My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 244

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Episode 244: Dream in the game becomes reality

54. Contrast (3)

When we arrived on Earth, it was lunchtime with the sun high.

However, we did not have time to enjoy a leisurely meal.

Since this trip to Earth was an unexpected decision, only key personnel, including Arcia and I, moved together.

Normally, we would have split into the team heading to Bucheon’s house, including Berg, the tourism team, and the work team, but today, the goal was to check on the safety of Kang Min-hee and Benjamin, so we plan to move together.

“But how do you plan to find those friends? “If you’re not on Earth, you’ll be wasting a lot of time, no matter how flashy the members are.”

I touched the terminal in response to a question from Blake, who was always participating in the trip to Earth.

Then a hologram window appeared and a red dot was displayed.

“Phew, I think it’s right to be on Earth for now.”

I gave Benjamin a location tracking device just in case.

That worked properly.

“That’s amazing. “Then doesn’t this mean that he was able to travel between dimensions on his own?”

With this, everyone came to understand the value of Kang Min-hee.

With an extremely satisfied expression, I entered the map of the Earth into the terminal hologram showing the location.

[B5, 139 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul]

Then the address of the location came to mind, and I had to question it.

The reason is that the address pointed to was the National Museum of Korea.

“Well, isn’t this an underground military facility disguised as a museum?”

Blake’s plausible guess.

If what he said is correct, it means that Kang Min-hee and Benjamin are already in the hands of the Korean military.

“Let’s go first.”

Without any delay, I immediately led my companions and attempted to teleport.

* * *

“I’m back!”

“at las!”

“Company commander, nice!”

Benjamin looked at Kang Min-hee and her unit members who were busy cheering for a moment, then quickly rolled his eyes.

A place that appears to anyone to be a military facility.

There, I could see numerous soldiers and people wearing gowns moving about.

“Where am I?”

Kang Min-hee, who was expressing joy at Benjamin’s question, answered with a smile.

“It is a military facility in Seoul. “This is the place where I researched my gifts.”

From the beginning, they thought that the chances of success in dimensional movement were about half and half, and even if they succeeded, they did not think that they would be able to get to the desired location with pinpointing.

But to enter a military facility right away like this.

From Benjamin’s perspective, it was not a very pleasant situation.

“You can’t leave right away, right?”

“ah… … . “You must be uncomfortable in military facilities.”

Is it because Benjamin’s expression is so stern?

Only then did Kang Min-hee remember that Benjamin had only helped them, and that he was Adrian’s person who had adapted to Rondel.

If he wants to return to Rondel, he can go with him.

But she belongs to the military.

In the future, it was highly likely that dimensional travel would require military permission.

In other words, the presence of Benjamin, who unexpectedly helped them, is heightened.


She tried to have a serious talk with Benjamin.

But then.



The door beyond the observation area where they were located opened loudly, and a group of special forces soldiers and a handsome young man in a suit entered.

Thanks to this, the conversation between Benjamin and Kang Min-hee was cut off.


“Yes, this is Jinwoo Han.”

The special forces that suddenly arrived stood as if protecting the man in a suit rather than being wary of Kang Min-hee and his group.

Anyone could sense that the status of a man named Han Jin-woo was unusual.

“You don’t know how worried I was and searched for Minhee when I heard she disappeared. “I’m glad you came back safely.”

Han Jin-woo extends his hand towards Kang Min-hee as if he were performing a play.

It seemed more pretentious than romantic.

However, his expression suddenly changed and his eyes turned to Benjamin, who was among the women.

“But there’s a stranger involved. This is a secret military facility… … .”

Cold eyes and hostile attitude.

Benjamin stood still and blinked.

I don’t know how great he is, but I definitely thought he couldn’t be greater than Adrian.

Therefore, Benjamin answered confidently.


“under… … .”

At Benjamin’s reaction, Han Jin-woo narrowed his eyes with an absurd expression, and Kang Min-hee quickly stepped in between the two and said,

“I was able to come back because of this person’s help. Benjamin holds an important position in the Duchy of Lawrence, owner of the County of Rayers.”


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Benjamin’s rank wasn’t important, but that didn’t matter right now.

The priority was to prevent unnecessary disruption.

“County of Rayers?”

Thanks to this, Han Jin-woo and the special forces who followed him to protect him stopped moving.

In Korea, which is currently at war with Japan, there was no one who did not know the importance of the County of Rayers.

Benjamin made a request to those people.

“First of all, I want to go to the County of Rayers. “Can I meet the person in charge of this facility?”

It was determined that consent from the person in charge was required to leave a major military facility.

At the same time, the soldiers who were observing the internal situation outside the observation area could be seen busily moving around.

However, Han Jin-woo, who was not pleased with this situation, pulled Kang Min-hee’s arm.

“Wait a moment.”

Han Jin-woo led Kang Min-hee out of the observation area, and soon the two were seen having a conversation with the soldiers waiting outside.

It was clear that they were trying to figure out what the situation was through Kang Min-hee.

“Do you know who that man is?”

Benjamin asked the members of Kang Min-hee’s unit who came over from Rondel together.

Then the platoon leader, who seemed to be the second-in-command, responded.

“This is the man who followed our company commander. I heard he is the son of the president of a defense company. “He is like a second generation chaebol.”

Because she lived in Rondel among people of exceptional beauty, Kang Min-hee was definitely someone whose appearance did not suit the occupation of a soldier.

That means it’s quite pretty.

