My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 253

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Episode 253: Dream in the game becomes reality

56. The beginning of change (1)

When I said I would hold his hand, Lord Exceed’s expression, which used to narrow his eyebrows and give off a sharp aura, became kind.

Seeing him like that, I felt a pang of conscience, so I cleared my throat and changed the subject.

“Have you ever visited Reese’s Island?”

Currently, I have raised an army towards Reese Island.

Lord Exceed had nothing to do with this matter, but I asked about the story of Archduke Lucas’ time.

“well. I don’t remember. “Perhaps it is an aftereffect of reincarnation, Rondel’s memories are not entirely intact.”

This is my first time hearing this story.

When I looked surprised, he waved his hand and supplemented his explanation.

“Oh, I remember most of the important things, so don’t worry.”

Maybe this is why Lord Exceed looked different in many ways from the Archduke Lucas I had imagined.

I consider my past life self to be the same as my current life self, but doesn’t he view his past life self as different from his current life self?

Of course, it’s just a guess, but I thought it was a very possible story.

“In some ways, it may be that Acting Manager Chester has more memories of his past life than Lord Exceed?”

I jokingly asked Lord Exceed that question, and he laughed, saying that might be the case.

“Maybe so.”

But he surprised me again by making an unexpected statement.

“But Chester’s memories aren’t perfect either. “Some important information was modified or deleted.”

“What if you say it’s important information?”

“Oh, you don’t need to know that.”

It may seem strange to try to know every single memory of his past.

But somehow, it sounded meaningful to me that it was a memory that Chester didn’t know about.

‘Why are you suddenly spewing out this information?’

I wondered to myself.

The flow of the story was natural.

However, he made me tilt my head as he revealed something that didn’t need to be revealed.

“huh? “I guess we’re almost there.”

Then, Lord Exceed pointed to the holographic map of the Sky Fortress and spoke.

“Your Majesty, this is Reese Island’s air defense identification zone.”

In addition, when Gregory approached and reported so, it was no longer possible to question Archduke Lucas’ memories.

We had to prepare for the battle that would occur later.

“If there is an attack, we will counterattack. If not, we will proceed in a straight line to the central city.”


The conversation with Lord Exceed may have been really insignificant and trivial.

But why?

As I was making my own plans for the future, it sounded like a warning to be careful.

* * *

Headquarters of the Allied Forces of the Four Great Families of Reese Island.

As the battle broke out between the Duchy of Lawrence’s army and the Lireth Island army, the Allied headquarters became a veritable market place.

“The 1st Army has been breached! Soon, the Duchy of Lawrence’s army will encounter the Second Army!”

“23 units completely destroyed the Sky Fortress! 11 anti-fa! Sir, numerous Vanguards have been calling for help! What should we do!?”

“You can do rescue work using regular soldiers! “There’s no need to report that in detail!”


Reese’s Island had been peaceful so far, so it was the first time in centuries that the Allied headquarters had been in such an uproar.

The heads of the four families sat in the command room, biting their nails.

“No, why are we being treated like this by a unit that is less than half of our army?”

“Ah, aren’t there people who only know how to spend money but also know how to fight properly?”

However, contrary to their seemingly urgent appearance, the leaders’ conversation seemed to ignore reality.

In response, General Pike, commander of the Allied Forces and one of the two Auror Masters of Reese Island, shook off the hands of his subordinates who tried to stop him and walked up to them.

“You must surrender.”

The heads of the four families widened their eyes at General Pike’s remarks, and then anger appeared on their faces.

“Is that what a soldier would do? Surrender!”

“Are you telling us to kneel before this author!?”

“You can’t do that. “Are you sane to go along with Prince Lawrence’s ridiculous and unreasonable claims?”

The reactions of the four family heads were consistent.

From their perspective, this war was a fight that Prince Lawrence waged without justification.

They decided that if they took the time to inform the world of Prince Lawrence’s violence and bring about international condemnation, they would ultimately win.

Of course, the best way was to win the war and defeat King Lawrence.

“The opponent is the Lord Wizard of the 9th Circle. In addition, he is known to be able to mobilize not only the Grand Master, but also the Lord Master and the Dragon.”

A power gap that makes war impossible in the first place.

However, despite General Pike’s remarks, the leaders of Recess Island only frowned.

“Now is not the time to wage war based on individual abilities.”

“No matter how great a wizard’s magic or a knight’s swordsmanship may be, the individual fighting is a creature made of cloth. In the end, if your head gets pierced, you die.”

A typical frog in a well.

They evaluated their opponents based on their common sense.

General Pike felt like he was dealing with a large child.

“no! This is also the logic that applies when dealing with an Aura Master or an Archmage of the 7th Circle! If Prince Lawrence, the 9th Circle wizard, comes forward in earnest, we will be annihilated without being able to do anything! If he drops Meteor here, there is no way to stop him! “The reason the military moves like this even though they can easily hit their head is because we are an example!”


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Normally, if he was given a face-off, the heads of the four major families would react and argue, but the general actually got angry.

A risky action that may backfire.

It showed how much General Pike cared for Reese Island.

The leaders were shocked and taken aback by the general’s spirit.

“If you want to keep Reese Island intact, you must surrender!”

“Does General Pike know of Prince Lawrence’s request?”

“Isn’t it necessary to replace the head of each family and faithfully follow Prince Lawrence’s instructions?”

“No, even though I knew that!”

