My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 265

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Episode 265: Dream in the game becomes reality

58. New era (1)

“Even if you submit my body, you will never win my heart.”


“What kind of tragic heroine are you?”

When the Heavenly King I brought from Earth started talking nonsense, I hit him on the back of the head.

“Go, how dare you take the head of this body.”

“If you don’t like being kicked in the back, should I kick your ass?”

“… … .”

The only survivor of the Underworld other than Lord Exceed, he became my new subordinate through a master-slave contract like Ark Scarlet.

By absorbing a little of the Creator’s power, it has become more powerful than an ordinary Heavenly King, so it was something I could never tame in the past, but as I was reborn as a god, I was able to control it without difficulty.

The new subordinate’s name is Igniel.

He looks like a handsome young man with blond hair who might appear riding a white horse in your imagination, but the way he talks from above is very annoying.

“It’s easier if you conform…” .”

Arc Scarlett, who had completely regained his power as a demon lord, approached Igniel, whose face was red from holding back his anger, and placed a hand on his shoulder.

But Igniel seemed very dissatisfied with her.

“If you hadn’t been stupid enough to get caught by humans in the first place, I wouldn’t have ended up like this!”

It’s not wrong.

But in reality, wouldn’t that be possible?

Although I’m not 100% sure, I feel like it was planned that I would participate in the plan given the circumstances.

If you think about it carefully, it seems that using the ruins of Dragon Land to travel back and forth to Earth was possible because of the goddess’s connivance.

If this assumption is true, it means that I was fooled by Lord Exceed and the Goddess’ plan.

It is an extremely unpleasant situation, but the anger is not great, perhaps because there is so much to be gained from it.

Therefore, Igniel, who was attacking the obedient Ark Scarlett, was hit again on the back of the head.

“If it weren’t for us, you would have gotten along well with your friends from the underworld and gone to Gol. “I didn’t even notice Lord Exceed’s betrayal in the first place.”

“that’s right. that’s right.”

After I was reborn as a god, Ark Scarlett, who had completely adapted to her position, shook her head loudly.

Igniel’s face turned red again, but when Arcia approached him, he bowed his head as if it had never happened before.

He considered Arcia, who saved him, to be his benefactor.

“What happen?”

So when Arcia asked what was going on, I smiled and answered.

“Igniel keeps complaining.”

A powerful mental attack, also known as Kkonjiri.

Arcia narrowed her eyes and glared at him, and Igniel flinched greatly.

It was so funny that I had to burst into laughter.

And then I asked Arcia.


“It’s all made.”

While saying that, she took out a bunch of swords from subspace.

There were well over 100 swords, and the material for these swords was an alloy made by combining the bodies of the Heavenly King and the Demon King with Orichalcon, Adamantium, and Dragon Bone.


Even in the chaos of the Underworld, I have recovered the bodies of the deceased Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords.

Both the Heavenly King and the Demon King are higher-level dragons, and some of their bodies have strength comparable to that of Orichalcon or Adamantium.

Perhaps it would be better for them to be reborn with a sword than to end up dead?

Of course, this is my self-justification.

It’s too precious to just throw it away.

Thanks to obtaining a large number of the bodies of the Demon King and the Heavenly King, the Demon King Trio who became my subordinates were able to recover their original power and obtain a large number of Arsia’s weapons.

“How’s the performance?”

“Compared to existing weapons, it is not significantly inferior.”

The sword previously used by Arcia is made of Orichalcon and Adamantium.

In other words, she possesses over 100 swords that are difficult to obtain even in the imperial court.

“The performance of the alloy is better than I expected.”

“After all, ingredients are ingredients, and you are the one who synthesized them.”

The sword is divided into two, white and black.

The white one is made by combining the body of the Heavenly King with the bones of Orharkon and a light attribute white dragon, and the black one is made by combining the corpse of the Demon King with the bones of adamantium and a dark attribute black dragon.

Even though about 60% of the main material is made up of dragon bone, the alloy can be said to be revolutionary, if not more successful, in that it has strength comparable to pure orichalcon and adamantium.

Of course, that result may have come about because I was the one who created this alloy.

“I’ll have to get more dragon bones later. “I’ll have to try synthesizing this and that.”

For your information, the bulk of the dragon bone used to make her sword was obtained by me myself.

By attacking Dragon Land.

In a situation where Rondel was in crisis, I ran around until my feet were sweating, but the dragons except Branguiche did not provide any help even though they had great power.

It was so annoying that I took it out after taking my anger out on it.

At least this is the end of it after seeing Branguiche. If it weren’t for him, I might have ended up using a magic staff made up of dragon hearts.

-You made your own!

Arcia looked happily at her new weapons to see if she liked them, and then settled into subspace.

Arcia, who was able to put her will into each of the hundreds of swords without even having to touch them, easily levitated the swords in the air and stored them away.

Arcia, who was reborn as a god, can control hundreds of fish swords at the same time, and even unleashes the tricks of the heart sword.

‘Thanks to you, I secured so many swords.’


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If Blake, the loadmaster, is a missile, Arcia is a bomber.

It could be said to be a transcendental version of the devil worshiper Celine, who used a combination of swords and magic to throw a large number of swords.

“Is this the end of maintenance?”

His subordinate demon kings regained their strength, and even tamed a new subordinate, Igniel.

