My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 256

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Episode 256: Dream in the game becomes reality

56. The beginning of change (4)

I know that Adrian and his colleagues are special people in Rondel.

Most Rondelians were just ordinary people like Earthlings, and if a bullet got stuck in their brain, they would die.

Nevertheless, seeing a small number of beings defeating an army armed with modern weapons like killing insects made me think more.

Of course, I was grateful for defeating the enemy, but the shock brought by overwhelming force was close to a feeling of desperation.

Thanks to this, President Kim Min-guk said with a smile.

“The shock I felt when I first saw the Sky Fortress and Vanguard of the County of Rayus was not this much… … .”

“That’s right.”

The personal firearms used by ordinary soldiers in Rondel are amazing enough to be called a revolution compared to the firearms used by the Earth military, but compared to the Vanguard and Sky Fortress, they are at the level of toys.

However, these Vanguards and Sky Fortresses are ultimately the crystallization of science created with the technology of that world.

In other words, it is a weapon.

Although the power of their weapons is amazing and can somehow be understood in terms of technological differences, isn’t their military power the power of a body made of cloth?

Because of this, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment as well as wonder.

“Even if we combine the gift with synergy and our planet’s technology, it would be difficult to achieve that level of power, right?”

The gift is a special ability that can be obtained from the temple that rises from the pond.

Synergy refers to the strengthening effect that occurs when people with such gifts join forces.

Recently, countries on Earth, including Korea, are conducting research to apply science and technology to these gifts.

For example, making a portable rail gun that can be used by those with power-related abilities, or creating an optical weapon for those with light-generating abilities.

This will certainly bring about a major change in Earth’s military power, but it still seems absolutely impossible to reach Adrian’s level.

It makes you wonder whether heroes and gods from myths that are told like legends could show such majesty.

“There is no need to despair. “His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence and his colleagues are people who have reached a level of success that is beyond human standards, even in Rondel.”

And then.

As if summarizing their feelings, a person entered the command and control room and said so.

“Has Ambassador Andro arrived?”

He was a diplomatic ambassador dispatched to promote diplomacy between the County of Reyes and the Republic of Korea.

Ambassador Andro bowed his head in Korean style to President Kim Min-guk.

“Of all the many humans in Rondel, he is the strongest.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, even when compared to other competitors, the difference in weight class is significant. “The only beings who can be considered his rivals in Rondel are dragons like Branguiche, who is in his party.”

The president let out a low exclamation at the story about dragons.

Dragons exist, so it was a setting worthy of a fantasy world.

In addition, the President and the Chief of Staff were finally able to feel a little relieved by Ambassador Andro’s story.

Just by looking at Adrian, I was told that Rondel’s evaluation did not need to be too high.

This means that there is less resistance to think of Adrian as the only one among the Rondel people, rather than thinking that he is special among the Rondel people.

“I know what concerns you. Even if you just tell people not to worry, it won’t make much of a difference.”

“you’re right.”

Currently, Republic of Korea is the County of Rayers.

No, he is being dragged around by Adrian, the true ruler of the County of Rayers.

No matter how much of an alliance we had, there was no way I could feel safe just holding on to a stranger’s hand.

“That is why His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence has instructed us to inform you of the information we have.”

The president couldn’t help but wonder if information was being provided to dilute concerns.

“I will inform you of the abnormal phenomenon currently occurring in Rondel and Earth, as well as the upcoming disaster. “This is a story that we originally did not want to reveal in order to prevent chaos on Earth as we are disclosing information for the safety of our allies, the Republic of Korea.”

However, key government figures, including President Kim Min-guk, had to swallow their saliva at the grandiose introduction.

And Ambassador Andro informed us of the plans of Sepia, the goddess of Rondel.

“Unification of two worlds?”

The President, who heard the whole story, was not only embarrassed but also shocked.

What on earth does that mean?

Moreover, I was more angry than surprised when I heard that all abnormal phenomena, such as the great disasters that have occurred on Earth, were intentionally caused by a transcendent being called God.

