My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 243

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Episode 243: Dream in the game becomes reality

54. Contrast (2)

“This Bloody Mary flower is a variety that does not originally exist in the world.”

I took out a blood-red flower that Ark Scarlet had harvested from subspace.

Appearance similar to a rose flower.

However, this is not a typical plant found in nature, but an artificially created plant.

“Bloody Mary is a flower that only Scarlett can bloom in the world. She blooms only with her talents.”

In other words, it is a flower that is equivalent to the power of Arc Scarlet.

Rather than explaining at length about the value of this flower, I thought it would be better to experience it myself, so I took a petal and handed it to Marignan.

She took the petal and asked what to do with it, and I stuck the petal into her mouth as she made a stupid expression.

Marignan, who had a surprised expression on his face, soon let out an exclamation.

“what is this.”

“What do you think?”

“Good? I feel like my head is becoming clearer, and there seems to be an option to improve my abilities. Oh, and is there an option to restore magic power?”

It’s just as she said.

If you consume the flower, you can enjoy the buff and recovery effects.

The effects are roughly listed as follows.

-4 circle magic level healing ability.

-Recovers magic power at the level of a mid-level magic potion.

-Buff effect equivalent to a regular priest’s blessing.

– Resistance to heat and cold.

-Relieves fatigue.

-Satisfies hunger throughout the day and eliminates the need for water intake.

It’s truly an all-in-one potion.

It was an option that came with one small petal, so it was a difficult number to see.

Naturally, Marignan and Berg were also very surprised.

But that wasn’t the only effect of this flower.

“The problem is that the options are redundant. “If you eat a large amount of flower petals, you can see even greater effects.”

“To what level?”

“With buffs and healing magic, you can enjoy similar effects to receiving backup from a saint. “Recovering magical power is as effective as eating flower mouth.”

If you consume a large amount of flower petals, the effect is comparable to that of elixir.

This was part of the power she had, and the biggest difference from other demon lords who had poor healing or buff-related abilities.

[Red flowers bloom where Ark Scarlet passes.]

[The flower grows by feeding on human blood and corpses, and Arc Scarlett wears the flower’s petals like a shield.]

The phrase that describes the sighting of Ark Scarlet, who descended 1,200 years ago, is quite famous.

As such, this ability was Arc Scarlett’s trademark and a decisive factor in overpowering other Demon Lords.

“Surely, if you were to use blood to create a medicine with this effect, you wouldn’t be able to refuse it just because it’s unlucky.”

“So, the blood donation department is being created for the purpose of cultivating those flower petals?”

I nodded obediently as Bug asked as if he already knew about the blood donation department.

The abilities of Arch Scarlet are greatly reduced, so it is difficult to cultivate them as they must be raised one by one with great effort. However, if cultivation on a large scale is successful, its value cannot be easily valued.

“This is not something we do simply to make money. “We need to prepare for an impending disaster, and we need to store a large amount of cure for that.”

In other words, the blood donation department is a very important department worthy of the name Rondel Peace Organization.

The two people looked satisfied with my explanation.

“But it needs a lot of blood. That’s why we desperately need your help.”

Did you like the idea that we desperately need your help?

Marignan and Berg were so proud that they raised their chins.

And the two people nodded, making an ahem sound.

“If you say so… … .”

“Okay, let me help you.”

I burst out laughing.

However, as if something had happened below, Berg suddenly narrowed his eyes and started talking about Ark Scarlet.

“But should those flowers be grown in a public place?”


“That woman, she gave blood openly in the garden where people were passing by. Shouldn’t that be allowed?”

But I had to tilt my head.

“Hasn’t the Bloody Mary in the garden already budded? She heard that she doesn’t really need to give blood, except for when she takes root in the beginning? So, after sprouting, I found a place where it would grow well and transplanted it here and there.”

At my explanation, both of them raised question marks above their heads.

And then, as if she had noticed something, a tendon suddenly appeared on her pretty forehead.

“Are we deceived?”

I roughly pictured the situation in my head.

It seems that Ark Scarlett chose to scare these pesky seeds as a way to get rid of them.

But this is an understatement.

Berg and Marignan were the ones who were more troublesome if you separated them like that.

The two of them were about to leave my office, as if they were planning to confront Arc Scarlett right away.

But then.

“Oh, right.”

Marignan asked a key question about whether the effects of age cannot be ignored.

“But why did you select the members of the blood donation club to do such a great job?”


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I smiled without realizing it.

“Blood donation has a bad image, so there is a need for publicity.”

Marignan questioned what I said, saying what publicity had to do with them, but I omitted a detailed explanation.

Because if they hear the promotional method, they might run away.

The promotion I picture in my head is an agenda that was brought up as a joke in the past and then abolished.

Accompanied by song and dance… … .

* * *

Adrian’s ex-cousin Kang Min-hee and her subordinates, who suddenly fell into Rondel one day on Earth, couldn’t help but be impressed the more they learned about Rondel.

“I think magic is really amazing. “From the perspective of Earthlings, miracles at the level of science fiction are easily accomplished.”

“That’s right. “It may take hundreds or thousands of years to create Rondel’s teleportation gate using Earth’s own technology.”

“Moreover, our military power is efficient and powerful. Since the outcome of the war is determined by the Sky Fortress and the Vanguard, casualties can be kept to a minimum.”

