My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 258

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Episode 258: Dream in the game becomes reality

56. The beginning of change (6)

After the battle with Lord Scream, the sight of Osaka City, which had been reduced to ruins, finally came into view.

Even if there is a battle between the 8th Circle and the Grandmaster, a city can be reduced to ruins in an instant.

Rather, if the battle between the 9th Circle and the Demon King ended with only one city being ruined, the damage could be said to be very small.

Still, it is clear that this is a situation that can only be described as a disaster for the citizens of Osaka.

But I didn’t feel any guilt.

‘This situation cannot be seen as just the fault of the superiors. ‘Because the people who tolerated the military taking power and starting a war cannot be considered innocent.’

In fact, many Korean citizens lost their lives due to Japan’s surprise invasion.

So I thought there was no reason to feel sorry or feel sympathy.


But there is something strange about the way this is going.

When Arcia and I, who were engaged in battle, landed in the middle of the ruins while taking in the surrounding scenery, the citizens of Osaka who had managed to survive came out and cheered.

For a moment, I looked dumbfounded, unable to understand their reaction.

Cheers to the culprit who devastated the city.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding.”

At that time, Ark Scarlet, who had absorbed the power of Lord Scream and regained her strength to the level of a dragon, moved through space while fluttering bright red petals.

A needlessly flashy magic effect.

Only at this rate would anyone see Ark Scarlet as a demon lord?


When he said it was a misunderstanding, I looked at the current situation.

Me and my companions, showing off the main character’s beauty to everyone’s eyes.

In addition, the Lord Scream, which has the appearance of a typical devil, is hanging limply in my hand.

“iced coffee… … .”

Only then did I realize what the cheering people were misunderstanding.

They seem to think that I saved them from the devil.

However, even if the circumstances were such, my rational thinking refuses to accept that claim.

I am a former citizen of the Republic of Korea, which fought a war with Japan, and the owner of the County of Rayers, which is in an alliance with Japan.

“But I also destroyed the city? “That’s how you welcome someone who destroyed your home?”

“In a crisis, you hope for a hero to emerge. Look at those people’s longing eyes. “I guess he wants to think of you as a hero.”

Looking at the situation, it seems like Arc Scarlett is right, but I still don’t understand.

So, just in case, I raised my fist as if I had accomplished it.


The cheers grew even louder as people who had been reacting quietly added to their reactions.

“If someone falls backwards, they break their nose, but you seem to be the type of person who, even if you fall, picks up a coin and gets up.”

I let out a laugh, and Blake, who was watching the situation, came up to me and said.

“Don’t you think this situation will be easier to manage if you take advantage of it?”

“hmm… … .”

is it?

After thinking for a moment, I nodded and floated into the air again, unleashing the 6-circle reverse gravity magic to its maximum range.

Then, the remains of the collapsed buildings floated in the air, and in an instant, only the trees, cement, stones, and metals were pulverized and disappeared.

Many people trapped in the rubble were rescued.

However, except for those who died, most of the injuries were severe enough to require immediate action.


So, I used the 7th circle recovery magic with a 50km radius and the 8th circle revival magic with a 5km radius.

It makes it seem as if people who are close to me enjoy greater treatment effects and people who are far away have relatively less effects.


Thanks to this, a large amount of magical power was lost, leaving me feeling a little helpless.

Even if it was a magic of less than 8 circles, a large amount of magical power was bound to be consumed if it was to be overused in a wide area.

Almost as much magic power was consumed as using the 9th Circle Meteor twice, and the effect was dramatic.

“Wow, it’s a miracle.”

“Oh my god.”

Anyone within the 8th circle’s revive radius recovered completely from any injuries as long as they were still breathing.

Thanks to this, there were even people who suddenly shed tears and prayed for me.

I decided that it would be easy to seduce them now, so I pretended to be a warrior or a saint.

“The generals, including General Mikado, who controlled the Japanese government, were all possessed by the devil. Therefore, even in difficult circumstances, Japan made the worst choice by launching a surprise attack on innocent Korea and eventually using nuclear weapons airlifted from China.”

Everyone looked up at me and didn’t even make a sound.

This feeling was surprisingly not bad, so I was able to continue my passionate acting.

“I had to step up and right the wrong. He eradicated the generals of the Japanese government who became his apostles and fought the devil behind him. In the end, the battle was won, but many sacrifices were made. I’m really sorry.”

An apology that is not sincere but more like lip service.

However, people who believed my words literally had solemn expressions.

Next, I made a statement that could be considered a highlight.

How will the Japanese take this?

“My name is Adrian L. Lawrence. He is a warrior who sets out for peace. “I plan to intervene in national affairs as of now to ensure the stability of Japan, so I ask for your support and support.”


It looks like they were successful in covering their eyes.

Despite my defiant remark that I would intervene in state affairs, people cheered and cheered me on.

I landed on the ground again, laughing inwardly, and Ark Scarlett said something to me.


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“I like the swindler, the warrior who sets out for peace.”


Blake let out a low laugh, wondering what was so good about that.

I knew that it was a speech that made me cringe, so I cleared my throat and turned to face Lord Scream, the cause of the whole situation.

“How would you like me to cook it for you?”

“… … .”

* * *

[A mythical battle video posted on YouTube. Is it manipulation or truth?]