‘I feel something strong?’

I understood the hostility that Han Jin-woo showed towards me.

However, Benjamin had to get an ominous feeling from the sight of Han Jin-woo listening to Kang Min-hee about the situation.

This is because he suddenly shifted his gaze towards me and smiled.

And what follows is a war of words between Kang Min-hee and Han Jin-woo, a soldier who appears to be her superior.


From that sight, Benjamin was certain that something was amiss.

Next, Kang Min-hee with a dark expression, soldiers wearing military rank insignia, and Han Jin-woo entered the observation area again.

“Isn’t the ability to travel to and from Rondel truly amazing? It is a useful ability in many ways. But the problem is, I need your help to go back and forth between the two worlds, right?”

Benjamin anticipated what he was going to say.

“So you’re going to try to catch me?”

“sorry. “There is nothing we can do because we have determined that the current situation is an important military secret.”

Sure enough, I couldn’t help but shake my head at the sight of the officer with the rank of colonel spouting sophistry.

“This is the worst solution. “The price of detaining me will be high.”

Han Jin-woo laughed at Benjamin’s warning.

“how? “They say even the County of Rayeth doesn’t know that you came here?”

Only then did Benjamin understand why they made this choice.

That’s because Adrian didn’t know that he could come to Earth from Rondel.

To put it simply, they decided that if they kept everyone here silent, no one would know if Benjamin was detained.

This was a disaster that occurred because Adrian did not inform Kang Min-hee of the existence of the dimensional transfer relic, and the President of the Republic of Korea did not disclose Adrian’s existence to anyone except his close associates.

“Rescue will come from Rondel, are you sure you’ll be okay?”

So Benjamin gave one last warning.

“You’re making threats.”

No one took his words seriously.

In the end, Benjamin was captured by the special agents who were standing behind Han Jin-woo with an expression full of absurdity.

“We will treat you appropriately. “Don’t worry too much.”

“The moment you are captured, you are no longer treated well.”

Benjamin showed favor to Kang Min-hee and helped her, but he returned to detention.

Naturally, Kang Min-hee strongly complained about this and demanded Benjamin’s release… … .

“Minhee, calm down. “In the future, if it becomes possible to move to another dimension without that person’s help, or if a replacement for that person is found, we will release it right away.”

It was completely blocked by Han Jin-woo, who walked around as if this facility was his.

It was a behavior that could have been shown because he was the head of a military company that participated in the gift research, and due to the nature of the military company, he had strong connections with generals.

‘This is the first time I’ve seen Minhee protect a man like this. ‘He’s an unlikable guy.’

A decision full of personal emotions.

However, Han Jin-woo never dared to think that this decision would strangle him.

* * *

The news of Kang Min-hee’s return reached the President’s ears.

It was a shame that the precious spatial movement ability suddenly evaporated one day, but fortunately, I was relieved to know that it returned safely.

“oh? “She’s been to Rondel?”

“That’s right. “Lieutenant Kang Min-hee’s ability has been revealed to include dimensional travel, so the researchers at the facility are very encouraged.”

“That’s good news!”

And in response to this unimaginable good news, President Kim Min-guk of the Republic of Korea issued an order to thoroughly support Kang Min-hee, regardless of how much it costs.

But the president’s mood soon plummeted.

“W-what is this?”

The reason is that Benjamin’s information was also included along with the report on Kang Min-hee.

A report full of Benjamin’s detention and phrases rationalizing it.

It was understandable to anyone, but President Kim Min-guk could not.

“right now! “Call us and ask them to release this person named Benjamin Theo!”


It was as if the next situation was pictured in my mind.

A situation full of destruction and confusion.

“Go, Your Excellency!”

And as if to prove that his judgment was right, the worst thing happened.

“Yongsan’s facilities… … .”

A photo of what appears to be a large fire.

The photo showed people in unusual clothing staring at the camera.

The president’s instructions ended up being a step late.

“Damn it, I ended up touching the nose hair of a sleeping lion for no reason.”

Images of monsters summoning meteors and cutting them down flashed through the president’s mind.

* * *

“What are you doing!?”

On the way to find Benjamin.

After confirming through clairvoyance and clairvoyance that he was being detained in a certain facility, I stormed in, destroying the military facilities of the Republic of Korea without mercy.

The situation could be resolved peacefully through the president, but I was very unhappy with the current situation.

So, by combining it with a military demonstration, the situation was greatly expanded.

Thanks to this, a fight naturally broke out in the process, and after giving a warning to the people firing bullets, I lost an arm or a leg.

“Isn’t it easier to kill?”

“First of all, it is a partnership between this country. “Given the situation, we need to attach limbs or something.”

The comrades who came with me suppressed the soldiers and inflicted pain on them, but did not kill them.

All the flying bullets bounced off without even getting close, and whenever my colleagues, including me, snapped our fingers or gestured with our chins, blood would splatter and limbs would fall off.

Thanks to this, within a minute of entering the facility, all the soldiers were rolling around on the floor, and among the terrified researchers, I grabbed a person who caught my eye.


Unlike the others, he was a man wearing a smart suit.

Maybe I was rude, but my pants were wet.

But I didn’t care, I turned to face him and asked.

At my actions, the man in a suit clicked his teeth and fell.

“You’re a pretty high-ranking person, right?”

“Please save me. “I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

“Tell me the locations of Benjamin and Kang Min-hee.”

“yes! “I will take care of you!”

It looks like I chose the right guide.


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