My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 252

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Episode 252: Dream in the game becomes reality

55. Expected Scenario (6)

The plan of the Earth Realm Elyos and Demons against the Goddess is simple.

To prevent the goddess from doing anything, and to establish a new creator of the Earth.

However, the goal is not to nominate a specific person, but for the Elyos and Demons of the Underworld to share the Creator’s power.

In the process, the Demons and Elyos of the Underworld are reborn as self-proclaimed gods.

In addition, their plan is to grant some of the power to Arc Scarlett, a demon lord from a different world, to elevate her status to a god, and then to keep Sepia in check in Rondel.

If you think about common sense, it is unlikely that Ark Scarlett will be able to keep the goddess in check on her own, no matter how much she has been reborn as a god.

‘But it’s not impossible either.’

The reason is that Goddess Sepia has a rule not to directly kill creatures.

If the goddess wants to deal with something she doesn’t like, she entrusts the job to agents, including the Elyos or the Church.

However, the problem is that Ark Scarlet, who has been reborn as a god, has a power that cannot be surpassed by anyone except the goddess herself.

Arc Scarlet, who breaks Rondel’s power balance, becomes a troublesome being who cannot do this or that from the goddess’s point of view.

This means that it is possible to tie the goddess’ gaze to Rondel until the Earth regains stability.

‘In other words, my request is for the power to be directed to Ark Scarlet.’

If that happens, I get two things.

Firstly, you won’t have to worry about the demon Ark Scarlet going berserk.

The second is that as I gain power comparable to that of a god, I gain the ability to flexibly respond to unexpected situations.

Isn’t it beneficial in many ways?

However, asking for time to think is for the following reasons.

‘Will the goddess, who obviously knows the whole situation, just sit back and watch this situation unfold?’

‘Is it possible to stop Goddess Sepia’s plan just because the Elyos and Demons of the Earth Realm are reborn as gods in the first place?’

‘If she were a goddess, wouldn’t she be able to break the rule of not directly killing her creation as the creator?’


I thought that it might be too hopeful a way of thinking to turn the Creator into an enemy and hope to overcome it safely.

Of course, the other person is the Creator.

The being who created this world.

That’s why I don’t take the opportunity to strengthen my strength.

‘I’m sure Lord Exceed knows about my concerns.’

In order for their plan to succeed, the goddess’s approval is required.

Since you must not break the rules you have set and do not respond in any way, how can that be anything other than acquiescence?

Nevertheless, the reason why Road Exceed urges you to choose is because there is no other way.

“You seem to be thinking a lot.”

In response to Lord Exceed’s question, I shrugged my shoulders and said that I had no choice but to do so.

It seems out of character to ask when you clearly know why this is happening.

Since he is my benefactor, I plan to be as considerate as possible to him, but I did not want my benefactor to put me and those around me in danger.

“Kya! “Just kill me!”

Is it to evoke a heavy atmosphere?

Everyone’s attention was focused on Arc Scarlett as she drank a red drink from a wine glass and let out a roar.

“Oooh, my strength is coming back!”

Ark Scarlet was making a fuss alone, whether she was aware of the attention of those around her or not.

And I felt the dark magic rapidly rising around her.

However, the limit was at the 9th circle level, slightly below me, and it never amplified beyond that.

The reason Arc Scarlett’s power suddenly returned, at least partially, was due to the influence of the red drink she drank.

The identity of that red drink is the blood drawn from the heart of Heavenly King Heriel.

Isn’t it a truly grotesque ability for a vampire queen to recover her strength by drinking the blood of the Heavenly King, an equal being?

Thanks to this, her ability level, which was lower than that of the devil worshiper Celine, has become slightly higher.

“Now my world… … .”


And he raised his dark magic to the fullest and attempted to break the master-slave contract that was forcibly tied to me.

Of course, it was a difficult attempt.

As a result, she got hit on the back of her head by me and kissed the floor.


Arc Scarlett shoots a protesting look, wondering if she’s forgotten what she just did or what she’s doing.

But when I made a gesture of rubbing his neck with my thumb, he became quiet.

For reference, there was an androgynous-looking beauty who could not be identified as male or female, staring at Ark Scarlett in the corner of the office.

He was the second demon king, Dark Square, who was captured and brought to Branguiche.