“Can’t we stop God’s plan?”

“The Elyos and Demons of the Earth’s Underworld and His Highness Prince Lawrence are trying to join forces to respond. However, it will not be easy, so His Majesty the King believes that we must prepare for just such an emergency.”

It is a response to a place called the Underworld on Earth that people on Earth do not know about.

It was good that the place and Adrian were working together to stop the goddess’ plan, but this meant there was nothing they could do.

“The future that His Majesty Prince Lawrence envisions is not one of strife and chaos. Currently, he is responding to this situation by becoming the head of an international organization that encompasses all the countries of Rondel. And South Korea is also scheduled to be included in it.”

“So you’re saying I’m glad I got to hold hands with him?”

Minister Andro smiled at the president’s sentiments.

“Mr. President! “A group that appears to be a Japanese gift unit has been identified in Guro.”

The unification of Earth and Rondel, the great disaster, it would be difficult to suddenly hear such stories.

Minister Andro spoke on behalf of the President, who was too busy thinking to respond to his subordinate’s report.

“I will personally deliver the report on the gift unit to His Majesty the King.”

Integration is also integration, but the priority was to suppress the war before that.

* * *

After obtaining the power of the Gift, my perspective on the world changed.

Does it feel like you’re the main character?

I could feel with my own skin that I was a special being.

“Ordinary humans now feel like bugs.”

“Captain Tetsuo, are you a second-class chunin again?”

“It’s true, it’s not the second year of middle school.”


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Tetsuo Yoshida.

By acquiring the powerful Gift of explosive ability, he rose rapidly from Second Class (Sergeant) to Third Class (Major), and is currently the leader of Japan’s elite Gift Unit.

He was usually an unremarkable person with an easy personality and good looks, but the moment he got his hands on the gift, everything changed.

Wherever he goes, he attracts attention, and everyone shows him favor.

It was only natural that he felt like he was the main character.

“Captain! Reinforcements at 3 o’clock! uh? “It looks like a mechanized unit that also includes tanks?”

“Okay, I’ll handle it.

Because of this, he began to have more and more illusions.

The illusion that no one can kill him.


“As expected, captain!”

“Hey, even a tank has one shot.”

“There is no way to avoid it because it causes an explosion inside. “It’s truly the best ability.”

“uh? Leader! It’s a female soldier over there! “It’s pretty, isn’t it?”


“Shall I catch you?”

“Okay, it’s a war without bonuses, so shouldn’t there be some compensation?”

“ha ha ha! After all, we can communicate well?”

Of course, his abilities were that strong.

But that was also when the person being compared was an ordinary human being.

“Let go, let go! “You bastards!”

“What are you talking about, this Korean?”

“Didn’t you say it was a side leg?”

“Is this bitch crazy?”


In the face of true superhumans, their power was no different from a child’s play in the middle of the day.


The moment Matsumoto, who is the mood maker of the gift unit that Tetsuo belongs to but is famous for rolling his eyes when he gets angry, raised his hand towards the Korean female soldier, his wrist fell off like a toy part.

The momentarily unrealistic situation seemed so natural that everyone could only make dumbfounded expressions and not react until blood poured out of his wrist like a fountain.


“Enemy attack!?”

Tetsuo, who belatedly noticed the attack, shouted and fell flat on the ground, calling out the name of his subordinate who had the ability to search.


A unit member named Sato closed his eyes and soon delivered an unbelievable report.

“Two people approaching at high speed on street 2000! Altitude 100, speed 800! ”

It approaches at 800 km/h while maintaining an altitude of 100 m from 2 km away?

It was a report that it was thought to be nothing more than a flying object and not a human being.

“What is that?”

Of course, Tetsuo asked back with an absurd expression, but what he said next was even more absurd.

“uh? Zero distance, zero altitude?”

At the same time as they reported that the enemy’s position, which was moving at high speed, overlapped with theirs… … .

“Are you a Japanese gift unit?”

An unfamiliar voice was heard from among those who were hiding.

