My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 263

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Episode 263: Dream in the game becomes reality

57. Integration (4)

“Suddenly like this?”

“Ha, not like this.”

“Goddess… .”

The headquarters of the Rondel Peace Organization in the Duchy of Lawrence.

Count Elfrid, who was the counselor to Adrian, the chairman, and the representative of Emperor Brigham, the highest council member, looked up at the sky with his eyes wide open at the unexpected incident.

‘too fast. Of course, there were signs, but I never thought that integration would take place in this way during this time. This is a situation that even Chairman Lawrence, who founded the peace organization, did not expect.’

There was no process.

When I suddenly looked up at the sky, I saw that there was only a blue planet floating in the sky of Rondel.

Moreover, the planet was so close that the shapes of its oceans and continents were clearly distinguishable.

“uh? The sky… .”

In addition, the skyscape suddenly changed, as if the window of Rondel was broken.

Day turned into night, and with the emergence of Earth, the barrier that blocked Rondel’s advance into outer space disappeared, revealing the true face of the universe.

Only after integration with Earth was Rondel able to obtain the true sky.

But now is not the time to just admire.


This is because shortly after the appearance of the Earth, a severe earthquake struck Rondel, accompanied by ominous red hail.

The earthquake occurred throughout Rondel and created tsunamis all over the world.

“Due to the Chairman’s absence, I will give orders from now on!”


Count Elfrid calmly controlled the command center.

Since Adrian’s position was currently vacant, she was the top manager here.

“We will carry out emergency response to disaster as scheduled! “Send it to the governments of each country!”


“And so that the Ministry of Magic can measure and report the distance between Rondel and that planet presumed to be Earth!”

Under Count Elfrid’s instructions, administrators and wizards belonging to the Peace Organization command center were busy moving around.

And after a while, the Ministry of Magic reported the distance between the two planets.

“About 50,000 kilometers!”

There is a common misconception that people have about the Earth and the Moon, and that is that the distance between them is very close.

However, the actual distance between the Earth and the Moon is very far, about 380,000 kilometers.

This is the distance that 30 Earths can fit between the two.

“Are there any abnormalities caused by the gravity of the two planets?”

Even if the moon, which is so far away, gets even a little closer, its gravity causes a tsunami on the Earth and has a significant impact on the climate.

But what if most of the planet is made of water and two manned planets with atmospheres are this close together?

It was no different from the beginning of destruction.

“Currently, various disasters are occurring in Rondel, but they do not seem to be due to the Earth’s gravity. Perhaps interference has occurred due to global integration.”

“Well, the goddess must have taken some action.”

However, the effect of gravity is only a general physical law.

In this world where magic and miracles coexist, it is an area where change can be made with the intervention of the creator goddess.

If we apply Earth’s common sense, the integration of the two worlds itself made no sense.

“In other words, all we need to do right now is prevent disasters that are currently occurring?”

“That’s right.”

“It’s nice to have clarity on what needs to be done.”

If Adrian had not created this organization and had not integrated the international community into one, the damage would have been great.

However, much preparation has been made since the Rondel Peace Organization was launched.

Thanks to this, we were able to sufficiently respond even though the integration occurred faster than expected.

“I hope the Chairman returns quickly.”

The peace organization’s leadership, including Count Elfrid, moved quickly and waited for Adrian’s return.

His presence is very strong.

To the extent that it affects morale depending on whether it is present or not.

In addition, everyone hoped for Adrian’s quick return because there was a belief that he would resolve any variables that might arise.

* * *

Integration earlier than expected.

Moreover, I never thought that integration would work this way.

‘Placing the planets of two worlds side by side. Wasn’t it merging?’

So I had to look at Lord Exceed, and when he caught my gaze, he shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t know what was going on.

“Still, if it’s done this way, there will be less damage. “Isn’t this a bit of consideration from a goddess?”

It’s definitely not a puzzle, and it won’t be easy to combine two planets and make them jjambbong.

Of course, the damage will be great.

In that respect, this method may be the most reasonable.

But isn’t this too much of a positive judgment?

“You don’t know. “Will the goddess leave the two planets like this, or will they gradually approach and merge?”

“That’s right.”

He could not deny my claim.

