My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 246

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Episode 246: Dream in the game becomes reality

54. Contrast (5)

I could no longer feel relaxed as he suddenly forced me to make a choice.

“I thought we had a cooperative relationship of our own?”

So I tried to answer with a smile, but he shook his head resolutely.

“No, Adrian is not taking any side at the moment. “We are just preparing for the coming disaster.”

It means that I am maintaining an ambiguous position.

Well, it’s not wrong.

Because they actually act like that.

That’s right, even if Lord Exceed is the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas, my teacher, holding hands with them would mean squaring off with the goddess.

No matter how much I don’t like the goddess’ actions, she is the god of Rondel where I live.

I can’t help but think that being hostile towards her is unreasonable.

That’s why I was stuck here and there, maintaining an ambiguous position, just gathering information.

So that we can reduce the aftermath of the disaster even just a little.

“Now you know what our plans are, right?”

Lord Exceed asked, pointing at Arc Scarlet with his hand.

Seeing her with me, I thought there was no need for a detailed explanation.

That is correct.

As he said, through Ark Scarlet, he found out what the plans of the transcendents of the Earth Realm were.

“By sharing the authority of Caius, the creator of the Earth, between the Elyos and Demons of the Underworld, they are reborn as gods, and give great power to Ark Scarlett, the Demon King of the Other World, to threaten Rondel?”

There may be other ideas, but this is what I know of their plans for now.

In response to my answer, Road Exceed calmly agreed, saying that he had guessed it right.

“you’re right. And as of the current time, our underworld plans to begin full-scale activities. “It also includes a plan to intervene directly on Earth.”

He revealed new information.

Intervening on Earth?

It is known that the descent of demons and elyos, who are people from the underworld, is subject to various restrictions.

What he said seemed to mean that he had found a way to eliminate or offset that limitation.

“We will destroy the Sepia temples that have appeared in various parts of the Earth, and destroy all traces of the Goddess by destroying poisons and monsters. “It means that we will remove the connection between Earth and Rondel.”

A fully understandable response.

From their perspective, it was clearly the best choice.

But suddenly sharing this information with me had one meaning.

That’s it.

“It seems like you are saying that neutrality is not acceptable.”

It is a forced choice.

This means that even a neutral choice will be considered a hostile act.

“There is no neutrality. Neutrality literally means to watch the situation unfold, and this can only be taken as tacit approval of the goddess’s plan. Moreover… .”

But his gaze shifted again to the people around me.

“Adrian, you have too many variables.”

Thanks to this, my expression couldn’t help but harden, and Blake, who was even worse, stepped forward.

He was a close friend of Archduke Lucas, and he still held Lord Exceed in special regard.

“Wait, wait. We have no intention of antagonizing you. However, if you give up your hand, you will be turning the gods of our world into enemies, and you will be bringing danger to yourself by directly releasing the now powerful Arc Scarlett into Rondel. “The risk is bound to be too great.”

Blake suddenly became my spokesperson.

There was nothing wrong with what he said.

The reason I have no choice but to remain neutral is because their plan could put Rondel in danger.

Lord Exceed was the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas, but he prioritized Earth over Rondel.

“You don’t have to worry about that. “When giving power to Arc Scarlett, you just have to impose various restrictions.”

This means that sufficient safety measures can be provided.

However, it is difficult for us to believe only those words and move forward.

Because we both had different perspectives in the first place.

The actions of the goddess cause a great disaster to occur in both worlds, and they seem to have a common goal of preventing the resulting damage.

Unlike us, who only worry about the damage caused by the great disaster, Lord Exceed in front of us and the Elyos and Demons of the Underworld to which he belongs had great intentions to prevent their world from being taken away and their current status being taken away.

‘As a result, if their plan succeeds, they will be able to prevent the apocalypse. However, we have to live worrying about the second disaster called the strengthened Arc Scarlet and the Goddess’ Wrath.’

Therefore, I had no choice but to respond like this to Lord Exceed’s remarks that forced me to choose between two options.

“No matter what you do, I won’t interfere. We may be able to cooperate to some extent. However, as long as we have different goals and perspectives, there can be no unconditional cooperation.”

He is my benefactor.

Of course I don’t feel like saying this to him.

However, although I have been indebted to him, I am now a leader who leads many people.

I couldn’t just show my gratitude to him.

“We are not on the goddess’s side, but it is also difficult for us to be against her. “I hope you will consider our position.”

At my sincere request, he looked at me intently and sighed deeply.

“Do you know what Adrian is currently holding that we are reluctant to do?”

It’s impossible not to know.

‘The first is that Arc Scarlett, an important person, is tied to me in a master-servant relationship.’

‘Second is our powerful force, including Arc Scarlet.’

‘Thirdly, the existence of the County of Rayers, who is under our protection.’

‘Fourth is the ability to travel between Earth and Rondel.’

Even if I think about it right now, these four things are engraved in my mind.

“If you maintain a neutral stance, we will inevitably feel uneasy. Then, this will be said internally.”


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“You need to deal with us before you confront the goddess?”

“you’re right.”

He continued bitterly.

“Your very existence, traveling between Earth and Rondel, is a threat to us. Until now, there were restrictions on the time you could spend on Earth, so you could just sit back and watch… … .”

And when Lord Exceed’s eyes turned to my cousin Kang Min-hee, I was able to realize the reason for his hasty descent.

“With the newly acquired ability to travel across dimensions, even that limitation is about to disappear.”

Kang Min-hee’s gift, which has the ability to move between the Earth and Rondel on its own, posed a powerful threat to him.

“No harm will come to you through her.”

I said that, but even as I said it, I had to feel like it was a random sign.