Tetsuo and his unit members, shocked by this, jumped back like startled cats.

“W-what is it?”

And what caught their eyes was the world’s most handsome man with dazzling silver hair and blue eyes, and a peerless beauty with calm chestnut hair and green eyes.

They were dressed in unique attire, including robes and armor, and mingled among themselves. They looked so flashy that one would have suspected that this was cosplay if this was not a battlefield.

“Now I see that they were beasts in human form.”

The eyes of the two newly appeared people, Adrian and Arcia, turned to the captured female soldier, and then they took in the sight of Tetsuo’s unit members with cool eyes.


“Okay, thank you.”

The female soldier was easily released from her captivity by Arcia’s sword slash, and soon disappeared somewhere with a gesture from Adrian.

“What are you?”

Have you ever felt this sense of crisis in your life?

Tetsuo swallowed dryly as a warning sound sounded in his head.

People who look like the main characters to everyone.

I didn’t know, but I thought there must be people who use powers like Gifts.

“Are you the captain?”

However, Tetsuo realized that his assessment was wrong as the situation continued.


At that moment, everyone in the unit except Tetsuo himself inflated like a balloon and burst, scattering their internal organs on the ground.

Then, the corpses that stained the surrounding floor turned into powder and scattered like ash.

This is not a gift or anything.

It is a power that cannot be compared.

Tetsuo felt like he was no match for a level 1 hero standing in front of a level 1000 demon lord.

Then Adrian raised a finger towards him.

“Please save me! “I have committed a mortal sin!”

Tetsuo fell flat like instinct and hit his head on the floor.

Adrian looked down at him and said with a low laugh.

“Do you think the cub also wants to live?”

“I will do anything if you let me live!”

Did you like the answer?

Adrian said, lowering his hand.

“If you are the leader of the Gift Unit, you must be familiar with military deployment, right?”

“… … .”

There is no need to think complicatedly.

What he meant was that he had to betray his country and sell information in order to survive.

Thanks to this, Tetsuo was speechless for a moment.


However, as the air around me suddenly became suffocating, my country and everything else disappeared.

“Oh, I know. “I’ll let you know.”

Adrian nodded in satisfaction, and soon after he was able to breathe again, he looked up at the two people with a fearful expression while breathing heavily.

Tetsuo, who until now thought of himself as the main character.

But before Adrian, he was nothing more than a bug.

* * *

“what? “Um, annihilation?”

Commander Mikado, Japan’s provisional prime minister and icon of the revolution, reacted in disbelief when he heard the news that the Japanese army that invaded Korea had been annihilated.

“It is said that they were helplessly attacked by a force that may be a special unit owned by the County of Rayers or a Korean gift unit.”

“After combining the communication signals that came in briefly, the response was that some of them were attacking ghosts… … .”

“What bullshit is that!”

Chief Mikado was furious at his subordinates’ reports, but nothing changed.

Japan attacked Korea and was defeated.

This was an immutable fact, and now we had to worry about counterattacks.

Thanks to this, the major generals of the Japanese military who occupied the conference room with him had to raise their voices in criticism.

“Didn’t I say that was impossible!”

“You were too proud.”

But what can we do about what has already happened?

What needed to be done now was to respond later, not to decide who was right or wrong.

“Inoue Third Class (Major). “What do you think?”

Commander Mikado quickly shifted his gaze to the woman who had taken the last seat in the conference room.

She was the newly appointed Chief of Staff to General Mikado and the head of the Intelligence Department of the Land Forces, his military unit.

“No, you should ask the person you want to ask.”

In response to Commander Mikado’s response, the other generals responded by asking why she was asking such a question to a young woman.

Inoue Third Class was known to have a gift, but other generals thought she was just a mood maker with a pretty face.

However, when Inoue Third Class looked at the generals with an alluring smile, they fell silent, feeling an inexplicable sense of intimidation.

Inoue Third Class Sixth Place.

She was Lord Scream, the Demon King of Earth who had previously faced Commander Mikado.


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