The leaders expressed their anger, asking if they were saying such things even though they knew the situation, but were left speechless by General Pike’s subsequent bombardment of facts.

“Isn’t it better than being destroyed and having your country taken away? “If you can endure the immediate humiliation, at least your family will continue the family name.”

Even when they continue to worry about whether they will surrender or not… .

“Breach the second defense line! We will soon encounter the central army!”

The army of the Duchy of Lawrence continued to advance without fail.


In fact, the heads of each family also knew the seriousness of the situation.

I just don’t want to admit it.

“The longer you hold on, the more you will lose. “You will not just be removed from your position, you will be executed.”

“Is there really no way? “Not even 1%?”

“I completely missed the timing. Now we have no choice but to comply with their demands. “Even that feels like a time limit is approaching.”

And in the end, the heads of the four families let out a deep sigh at General Pike’s confirmed kill.

“First, I need to talk to Prince Lawrence.”

In the end, General Pike’s persuasion worked.

* * *

“It ended up being cooler than I expected.”

I chuckled as I saw the head of the 4th great family of Reese Island kneeling down.

When I reacted like this, everyone was begging for their lives humbly, wondering where the momentum had gone.

‘How can the leaders of a country be so unattractive?’

That was a conclusion reached after examining the information on each family head with Mangyeong.

Among the four, there is not a single person who is like a character.

These characters seem to literally express the ills of the old class system with their whole body.

I immediately arrested the four and personally selected the head of each family.

‘I feel like a villain.’

No, from Reese Island’s point of view, it can be said that he is an unquestionable villain.

This is no different from having their sovereignty taken away.

‘But I can’t help it.’

We had to put Rondel together as quickly as possible within the limited time.

First, I plan to explain the situation in detail to the next generation of leaders who will lead Recess Island, and later ask for forgiveness after everything is done.

“Now shall we go to Earth?”

“It’s good.”

In response to my question, Lord Exceed smiled and nodded.

* * *

Many things have changed on Earth due to the great disaster.

While there are countries like Korea that use crises as opportunities to achieve success.

There are countries that have collapsed due to major disasters and are still unable to recover.

In some places, the existing power system was overthrown and a new country was established, taking advantage of the chaos.

Japan was one of the last examples. After the disaster, some military groups, looking for an opportunity, toppled the prime minister and took over the administration, putting forward a new name for the country, the ‘New Empire of Japan.’

Of course, there were quite a few people who expressed concern about the military’s moves.

However, the people who expressed dissatisfaction with the new government were ordinary people who were passive in political participation, and rather, extreme right-wing forces with overly one-sided political tendencies showed enthusiasm by enthusiastically supporting the new government.

Thanks to this, Japan’s rebellion was called a revolution and was put under control without any reversal.

“As you know, our military power right now is below Korea’s. “It’s too dangerous to fight them now.”

The official residence of the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the New Empire of Japan.

The Japanese generals gathered there looked at the paper map and pondered.

They had a conversation with war with Korea in mind, and as the Blue House had obtained information that the Blue House was preparing for war with Japan, it was to prepare for it.

“Damn it, there is a situation where Japan has to pay attention to the Korean people.”

“I can’t help it. “Because they suffered minimal damage during the disaster.”

“Because our archipelago acts as a breakwater.”

“Shouldn’t I at least get money for this? “We protected them.”

“Who said not? Anyway, Koreans only know how to stick a sword in the back.”

For your information, perhaps because they were soldiers, many of them, like their supporters, had right-wing tendencies.

Therefore, their evaluation of Korea was not normal in any way.

“Moreover, there are aliens behind them.”

“Is it the County of Rayers?”

Korea alone was a powerful enemy, but with the addition of the County of Rayers, there was no answer.

They sighed and put their heads together, but could not get any answer.

“How about forming an alliance with China?”

“Well, are you out of your mind?”

At that time, a general expressed an unexpected opinion.

Even though its status is not what it used to be, Japan is still an ally of the United States.

It was absurd for such a country to join hands with China.

Naturally, colleagues criticized the person who made the suggestion.

However, some generals had different thoughts.

“No, that makes perfect sense. “If Korea attacks and conquers Japan, where will the next target be?”

“hmm… .”

“Moreover, as long as a strong, unified Korea exists, it will be difficult for a weakened Japan to maintain an equal alliance with the United States.”

“So are you going to build a new relationship with China instead of the United States?”

“It just so happens that China is also divided into several countries, and among them there are forces that advocate democracy, so it is very different from the China of the past.”

Thanks to this, the reaction of those who denied the opinion, saying it was nonsense, was bound to weaken.

I started to think that it made some sense.

“I’m still negative. Compared to China, our cards are lacking. “If we join the Chinese camp like this, it might actually work.”

“that’s right.”

But no matter how divided China is, it is still China.

Each one had a size that could not be ignored.

It’s so bad that nothing can be seen as beneath Japan.

The most ideal thing would be for the United States to step in and mediate a war with Korea, but perhaps because of what we experienced last time, I did not trust it.

However, joining China is also a big risk.

“Huh, what is it?”

In the end, they could not easily come up with an answer, and the meeting just passed by.

How much time did you waste like that?


A lieutenant stormed into the conference room, calling the generals by their titles.

They were nervous, wondering if Korea had invaded.

“Ah, beings in the shape of devils are removing poisonous areas and temples in various parts of Japan.”

However, what followed was a strange report that no one expected.



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