My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 266

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Episode 266: Dream in the game becomes reality

58. New era (2)

When I heard that Count Rayers and President Kim Min-guk were together at the Blue House, I headed there right away.

However, since the decision to visit was not made after prior consultation, the sight of me and my group suddenly appearing out of thin air shook the Blue House and caused a huge uproar.

This is a natural situation.

Because it was not even clear to the troops guarding the Blue House whether we were enemies or allies.

As we slowly lowered our altitude and landed, security forces quickly surrounded us.

“Da, you?”

“Hurry up and report!”

“Please wait a moment!”

The good news is that there was no incident such as pointing a gun at someone or sending an intimidating warning?

Even though it only happened once, it seems that making his face known through the media was having an effect.

So, I waited quietly until I was given permission to enter the room, all while receiving the full attention of the Blue House security forces.

“You could just break in quietly.”

Arc Scarlett, whose confidence had greatly increased after regaining her strength, said this to me after seeing me like this.

But I had to click my tongue and wonder if I was an idiot.

“Still, he is the leader of a country we have a good relationship with, so he has to show some manners.”

“Is it really necessary? “I have become a being that completely transcends the human category, so I can act however I want.”

It seems that no matter how well you listen to the words, you can’t help the demon’s tendencies.

I shook my head excitedly.

Then, suddenly, we saw people behind the security guard looking at us and whispering.

At first glance, they do not appear to be soldiers or civil servants.

‘That’s right, the Blue House was open to the general public.’

Apparently, they are ordinary people.

I don’t know if they saw a video of me fighting the demon Lord Scream in Japan on YouTube, or if they simply saw my face through the media, but quite a few people recognized me and looked surprised.

I waved my hand at them.

Is this a form of fan service?

Thanks to this, exclamations of exclamation and the shutter sound of smartphones rang loudly among the people, and the soldiers had to struggle to stop the citizens.

“Hello, Your Majesty the King. Welcome to the Blue House. I will guide His Majesty the King and his companions.”

And less than three minutes into this situation, a group of people came running out of the building in a huff.

The man in the lead was the Chief of Staff of the Blue House, whom he knew well.

He gave me a folder greeting and led our group to the state guesthouse where the president was located without any further investigation.

“Chief, how about a body check?”

One of the security guards asked the chief secretary, but he waved his hand loudly.

“Ah, there is no need. “If these people decide to do anything, the Blue House will be blown away without a trace.”

The chief secretary, who made the security guard dumbfounded, politely bowed his head and apologized for the inconvenience.

After a while, we arrived at the state guesthouse where President Kim Min-guk and Count Rayers were.

“I was waiting for the King of Gong to visit. “Is everyone in your family okay?”

President Kim Min-guk greeted me and asked about my family’s well-being.

Since it was right after a major disaster, this kind of greeting seems to be common.

“The situation in Rondel was resolved without major damage. Thanks to him, his family is also safe.”

“Thank goodness.”

Next, Count Rayers knelt down on one knee and bowed to me, and I asked him what condition the territory was in.

“Fortunately, there was no major damage.”

Good news.

I had to say I was relieved and sorry.

“We had no choice but to prioritize Rondel over Earth. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you during the disaster.”

“no. “Thanks to the large Vanguard unit and Spirit Tower that His Majesty the King gave us, we were able to stably defend the island.”

I don’t think there’s any need to ask about the situation in Korea.

Just by looking at the visitors entering the Blue House, I could see that the situation was not bad.

There are two things I would like to ask them today.

One is the situation of the investigation teams from each country that came from Rondel.

The other is to confirm that no abnormality has occurred on Earth.

Since the goddess asked me for peace and said she would take appropriate measures to balance the two worlds, it was clear that something would change.

So, I sought out two people to obtain certain information.

After hearing my business, they suddenly massaged their temples like twins.

“As His Majesty the King expected, the investigation teams from the Rondel countries are generating great attention.”

The two first informed me of the situation in the countries they had crossed over from Rondel, as if they were telling me.

Naturally, I had to make a puzzled expression when I heard the story.

‘Go to areas where the national system has collapsed, take care of indigenous people, and claim territorial rights?’

First of all, they did not start a war against the people of Earth, but rather they were expanding their territory in a helpful way.

“You used your brain well.”

There is no other way to express it this way.

After the great disaster, almost all countries that survived pursued a policy of putting their own countries first and tried to pretend not to notice the people of the ruined countries who came to them for help.

Therefore, it was difficult for the nations of Earth to criticize the actions of the Rondel nations.

Powerful countries, including the United States, are responding by considering Rondel’s actions as an invasion, but they say there is nothing they can do as those on the other side are picking their ears and asking where the dog is acting.

However, fighting a war is too burdensome.

“Why can’t our county step forward? “They are already occupying parts of Japan and China.”


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Although Earth’s heads of state have been asking Count Layers for help, it is said that he cannot do this or that because it is a desperate situation for him to step forward.

Moreover, it was even more so because his home country, the Kingdom of Walter, was included among the countries occupying and occupying the Earth’s territory.

“You’re asking for help to resolve the situation.”

In the end, that was what President Kim Min-guk wanted to say.

