My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 247

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Episode 247: Dream in the game becomes reality

55. Expected Scenario (1)

Didn’t someone do that?

Even in the midst of a world crisis or a battlefield, children are born.

I really like that statement.

“It’s starting to show now.”

The residence of the Marquis of Lawrence.

My mother said that as she looked at Arcia while holding her younger sister, whose facial features had changed from a wrinkly newborn.

Naturally, I followed my mother’s gaze and moved to Arcia, and soon I saw her protruding belly.

The slightly protruding belly like a frog was both slightly funny and cute, so I laughed without realizing it.

“What week is it now?”

“14 weeks.”

It’s been over 4 months since I became pregnant.

There are approximately 20 weeks left until the baby is born.

Now we can confirm the gender of our future child.

“I think your granddaughter will be really pretty. “Dad and Mom both have great personalities.”

The gender of the first child born between me and Arcia will be a girl.

A child of the same sex as Emilia, who is my younger sister and will be my child’s aunt, and is only one year older than me.

Thanks to this, the family tree feels a little twisted, but I hope that the child will grow up together, following his younger sister Emilia like an older sister.

I said, stroking the head of the child in his mother’s arms whose silver hair was beginning to show cuteness.

“But Emilia is also very cute, just like her mother. “If she had taken after her father, she would have felt sorry.”

My father, who was right next to me when he was shocked by the words, which had various meanings, narrowed his brows.

Although my father’s appearance was not bad, he could not compare to my mother, who could be said to be a peerless beauty.

“Are you a funny guy?”

They say looks aren’t everything in life, but there’s nothing wrong with looking good.

In that respect, I can say that my younger sister Emilia has a very promising future.

Although it is only a stone now, its beauty has begun to increase.

My father couldn’t deny my joke and just laughed.

“Isn’t it time to stop dragging Arcya around?”

I guess this is why her mother looked at Arsia’s boat and asked what week it was.

This is definitely true.

Rather, just by being together so far, I could say that he lacks consideration.

However, Arcia stubbornly refused to hear her mother’s words.

“My place is by my husband’s side.”

“But, it can be a burden on the child.”

“Rather, it is safer to stick by his side as he is a 9th circle wizard.”

Since Arsia rarely gets stubborn, my mother looked at me with a troubled expression.

I shrugged my shoulders at that.

“Arsia has a point. In fact, I think it would be better if I stayed close and took care of it. Besides, she is a Grand Master herself, so I think the chances of something going wrong with the child are very low.”

“Whoa… … .”

At that, my mother sighed softly and nodded as if there was nothing she could do.

“Well, you’ve always been good at looking ahead. “Don’t believe it.”

The mother’s judgment soon becomes the father’s judgment.

That’s when the story about the child ends.

I brought up the story I had forgotten to Arcia.

“Tell me anytime.”


“You can raise a child in a culture facility without having to keep it in your womb… .”

That day, I was hit by Arcia for the first time.

In addition, I had to listen to my mother criticize me, asking who I resembled to have such a dry way of thinking.

And while I was having a meal and spending quality time with my family, my father suddenly asked me.

“So what do you want to say?”


“You have something you want to say.”

Is it because he is a person who has been caught off guard just as much as me?

It’s as if he can see right through your thoughts.

I looked embarrassed.

But that lasts only a moment.

Soon, he took out the business with a serious face.

“I would like you to leave the management of the territory to us and allow you two and Emilia to come and live in the kingdom.”

The two people expressed their doubts as to whether they had thought about what I said at all.

“Why suddenly?”

I told the story I had been putting off until now.

About the threat of a catastrophe that has not yet been revealed to the world.

The story wasn’t long.

But the impact of that short story was very great.

So much so that the eyes of the two devout members of the Sepia Church were shaking.

“I see. I was wondering why the Brigham Empire and our Reinharts Empire suddenly joined hands to create an international organization… .”


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“Yes, to prepare for this.”

I cautiously speculated that if the two worlds were united, the continents of Earth would be carved where Rondel’s Sea of ​​Silence is located.

In that case, earthquakes, tsunamis, and abnormal climates will occur throughout the planet.

However, this is a natural phenomenon that can only be guessed, and it may be followed by a special phenomenon like poison or an epidemic spreading across the Earth.

“If you use your power for the stability of the world, isn’t it okay if we protect the Marquis’ territory?”

“Since we cannot know the future, perfect preparation is impossible. “I decided this was best for the safety of my family.”

We will do our best to prevent damage to Rondel as much as possible.

However, it is impossible to protect everyone perfectly.

That’s why I try to take care of people around me.

Even if my actions seem selfish, I can’t help it.

The reason I acquired great power was not for world peace, but for the well-being of myself and my family.

“But who would trust a lord who abandoned his people and ran away?”

“I will manage the Marquisate as best as I can. Of course, I also belong to the Lawrence family. “What is the problem with a son stepping forward on behalf of his father?”

“still… .”

Isn’t it natural for family to be together when disaster strikes?

But my father was stubborn.

“It can’t be like that. Let only your mother and younger brother stay in Gongwang Castle. “I will protect the territory.”


“Follow Adrian. “That way, I will feel at ease too.”

My father wanted me to fulfill my responsibilities as a lord.

He decided that it was a choice for his younger sister Emilia, who would later become the lord of the Marquis.

In the end, I couldn’t convince my father.

So, I prepared for such an emergency by providing my father with various artifacts as well as an Aegis, a subspace-type sky fortress built by Archduke Lucas.

“Probably when that time comes, the safest place will be the Sky Fortress floating in the sky.”

“Remember this.”

No one knows when the integration of the two worlds will occur.

