My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 251

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Episode 251: Dream in the game becomes reality

55. Expected Scenario (5)

“Adrian is pretty desperate.”

“I can’t help it. “There are several demon lords involved, including you.”

Blake and Lord Exceed thoroughly hid their energy and admired the light that kept flashing above the sky of Crimson City, the capital of the principality.

“The fact that a battle with the King of Heaven can be established is amazing in itself.”

Blake asked as if it was something new to Lord Exceed’s admiration.

“Isn’t that how you raised them?”

“No matter how good the training system is, the end result is always different.”

“Adrian is the best outcome?”

“I don’t know about other areas, but the combat part seems to be like that. “It looks like he had talent to begin with.”

Blake also seemed to agree with that point.

However, Lord Exceed’s subsequent remarks could never be heard.

“It’s a good vessel.”


A vessel is something made to contain something.

In other words, his words sounded like Adrian’s body could contain something else.

“Would I have given away all my wealth to someone I don’t know for no reason?”

“Are you planning to steal Huin’s body if the situation arises?”

“That’s why I left the essence of dimensional travel research to him.”

“her… .”

“But there’s no longer a need for that. “The Demon King has acquired a better vessel, and I can’t see any flaws in him.”

Blake narrowed his eyes and asked for a detailed explanation, and Lord Exceed shrugged his shoulders.

“It seems they were keeping this possibility in mind, and they completely rebuilt the system to manage the fund. I tried approaching once, but ended up being tracked back. “Thanks to you, I received a warning from Adrian.”

“Whew, is that so?”

From Blake’s sigh of relief, I could tell how much he cared for Adrian.

“Because he is a thorough guy. Anyway, my stomach hurts a bit. “He can’t use it as he wants even though it’s his.”

“If you become capable like Adrian, you will have complete talent. Or, your body may be taken away. “That’s what I had in mind from the beginning.”

Blake once again remembered that Archduke Lucas’s personality was not that good.

Then, the two looked back at the scene of the battle, where loud fireworks decorated the sky as if a fireworks display had begun, and Lord Exceed asked Blake.

“Wouldn’t it be better for us to go help soon?”

“No, you can move if Adrian asks you to.”

They were two people who seemed to be peacefully watching the battle between the Heavenly King and Adrian + Arcia, but were also ready to provide support at any time.

* * *

The atmosphere of the battle, which had been resolved easily, changed.

This is because Heriel’s expression, expressing frustration at the absurd situation, changed.

Arcia and I, sensing that there was something there, quickly increased the distance between us.


And the sky opened.


There was no other way to explain what had just happened.

“You will be the first humans to see the power of this body. May you know with glory.”

No matter how hard a human tries to achieve the 9th Circle and become a Road Master, he or she will not be able to achieve it.

That is a special ability called authority.

Like Dragon’s Dragon or Ark Scarlet’s Blood Mary, the power of Heavenly King Heriel is manifested.

I prepared with the mindset that I would deploy the Absolute Shield multiple times if the situation arose, and Arcia also stood in front of me, displaying her shield.

“Look at the giant from the beginning who swallowed the dragon in one bite.”

The situation that unfolded next was not a manifestation of magic, but a summons.

A huge hand tore open the open sky, widening the space, and this guy appeared through the gap.

As if to prove that the adjective of swallowing a dragon in one bite is not for nothing, a giant with its head almost touching the sky stepped onto the ground, radiating bright red energy.


“Wow, this is crazy.”

I was embarrassed.

Of course, the same goes for Arcia who was by his side.

Seeing us like this, the King of Heaven traced our bleeding cheeks with his index finger and spoke arrogantly.

“How does it feel to face the primordial giant Gard, whose mighty power is said to be the greatest of all heavenly kings?”

The wound on his cheek disappeared as if it had been washed away when he traced it with his index finger.

Heriel is confident of victory.

However, the subsequent reaction between me and Arcia was probably different from what he expected.

