My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 255

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Episode 255: Dream in the game becomes reality

56. The beginning of change (3)

This is a situation that does not make sense.

Japan attacks Korea?

Well, in the past, the military power of the two countries was equal, so there might have been some degree of victory, but considering the difference in military power that arose after the great disaster, it would be nothing but suicide.

What on earth is their leadership thinking?

‘No, now is not the time to discuss such things.’

I shook my head and shook off the random thoughts.

First, you have to save your parents.

I filled my fingers with magical energy and stretched them toward the battle scene.


-Kwasik! Kwasik!


Then, nearly a hundred Japanese soldiers who were fighting were instantly crushed and reduced to a lump of blood, as if they had been pressed by a press.

There was no need for casting to deal with them, who were just ordinary people holding firearms.

As a 9th circle wizard, I can use 7th circle magic without chanting.

Thanks to this, the Korean soldiers fighting with the Japanese soldiers panicked and took a step back, and soon their attention focused on us flying at a lower altitude towards the half-collapsed apartment building.

“Platoon leader! excuse me!”

But I simply ignored their gaze and snapped my fingers.

Then, one door of the apartment was torn off and a familiar scene inside came into view.

“Whoa… … .”

As soon as I saw the inside of the house, I breathed a sigh of relief.

There was a suitcase made of metal in the middle of the living room, and I realized that it was the bunker I had gifted to my parents.

On the outside, it is a small-sized carrier that could be used as an airplane carry-on, but it has a space of about 30 pyeong inside, and the armor is so strong that even if a tank fires a shell, it will not even be scratched.

In an emergency situation, it can fully function as a bunker.

The suitcase was currently marked as in use, and I was finally able to feel at ease after seeing that my parents were inside.

I knocked on the carrier.

“Is your son here?”

Then the suitcase unfolded and my mother stuck her head out.

It had the ability to see the outside from the inside, so it recognized me and opened the door.

“A son?”

However, my parents were not the only ones in the suitcase.

I could feel the presence of at least 10 people.

At that, I narrowed my eyes and widened my eyes as I watched the people carefully leaving the bunker carrier, following my mother.

‘aunt? uncle?’

That’s because among the crowd were Kang Min-hee’s parents, who had gone to look for them.

Moreover, most of the people in the bunker were relatives.

I wondered if my mother had come to our house to visit and then the war broke out and my mother hurriedly packed my relatives into the suitcase.

Still, I think it’s fortunate that the two of them are alive so that Kang Min-hee doesn’t have a mental breakdown.

I immediately contacted Branguiche, who was protecting Kang Min-hee.

Kang Min-hee’s parents are here, so bring them.

“Wait a minute, didn’t you just say he was your son?”

Your relatives may be embarrassed by your current situation.

The sudden Japanese attack was an attack, but my parents had a shelter that no one could see being normal, and they even referred to me, who is currently white, as their son.

“mom! dad!”

But that was only for a moment, and Kang Min-hee, who appeared with Branguiche, completely shifted his gaze to that direction.


Kang Min-hee, hugged by her aunt and uncle, shed tears.

“I thought you were in the County of Rayers.”

There would be no problem with personal protection with just a bunker carrier, but for the safety of my parents, I gave them a teleportation artifact with the address of the County of Layers entered.

However, the reason it didn’t move means there is a good reason.

“Things don’t look good there either.”

“is it so?”

I took out my smartphone from subspace with a surprised expression.

Fortunately, the signal was picked up to confirm that the carrier was safe.

And when I accessed the Internet, I was literally in a state of despair.

[Country of Layers under China’s preemptive attack!]

[Due to entering war with China, the County of Rayers is unable to support the Republic of Korea.]

I then looked at the situation in the County of Rayers and sighed.

It seemed like the situation was more serious than I thought.

“Still, let’s go to the County of Rayers.”

“Is it okay? Isn’t China’s attack more serious than Japan’s? “There’s a nucleus there too.”

“Do not worry. “Because we were fully prepared.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Although the situation is equally serious in Korea and the County of Layers, I decided that my territory, the County of Layers, would be better than the Republic of Korea at least to protect my parents.



And I, along with my parents and relatives, traveled to the castle of the County of Rayers.


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* * *

Since we arrived on Earth with the help of Kang Min-hee and Benjamin without using the ruins like before, there is no time limit like before.

So, I tried to take a leisurely look at the Earth, but the situation went awry due to an unexpected war.

“Your Majesty the King!”

At Count Reyes’ shout, my parents opened their eyes wide and looked at me with surprised expressions.

Although the Count spoke in Rondel, my parents understood what he said because the artifact I gave them had an additional interpretation function.

But there was no need to understand the language.

As soon as I appeared at the count’s castle, Count Rayers, as well as the minor lords and many other knights knelt down on one knee and paid respects.

It is natural for parents to be surprised.

Because I haven’t revealed my exact identity to you two yet.

They only said that he was an upper-class person living a wealthy life as a promising wizard in Rondel, but he never said that he was the leader of a country.

Well, now he is not limited to one country, but is also the head of an international organization that leads the entire Rondel.

“Let’s move on for now.”

I took my panicked parents and relatives who had not yet figured out the situation and headed to the Count’s office, which was the safest place in the castle.

“Son, what is this?”

“I’m sorry for not telling you until now. “I didn’t think there was any need to brag.”

“Yeah, really?”

“Kang Min-hee knows my situation in detail, so I think it would be better to listen to her. And everyone here is my subordinate, so feel at ease.”

I left the explanation to Minhee Kang.

Kang Min-hee, who thought she had lost her parents when her entire house was blown away, took a deep breath, consoled her heart, nodded at my instructions, and led her parents and relatives to the corner of the office.

