My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 257

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Episode 257: Dream in the game becomes reality

56. The beginning of change (5)

Demon King Lord Scream, wearing the leather of Inoue’s third rank, answered Commander Mikado’s question.

“In the first place, the purpose of this war was to collapse the core of Korea, including Seoul. There is no need to give up just because you failed once. We must continue to attack. “If we break the enemy’s head, we will ultimately win.”

The argument is that in times like these, we must continue the attack even if it means overdoing it.

The generals who were present looked at him in bewilderment.

I wonder if that makes sense.

However, Chief Mikado, who asked her opinion, had a different opinion.

“There would be no way to insist on continuing the attack without thinking… … . “Is there some way?”

Everyone reacted to Chief Mikado, wondering if he was valuing her too highly.

However, everyone was taken aback by Inoue’s next remarks.

“We have received three nuclear missiles from New Balhae (East China) and secretly transported them. Korea is only preparing for a nuclear attack from China and is unaware that Japan will have nuclear missiles. In other words, the contrast is bound to be weak. “The probability of a nuclear attack being successful is very high.”

Among China, which was divided into four parts, the self-proclaimed New Balhae (East China), which faces the border directly with Korea, was a place that helped a lot in this war.

But what was discussed with them was not just simple checks?

Everyone looked at Chief Mikado, wondering what was going on.

This wasn’t something a third class lieutenant with the rank of major could do in the middle of the day.

“Could I have chosen her without any thought? “She led everything, from negotiations with her god Balhae to the acquisition of her nuclear missiles.”

Japan is a war criminal and cannot possess offensive missiles.

Therefore, they are attempting to secretly develop missiles in a situation where international law has become ineffective after the great disaster.

However, missiles are not something that can be made in just a few months.

In other words, now that Korea is excluding Japan’s missile power, the likelihood of a successful nuclear missile attack is very high.

Although everyone was confused, they seriously considered Inoue’s proposal.

“I have doubts about how the missiles were transported… … . “I don’t think now is the time to discuss that.”

“you’re right. The U.S. 7th Fleet will arrive in a day. “There is no chance then.”

Currently, the United States has brought back most of its troops stationed overseas to the mainland.

The 7th Fleet, which covered the Pacific Ocean along with the 3rd Fleet, also changed its base from Japan to Seattle, and the US troops stationed in Japan and Korea withdrew to the US mainland, leaving behind only the minimum number of troops.

It was a choice they had no choice since protecting their own country was now a priority over world peace.

However, a war between Japan and Korea was a scenario that the United States did not want, so it urgently issued a warning through diplomatic lines and dispatched the 7th Fleet back to the Western Pacific.

“Are you going to make a decision?”

“We can’t live by looking at the opinions of Koreans, can we?”

Of course, as the Demon Lord, she had the power to sink even the American fleet, but she could never reveal her true identity.

If you break the rules, you may be attacked by other Heavenly Kings or Demon Lords.

“The United States will not sit still.”

“After Joseon collapsed, there was nothing they could do. “For the sake of the future, it is better to join hands rather than blame ourselves.”

Why would she go to such lengths to hide her identity and attack Korea?

This was to take advantage of the confusion to lure Adrian into Japan and kill him secretly.

In the end, it’s all aggro to get Adrian’s attention.

‘Lord Exceed changed the target of Rondel’s cooperation from the demon king Arc Scarlett to the human Adrian L. Lawrence. But I cannot accept that judgment. ‘What do humans believe in and hold hands with?’

In any case, if Adrian dies, the master and servant who bound Ark Scarlett will disappear.

Then, you will be able to sign a contract with Ark Scarlet again.

Lord Scream thought that this was 100 times better than making a contract with Adrian, a human.

At least the Demon King will move according to his instincts.

Distrust of humanity deeply engraved in our bones.

In some ways, even though they have never seen each other, she may have the best understanding of Adrian’s true nature.

In fact, Adrian was planning a scam.

“I can’t think of any other way than her suggestion. “What about you?”

In the end, key figures in the new Japanese Empire had no choice but to accept her proposal.

As Commander Mikado said, there seemed to be no other way to reverse the current situation.

“Well thought out. “Today’s decision may result in some temporary criticism, but Japan’s future will be brighter.”

Everyone agreed with her remarks.

In this way, Lord Scream controlled Japan from behind and attempted a nuclear attack against Korea.





but… … .

-Quaaaa! Quaaaang! Quang!

The three nuclear missiles that took off with the hopes of a new Japanese union exploded upon launch as if shattering everyone’s expectations, causing a disaster.


“Immediately after launch, all nuclear missiles No. 1 to No. 3 were shot down at 500 meters in the air!”

“It has been confirmed that Ishikawa Prefecture, centered around Komatsu City, where the missile was launched, was directly affected by the explosion!”

Thanks to this, Japan, which had tried to turn the situation around with nuclear missiles, ended up suffering damage from nuclear missiles.

Commander Mikado and other major generals who were watching the situation comfortably in Osaka sat down in shock, and Lord Scream, who proposed the plan, narrowed his eyes with a stern expression.