Looking at him with a liberated expression, as if he had already anticipated his future, it seemed like there wouldn’t be any major problems even if he signed a master/slave contract.

I turned my gaze away from him and looked at Blake, Branguiche, and Lord Exceed.

“How will we distribute Heriel’s body?”

It may seem scary to talk about the distribution of corpses, but this is Rondel, a fantasy world.

In a place where not a single monster’s bone or skin was disposed of with care, the corpses of Elyos and Demons were as much material for equipment as the corpses of dragons.

Moreover, what we got this time was not just the corpse of an Elyos, but the corpse of a Heavenly King.

Its value is priceless.

In particular, the core of the Elyos, which is like a dragon heart, and its four pairs of wings are items that everyone here has no choice but to be greedy for.

So, I asked the opinions of those who contributed in the battle to subjugate Heriel.

Blake responded harshly.

“It would be right for me, Arcia, Branguish, and Lord Exceed to each share a pair of wings, and for you to have the core of the Elyos.”


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Blake’s offer was very advantageous to me.

When I asked if that would be okay, Branguiche continued, saying he had no objection.

“It’s natural, since you were the one who laid the groundwork for the subjugation of the Heavenly King. “If it weren’t for you, these members would never have gathered together in the first place.”

Lastly, I looked at Road Exceed.

He didn’t seem to have any major complaints either.

Unlike Rondel, Earth’s Elyos and Demons live in the same underworld and are on good terms, so they may have related materials.

Just as the people with the most dragon-related materials in Rondel are dragons of the same species.

Maybe that’s why there seemed to be little interest.

“All right. “Let’s do that.”

In this way, the great event came to an end with the emergence and subjugation of the Heavenly King, and the subsequent income distribution.

All that remains now is deciding whether or not to join hands with Lord Exceed, reorganizing and expanding the Rondel Peace Organization, and strengthening power on Earth.

‘It just so happens that it’s all about responding to the goddess’ plan.’

And that day.

With Branguish’s help, I even took the Demon Lord Dark Square under my command.

* * *

There are not as many islands in Rondel as you might think.

Of course, it easily exceeds a thousand, but as Korea alone has over 3,000 islands, it is a level that can be considered almost nothing compared to the Earth.

Thanks to this, out of the 21 countries that exist in Rondel, only two are island countries, and the remaining 19 countries are all part of the four major continents.

However, Everhill, one of the two island countries, is different from other islands.

This is because it was an island located in the inland sea of ​​Defteron, the largest continent in Rondel.

So, if I were to choose a representative island country in Rondel, I would choose this country rather than the sacred city of Everhill.

‘Reeses Island’, a class system country without a king.

“What does that mean!?”

Reese’s Island is a country where four families rule over each region.

The main industries are trade and the production and sale of expensive luxury goods related to fashion.

It can be seen as a half-mixture of Italy and Panama.

Reese’s Island is a country where the heads of four families gather together to exchange opinions as the highest authority, and it has survived for 1,000 years as a city-state federation.

To put it nicely, it is stable.

To put it negatively, it can be seen as having a stagnant system with no change.

Is that why?

This country strongly disliked and rejected external interference, and strictly prohibited its citizens from contacting the outside world.

“We are taking issue with the fact that Prince Lawrence, the chairman of the Rondel Peace Organization, did not attend today’s meeting.”

“No, isn’t it our freedom to attend or not!?”

Thanks to this, Reese’s Island was currently regarded as something of a bastard to the international organization run by Adrian.

Recess Island’s National Assembly Hall.

The heads of the four families that ruled each region gathered together and had a conversation with very serious expressions.

“The problem is that they are not just criticizing, but are coming out with a plan to replace the national leadership.”

“Huh, he’s finally gone crazy? Now that you’ve taken power, you can’t tell the difference, right? “What does he mean by changing the leadership of our country?”

The point of the conversation is to find a way to respond to Adrian’s forced participation in international organizations.

But the problem is that there is no clear countermeasure in sight.

It was natural since the opponent was the opponent.

A descendant of Archduke Lucas, a wizard of the 9th Circle, a friend of dragons, and a powerful figure who receives the full support of the Bringham Empire and the Reinharts Empire.

It was a title that could not be ignored.

“How about joining the meeting first, appeasing them and taking time away?”