[Adrian L. Lawrence, who is he? Is he really the main character in the video who defeated the devil?]

[An icon of hope supported by the Japanese people? According to the investigation, the person responsible for driving out the Japanese army from Korea was Adrian L. Lawrence.]

[Breaking News: Adrian’s true identity is revealed by Count Layers to be the king of a country belonging to Rondel that reigns over the county and the head of an international organization called the United Nations.]

[His main purpose is to solve abnormal phenomena occurring in Rondel and Earth. To this end, as the stability of the Earth is more important than anything else, we plan to impose justice on forces and entities that destroy peace and cause chaos… … .]

Beijing, China.

President Jin Pian snorted while reading the media article.

“peace? Justice? It’s a show. “On the subject of detonating the nuclear bomb launched by Japan and releasing radioactivity.”

He perceived Adrian’s presence as a serious threat.

Aren’t they trying to overthrow the Japanese regime and control the country as they please while saying nice things?

It was a good idea to remove threats to peace, but as a result, Japan came under the control of foreign powers.

The problem was that because of the support of the Japanese people, he was treated as a prophet rather than an aggressor.

“I never thought Japanese people would be this stupid.”

“Maybe I’ve lost my sense of reality because I watch too many animations.”

There may be no such sentiment, but the reason why the Japanese people went crazy was largely because they witnessed Adrian’s miracle firsthand.

In particular, the Japanese who came back from the dead had no choice but to become ardent believers of Adrian.

“His next target will be us.”

His subordinates had no choice but to keep their mouths shut at Chairman Jin Pian’s words.

The unspoken meaning is positivity.

If Adrian was the owner of the County of Rayeth, which was at war with them, it was obvious that he would take action.

Rather, it is hard to understand why they came forward for Korea first.

“Can you stop him?”

“I’m not sure if what you see in the video is real.”

Common sense cannot accept that there are individuals who can surpass the destructive power of weapons.

However, when we think of the numerous abnormal phenomena that have occurred on Earth so far, we cannot simply deny it.

Chairman Jin Pian and his subordinates could not help but bite their fingernails and worry.

“How about suggesting an end to the war to the county?”

Currently, the war between the three Chinese countries and the County of Rayers is at a standstill.

So there was nothing wrong with ending the war, but the problem was that it was not a good idea for them to attack first and then propose an end to the war.

Even if you wonder how important appearance is in a war where life and death are at stake, the person who seemed to have half his body weight filled with pride was none other than Jin Pian.

“The war is over.”

Thanks to this, Jin Pian had to narrow his eyebrows and think over the word ‘end of the war.’

However, as it turned out, his worries were unnecessary.

“Mr Chairman! “He has appeared over Beijing!”


“A man who appeared in Japan!”


Because Adrian had no intention of resolving the situation with mere words.

Remove the root of the problem.

This was Adrian’s way of responding.


“Well, what is that…” … .”

“What are you doing! “Without intercepting!”

A huge magic circle drawn over the Beijing sky.

President Jin Pian, who sensed something ominous from the sight, ordered Adrian to be intercepted, but nothing could reach him or cause any damage.

And after a while.

-Go go go go go!

A huge rock filled with bright red flames appeared through the magic circle that covered the sky.

It was a meteorite, a meteorite.

“It’s too close to intercept!”

“ah… … .”

The air shakes and the ground shakes.

In addition, unpleasant noises irritated my ears as if the world was screaming, and meteorites that filled my field of vision were hitting Beijing, where the Forbidden City is located, at every moment.

All I could do in this situation was to look at the bright red meteorite and let out an exclamation.

And before the meteorite even touched the ground, Seok Seok’s vision turned black and the accident stopped.


Due to the pressure created by the meteor magic, the Forbidden City and everyone within range were squeezed together with the building.


Subsequently, the meteorite hit the ground, and an explosion occurred, with flames spreading widely and a shock wave.

Clouds accompanied by lightning rose where the meteorite fell, and everything within a radius of several tens of kilometers around the center of the explosion evaporated.

It was a very meaningless end for a leader who dominated his era.




These Meteor attacks were delivered not only to Beijing, but also to each of the four Chinese governments.

As a result, China, which was divided into four, temporarily fell into a state of anarchy and was further fragmented, with some parts falling directly into the sphere of influence of the Republic of Korea and the County of Rayers.

* * *

It didn’t take long for Adrian’s attack on Meteor to become known to all governments on Earth.

A meteor attack comparable to a nuclear missile came as a shock to everyone, and the fact that an individual could produce such power was nothing short of terrifying.

“Judgment of justice!? “You’re trying to package genocide as justice!”

In particular, U.S. President George Michael had to wrap his head around the emergence of a new threat, rather than cheering the fall of China, an enemy country.

“I don’t think there is a need to see it as a bad thing. “It may be a bit shocking, but the world will be at peace.”

Moreover, the problem was that even within the United States, there were quite a few people who supported Adrian’s hypocritical behavior, which did not match his words and actions.

They said that Adrian should be viewed as a symbol of a new era, not as an antagonist to world hegemony.

This was especially true because of the message Adrian sent.

[As a national leader representing Rondel, I want peace with the United States. If necessary, we are considering alliances, and in that case, we are also considering sharing Rondel’s technology.]

It’s completely playing to one person.


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