My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 245

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Episode 245: Dream in the game becomes reality

54. Contrast (4)

“How are you here, Adrian?”

I secured Kang Min-hee first.

Naturally, the process was anything but peaceful, and the scene of the special forces-centered forces deployed to defend the facility was disbanded was clearly exposed.

A one-sided massacre that does not even qualify as a battle.

Of course, the word “massacre” is not appropriate because lives were not taken to the level of cutting off limbs or destroying equipment, but the shocking visual effects and the screams and groans that echoed here and there created a situation that felt like the hell of this world had descended.

Of course, the guide, a man in a suit, was astonished, and Kang Min-hee, who even though she was a soldier had almost no actual combat experience, also became thoughtful.

She protested to our group who walked on without a change in facial expression.

“Ah, Adrian! Stop! Why are you harming innocent people!?”

I looked at Kang Min-hee coldly and answered.

“When you fire a gun, you mean to kill the other person. That can’t be said to be innocent. “Once a soldier fires a gun, shouldn’t he be aware of the fact that he could be harmed?”

Is it because of the cold reaction, which is completely different from the time when they were friendly and said they were cousins?

Kang Min-hee flinched loudly, but then seemed to have decided that she needed to stop my actions, and lost her will to fight, holding on to my hand that was reaching out towards the fleeing soldiers.

However, the gestures used when using magic were just habits and not required.



Kang Min-hee mustered up the courage to hang on to my arm, but regardless of her efforts, the ankles of the special forces who were trying to escape fell off.

“I understand you’re upset about the shooting. But if you hadn’t come here by force, the battle wouldn’t have happened.”

Do you know anyone who was affected?

Or is it because he feels sorry for the soldiers who are no different from him and suffers such unsightly treatment?

Where had my usual confident appearance gone? When Kang Min-hee cried and protested, I, who had been walking while clinging to her like a bulldozer, stopped dead in my tracks.

“Why should I look into the circumstances of those who are imprisoning my subject, Benjamin?”

“Well, that is.”

“Surely Benjamin would have revealed that Count Reyes is my subject. Nevertheless, doesn’t locking him up mean that you will be hostile to me?”

Seeing her speechless state, I spoke as if admonishing her.

“Benjamin, who helped you get to Earth, is also your benefactor. “What the hell were you doing while he was incarcerated?”

“… … .”

“You couldn’t have taken the lead in leading the confinement to secure full dimensional travel capabilities, right?”

“That’s not it!”

“But I didn’t actively move for Benjamin. If it was really for him, he would have stabbed the higher-ranking unit or the Blue House. “You tolerated Benjamin’s confinement by being a bystander.”

Of course, becoming a soldier… .

It would not be easy for an officer who received formal training to betray his superiors.

But sometimes silence can be a sin.

I made that point.


Just as Kang Min-hee was surprised by my appearance at first, she and her unit members did not know that I could travel between Earth and Rondel.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have stood by like this.

Because you never know when I will strike.

In other words, she can never be free from responsibility for this situation.

So I forcefully told Minhee Kang.

“For us, you are a sinner. So follow me quietly.”

She had to reluctantly nod.

“Hey, what are you doing with the compass? Instead of leading me to where my men are imprisoned.”

When I kicked his butt, the man in the black suit, who was very frightened, bowed again and again.

When I asked Minhee Kang on the way, I was able to hear that he was the head of a private company called Gift Research Institute.

Looking at Kkoraji, who didn’t fit in at all with the lab, I could roughly understand his position.

“He was the one who installed it on faith.”

At my words, a man in a suit named Han Jin-woo let out a groveling laugh.

I followed him, and after a while, I arrived at the lowest floor of the laboratory where Benjamin was imprisoned.

The two people crossed from Rondel to Korea in only about 12 hours, less than a day.

However, the time difference between Rondel and Korea is 10 times.

In other words, it meant that Benjamin was imprisoned for close to 5 days.

“You came.”

However, he stood up very calmly and calmly greeted me as if we had just met yesterday.

The reaction was as if they knew we would come.

I checked Benjamin’s health and confirmed that there was nothing wrong.

And he spoke mockingly toward Han Jin-woo.

“What did I say? “You said you would regret it, right?”

There was no answer from Jinwoo Han.

On the contrary, Kang Min-hee received his words as if she was despondent.

“Did you know in advance that these people can travel to and from Earth? That’s why I wasn’t very excited when I finally returned to Earth.”

“That’s right.”

I belatedly realized that the culprit behind the confinement incident was Han Jin-woo, based on Benjamin’s earlier remarks.


So I grabbed his neck and said.

“It looks like a guest has arrived. “Let’s just go up.”

Next, he held Jinwoo Han in one hand as if holding a shopping bag and snapped his fingers.


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Then, the surrounding scenery changed and the sight of a green park on land came into view.

“Prince Lawrence!”

As we left the research center through space travel, the person who welcomed us was the President of the Republic of Korea.

Kang Min-hee swallowed a sigh of relief, as if she had never thought that the President would be waiting, and Han Jin-woo, who had been holding his neck and squealing, brightened up, perhaps out of hope that he might be able to survive.

President Kim Min-guk was accompanied by numerous soldiers and bodyguards, and what was unusual was that the bodyguards who were supposed to protect the president were not on the lookout for us, who were the biggest threat, but were looking outside and watching to make sure no one approached.

“Did the President know that my subject was imprisoned?”

The President shook his head loudly at my direct question.

“Oh, no. I also just received a report. So I ordered them to be released from detention right away, but it was too late.”

After examining it through a magnifying glass, there seemed to be no lies in what he said.

I decided to admit that and let go of my anger.

