew through the air and landed in front of them, and were soon completely recovered with a dazzling flash of light.


“Am I definitely not dead?”

Let alone the injuries, a body whose form was unrecognizable could be brought back to its original state.

This was not a human ability.

Lieutenant Lee Geun-seok and Second Lieutenant Kim Seong-hyeon looked at the man wearing a white robe richly embroidered with gold thread with a puzzled expression.

Because when he snapped his fingers, the two people came back to life.

A young man with silver hair who still looks fresh.

The moment I saw him, a video on YouTube came to mind.

This is a video of a person fighting the devil in Osaka.

“Okay, thank you.”

Lieutenant Lee Geun-seok expressed his gratitude to Adrian, but he didn’t pay any attention and suddenly raised his hand.

Then, hundreds of ogres that had been spread out all over the Bukhansan hunting grounds suddenly rose into the air.

And when Adrian grabbed his hand, the ogres were all crushed together and died.

“Huh… … .”

The soldiers were rubbing their eyes with their mouths wide open, and the government officials who guided Adrian were swallowing dry saliva and struggling to maintain their composure.

“Oh, is this a magic stone?”

Next, hundreds of fist-sized magic stones and miscellaneous items appeared in front of Adrian as if summoned.


Among them was the OPG that the squad that visited the ogre hunting ground wanted.

“I don’t need this.”

However, Adrian only took the magic stones and threw the items, including the OPG, to Lieutenant Geun-seok Lee’s unit.

“Don’t let your subordinates die, but understand the topic well.”

With those last words, Adrian seemed to have nothing more to see and left the hunting ground with the government officials and his party.

“Is it God…?” … .”

“Rondel is scary.”

It was enough to humble those who had been proud after receiving the gift.

* * *

“I like those people. “Let’s use them.”

“yes? but… … .”

The chief secretary tilted his head at my words.

This is because I designated the special forces squad of four people with fierce expressions in the background as the test subjects.

“There are many people with better gift skills than them.”

“No, I think it would be better to experiment with ordinary-looking people rather than extraordinary people. Only then will the experimental results be accurate.”

“If His Majesty the King says so… … All right. “I will take action accordingly.”

The experiment I’m talking about is investigating how strong a person with the Gift can become.

I classified the test subjects into three cases.

1. The Knight and Wizard of Rondel

2. Gift holders consisting of Rondelians

3. Gift owners made up of pure Earthlings

If it had been before, they might not have tried it because they thought it would be like increasing potential risk factors themselves.

But I could never come close to the level I have now, having been reborn as a god.

In fact, my current companions and I have not felt any increase in our abilities even when we absorb magic stones.

So, we decided to proceed with the experiment without hesitation.

“They got luckier than the lottery.”

“You don’t know that. “An experiment is an experiment, so we don’t know what risks there may be.”

“But didn’t you give me a chance that no one else would get? “I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the government.”

I returned to the Blue House, guided by the obsequious Chief of Staff and his subordinates.

However, while walking in the courtyard of the Blue House, I heard a strange sound.

[Go away! Go away!]

People believed to be protesters were shouting something through loudspeakers in front of the Blue House.

I tilted my head.

The chief secretary’s complexion became pale at that.

“Si, it’s nothing you need to worry about. Please come in quickly.”

“What’s going on?”

I sensed something unusual in his reaction and listened to the voices of the protesters.

[The Rondel people who insult God must be driven out!]

[The government must break its alliance with the devils!]

Thanks to this, I had to narrow my brows as I remembered one force I had forgotten.

“When I think about it, the religious people on Earth cannot accept the current situation.”

“Whew, that’s right.”

I thought that if I put pressure on it anyway, the countries on Earth would have no choice but to follow my instructions.

However, there were some beings that could not be suppressed by force.

These are people who have come together under the name of faith.

“It’s the same situation every day, but Korea is still a bit better.”

“I can’t even talk about the Middle East.”

“I guess… … .”

Moreover, among the religions on Earth, unlike Rondel, there were many that were extremely extreme.

I had to rub my temples and make a troubled expression, like a developer who belatedly discovered a serious error.


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