My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 26

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Episode 26: Dreams in games become reality

8. It starts now (3)

The existence of Arcia and Nembo, who provide me with direct support, is precious, but I think Mangyeong is the one that shines in many ways among the legacies left behind by Archduke Lucas.

[Pessius Nocturne / Auror Expert]

Age: 43

Affiliation: Reinharts Kingdom Free Knight

Talents: Auror (best), physical ability (high), learning ability (medium), intellectual ability (medium)

Characteristics: Base Mercury, Command

Relationship: Friendly / Ally

Status: astonishment, fear, anticipation

Thanks to the existence of this Mangyeong, I was able to discover talented people, and most importantly, I was able to understand the other person’s emotions and inner thoughts and avoid being betrayed.

It means being able to look ahead when dealing with people, which is no different from gaining the ability to foresight.

No matter what tricks Anna and Cedric do in the future, they won’t suffer without knowing the reason.

“Did the big lady send someone?”

“It’s obvious.”

I shrugged my shoulders as I saw William looking at me.

William and Pessius seemed to have a lot to say about my attitude, but I snapped my fingers and put off answering for a moment.


The magic power that spreads around me.

This soon became light and enveloped all directions, and the destroyed building began to be restored as if going back in time.

And the blood and corpses that had seeped from all over the building evaporated and disappeared.

The two people who saw this looked confused and covered their heads with their hands.

Since I’ve been hiding myself so thoroughly, it’s been a long time since I showed off my abilities.

But is this a feeling of superiority?

Seeing people’s surprised reactions wasn’t that bad.

“You probably have a lot of questions.”

“That’s right.”

I put my hands on their shoulders, saying there was no need to think too complicatedly.

“Then let’s change seats.”

And I used the teleportation (7th circle) magic that I had memorized beforehand.

“Well, master? This can’t be… … .”

“oh my god.”

The two people who were speechless due to the Repair (Circle 5) magic were beyond surprised.

Then, pure white light enveloped the four people, and the surrounding scenery changed along with a rumbling sound unique to space movement.

* * *

Among the countries bordering the Croesian Empire, there is a country called the Kingdom of Lucias.

Lucias, an ally of our Kingdom of Reinharts and a competitor of similar national power, is famous for having the largest number of archmages after the four great empires.

However, if you were to pick the most recognizable wizard among them, ten out of ten would shout out this name.

‘Cain the Duke of Riverdale’.

The reason he is famous is because he is also an archmage, but he has an unusual history.

The point is that as many as four of the seven great wizards of the Lucias Kingdom are this man’s disciples.

Including myself, this means that as many as five great wizards in one country are connected through priestly relationships.

But surprisingly, this is not the end.

Even in countries other than the Kingdom of Lucias, there were two other great wizards who became famous as disciples of the Duke of Riverdale.

The level of the 7th Circle, known as the Grand Wizard, is something that can be achieved only with talent and luck, as it is said to be appointed by heaven.

However, in that he raised as many as six students to become great wizards, the Duke of Riverdale was able to gain a reputation and reputation for surpassing even Archduke Lucas in terms of education.

‘The world’s greatest wizard is Archduke Lucas, but the world’s greatest magic teacher is Cain, Duke of Riverdale.’

In fact, Archduke Lucas should not be compared because he has never properly raised a student, but no one complained about the Duke of Riverdale receiving the title of great teacher.

Thanks to this, the Duke of Riverdale was able to have a name value that succeeded Archduke Lucas in the magical world, and was able to enjoy a prestige equal to that of the king in the Kingdom of Ruias.

Although this great man passed away last year.

“Is that really true?”

Why did I suddenly bring up Cain, the Duke of Riverdale?

The reason is simple.

This is because I lied to William and Pessius that my magic teacher was the Duke of Riverdale.

“Isn’t it because someone of that level helped me learn magic without incident even under surveillance?”

“But you spend most of your time playing games… … . Huh, really?”

“that’s right. The virtual world was the place where I could operate without restrictions. “He alternated between reality and virtual guidance.”

“Well, I guess I should say the Duke of Riverdale. “You train your students in such an ingenious way.”

Of course, you are not deceiving them with words alone.

In my hand was a platinum plaque proving that I was a direct disciple of the Duke of Riverdale and a hologram photo taken with him.

All of this is fake, but it is part of an alibi created by asking the fund manager Chester to use items that are just as good as the real thing.

Traces of the Duke of Riverdale are visible all around me, like the object I am currently holding in my hand, and the existence of his unknowingly hidden disciple is secretly recorded in the records of his life.

In fact, it’s to the point that even the Duke of Riverdale and his students have no choice but to acknowledge me when they see me.

“No, in this case, I have to say that you are greater than the Duke of Riverdale. How can you achieve this level under such adverse conditions? “I think this is a talent sent from heaven.”

“Hey, isn’t it like a dream to have a 7th Circle Archmage and an Auror Master in one family at the same time!? If this continues, it is possible for Viscount Lawrence to become a duke!”

What was the reason for creating this alibi?

This is so as not to create restrictions on my activities.

An archmage who appeared out of nowhere.


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Moreover, if they find out that she is only 20 years old, anyone will have no choice but to be suspicious.

However, there was a measure to prevent it in advance, and that was the title of Apprentice of the Duke of Riverdale.

‘I would like to shout that I am the successor to Archduke Lucas… … .’

If I go around boasting that I am the successor to Archduke Lucas, the whole world will rush in like a swarm of piranhas and eat my whole body.

For that reason, it was necessary not only to launder money, but also to launder myself.

