My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 262

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Episode 262: Dream in the game becomes reality

57. Integration (3)

A fragment of a bright blue crystal.

The small, condensed fragment had a different interior color depending on the angle.

So, when I held the fragment up to the light, I could see an internal pattern resembling a small galaxy, and I also felt a powerful energy that made my back feel cold.

A powerful energy that I have never felt even from the Demon King or Heavenly King of this place.

‘Indeed, I wondered why they created a new race name, ‘Gods’, but compared to the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords, they possess a level of power that is one level higher.’

It is not for nothing that the power of God resides.

Even though it was divided into 25 pieces, it was impossible to guess how complete it was or how much power the complete Creator possessed.

“You take them all at the same time. “If you look at the situation for no reason, I will assume you have other thoughts.”

While everyone was holding the crystal shards and immersed in various sentiments, Lord Exceed stepped forward as the representative and said so.

Although he is the youngest of all the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords, he is considered the person responsible for this plan because he has memories of his past life and has experience with Rondel.

Therefore, no one ignored his remarks.

Everyone grabbed the pill-sized fragment with their index fingers and thumbs and held it up for each other to see, gesturing at Lord Exceed.

“Okay then, let’s eat.”

And at the next signal, Arcia and I looked into each other’s eyes for a moment and swallowed the fragments.


The energy from the debris that passes through the esophagus immediately spreads throughout the body.

And I felt a strong sense of alienation.


To express the current situation simply, it feels like filling a balloon with water.

It seemed like they were trying to forcefully fill the balloon with water, which has very strong water pressure.

Thanks to this, my balloon-like body felt like it was going to burst at any moment, which soon became painful and a suppressed moan came out of my mouth.



But it seems I’m not the only one in this situation.

After hearing Lord Exceed’s words, I thought that absorption might be more difficult than I thought, but the Heavenly Kings and Demon Kings also expressed their pain.

Among them, there are even people who scream.

However, I was more concerned about Arcia’s moans coming from next to me than the reactions of the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords.

I need to get my energy back quickly and help her.

The situation was much more serious than expected.


I used my magic power to strengthen my body, which seemed ready to explode at any moment.

Thanks to this, it felt like a thin protective layer had been placed over the balloon, which seemed dangerously close to bursting, and it enveloped the energy that had begun to run wild.

But this is not enough.

Something needed to be done.


But then.

An unusual event occurred.

The energy that had been shaking as if my body was going to explode at any moment suddenly began to calm down.


Soon, my energy quickly stabilized, and my body recovered to a level where my activities were normal.

The Creator’s energy made the nine circles thicker and stronger.

In addition, a new ring was created in the heart like the 10th circle, and the Creator’s energy was completely contained there.

“I lived.”

The crisis seems to have disappeared.

Thanks to you, I had to express my doubts.

I couldn’t figure out why that ferocious energy had become calmer.

To say it was like that originally, no one but me could move it.

‘Ah, this is not the time.’

Now is not the time to get lost in thoughts.

I quickly approached Arcia, who was sweating profusely and her face was pale.

I placed my hand on her back, which was twisted in pain, and helped her recover.

And soon I looked inside her, and I could see that the fetus was in very good condition, as if they were protecting the child.

The fetus was absorbing energy rather well, and only Arsia herself was having a hard time.

Still, I’m doing pretty well.

The Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords are also in an uproar, but as a Grand Master rather than a Road Master, they are doing well enough to do well.


As I helped suppress the Creator’s energy, Arsia’s condition quickly stabilized.

Her painful expression gradually regained its peace, and I could feel her body being reorganized along with the light.

He has gone beyond grandmaster and reached the level of roadmaster.

But it didn’t end there.

“are you okay?”

“Phew, thanks to you I survived.”

Like the upper, middle, and lower reaches of martial arts, her aura points were increased to three, and the existing aura points were greatly expanded to fully capture the creator’s energy.

If I obtained the Creator’s energy in the form of a wizard, she obtained the Creator’s energy in the form of a knight.

“Fortunately, the child is safe.”

“You had a hard time.”


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I thought something was wrong with the child as her body was reorganized, but funny enough, the child’s body was also reorganized along with her.

Although it was weak compared to the energy Arsia had collected, it had absorbed some of the creator’s energy and made it its own.

I’m not saying this because he’s my child, but if this kid grows up properly, he seems like he could become a roadmaster or a member of the 9th Circle in the future.

It has the power of the Creator.

Thanks to this, I had to let out a heartless laugh, and Branguiche and Blake, who were looking at the situation towards us, came over and checked our condition.

“Congratulations on being reborn as a new species.”

The two people smiled with envious expressions.

Just because you absorbed the creator’s energy does not mean that your combat power suddenly increased a hundred or thousand times.

Although it has a high-capacity battery, doesn’t it feel like the output has increased that much?