“This bastard… . “Innocent citizens.”

“A bastard worse than the devil.”

The reason is that a fairly large village was crushed under the feet of the giant.

Although that village was a place where there was a high possibility of a rebellion by the Croesian Empire’s agents, and antipathy toward the royal family was so strong that it was known as a place where my portraits were burned several times, they were the people of my principality.

‘You’re offering it for a good cause.’

The village has about 10,000 residents.

In other words, from now on, we are fighting against a villain who brutally destroyed a village of 10,000 people.

“It looks like I don’t understand the situation yet… .”

The King of Heaven looked dumbfounded for a moment at our reaction and then spoke as if it were absurd.


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But I had no intention of listening to him until the end.

“Anyway, if you are subdued, the giant will disappear along with you, right?”


“Let’s get this over with.”

I pointed my finger into the air.

A bright red light flashed and spread across the sky.

The King of Heaven pulled out his sword, wondering what kind of trick this was, and as if reacting to his wariness, a huge giant stretched out its hand towards us.

The giant barely stretched out his hand, but the space was torn apart, the mana around him exploded, and an aura-type energy encroached on the surrounding area.

Moreover, each finger was the size of an apartment, so the pressure was incredible… .


A large purple acid breath surged from the ground into the sky and pushed back the hand.

At the same time, the pitch-black fuselage took off like a fighter jet and latched onto the giant.

It was the Black Dragon Branguiche.

Branguiche’s body size was large enough to cover an entire soccer field, but it looked quite dainty compared to the primordial giant, Prusia.

“Black dragon?”

Heavenly King Heriel’s expression distorted at the sight of the dragon suddenly entering the war, and Arcia and I rushed at Heriel again while Branguiche was taking the time to fight the giant.

And the battle that took place was not much different from the first battle.

There… .

“Is this the Heriel of the time?”

While fighting Arcia and I, Heriel’s eyes widened at the sight of Ark Scarlett, who appeared with bright red petals fluttering down her face.

It seems like he recognized her identity.


Thanks to this, Heriel had an opening, and Arsia’s four swords, which did not miss the opportunity, flew into his abdomen like darts and stuck in his abdomen.

However, Heriel was busy caring about Ark Scarlet even though he was injured, and his carelessness allowed us to score one effective hit after another.

“Seo, really, you?”

For reference, a weakened Arc Scarlet is no match for the Heavenly King.

However, to Heriel, who faced her in the chaos, it only felt like a threat.

To him, whose purpose for visiting the Duchy of Lawrence was to receive a compass for chasing demons, I would have been seen as a human power figure with a needlessly high combat ability.

However, the situation changed with the appearance of Ark Scarlet.

He realized that the people he encountered were people related to the Demon King.

“If you descend into an unfamiliar land like that, you have to be careful.”

It was too late to understand the situation now.

Above his head, Blake, Rondel’s strongest swordsman, and Lord Acid, who can fight Heriel on his own, have appeared.

This means that he was in a position where he had no choice but to be attacked in the first place.

“It was a big mistake to come to me at the same time as Advent.”

“Holy shit… .”

The arrogant King of Heaven collapsed so easily like a fool.

* * *

Warm light shines from the sky.

The freshness of green trees tickles the tip of my nose.

In a picturesque forest landscape with a transparent and clear stream flowing, the six Elyos sitting around a round table had very serious expressions.

“Have you heard from Heriel yet?”

This is the center of heaven.

It is a conference hall where the kings of the Elyos gather together and exchange opinions.

They were waiting for news from Heavenly King Heriel, who was supposed to have descended on earth, but for some reason, even though a long time had passed since his descent, there was no contact.

“What happened?”

“This is why Heriel’s descent was prevented. Although his fighting skills are excellent in the anti-demonic war, his personality is too arrogant.”

“I can’t say for sure what happened yet. “If he can’t contact us, we can investigate.”

Eventually, the kings of the Elyos began a long-distance search for Heriel, who had not been contacted.