In addition, now that equipment maintenance has been completed, it is time to turn our attention to other areas.

“Are we going to Earth now?”

“That’s right. “I’ve only focused on Rondel so far.”

Although I have fond feelings for Earth and Korea, my hometown in my past life, the place that is more important to me now is Rondel.

Therefore, the stability of Rondel had to be a priority, and as a result, Earth could not pay attention to it immediately after the unification of the two worlds.

Since the goddess left me to take care of it in her spare time, I will have to take a look at the Earth as well.

“There are definitely Rondel nations manipulating the Earth.”

“There has been no confirmation as to what measures the goddess said she would take, so we need to investigate that as well.”

“that’s right.”

So I led my group and headed to Earth in about 10 days.

* * *

Thanks to the efforts of Adrian and his group, Rondel succeeded in preventing the disaster without major damage.

But Earth couldn’t do that, and unlike Rondel, who had the means and power to quell the disaster called magic, all they could do was survive with their bodies.

Adrian had warned us in advance, so we were able to reduce the damage to some extent, but the damage this time was significant enough to be called a second disaster.

As for what level it was… .

“The terrain has changed.”

The map of the world has changed.

Panama, which connected North America and South America, collapsed and disappeared without a trace, completely cutting off the land route between North and South America.

In Europe, a catastrophe occurred as the surface of the Strait of Gibraltar rose, blocking the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to this, sea routes in Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Greece and Black Sea countries such as Romania and Ukraine were blocked.

In addition, a significant portion of the territory of island countries in Southeast Asia was submerged, and the sea level of the entire Earth rose by about 1 meter, possibly due to an abnormality in the Antarctic and Arctic, shrinking the national territory of many countries, including the Korean Peninsula.

It was a situation where we could see once again how well Adrian had prevented disaster.

“Still, we suffered no damage.”

The President of the Republic of Korea, Kim Min-guk, was sitting face to face with Count Rayers across a small tea table and having a conversation.

A tablet PC was placed between the two, and the newly changed topography of the Earth and each country’s territory were displayed on the screen.

“It’s fortunate that the damage was minimal… .”

“that’s right. Disasters are not the only problem now.”

But the map was a little strange.

This is not because the topography has changed, but because the country itself collapsed due to two major disasters, and a name that was all too familiar to Count Rayers was written on land that should have been left blank.

[Triton Continent Union]

[Chase Kingdom]

[Recess Kingdom]

[Grecia Kingdom]

These were the names of the countries belonging to Rondel.

Although there were no famous names of great powers, and most of them were countries of mediocre power, they could not help but be felt as a threat to the countries of the Earth Sphere.

“You used your brain quite a bit. “Even if there is no war, there is a lot of empty land, so I never thought we would occupy that space and sit down.”

“Rather, we are providing help to survivors in the area and even receiving support.”

“If we get the support of local residents, it will be difficult to do anything even if we claim to be the owner of the land.”

To Rondel, the existence of the Earth is a new continent itself.

I had to take the lead faster than anyone else, but I couldn’t help but pay attention to Adrian.

So this is the method that some countries came up with.

How to expand your territory without going to war.

What Adrian prohibited was war for the purpose of territorial expansion, so he could legitimately take over the national command with the support of the indigenous people.

The survivors of the ruined country, who lived in fear every day, could not shake off the hand extended by the Rondel countries, and this operation worked well.

“It has become so toxic that the nations of Earth only think about themselves and do not take care of those around them.”

President Kim Min-guk had to laugh bitterly at Count Layers’s point.

Although South Korea has helped its neighbors in its own way, it has never stepped forward to fundamentally resolve the situation.

In the end, South Korea also considered its own interests as the top priority, including going to war with North Korea and achieving unification.

The Republic of Korea continues to make strong protests and warnings every day to the Rondel countries that are trying to sit down on the Earth along with the United States and Russia, but Rondel has already confirmed that the powerful nation of China has been playing around without doing anything about the County of Layers.

So, everyone regarded the countries of the Earth Sphere as primitive countries and did not pay any attention to them.

A single nuclear missile would be enough to educate the clumsy sense of superiority, but if that were to happen, the indigenous people who were barely able to live a normal life would also be lost.

Rather, it provides a justification for war.

“If the King steps forward, will the situation be resolved?”

“well. This is a highly political issue… .”

Count Layers, who only stays on Earth, only knows that Adrian is an archmage of the 9th Circle, but does not know his exact abilities.

So, I wasn’t sure whether he could solve this situation, no matter how much he was respected as his lord.

But there was only one thing he could confirm.

“But you can’t just put a plate on your face and ignore what they say like before. “If you let him be your enemy, you will inevitably feel uneasy in the future.”

“I think it’s fortunate that Prince Lawrence is a person with common sense.”

“He’s a person with common sense.”

Even if it was Count Rayers who treated Adrian as his lord, it was difficult to agree with that statement.

Adrian’s eccentricities were famous from the time he was in Rondel.

The President tilted his head as he looked at Count Reyes, who was letting out an awkward laugh.

But then.

“Mr President, Count. Prince Lawrence has visited.”

“Oh, come on, let’s get you there!”

At that moment, the person they were talking about appeared.

The only person who has the ability to solve the problems currently occurring on Earth.

-Jump, bump, bump.

What appeared next were people with very flashy faces.


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