Now that there is no one to interfere with the Goddess’s plans, the world will move as she wishes from now on.

There are many things I want to ask Lord Exceed, but I thought the priority was to calm down the world that was in chaos right now.

The abnormal phenomenon that occurred as the two worlds merged is a problem, but if things continue like this, the Earth will collapse as the world tree disappears.


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I raised my hand as I looked at the corpses of the Heavenly King and the Demon King scattered everywhere.

Then, the fragments containing the Creator’s power that they had swallowed and failed to swallow were gathered together according to my will.

“Are you planning on swallowing it?”

I think I can do it if I get more greedy.

For some reason, unlike others, I didn’t seem to have any side effects from this.

However, if he swallows more power, he will become the creator himself, not a half-baked god.

Unfortunately, I have no intention of becoming a creator.

With power comes responsibility.

I think the Maginot Line, where we are at least a little free from that responsibility, is now.

I plan to leave the troublesome management of the world to the goddess and live in human society.

I will dream of a future where I can spend happy, peaceful days with my wife and watch my children grow.

“I have already gained a lot of power. “If it’s like this, there’s no need to worry about anyone.”

I held out a piece of debris to him, asking if he should eat it, but Lord Exceed became thoughtful and threw up both hands.

“I don’t have any desire to die yet.”

I thought you would refuse.

Although he somehow managed to save his life with my help this time, there is no guarantee that it will be possible next time.

And it was the same for Arcia.

She was currently assisting a heavenly king who was the only survivor of the underworld, and even though she had already been reborn as a god, it seemed difficult to suppress the creator’s energy in someone else’s body.

“Then, let’s use this to restore the World Tree.”

“That would be good.”

“But before that.”

I took out two of the more than twenty fragments and held them out to Branguiche and Blake, who had been watching the situation.

This is to create more equal beings who will be on my side.

“Are you telling us to become gods?”

“I don’t think there will be any problem with the two of you.”

At my suggestion, concern appeared on the faces of the two people who had had to watch countless heavenly and demonic kings die.

If I help, he may be able to absorb the power safely, but it only happens once in a while.

It was natural to think that there was a possibility of failure even with help.

“Okay, sure.”

The two took a risk and accepted my offer.

So I handed the fragments to the two people… .


Suddenly the fragment left my hand and flew into the air.

Then, the remaining fragments escaped my hand as if running away, and my companions and I, realizing that it was someone’s intervention, tensed and guarded our surroundings.

Maybe there was betrayal within betrayal.


And then.

A person appeared in the reincarnation hall as if watercolors were painted in the empty air.

[This is a power that should not be overused. I will take care of it from now on.]

A translucent woman with a soft golden glow wearing a pure white dress.

In addition, he is a person with powerful divine power and an overwhelming presence.

“Mr. Sepia?”

None other than the goddess Sepia herself appeared.

She picked up all the fragments.

Even that of the Heavenly King, who had not yet been able to absorb the energy of the fragments and was surviving with Arcia’s help.

The collected fragments were lumped together and returned to their original places.

The size of the blue crystal became smaller by about 10% compared to the first time, but it quickly regained its original size when the goddess breathed energy into it.


Then, along with a noise as if some mechanical device was coming into place, the cracking sound of the world that had been continuously resonating disappeared.

Disasters due to the integration of the two worlds are still occurring on Earth, but at least there is no longer any worry about collapse due to the disappearance of the World Tree.

Then the goddess approached Lord Exceed and placed her hand on his shoulder.

It was as if he was comforting me, as if he had worked hard.

“Road Exceed. “You traitorous bastard.”

However, as if this was not enough, the King of Heaven, who had barely come to his senses, stood upright.

All the Heavenly Kings lost their lives while absorbing the Creator’s energy, and he was now the only Heavenly King left on Earth.

He also absorbed some of the Creator’s power, but the amount was not as much as mine, and the energy he contained was at the level of a Heavenly King, slightly stronger than that of a god.

“I’m sorry. “The only way to get what I wanted was with Sepia’s help.”

Lord Exceed looked truly sorry for seeing the King of Heaven like that and handed him an apology.

But even if you stab someone with a knife and say you’re sorry, it won’t sound like a true apology.