However, the average Heavenly King and Demon King have reached a level where they can be steamed enough.

Even though he does not have God-like almighty abilities, he is in a state of power-up with the potential for growth still open.

If I had to express it, it was like that.

I feel like I have gone beyond the 9th circle and reached the next level, the 10th circle.

“But I don’t understand. “Why can’t they absorb the energy you absorbed?”

As I was happily checking my condition, Blake’s words belatedly brought the surrounding situation into view.


“What’s wrong with this!”

Something is going on strangely.

This is because, except for me and Arcia, who received my help, no one showed any signs of calming down.

“B-Is it over already?”

Even Lord Exceed, who could be said to be in charge of this plan, was crawling on the floor, barely keeping one eye open, looking at us.

“That’s strange.”

I tilted my head and approached him.

I didn’t understand why I absorbed energy so easily compared to other people.

Fortunately, Lord Exceed is holding up well, but the other Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords are struggling.

“Please help me.”

Road Exceed, which was in good condition, asked me for help.

I had to think for a moment.

Because I felt like I could defeat both the Heavenly King and the Demon King now.

Then wouldn’t there be no more entities to sanction my actions?

It didn’t seem like a bad idea.

“If these things go wrong, won’t the Earth also go wrong? “Because we shared the crystals of the World Tree that supported the world.”

However, I had no choice but to put aside my impulsive thoughts as Blake’s remarks hit the point.

Next, he approached Lord Exceed, and told Arcia to take care of the nearby Heavenly Kings without putting too much effort into it.

“Didn’t you say it would be easy to absorb?”

“You absorbed it easily, but what… .”

“Do you think you will actually go for the goal?”


I placed my hand on the back of Lord Exceed, who was lying face down.

And helped him absorb the energy.

Thanks to this, Lord Exceed quickly regained his normal condition, and I couldn’t help but ask him.

“What on earth are you planning?”


“Wasn’t this whole situation planned?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I thought about removing my hand from his back when I saw him squirm away, but then I remembered the existence of Archduke Lucas, who could be said to be my benefactor, and took care of him until the end.

When Lord Exceed finished absorbing energy like that.


The body of one of the demon lords swelled and then exploded.

“her… .”

What kind of being is the devil?

Isn’t he a being of the highest order of dragons and a terrifying figure who threatens the world with his mere advent?

The demon king failed to control his energy and died in a very unsightly manner.

Thanks to this, I had to narrow my eyebrows with a surprised expression.

No matter how they looked like they were about to die, the underlying thought was whether the devil and king of heaven would really die.




However, as soon as one person died, the Heavenly Kings and Demon Lords exploded like a chain explosion.

“What the hell is this!”

“Is there a traitor?”

“Road Exceed? you!?”

They let out various screams before they died.

Rather than bewildered by the situation, I swallowed dryly as I looked at Lord Exceed, who was curling up the corners of his mouth next to me.

It was a scam that was originally my plan.

However, with Earth’s Heavenly King and Demon King dying helplessly, it was not the time to worry about fraud or anything like that.

“No way, no way, I thought… .”

“Did you notice?”

It seems that Lord Exceed, or Archduke Lucas, was the goddess’s liaison.

So, one question arises here.

Why am I safe?


I widened my distance from the dangerous-looking Lord Exceed.

Maybe I should hit him.

“Don’t misunderstand. I have no intention of doing anything to you. “Everything is His will.”

However, Lord Exceed calmed me down by waving his hands excessively.


And then.

As if to let us know that now was not the time to argue, the world began to shake like crazy.

This was not the end of the incident.

* * *



Other than those words, there seems to be no other way to describe what has just happened.

Solid red lines were etched into the dry, empty sky, and a creaking sound, as if stepping on an old wooden floor, echoed throughout the world.

“W-what is it?”

At this moment, everyone living on Earth looked up at the sky.

Abnormal phenomena, including abnormal weather, have been occurring continuously recently, but I can assure you that this is the first time I have seen an abnormal phenomenon that gives off such an ominous atmosphere.

“What is going to happen?”

Thanks to this, people tilted their heads and walked quickly because of the excitement.

Because I somehow felt like I needed to be with my family.


Then, red hail fell from the sky like debris, and office workers and school students were moved to evacuation shelters under the instructions of their superiors and teachers.

Although we do not know the basis, as governments in each country have recently been complaining about the possibility of a second major disaster occurring, we have decided that there is no good point in delaying it.

People were busy looking at the ominous sky, and soon a strong natural disaster swept over the earth.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons.

It was as if the Earth was broken.

And something even more unusual than this life-threatening disaster happened… .


The sky broke loudly as if it were glass, and day and night suddenly changed.

But what happened next was more embarrassing than the sudden darkness.

“Um, what is that?”

An unfamiliar planet appeared in its place, pushing out the moon and filling the field of vision.


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