My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 260

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Episode 260: Dream in the game becomes reality

57. Integration (1)

The video was full of noise, and it seems the goddess didn’t like someone filming her.

The top of the foundation, where the goddess appears to be located, was distorted as if it had been completely mosaicized, and it was not difficult to see Archduke Lucas staring into space and saying something.

“Would you like me to put on subtitles?”

“Yes, please.”

However, perhaps because the video was taken from afar, it was only full of miscellaneous noises and did not contain the voices of the most important people, Archduke Lucas and the Goddess.

In the end, it means that you have to understand the conversation just by looking at the mouth movements, but I wasn’t interested in lip reading, so I had to ask Chester to do subtitles.

[You found it?]

[Of course, the contract… … .]

[In a planned way… … .]

[It seems quite possible… … .]

[Then later… … .]

[All right.]

The problem was that even the subtitles were not perfect.

I wonder why the direction of the face changed during the conversation, but more than half of the video was of the back of Archduke Lucas’ head, so the content was not perfect.

Still, I was able to infer the flow from the fragmentary content, and unlike what I heard about Archduke Lucas asking the goddess for a way to return to Earth, it seemed like they were discussing something.

It seems that the goddess discovered something and proposed a contract to Archduke Lucas.

I didn’t understand the situation itself, that the goddess was discussing something with Archduke Lucas and had something to offer.

That’s how the short video ends.

“hmm… … .”

I had to continue worrying.

There was too little information to be sure of anything.

The only thing we can know is this.

“It seems that the relationship between the goddess and Archduke Lucas was closer than expected.”

“It seems so.”

“It seems like a very important part just because you didn’t leave this memory to Chester and rewrote it with other content, but it’s a shame that the conversation wasn’t complete.”

“Still, as Adrian said, I found it necessary to continue investigating Archduke Lucas’s whereabouts.”

Moreover, the two even discussed the origins of Archduke Lucas.

If Giyeon was created in consultation with the goddess, the purpose itself cannot help but be questioned.

Naturally, my expression became serious.

After Archduke Lucas was reincarnated, he gave Blake a hint that he had created a plan to regain his abilities one day.

After hearing that story, I said yes, and did my best to prevent Archduke Lucas from approaching Giyeon.

But now, I can no longer believe that.

‘Ha, my benefactor. ‘Why do you make me doubt you like this?’

As I was putting my head together with Chester, a scary guess suddenly occurred to me.

“Could it be that Lord Exceed, the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas, was the goddess’s liaison from the beginning?”

“ah… … .”

Of course, this is speculation.

However, if that is true, on Earth, the existence of Lord Exceed itself becomes the X-Men.

‘If his plan is for the unification of Earth and Rondel, then it is understandable why the goddess neglects the plan of the Underworld belonging to Earth.’

I laughed to myself.

What would the faces of the Elyos and Demons of the Underworld, who were planning a hopeful plan to stop the Goddess, make if they heard my guess?

If my guess is wrong, it will be fortunate for them, but if it is correct, it will inevitably be a disaster.

‘Because there will be no place for them at the end of a plan based on betrayal.’

This is not a bad ending for me.

Neither the goddess nor the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas will betray.

“If this is true, you shouldn’t blindly trust Mangyeong in front of Lord Exceed. “I haven’t felt anything strange while dealing with him until now.”

“Well, it was something he made, so it doesn’t make sense that he didn’t keep this in mind. “Maybe there was destruction or information manipulation taking place.”

Me and Chester looked at each other and shrugged.

Then, he wiped the expression from his face and shook hands.

“Please continue to investigate.”

“All right.”

All I got today was an uncertain doubt, but having the possibility in mind and facing it without knowing anything are completely different.

In that sense, I think it was a meaningful time.

* * *

After meeting with the pension manager, Chester, it was dinner time.

My relatives were enjoying dinner in the party hall, and I had a meal with Arcia and Saint Ivril in a quiet place.

Arcia clings next to me as if she is wary of Ivril.

In the past, Ivril would have kept an eye on Arcia, but now that she has become mentally stronger, she gives me an alluring smile, showing that she doesn’t care at all.

Although she has reached marriageable age in Rondel, she is still a teenager.

Therefore, it is not easy for me, who still has Korean sensibilities, to see Ivril as a woman, but I cannot help but be surprised when I see her beauty gradually increasing.

If she turns 20 like this, it is clear that she will become a beauty that cannot be surpassed by Arcia.

“So, is there something important that you are staying in Gongwang Castle?”

But now is not the time to admire her beauty.

I was curious about the saint’s purpose.

Isn’t there something important to do, so they are staying in the principality after emptying the sacred place?

And when she opened her mouth, an unexpected suggestion came to her.


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“Please let me participate in the next trip to Earth.”

The leaders of each country participating in the peace organization know that I am traveling around the world collecting information.

I can understand these words coming out of her mouth, but… … .

A saint who worships a goddess goes to Earth?

If the Elyos and Demons of the Underworld find out about it, it would be a perfect target.

Because of this, I was embarrassed and had to stop her.