There was a seating area decorated with a spacious table and sofa.

I looked at them and asked Count Rayers.

“I heard a war broke out with China, but it’s quieter than I thought?”

“It’s like that here, but if you go even a little bit from the island, the battle is in full swing. “We are constantly attempting to land and attack territory in China.”

“is it so? “Please report in detail.”

Count Rayers’ explanation soon began, and I had to close my eyes after hearing everything.

“There has already been a nuclear attack attempt!?”

“It’s as many as four times. “Thanks to the information on nuclear missile bases provided by Korea, we were able to intercept it in advance.”

This was not a simple local war, but an all-out war.

Even after seeing how North Korea’s nuclear missile was intercepted, isn’t it a desire to die together by acting so recklessly?

“Among the four currently divided Chinese countries, the New Balhae is putting pressure on Korea and supporting Japan, while the remaining three countries, centered around the People’s Republic of China, are attacking our territory without a declaration of war.”

At least the balance was maintained thanks to Vanguard, Sky Fortress, Spirit Tower, and the artificial satellite I gifted earlier, but it was by no means an advantageous situation.

“We are winning the battle, but the enemy is too many. Moreover, as the energy recharge time of the Sky Fortress is approaching, there are bound to be limitations in responding with only the cards we have.”

As expected, the number of pages was a problem.

I briefly clicked my tongue and asked if he knew the situation in Korea.

The Count nodded slightly.

“Korea is worse. The new Balhae is keeping a check on the north and Japan is attacking on the south, so the troops are dispersed. The battle continues to advance and retreat without being unilaterally pushed back, but the problem is that the main battlefield is the Korean mainland. “We are going through a difficult time trying to protect civilians.”

This is why wars must be fought through expeditions.

If a war breaks out on my land, civilian damage will increase.

I nodded.

I realized roughly what I had to do.

“Let’s settle the war first.”

All of my colleagues who were standing still at my suggestion agreed, saying they understood.

But only one.

Only Lord Exceed, the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas, was contemplating something with his brows furrowed.

I knew why he was reacting this way.

“What happened to erasing the traces of the goddess?”

He is now in contact with their colleague.

However, looking at their expressions, it seems like the situation is not going well.

“I failed. “The poison was somehow removed, but the temple inside was said to be impossible to destroy.”

“Well, there’s no way a goddess can be that kind.”

However, my continued remarks left him speechless for a moment.

“Is there anything that bothers you about the war that is going on right now?”

Although my words were ambiguous, it was no different from asking whether the current situation was related to the underworld.

The reason why I suddenly asked this question is simple.

That’s because this war is so outside of common sense.

Unless they intend to annihilate each other, it only means that the leader of a country who gave orders for war, including a preemptive nuclear attack, is truly stupid.

Moreover, since the war broke out while the plan to erase traces of the Goddess of the Underworld was being implemented, my suspicions were only natural.

The County of Rayeth itself can be said to be a trace of the goddess.

“Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it is not the situation we wanted.”

“Then, if the Elyos and Demons emerge in the process of sorting out this war, can we judge that it has nothing to do with the will of the Underworld?”

This means that if an Elyos or Demon appears during the battle, they will be eliminated.

He responded firmly to my words.

“It has nothing to do with the will of our underworld, so handle it as you wish.”

“All right. “Then let’s end the war.”

We don’t need his help to end the war.

My trusted companions were enough.

This seemed to mean that he still didn’t trust Lord Exceed, but he said he understood and respected my wishes.

* * *

“Mr. President!”

The ROK Armed Forces command and control room located in the basement of the Blue House of the Republic of Korea.

As the Korean Peninsula burst into flames due to an unexpected invasion, President Kim Min-guk, who was in a state of low pressure, frowned and noticed the appearance of his chief of staff who came running with a very bright expression.

“What are you running around so innocently?”


The chief secretary admitted that he had been too light-hearted for the situation.

However, the President also took offense at his subsequent remarks, as if he had never done so before.

“I just received a call from the County of Reyes. Superhumans, including Prince Lawrence, will drive out the invading army. So, I asked you to be careful to avoid any possible misfire.”

“Oh, really?”

The President was reminded of Adrian’s powerlessness that he had seen before when he heard the Chief of Staff’s report.

His presence was able to summon a huge meteor with just a short casting.

In addition, a colleague who could split the meteor with one sword would be able to easily kill no matter how many enemies there are.

“They would be of great help. The question is how effective magic and their abilities are in war.”

No matter how annoying the New Balhae may be in the north, there is absolutely no reason for Korea to be pushed back against Japan in a ground war.

Nevertheless, the reason why they were having a hard time was because the Japanese army had landed on a large scale without being detected, because they had launched a sudden surprise attack and there was no time to induce the evacuation of citizens, and because Japan strictly adhered to urban warfare.

As time goes by, Korea will definitely win.

However, cheering for victory in a ruined country could not be considered a true victory.

In Korea, time is money.

We had to stop Japan as quickly as possible and with minimal damage.

“Mr. President! This, this!”

And after a while, the President realized what value Adrian and his men had on the battlefield.

“her… … .”

Videos of the battlefield are coming up one after another.

The video contained a scene where Adrian and his group attacked the Japanese soldiers.

No, it is difficult to say that it contains a scene accurately.

If something just passed by, the Japanese army was divided into two or turned into powder like sand.

And this was no different from enemies hiding in buildings, and it took less than 10 minutes for an area to be cleared.

Normally, to completely deal with enemies hiding in a building, you would have to blow up the entire building or infiltrate the inside and kill them, but for them, these were all processes that could be skipped.

Because of this, the people in the command and control room, including the president, laughed and trembled.


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