“Do you think that’s a viable opponent? “All of the national leaders who participated in the meeting are expressing their intention to participate in the organization as of that day.”

“That’s right, I heard that if you participate in the organization, if Prince Lawrence issues an order to mobilize the people in an emergency, the leaders of each country must follow it unconditionally. Moreover, several branches of the Rondel Peace Organization were established in the country. “This is a condition that can never be accepted.”

No matter how much they said it was for the safety of the country and people, it was only seen as a serious violation of national rights to them.

These were people who could not understand why superpowers were participating without even making a noise.

In the end, the heads of the four families who participated in the national council on Reese Island made this decision.

“Let’s continue to remain silent.”

“That’s right, they’re really going to attack me.”

“No matter how powerful the organization is, it cannot attack a country that has not committed a crime.”

“That’s right.”

They decided to push ahead with their own rules without giving in to pressure like they have done so far.

They regarded Adrian’s warning as a simple threat.

This is because, based on common sense, it would be difficult to believe that an organization in the name of a peace organization would attack an innocent country.

but… … .

“It is said that a large sky fortress army has been dispatched from the Duchy of Lawrence! The direction of progress is toward our Recess Island, and Prince Lawrence is personally commanding the troops!”

They didn’t know Adrian, but they didn’t know much.

The fact is that he is a person who will do anything, and that he is a person who should never be approached with general knowledge.

“No, that’s ridiculous.”

As it happened, they were the first to experience the war in which the 9th Circle wizards participated.

* * *

“That’s amazing. “You ignore me until the end.”

Inside the sky fortress heading to Recess Island, I sighed and shook my head as I saw the enemy leadership not answering our call until the end.

Seeing me like this, Arcia came up to me like always and handed me a sweet cookie, and I popped it into my mouth.

“Now it’s time to give an answer.”

As we were having a leisurely tea time, which was not appropriate for the situation, Lord Exceed, who had a tendon on his forehead, approached us and asked.

I guess he thought I was just wasting his time by not responding to his suggestion.

But even without much prompting, I have already decided on an answer.

“I was planning on talking about it later today.”

“is it?”

Finally, his expression relaxed.

And I gave him the answer he wanted.

“Let’s accept the alliance offer.”

“Oh oh!”

He made an offer, but I guess he didn’t really expect me to accept it.

At my answer, Lord Exceed let out an exclamation and smiled with joy.

“There are conditions instead.”

Of course, there is no way to suddenly accept a high-risk offer without thinking about it.

So I put in a condition, and he listened, saying he would give it a listen.

“You are giving me the power you were trying to give to Ark Scarlett.”

“Hmm, is that really the offer?”

I think this condition was expected.

From my perspective, it was too dangerous to release the now powerful Arc Scarlett into Rondel, so I had no choice.

“Okay, that might be possible.”

But that is not the only condition I require.

“And give Arsia the same level of power.”


He narrowed his eyebrows, as if he hadn’t thought of this.

But my reaction was firm.

“Aren’t we going to share power with the many Elyos and Demons on Earth anyway? Will it be a problem if one more person is added?”

“Sharing the Creator’s authority and being reborn as gods is not as simple as sharing cookies.”

“I don’t think that it’s easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.”

He couldn’t help but worry as he bit his tail and pushed forward.

“This is not something I can decide on my own.”

“Then, please share your opinions with your colleagues and let us know. “You can go back to Earth whenever you want.”

The positions of A and B have changed.

From the position where he had been making suggestions forcefully, he was now in a position where he had to throw in various things to keep him from losing me.

“No, no. Okay, let’s accept those terms. “I will somehow accommodate your request.”

In the end, he decided to accept my request even if it was a bit unreasonable.

This means that negotiations have been concluded.

“All right. Then, please take care of me in the future.”

“I’m glad I don’t have to blush with you.”

We shook hands with smiling faces.

When Lord Exceed looked at me, the coldness disappeared and warmth appeared.

But I can assure you.

‘That warmth will soon turn into coldness.’

The plan I came up with.

It’s not about forming an alliance with them and interfering with the goddess.

Take as much as you can and take it easy… … .

So-called scam.

I didn’t think they could win against Goddess Sepia.

‘I’m sorry for being such an ungrateful bastard. Archduke Lucas.’


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