So, I tried to take care of my family first before making a full-fledged move.

Because of his father’s beliefs, he had no choice but to bring only his mother and younger sister Emilia to Gongwang Castle.

* * *


“what? what’s the matter?”

Berg narrowed his eyes and asked as he suddenly saw Ark Scarlett tilting his head and looking around.

Arc Scarlett responded with a strange expression.

“No, I think someone called me.”

In response to Ark Scarlett’s unusual answer, Berg wrapped his arms around her for some reason.

In addition, Marignan, who was nearby, followed in step and wrapped his arms around Arc Scarlett’s remaining arm, making it seem as if the two were restraining her.

“Are you going to run away?”

“Anyone wants! “If you’re not there, the two of us have to share the attention that the three of us would share!”

In response to Berg and Marignan’s story, Arc Scarlet tried to loosen her arms, saying that wasn’t the case… .

“Ah, you guys get along really well.”

When Diana Ann Reinharts, the former princess of the Kingdom of Reinharts who had been passed over to Adrian, said that with a calm expression, Ark Scarlet had to sigh.

The current head of the Prius Republic branch of Lawrence Magic Tower, she is in a romantic relationship with the president of the republic.

I’ve been busy lately with work and entertainment, but suddenly I was asked to do something unusual by Adrian, who can be said to be my benefactor, and I ended up taking care of Ark Scarlet, Bug, and Marignan.

Her position is Agun’s manager.

A-justa was the name given to the three people together, and the manager had the role of monitoring the three to make sure they did not mess around with their work.

“Does this look good?”

“You have bright eyes.”

“Come on, let’s not do that and let’s fight. “Because many people gathered to see you.”

The work of the three people mentioned here had a lot to do with the clothes they were currently wearing.

Currently, they were wearing clothes reminiscent of Korean school uniforms, and their necks were each filled with artifacts in the form of chokers that amplified sound.

Their job is to sing and dance.

Adrian’s job was to perform as a blood donation ambassador for the large-scale blood collection he was planning.


The three people who were behind the stage had to click their tongues at the shouts of people outside.

As a result of Adrian’s active use of the Hollywood system to promote them through manipulation and instigation, they became the hottest new singers in Rondel in just a few days.

Now, the number of genuine fans following each performance has surpassed the four-digit number.

However, it was these people whose popularity bothered them more than anyone else.

‘I really want to run away.’

Arc Scarlett felt like she wanted to leave this place right away, but she was unable to escape because she had received orders from Adrian through a master-servant contract to listen carefully to the words of former Princess Diana.

So I became a member who listened better than anyone else.

“Oh, everyone, please stand by.”

And when it was the trio’s turn to perform, Berg and Marignan released Arc Scarlett’s restrained arms and trudged onto the stage.

-Wow wow!

-Asuka! Asuka! (Ark Scarlett stage name)

-Marignan! Marignan!

-bug! bug!

However, even though it was a forced stage, the three people felt strangely energized and excited when they received the cheers of many people.

No matter how much they denied it, they had the blood of Gwanjong.

The three of them had smiles on their faces, as if they had shown their displeasure at some point.


I started dancing to the melody.

The genre is innocent idol.

The three people’s appearance was so outstanding that the concept suited them well.

“Hey, what is that kid doing?”

In this way, the members of the group named Aggeun continued to perform performances that were later called legendary… .

The problem was that there was someone in the audience who was shocked to see Arc Scarlett.

A young man who seems to express the darkness of his body.

Following Ark Scarlet, he was the demon lord Dark Square, who appeared on Earth with numerous restrictions.

* * *

“… … .”

In a situation where many people, including me, are busy preparing for the upcoming apocalypse.

Lord Exceed followed me as if he was keeping watch.

As the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas, he must have had many memories in Rondel, but for some reason, he often gave a look that forced him to make a choice, as if he had no interest in anything other than the circumstances of the Earth.

“It seems that Lord Exceed only has Lucas’ memories and is a separate personality.”

“What does that mean?”

“Seeing this seemingly indifferent attitude towards Rondel, I can’t help but think that way, right?”

Ahead of a joint meeting with the Republic of Prius, the Allied Powers of Elysia, and the Kingdom of Lucias, I spoke to Lord Exceed as if I were protesting.

He shook his head at my remark.

“But Adrian, don’t you think that it’s enough to just take care of your relatives and acquaintances on Earth?”

Answering a question with a rebuttal is something I hate the most, but strangely enough, I couldn’t deny what he said.

“Maybe so.”

I was greatly indebted to Archduke Lucas.

I will live with gratitude to him for the rest of my life, but strangely, the reincarnation of Lord Exceed does not fit in many ways and feels creaky.

And perhaps it was the same for him too, as a cold air flowed between us.

“Aren’t you afraid? “I’m afraid I’ll steal Giyeon again.”

Lord Exceed asked me as if provoking me, but it was useless.

“I’ve made enough preparations just in case, so it’s okay.”

At my calm reaction, he laughed empty-handedly, asking if that was so.

And just like that, the conversation between us disappeared.

After a while, I got up for the meeting and spoke to him.

“We will find a way.”


“A way that will satisfy both sides. If possible, I would like to meet you face to face with a smile.”

It may seem like a simple thing to say, but it was sincere.

His eyes widened at my words.

But that was only a short while. Lord Exceed sighed slightly as if it was such a problem, and I joined Arcee who was waiting outside the door and walked towards the meeting place.

– Jeopuk. Jeez.

How quiet of a hallway was it like to walk like that?


“W-what is it?”

There was a sudden tremor and the mana in the air fluctuated as if it would shake the world.

It was an unexpected abnormal phenomenon.


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