It was not easy to search for Rondel in the heavenly world because it was far away and the space was disconnected.

Because of this, it took quite a long time to search, and the resulting information was.

“There is no sign of Heriel?”

The fact was that Heriel’s presence was not felt at all.

“How did this happen?”

“So you were killed without any time to escape to heaven?”

The other Heavenly Kings strongly shook their heads as if they could not accept someone’s guess.

“That can’t be possible, no matter how much she faced Ark Scarlet, Heriel couldn’t be helpless.”

“Didn’t Rondel say that two demon lords may have descended? “Then it might be possible.”

“No, it’s impossible. The energy consumed to send down a Demon King or a Heavenly King would be similar. If two demon lords were sent down from the demon world, there is no way their abilities would be perfect. “At most, the level of ability is slightly higher than that of a dragon.”

The heavenly kings expressed their own opinions.

It is true that two demon kings descended.

However, I did not expect that the demon lords’ abilities were more miserable than they expected.

“Does this mean that even if I were to face two demon lords, I wouldn’t be defeated easily?”

“If we receive support from saints and saints in the Sepia Church, we may have the upper hand.”

Heriel was dealt with by humans, dark elves, and the devil of another world.

However, it was extremely difficult to find out this from a distant heaven.

“Are additional advents possible?”

“I think it would be possible with just one high-ranking Elyos.”

“Okay, then let’s dispatch an investigator.”

In this way, the advent of a higher-level Elyos for investigation, rather than a Heavenly King-level one, was predicted.

“I will do my best.”

The name of the high-ranking Elyos is Miel.

She was a typical Elyosian beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes.

* * *

“Our situation isn’t known to heaven, is it?”

“Don’t worry. “I completely blocked it.”

Lawrence the Prince.

When he expressed concern about the situation that ultimately led to the Demon King being dispatched to defeat the Heavenly King, Lord Exceed responded firmly.

I nodded and looked at the article floating as a hologram.

[The giant who massacred 10,000 innocent citizens of the Duchy of Lawrence is subdued by the Prince and his wife.]

[Is this the work of devil worshipers or demons?]

[Some say it was the work of the Elyos. Aren’t the Elyos on the side of humans?]

[In any case, thanks to the efforts of Prince Lawrence and his wife, we were able to prevent greater damage. This is an achievement that deserves praise.]

The article contained information about yesterday’s incident.

I intervened appropriately and steered public opinion in a favorable direction.

Of course, the church’s acquiescence was necessary in the process, but this was not a major problem.

In the first place, the saint was no different from my spokesperson, and the saint who followed the Heavenly King also questioned the purpose of the being who was with him as he watched the scene of the massacre of innocent citizens.

So I decided to bury this incident for now.

“Anyway, the saint is quite dull. “You can see the devil right in front of you and not recognize it.”

For reference, in the last battle, the Saint encountered Ark Scarlet.

However, Arc Scarlett was wearing an artifact that hid her energy, and the saint seemed to be distracted by something, so he only received an autograph from her and retreated as if running away.

So, I was worried that I might have been caught, but the information I checked through the magnifying glass was so good that I was able to move on with peace of mind.

“I’ll have to be more careful in the future.”

Lord Exceed asked me, smiling bitterly.

“It seems like circumstances have forced us to join hands?”

Lord Exceed continued to urge union after the battle with the Heavenly King, saying that they would row when the water came in.

I guess they judged it that way because I maintain an antagonistic relationship with the Elyos and a friendly relationship with the Demons.

Moreover, since Arc Scarlett, whom I was protecting, was his supporter, I responded that I had no choice but to join him due to the circumstances.

“Just give me until tomorrow. “I will decide then.”

In response, Road Exceed again showed patience and accepted my request.

Actually, I have a plan.

If he accepts my offer, I plan to consider the alliance positively.

My suggestion to him is:

He asked me to give him the power he had originally intended to give to Arc Scarlett.


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