“I, due to the influence of the southeast wind, rain of radioactive fallout is spraying all over the Honshu (central) region of Japan… … .”

“Oh my god.”

“What on earth got you intercepted!? “Is there a Korean submarine hiding there?”

“It is not confirmed. “Maybe it’s the power of a supernatural ability.”

Lord Scream bit his nails as he took in the sight of the headquarters in chaos.


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The situation is so strange.

As if he was aware of his plan.

Therefore, she decided that she should immediately abandon the New Japan Union.

“Where are you going?”

However, in front of her, the space opened like a door and a group of people walked out.

“It’s been a while, Scream.”


The group included Adrian and Lord Exceed, one of the 13 Demon Lords of the Underworld who was all too familiar to her.

“Are you the nuclear missiles?”


Her goal was to attract Adrian, but not in this way.

Of course she couldn’t help but wonder.

“Since when did you notice?”

It was Adrian who answered her question.

“From the moment I learned that factions exist in the Underworld, I was considering the possibility of interference.”

But that wasn’t the answer.

She was using Japan to make sure her true identity was not discovered.

“Not everyone is driven by patriotism alone.”

That means there is a traitor here.

At that time, Commander Tanaka, who could be said to be the second-in-command of the New Japanese Empire, quickly retreated and ran behind Adrian.

“That bastard… … .”

Commander Mikado and the rest of the generals, who had absolutely no understanding of the current situation, were busy rolling their eyes.

“All right, Chief Tanaka?”

“Inoue third-rank six seater! “What kind of situation is this!?”

From their perspective, a nuclear missile has been intercepted and strangers have invaded.

They were unfavorable to everyone, but for some reason, they were not the ones who were running Japan, but were in a confrontation with Inoue Third Rank Six.

However, there was only one thing that was clearly understood, and that was that the failure of the nuclear missile launch seemed to be due to the betrayal of Commander Tanaka, who had just been a colleague.

“I’m sorry. But I couldn’t ignore the benefactor who saved my children’s lives.”

Every time Adrian visited Earth, he treated irreversible injuries and illnesses, including the children of Captain Tanaka.


“You mean to betray your country and watch its people be massacred because of a relationship with just one person!?”

As the nuclear missile explodes at low altitude, radioactive damage is bound to occur throughout Japan.

There will definitely be many deaths.

However, Adrian sneered at their reactions.

“If they were planning to launch a nuclear missile, they should be prepared to be hit by a nuclear missile, too. So you’re saying it’s the stupid superiors that are the problem?”


“Don’t worry, from now on, this land will be governed by Korea and the County of Rayers and managed well.”

Chief Tanaka said, pointing politely at Adrian with both hands.

“This person will be able to neutralize radioactive contamination without a problem.”

The generals of the new Japanese Empire, including Commander Mikado, protested, calling him a traitor.

But that lasts only a moment.

“Please retire those who are no longer needed.”

-Kwasik! bang! bang!

The moment Adrian snapped his fingers, the heads of the generals, including Commander Mikado, inflated like balloons and burst at once.

Those responsible for leading the New Japanese Empire and attacking Korea were senselessly exterminated.

Thanks to this, the officers who were reporting the situation were left speechless and struggling.

However, Adrian and his group stopped paying attention to those soldiers and looked at Lord Scream.

“This demon lord tried to attack me. “I can handle it, right?”

In response to Adrian’s question, Lord Exceed nodded and took a step back.

“Just do whatever you want.”

At the same time, Adrian and his partner Arcia approached Lord Scream, curling up the corners of their mouths.

“I commend you for blocking my plan. But the illusion is great. “Do you think you are higher than the devil lords because you command them with low abilities?”

Lord Scream’s appearance, which expressed absurdity, changed.

Her appearance changed from a pretty but plain-looking Japanese woman to a Western woman with gorgeous blonde hair and red eyes.

Adrian said to her.

“We don’t need any more idols. “You become the material for my weapon.”

“Do you see this bastard?”

Lord Scream, with thick tendons sprouting from his forehead, began to float in the air, sprinkling red energy.

At the same time, two sleek horns sprouted from her forehead, and bat wings, the devil’s trademark, spread out behind her back.



Just by spraying her energy, Japanese soldiers died, bleeding from every hole.

However, Adrian and Arcia approached casually and narrowed the distance, and Lord Scream took a step back without realizing it as they seemed confident for no reason.

“What kind of human being!”

Wouldn’t he have understood his actions like that?

Or was it shameful?

The Lord Scream let out a roar, which soon turned into breath and swallowed up the space in front of it.

* * *

Wizards and roadmasters of the 9th circle are usually referred to as dragon-level beings.

However, this is clearly classified as a ‘level’, and based on simple data, humans cannot exceed the basic specifications of the dragon race.

However, the 9th Circle and the Roadmaster’s abilities are also effective against dragons, so if you plan your strategy well or have an excellent combat sense, you have a chance of winning in a life-or-death situation.

But the Demon King is a different story.

Even if there is a loss of ability points during the descent, it is known that simultaneous battle with three or more dragons is possible.

Of course, Arc Scarlet and Dark Square are exceptions.