The surviving Heavenly King was so excited that he rushed at Lord Exceed.


However, the Heavenly King was unable to approach Lord Exceed and was stopped.

Because of me.

“Tsk! Let it go, let it go!”

“Even if you try to run, you will only end up dead.”

This is a guy that Arcia saved, but wouldn’t it be a waste to kill him like this?

After easily suppressing the Heavenly King, I spoke to Lord Exceed and the Goddess.

“I will keep the interest.”

From the goddess’s point of view, there is only one Heavenly King, but there is only one mana.

She didn’t say yes or no, perhaps because she wasn’t very interested, and Lord Exceed nodded obediently, perhaps out of a hint of regret or because she didn’t have the confidence to gain the upper hand in a fight with me.

“What is that!? “Who do you think I am?”

I pressed down on the Heavenly King, who raised his voice, and knocked him unconscious.

“Who are you? You are useful in many ways.”

Then, he handed over the stunned Heavenly King to Branguiche and Blake and approached the goddess with Arcia.

“By any chance, should we vomit up all the power we have?”

The plan to turn Branguiche and Blake into gods failed.

Now I have to worry about my own position.

It’s surprising, but I felt that even if I became a god, it would be difficult to compare myself to the Creator.

That’s why I’m feeling nervous inside.

[Do you like that power?]

“sure. “You won’t have to worry about anyone except Sepia.”

[Then I will give it to you. This is a gift to you who have completed your mission.]

The goddess’s next words were quite kind.

I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask because she was surprisingly easy to talk to, so I thought this was my chance, but the goddess was one step ahead of me and said something unexpected.

[The Earth is a world created by my son. I do not want Rondel to invade Earth and ravage it.]

Although he created Rondel himself, it sounded like he had no intention of placing Rondel above Earth.

[Therefore, many measures will be taken in the future to balance the two worlds.]

This was no different from announcing that various changes were coming in the future.

I was surprised by the unexpected remark, but why?

There is an ominous feeling in her remarks.

[Nevertheless, it will not be easy for Earth to gain the upper hand over Rondel.]

I soon realized what she was trying to say and frowned.

The goddess did not seem offended by my actions and for some reason smiled and spoke.

[From now on, I hope that you and your wife will work hard for peace in the two worlds, Rondel and Earth.]

What is Lord Exceed doing, saying these things only to me and Arcia?

[Lord Exceed will serve as my representative and help manage the Earth. There will be no direct influence on human society.]

The answer continued as if reading my thoughts.

“What you mean is, Arcia and I should continue to act as members of human society as we do now, but work for the peace and stability of both worlds.”


Taking on an executive role was embarrassing, but when I thought about it calmly, it didn’t seem to be much different from what I had been doing so far.

Shouldn’t we just increase the power of the Rondel Peace Organization?

In the end, I answered that I understood what the goddess said.

“I will do my best.”

In the first place, I am not the type of person to refuse a request from a goddess.

At my answer, she smiled again, and soon the sepia image began to blur.

“uh? Are you going? I still have questions… .”

[You will see it again later.]

Just like that, the goddess just said what she had to say and disappeared, as always.

Thanks to this, the reincarnation hall of the underworld fell into silence, and I growled at Lord Exceed.

“I have a lot to talk about with you. Come to think of it, you joined hands with the goddess because you had something you wanted?”

I no longer had any respect for him.

Although I gained some benefit, it was clear that I was taken advantage of by him.

“There is plenty of time for conversation. But I don’t think now is the time?”

However, he postponed the conversation until then and displayed a hologram depicting Rondel’s situation in front of our group’s eyes.

-Go go go go go.

A huge tsunami occurs and approaches the continent, and sky fortresses lined up in a row act as breakwaters against the tsunami.

However, no matter how many sky fortresses there were in Rondel, it was difficult to cover the entire continent.

Ultimately, damage is bound to occur.


Lord Exceed’s actions reminded me that there were things to prioritize over talking to myself, and eventually I had to turn my back on him.

“Next time I see you, you’ll have to make me understand.”

Still, I didn’t forget to say something before leaving.

So, I headed to Rondel’s King Kong with my group, and while we were on the move.

‘Many steps will be taken in the future to balance the two worlds.’

I thought back to what the goddess said.


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