“I heard that in Rondel, no matter how weak a country is, it has close to 100 sky fortresses. “The Brigham Empire, which is facing the US position here, has over 2,000 sky fortresses.”

“If Rondel and Earth’s military clash head-on, they won’t be a match unless they fire nuclear weapons wildly, right?”

“I guess so.”

Everything about Rondel was big, majestic, and powerful.

The problem is that they heard from Adrian that Rondel and Earth would merge.

Will the Earth be able to withstand such a rondel?

No matter how much I thought about it, it seemed obvious that if the two worlds merged, hegemony would tilt towards Rondel.

‘The person leading the world calls himself my cousin.’

Kang Min-hee could not easily accept Adrian as her cousin Kim Min-gi.

The reason is simple.

That’s how big the gap was between Adrian and his cousin who was sleeping in his memories.

The sight of the world’s largest religious leader being brought down in front of her eyes and the situation being controlled by the people involved was a scene that is truly terrifying even when I think about it now.

Because of this, she did not dare to regard Adrian and Kim Min-ki as the same person.

“Still, the company commander negotiated well, so I am receiving good treatment, but I feel uneasy when I think about the future.”

“so do i.”

For your information, Kang Min-hee’s unit members did not know that the two were cousins.

Therefore, Kang Min-hee could not fully share her concerns with her colleagues.

She thought about this dozens of times a day.

‘Adrian is really Kim Min-gi. So what can we do using this?’

She serves her country more than her cousin Kim Min-ki.

Or, I wondered if there was anything I could do to help the Earth.

Did Kang Min-hee’s worries reach the sky?

She had a strange dream.

[Your ability is the power to reach anywhere beyond the world. Think seriously about how to use that power.]

A woman wearing a white dress and long gray hair sat at a tea table in a garden and smiled at Kang Min-hee and said those words.


It was too vivid to be dismissed as simply a dream.

Also, I had to express my doubts when I realized that the woman’s appearance resembled a statue depicting Sepia, the creator of Rondel.

‘What are you going to do with me?’

She never overestimates herself.

Therefore, no great significance was attached to the appearance of the goddess in the dream.

She is a pure earthling.

Not only did I have no faith in Sepia, I didn’t even trust it in the first place.

Therefore, even though she often recalled the scene she had seen in her dream, she could not think of taking the advice faithfully and doing something about it.

“Where are you going?”

It has to be that way.

The Blue Moon agents, who were attached to Kang Min-hee and her group like shadows, showed up and stopped her whenever she did something unusual or visited an unusual place, so she couldn’t even think about trying anything.

Thanks to this, Kang Min-hee ended up wasting time every day like an unemployed person.


Then she met him.

“I heard you’re Korean?”

“who are you?”

“Ah, my name is Benjamin Theo, and I am living as a gourmet in the royal castle with the help of His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence. I come from the same Earth as you. “To be exact, I’m from Singapore.”

Benjamin was the first Earthling to be swept away by Rondel and one of Adrian’s ardent believers.

He was in charge of managing the people swept away from Earth on Adrian’s behalf.

Adrian assigned him to Kang Min-hee, who did not let down her guard against him, but the moment the two met and shook hands, an abnormal phenomenon occurred.


Her ability, which had not been functioning properly until now, was activated.

“Has your gift ability returned?”

Of course, no one knew why.

However, just as Kang Min-hee had a gift related to space movement, Benjamin also had a gift related to flying in the sky.

I just assumed that since they were of similar series, they would have the effect of amplifying each other’s abilities.

In this way, Kang Min-hee conducted a small experiment to see if she could return to Earth, and later came to hope that she might be able to return if Benjamin helped her.

“Maybe we can return to Earth?”

“I’m not sure, but I see the possibility.”

From Adrian’s perspective, it was not a good place to think about it for a long time.

If it seemed possible, it was okay to do it.

“Then try it.”

“All right.”

In this way, Kang Min-hee voluntarily selected people from her unit who wanted to participate in an unverified experiment.

So half of the unit members decided to participate in the experiment.

The results of the experiment could be confirmed quickly.


“Lieutenant Kang Min-hee! Are you Lieutenant Kang Min-hee!?”

“Colonel! Lieutenant Kang Min-hee is back!”

They truly succeeded in returning to Earth.

* * *

“has disappeared?”

“Yes, that’s right. There is no trace of Kang Min-hee anywhere. Maybe she succeeded in jumping between dimensions… … .”

I have dismissed Kang Min-hee’s transition from Earth to Rondel as a simple accident.

Even I could barely travel back and forth between the two worlds in minutes using ancient equipment.

However, if it is true that Kang Min-hee has the power to travel between Rondel and Earth on her own, then her value takes on a greater meaning than just being a cousin.

“That’s right.”

When Blue Moon reported that there was no trace of Kang Min-hee anywhere in Rondel, rather than expressing embarrassment, I curled up the corners of my mouth and let out a hearty smile.

If Gregory’s guess is correct, Kang Min-hee was a card that must be obtained.

The good news is that we have the ability to check whether Gregory’s guess is true or not.

I immediately gathered a group and headed to the ruins of Dragon Land, and decided to go to Earth earlier than scheduled.

“Oh oh! earth!?”

This time, there was a new member, Ark Scarlet, who participated in the trip to Earth for the first time.


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