The two of them were playing on the pranks of their fellow demon lords.

In fact, in the case of Ark Scarlet, he was famous for slaying numerous dragons 1,200 years ago when he first descended.

In that sense, it must seem quite impossible to deal with the Demon King with just me, a 9th circle human mage, and Grandmaster Arcia, who is inferior to the Roadmaster.


“What, these guys!”

However, in our battle with Lord Scream, such common sense did not apply.

The guy was being pushed unilaterally by us.

This also contributed to Lord Scream’s lack of fighting sense as he had never experienced the Rondel-style demon world where people frequently fight each other.

“Damn it! “It feels like dealing with an Elyos!”

Holy sword, holy spear, equipment made by combining the by-products obtained from defeating the Heavenly King and Orharkon, etc.

What was significant was that they were thoroughly prepared for the battle against the Demon King.

Above all, Lord Scream was unable to come to his senses due to the combination between me and Arcia, which created a powerful synergistic effect.


If you have common sense, even the Demon King knows that it would be better to deal with me first, as I am a wizard.

Since 80% of our party’s attacks come from magic, if I fail, Arcia will inevitably be defeated no matter how well she fights.

However, it is nearly impossible to penetrate Arsia and attack me first.

Even though he approached while overcoming the rain of 9th Circle Strike magic and Arsia’s sword, Lord Scream’s attack was only blocked by the shield.

“On the topic of Grandmaster!”

A road scream that distorts the pretty face as if anger has reached the top of the head.

Even though Arsia’s level is Grandmaster, she is a defense-specialized supporter with the grandiose title of Heavenly Strength.

If Arsia’s characteristics are added to a shield that has been strengthened and strengthened, it can withstand even dragon breath.

And the moment the attack is blocked, what follows is a counter.


When Arcia, whose expression changed little, smiled and held out her shield forward, Lord Scream was pushed back stiffly as if he had hit a wall.

“Even if the stats are high, if the control is like a maggot, then this is it? “You lived in such a peaceful environment that it did not befit the title of Demon King.”

All of this is a nearly instantaneous process, but in our battles where movements of 0.1 seconds determine victory or defeat, it is time to use a special move.

As if I had been waiting, I aimed the holy spear at the Demon King and used the 9th circle anti-personnel magic of the light attribute.

“Execute justice.”

A pillar of pure white light crashed down from the sky without her having time to avoid it.

Justice Enforcement, a 9th circle spell, literally translated as ‘execution of justice’, is a spell that is very difficult to match.

The width of the magic is about 5 meters, but for guys like the Demon Lord, the 5 meters width was so narrow that an ordinary person would feel like it was 1 cm wide.

Instead, these types of magic that were difficult to hit were definitely powerful.


Lord Scream’s scream proved it.


Moreover, Arcia was throwing a sword as if she knew this would happen, and at the same time as Lord Scream was engulfed in a pillar of light and screaming… … .

-Kwasik! bang! bang!


Four swords pierced the abdomen and chest.

This is the connection between me and Arcia.

The follow-up response continues almost without any time.


Although Lord Scream screamed and exploded his black magic, he was unable to inflict additional follow-up damage, but victory and defeat were already decided.

“Power comes out.”

In this situation, there is only one twist that Lord Scream can come up with.

It is to bring out the power that is the unique ability of the Heavenly King and the Demon King.

“I will make you beg for death in pain.”

The skin of her entire body was flowing like liquid, and beauty could no longer be found in her.

Soon she turned into red smoke and began to disperse, and soon her form completely disappeared.

It was the blood mist, the power of Lord Scream.

The ability to vaporize oneself and shape only a specific location.

It’s a very difficult ability to deal with as you have to fight against an intangible enemy… … .

“Asuka (Ark Scarlett stage name)!”


Among my subordinates, there is a bloody ruler.

At my direction, Ark Scarlett’s Bloodmary, which can be said to be a higher-compatible version of the power possessed by Lord Scream, bloomed.

From the beginning, there was even a counter prepared for us.

I curled up the corner of my mouth and stretched out my hand into the air.


Lord Scream, who was quite weakened as he had absorbed a lot of energy from Ark Scarlet in a short period of time, appeared with his neck held in my hand.

“Gotcha. Materials for my equipment.”

Lord Scream’s eyes, which were so energetic, were constantly shaking.

* * *

The battle between Adrian and the Demon King Lord Scream was no different from a disaster from the perspective of ordinary people.

When the 9th Circle’s magic targeting the Demon King fell on the ground, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and aftereffects wiped out the city, and the debris generated when the Demon King’s black magic hit Arsia’s shield created huge craters and sinkholes all over the ground. .

Is this what it would feel like if the gods were at war?

Even the natural disasters that occurred during the Great Disaster were not this scary.

“God, please…” … .”

All the Japanese people, trembling in fear amidst the ruins, could do was pray that the chaos would calm down as soon as possible.

“Are you filming?”

“Yes, yes.”

However, some brave people recorded the incident on video or broadcast it in real time.

Thanks to this, the battle between Adrian and the Demon King unintentionally spread throughout the world, overturning the common sense of the people of Earth that they had worked so hard to protect.


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