In fact, among the Duke of Riverdale’s disciples, there were some who achieved the 7th Circle at the age of 22 and 26, so there was no problem in having someone like me appear.

“By the way, 7 circles at the age of 20, isn’t that a new domestic record?”

William came out with a puzzled look on his face, but I turned my attention to Pessius, saying I didn’t care.

“The power of the two of us is sufficient to deal with Anna and Cedric. So, you don’t have to be too eager to expand your power.”

Pessius responded to my carefree story by asking why I had called him here.

From now on, he had made up his mind to form a force to oppose Anna, so he could not help but lose strength.

“I have no intention of sending Lord Pessius back to the territory in the first place.”


“I have something else to do sir.”

I then had him hold out his left hand.

There was a black metal bracelet hanging on his left wrist, and when he lightly touched my silver bracelet, a holographic message window appeared before my eyes.

[Please select a shared account.]

“Online currency account number 2.”

[The deposit balance of online currency account number 2 is 20 billion roots. Would you like to share this?]


After simple security procedures, some of my funds were shared with the account linked to Pessius’ terminal.

“omg! young master!?”

Naturally, his eyes widened when he saw a large amount of money shared on the terminal ready for use.

“What I want to entrust to Lord Pessius is to create an errand and intelligence group that will faithfully carry out my instructions.”

I couldn’t help but notice that the horse was an errand-running organization and an intelligence organization, and that there would be a lot of things that would only be done in the underworld.

In the case of high-ranking nobles, they have at least one such organization.

Self-authorship may have been an unnecessary organization for an average family, but if you look higher, it was a department that was absolutely necessary in the future.

‘It might be harsh to leave this to the driver.’

However, no matter how powerful you are, you cannot monitor everyone all the time, so I decided that it would be better to entrust the position to someone who is honest and trustworthy, rather than having a smart serpent who might betray you at any time.

Only then did Pessius realize why I had come to see him, frowning for a moment and looking at William.

However, he soon organized his thoughts and surprisingly seemed to agree easily, as if he understood my feelings.

“There is a high possibility that Raven will become an enemy of the Margrave, so we will definitely need such a group. By the way, do you mind? It must not have been easy to raise this much money. “Would you mind if you entrusted me with a large sum of money?”

In general, 20 billion is not an amount that can be easily mobilized, even if you are a noble child, unless you are a lord himself.

It seems that the reason Pessius did not disobey my instructions was because he thought I trusted him enough to entrust me with a large amount of money without hesitation.

“I have a knack for making money through investments. “20 billion is a lot of money, but it’s not a lot of money.”

“You are truly amazing.”

Pessius was shaking his head as if he had no power to be surprised anymore.

Even if I knew that 3,000 times more money than 20 billion was sitting in my account, would I be able to just say it was amazing?

I chuckled and held out my hand to him.

“I will push out Cedric and take over the family. And you will have a power that no one in this country can ignore.”

It’s a goal I’ve only thought about, but never said out loud.

“Are you going to go together?”

In response, Pessius got down on one knee, held my hand, and bowed his head politely.

“I will be loyal.”

William, who was watching this from the side, said with an expression of emotion, ‘You are great.’

* * *

“Five high-ranking assassins disappeared without a trace?”

Anna blinked in bewilderment at the report of her butler, who had been with her since the days of Count Raven.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Didn’t you guarantee that you could kill anyone as long as the opponent wasn’t an Auror Master or Archmage?”

“Yes, it is a group with sufficient capabilities and performance… … .”

“however! why!”


Anna interrupted the butler and threw down the wine glass she was holding.

The thin crystal glass broke when it hit the butler’s forehead, leaving scars all over his face.

Blood was streaming down from the butler’s face, but he just bowed his head without taking any action.

“What about Pessius and William?”

“Sir William has returned to his unit, and Sir Pessius has not been seen.”

“Tsk. He’ll be alive. “If Pessius had died, William would have reported it to him.”

The report to the lord is bound to reach her ears one way or another.

The person in control of Viscount Lawrence’s castle was Anna, not her husband, who was the lord.

“Well, if those two damn guys get together and do something, it’s obvious they’ll point their swords at us. “Should I have assessed the situation a little more before hitting?”

Anna recalled the promise she had made with her husband.

‘I want you to stop all threats and surveillance against Adrian and Sylvia.’

Although I was reluctant, I had no choice but to accept my husband’s request.

Even a mouse will bite a cat if it is cornered.

Still, if you push Viscount Lawrence, who is a lord in name and name, more than necessary, a troublesome situation may arise.

So, I swallowed my frustration and tried to cut off interest in Adrian and his mother, Sylvia.

[Master Adrian’s performance is amazing. Although I share the credit with my superiors and colleagues, it is certain that I will be given a title once the war is over.]

However, Adrian was active enough to be broadcast as one of the young heroes of the war.

[Sir William said he wanted to push the little master. Although the little master refused, the number of knights who support him knowingly or unknowingly is increasing.]

William’s remarks to Adrian somehow reached Anna’s ears and she could no longer ignore the situation.

‘If William joins forces with Pessius, a force that cannot be ignored will be created. ‘We can’t leave it like this.’

She decided that it was no longer time to keep the promise she had made to her husband.

“What should the Assassin’s Guild do? “This time, we will dispatch excessive forces and complete the mission unconditionally.”

It is absolutely unacceptable for Cedric to have a competitor.

Therefore, Anna planned to kill anyone who could pose a threat.

“No, should I just kill Adrian?”


“Why are you making things complicated by trying to get people to know me? “That’s the most convenient way, right?”


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