“I’m sorry, but that’s difficult. To the Elyos and Demons of Earth, Goddess Sepia is no different from an invader. “She definitely won’t leave you alone.”

But there is more to the problem than that.

Inevitably, the devil and devil worshipers are in my group.

No matter how much she cares for me, it’s not easy to judge how she will accept this situation.

So I expressed my disapproval.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Among the relics in the Holy Land, there are some that hide divine power. And you don’t have to worry about the demons you are protecting. “Because we already know that too.”

She seemed to have expected everything, leaving her speechless.

Has he sensed something and is looking at me now?

“… … .”

No, that won’t be it.

She is not a great person who would lie to me without even changing her expression.

Thanks to this, I had to place my palm on my forehead.

Let alone the holy relic that hides divine power, the existence of demons was a reason to be ostracized from Rondel.

I thought I had been sealing their dark magic well until now… … .

“Actually, an oracle came down.”


It is written as an oracle and read as a warning from a goddess.

I was nervous to see what the goddess had said, but what she said next was as surprising as her actions.

“The message was not to attack the demons that descended on Rondel until the goddess gives permission.”

It’s as if they are considering my position.

Maybe she decided that the presence of the demons under my control was beneficial to her.

But wait.

How do I know if I have a demon just based on that information?

“I thought the demons needed an excellent helper to hide without being discovered.”

“So you’re saying you’ve put me on the dragon’s radar?”

“I decided that there was no one else who would do such a bizarre thing, let alone a dragon. At least if the goddess makes this request, doesn’t that mean there is no risk of demons causing harm to Rondel? “Except for dragons, the only being who has the ability to control such demons is Adrian.”

Is this your own method of erasure?

Anyway, according to what she said, there is no need to worry too much if the existence of demons was discovered.

Because it meant that it came with a notarization from the goddess.

Thanks to you, I breathed a sigh of relief, as if a heavy burden had been lifted.

I accidentally received help from the goddess.

“How are you controlling the demons?”

“I caught him as soon as he arrived and signed a master/servant contract with him.”

At my words, she let out a low laugh, saying that it was indeed me.

But it didn’t take long for the color to disappear from her face.

“What kind of demons are they?”

“Arc Scarlet and Dark Square.”

“yes? Eh? no!?”

I guess I didn’t expect that the demons I was talking about were notorious demon lords.

Ivril’s expression was colored with intense embarrassment, like someone who had unknowingly eaten sour food.

“Huh, I guess I should say this is surprising.”

Looking at her surprised, I can’t say that there is also a demon lord captured from Earth.

Although his abilities were greatly reduced due to his horns and wings being torn off, Lord Scream was also named to my subordinate Demon Lords.

Ivril took a deep breath and gathered her emotions.

“As expected, the scale is large.”

She smiled bitterly, saying it was amazing.

The topic of the Demon King briefly leaked into another direction.

I couldn’t help but ask why Everil would take the risk to go to Earth.

“It doesn’t mean anything. This is to witness up close the extraordinary events that will occur in Rondel and Earth. “On behalf of the denomination, I would like to leave a record of the current incident for future generations.”

I thought there was a separate quest for the goddess or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I rested my chin and thought for a moment.

‘He just wants to follow him around!’

Then Arcia sent me a cute angry text.

I smiled and nodded with a helpless expression.

Arcia might be a little uncomfortable, but there was no basis to block the saint’s claims.

When I gave permission, Arcia sighed and Ivril raised both hands as if cheering.

“I’m sure it will help in many ways.”

And with those confident words at the end, Ivril focused on her meal.

As if he would no longer go against Arcia’s wishes.

* * *

A month has passed in Rondel time and approximately two weeks in Earth time since the battle with the Demon Lord Lord Scream ended.

Now in her fifth month of pregnancy, Arsia’s belly is clearly that of a pregnant woman, so she feels sorry for dragging it around.

So he asked her to take a break, but Arcia insisted that he could never do that, so they are still going together.

In the meantime, I visited Earth two more times, and as the gap between the two worlds gradually narrowed, the time ratio has now decreased to 2:1.

“Aurorae are becoming more frequent.”

“I don’t know if something like this will happen tomorrow.”

In addition, abnormal phenomena have been occurring continuously on Earth and Rondel recently.

Abnormal weather is the norm for sudden aurora, and as people go missing and land disappears, the number of cases where they are discovered on the other side of the world is increasing.

Now I could feel that the time was approaching.

However, I did not understand the underworld of the Earth, which did not move easily even in this situation.

Even though they were given enough time, there was still no answer.

‘Nothing good will come from wasting time.’

Therefore, I only prepared for Rondel’s disaster step by step.

Thanks to this, in Rondel, starting with the cure created through the power of Arc Scarlet, wide-area defense shields were deployed evenly at the village level, and now all we had to do was wait.

And slowly, when patience starts to irritate one’s temper.

“It’s time.”

Lord Exceed, who had been diving for a month, suddenly appeared and said so.

“We are planning to start planning in the Underworld.”

The time has finally come for the scam.


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