So, the 8th circle Revive magic was used on a large scale for the soldiers who were in danger of death in the facility beneath their feet.


Despite the strange phenomenon of a powerful and gigantic light dwelling on the ground, those protecting the President did not threaten us.

I smiled at him.

“I will trust you, President. “I have just restored all the soldiers I suppressed down here.”

The president and his entourage heaved a sigh of relief.

But their expressions hardened at my subsequent actions.

“In Rondel, the land where the king of a country is located is recognized as extraterritorial, even anywhere overseas. And a 50-meter radius from the land the king steps on becomes temporary territory.”


This is because he broke Han Jin-woo’s head, which he was holding in his hand, with one hand, citing Rondel’s international law.

I threw the guy with the broken neck in front of the president like throwing trash.

“Han Jin-woo, who kidnapped and imprisoned a key minister of the principality, was sentenced to death and executed according to the laws of the principality… . “Lieutenant Kang Min-hee, who stood by and watched this, will also be sentenced to prison and detained in the principality.”

If you wear it on your nose with no way to check, it’s a nose ring. If you wear it in your ear, it’s an earring.

The President narrowed his eyes at my sudden behavior, but then sighed as if there was nothing he could do.

From his perspective, this situation would be extremely humiliating.

But they are in a position where they can never pretend to be with us.

They were currently preparing for war with Japan.

No matter how much the president has a duty to protect the people, he cannot change one person’s life and the future of the country.

“With this, we’ll leave this matter undisclosed.”

“All right.”

I calmly answered the president’s words and concluded the work.

With this, I shook off my discomfort and floated into the air again with my companions.

“I’m not in a good mood today, so I’ll go back and see you later.”

“Yes, I will wait for the news.”

Just like that, I was transported to the County of Rayers.

* * *

When the Adrian family, made up of handsome men and women alike, disappeared, a hot wind blew out from the underground laboratory where a large hole had been opened.

President Kim Min-guk clicked his tongue as he was hit by the smell of burnt air, and the Chief of Staff asked with an aggrieved expression.

“Are you okay? “Isn’t it too one-sided?”

Could it be okay?

In this humiliating situation.

“I can’t help it. “Because we caused this incident.”

However, the President kept his expression as calm as possible, and the Chief of Staff, who could not help but be scared of such a sight, glanced at his eyes and continued speaking.

“The female lieutenant he dragged along was the person who succeeded in dimensional travel.”

“I know.”

I wondered if he didn’t know, but President Kim Min-guk, who was quick-witted, understood Adrian’s purpose.

“The imprisoned subordinates are nothing more than justification. “His goal must have been to secure Lieutenant Kang Min-hee.”

The problem was that even though they knew it, they had no choice but to give it up.

“No matter how much it emerges as an emerging power, what’s the point of begging for someone like this?”

“We have to find a way to respond.”

The President agreed with the Chief of Staff’s words with a stern expression.

Currently, the Republic of Korea and Adrian’s forces maintain an alliance, but the two are not equal, but have an invisible hierarchical relationship.

If it continues like this, it will continue to drag on.

Therefore, even if the alliance was maintained, a means was needed to examine each other’s positions equally.

“Now that I think about it, I think there was an interesting report about gifts.”

“Are you talking about synergy?”

“Yeah, that one.”


It meant that gift and gift come together to produce a more powerful effect than expected.

The fact that Kang Min-hee moved to another dimension with Benjamin’s help can be seen as belonging to this category.

In this situation, there is only one thing the president can direct.

“You have to respond to a different ability with a different ability. “Intensify research on synergy.”

The President has no intention of quarreling with Adrian in the future.

However, I thought I had to keep my ace up my sleeve for just one emergency.

* * *

After arriving at the County of Rayers, I had to worry about what to do next.

First of all, Kang Min-hee was forcibly brought in for various reasons, but it was necessary to decide how to use her and how to treat her in the future.

You can easily brainwash someone using magic, but wouldn’t that be a bit harsh for a relative?

So, I arrived at the reception room of Count Rayers to have a conversation with her… .



Suddenly, a ray of light came down as if penetrating the Count’s castle building, and a person I had forgotten for a moment appeared.

“Road Exceed!?”

Just as Arc Scarlett shouted with joy, Lord Exceed, the Demon King of Earth, the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas, appeared.

“for a moment.”

I stopped Arc Scarlett by pulling the buttocks of her head as she tried to jump up and approach him.

“evil! “What are you doing!?”

The reason is because his expression was unusual.

He stiffened and looked around at our members with a very serious expression.

Then his eyes were fixed on Kang Min-hee, and I stood in front of her and blocked his gaze.

“Wasn’t Kangrim not used because of the aftereffects? “I can’t tell you how surprised I was that you showed up without warning.”

At my words, Lord Exceed’s expression finally relaxed and a smile appeared on his lips.

But I saw that expression as a business smile.

“It’s been a while since we last met. “I’ve already planned to say hello to Adrian the next time he visits.”

Did you mean to say hello?

The words are in past tense.

This means that something has changed.

“Excuse me for making an unscheduled visit, but I found out about the whole situation through Celine.”

I could see why his eyes were on Kang Min-hee.

I can’t help but be amazed at the existence of her who succeeded in traveling between dimensions.

However, I got the feeling that the look in his eyes earlier was not just out of curiosity.

And he looked straight at me and said:

“Now, I would like you to decide your position.”

Even though Ark Scarlet next to me tried to aggro me by saying he was here, his eyes were fixed on me.

I immediately asked what he meant, but he raised his voice and asked with utmost seriousness.

“Will you stand by Goddess Sepia’s side or join hands with us to stop her?”


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