He smiled bitterly and nodded.

“Even if peace is somehow maintained for now, there is a high probability that armed conflict will occur as time passes and the situation in the countries of the Earth stabilizes.”

If there is a war, Rondel will be the one who wins.

However, it is difficult to win without taking any damage.

The Earth’s core was clearly an effective means for Rondel as well.

I don’t want a war between Rondel VS Earth to break out.

Since I was asked a favor from the goddess, I had to shrug my shoulders and immediately answer.

“Please leave that matter to me. “I will handle it on my own terms.”

“Oh oh! That’s reassuring! thank you!”

The President’s face lit up when he saw me calmly accepting the request.

“May I ask how you plan to handle it?”

“Don’t worry, I will try to resolve the situation through words if it doesn’t work, even if it means using force.”

The President bowed his head, saying he was grateful for my answer, which was tantamount to confirming the solution.

“Shall I go and destroy it?”

At the same time, Ark Scarlet joined in with a pleasant smile.


“You’re saying you’re going to leave Earth work to me anyway? “I will solve this problem.”


Although she was stopped by Arcia, the president tilted his head at her enthusiastic appearance.

Arc Scarlett is a girl who looks young on the outside, but it seems strange that Arcia and I are reacting so seriously.

So I answered simply.

“It’s quite infamous in Rondel. “She will be doing a lot of work on Earth on my behalf in the future.”

Count Rayers also saw him a few times on his way around, but he didn’t even know Arc Scarlett’s name, so he just tilted his head.

They say she is notorious in Rondel, but just by looking at her appearance, no one comes to mind.

“Her name is Arc Scarlett. “If she’s a Rondel, she can’t possibly not know.”



As soon as the guy’s name was revealed, Count Rayers’ face became thoughtful and he fell backwards in his chair.

The president then expressed his doubts, asking who was doing such a thing.

“Ro, the name of the demon king who brought Rondel to the brink of destruction.”


The President’s face hardened at Count Reyes’ explanation.

“Are you the Crimson Demon Lord I know?”

“that’s right.”

As I continued to confirm kills, Count Layers stumbled as if he was about to faint.

The extreme reaction of Count Reyes, who had become a big man on Earth, hardened not only the President but also the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Security, who had been quietly maintaining their positions.

I said, placing my hand on Ark Scarlett’s head.

“It’s okay since he’s a subordinate who can’t disobey me now.”

“I will live a long life. “If you get caught by Adrian, your life will be short-lived.”

In addition to Ark Scarlet, there are as many as three demon lords under me, including Dark Square and Lord Scream, who were captured from Earth.

Moreover, there is also a powerful Heavenly King acquired this time.

However, seeing the extreme reaction, it seemed better not to reveal everything.

“This person is active on Earth?”

“Yes, I will be in charge of the Rondel Peace Organization Earth Branch.”

To my words, Count Rayers responded by asking why I was putting him through this ordeal.

“Isn’t it necessary for someone with this level of skill to be able to control the Rondel people who have advanced to Earth?”

“I think everyone will run away screaming.”

When Ark Scarlet approached Count Rayers and made a face, asking if he was dissatisfied, he couldn’t talk any more.

“Leave the treatment of the Rondel countries to me, and let’s move on to the next story.”

I cleared up the messy atmosphere and changed the topic.

The main point is whether or not the goddess’ actions brought about changes to the Earth.

President Kim Min-guk and Count Rayers, whose faces had lost color, cleared their throats and came to their senses.

He looked like a professional politician.

“There are several changes that have occurred since the great disaster.”

“is it so?”

As expected, the goddess’s measures were already taking effect.

“First of all, the number of monsters exploded.”

“is it so? “It’s a big threat.”

If the monsters exploded in the midst of a disaster that was already hectic, it was bound to be a headache.

But when I heard what he said next, my eyes widened.

“That’s not necessarily true.”


“Monsters cannot leave a certain radius. Even if monsters are killed, they reappear quickly, and only a certain number of monsters are maintained in a given area.”

What is that?

Isn’t it just like a hunting ground in a game?

“Not only that, when you kill monsters, you have a certain probability to acquire magic stones, and I learned that the magic stones can be used to strengthen the gift user’s abilities.”

“her… .”

How to level up?

I had to laugh out loud at the president’s story.

I thought the measures the goddess would take to balance the two worlds would be unconventional, but I never thought it would be like this.

“Moreover, monsters drop not only magic stones but also various objects with magical effects, so many countries are going crazy with monster hunting.”

“Korea too?”

“That’s right. However, if you kill a monster with a firearm, no items will come out, so you mainly hunt monsters with units that have gifts.”

Still, it seems like they thought about their own balance.

I listened to the changes that occurred on Earth with an amused expression.

However, the interest was further amplified by Count Reyes’s next words.

“And it’s not just the gift user whose abilities increase when they consume magic stones. We also tested it with wizards and knights, and it worked for them too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, it means that Rondelin can also strengthen his abilities by hunting monsters on Earth.”

I had to frown.

If that is true, Earth’s territorial problems will inevitably worsen.

I think the goddess believed in me too much and made a big deal out of it.


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