Just as he told us that he could control Arc Scarlet, I had no choice but to assure him that I would not be a threat just with my words.

I once again felt that our relationship was beginning to fray.

‘Maybe all of this is the goddess’s plan… … .’


Road Exceed’s subsequent reaction was unexpected.

“great. “I believe it.”

Isn’t it because he suddenly decided to believe the assurances that were just spoken?

However, his remarks were by no means a stepping stone to a peaceful resolution.

Lord Exceed’s words that followed were enough to make the expressions on my and the group’s faces harden.

“Please lend her abilities instead.”

“Do you want to lend me your skills?”

“The ability to even travel through dimensions. Wouldn’t it be possible for her to go back and forth between Earth and the Underworld?”

“What do you mean?”

“It means to help the Elyos and Demons of our underworld descend to Earth. Although she has acquired the ability to interfere with Earth, it cannot be moved as completely and easily as her ability.”

It is certainly a reasonable judgment.

It was possible to move between dimensions, but visiting the underworld located in the same dimension did not seem impossible.

It made me realize how useful Kang Min-hee’s abilities are and how much potential for conflict there is.

“Wouldn’t it be possible to organize that?”

At Lord Exceed’s urging, I closed my mouth.

This is because I had no idea what problems would arise if I supported the advent of the Elyos and Demons.

Lord Exceed spoke coldly to me as I was thinking.

“If she can help us descend, it means that she can make the Elyos of Rondel descend to Earth. Rondel’s Elyos are the limbs of Goddess Sepia. Then the worst happens to us.”

Kang Min-hee was surprised that she suddenly became a target.

I understood the meaning behind Lord Exceed’s words.

“It means that if we don’t cooperate, we will definitely be eliminated.”

“That’s right.”

I placed my palm on my forehead.

Because I fully understood his position.

An awkward silence fell between us.

“Let’s form an alliance! alliance!”

I had to smack the back of the head from Ark Scarlet, who was making noise next to me, and ask Blake and Branguish, the dragon, for advice.

“hmm… … .”

But they couldn’t easily give me an answer to something I couldn’t answer.

Finally, I asked for time.

“Please give me just one day to think about it.”

“One day?”

“Yes, one day on Earth is equivalent to ten days on Rondel, so we can find an answer that will benefit both sides.”

Lord Exceed responded to my request with a grin.

“It’s not possible. “If you keep her hidden in her rondelle, she won’t be able to use her hands.”

Stubborn refusal.

At the same time, Lord Exceed pulled out a long magic staff out of empty air.

He was clearly willing to fight.

No, to be precise, he showed his will to kill Kang Min-hee.

“It’s an unwanted situation, but I can’t help it.”

If he decides to kill Kang Min-hee, will we be able to subdue him?

Moreover, not an ordinary demon lord, but a demon lord who retains memories of being a 9th circle archmage?

I bit my lip and lowered my posture, and my companions also suddenly took a fighting stance.

But then.

“Let’s go together.”


Arcia, who had been silent until now, spoke.

“You just have to have Lord Exceed come down and go to Rondel together. Is there any need to set up a confrontation?”

“hmm… … ?”

In response, not only I but also Lord Exceed, who was confronting me, unintentionally lowered their magic staff.

This is because no one would have thought of taking the Demon King of Earth to Rondel.

Surely that would give me time to organize my thoughts, and Road Exceed wouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of us hiding Kang Min-hee in Rondel.

The descent of the Demon King itself is a situation that cannot help but be cause for concern… … .

There didn’t seem to be any problem with adding one more person while Ark Scarlet was already there.

Anyway, one or two.

“It seems like the most realistic decision in the current situation.”

After laughing, I asked Lord Exceed for his opinion.

For the first time, he also nodded, showing a consensus of thought.

“great. “Of course.”

Although it did not lead to an agreement between the two forces, it was possible to put off the immediate confrontation with him.

Suddenly, Demon Lord Exceed, the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas, temporarily joined our party.

* * *

Rondel’s Demon World.

After the advent of Ark Scarlet, the demon world was literally devastated.

The reason is this.

“You crazy people! Why are you so twisted!? Because of your interference, Arc Scarlett’s abilities were drastically lowered, so the plan was ruined!”

“If the demons aren’t twisted, who will be? And why are you the only one who pretends to be clean? “Who was the one who tormented Arch Scarlet’s subordinates like they were hunting rats after his advent?”

“But I didn’t cause any damage to the main body! Because of you, Ark Scarlett has become a human bastard!”

“Oh, I don’t know. Damn you.”

After the advent of Ark Scarlet, the plans of the demon kings who were looking for an opportunity for a further advent through her were aborted due to jealousy.

And they had to watch the humiliation of the noble Ark Scarlett, who was called the Demon King of Demon Lords.

Of course, it was fun, but I couldn’t help but sigh sometimes.

“Okay, it’s not too late.”


“We in the demon world will work together to support this guy.”

join forces

It’s a word that doesn’t really go well with demons.

They had already tried it once and made Arc Scarlet descend, but as everyone knows, the results were disastrous.

“Will that work? “Me too, but you all have one personality.”

‘Dark Square’, the silent demon king who gave his opinion on a very obvious question, spoke.

“The rest of the demon lords can join together and make a contract to kill the one who interfered.”

Simple answer.

However, if it were not to this extent, the Demon Lords’ cooperation could not have occurred.

“Is it my imagination that it seems like there are more demon lords to attack than there are demon lords to unite to attack?”

“Dark Square, don’t take the devil lightly.”

“You scumbags.”

The demon kings argued for a while, and finally reached an agreement, deciding on Arc Scarlett’s support.


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