My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 242

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Episode 242: Dream in the game becomes reality

54. Contrast

Marignan asked if he had heard correctly.

“Did you hear that I was a blood donor? “Drawing blood?”

“Oh, right.”

Marignan had to make an absurd expression on his face.

Why do we need such a department?

Blood storage itself may be a necessary business, but should that involve Bug, Adrian’s close associate, Marignan, an 8th circle spiritist, and a being with Grandmaster level force?

“The purpose of the department’s establishment is to store and store blood in preparation for large-scale disasters.”

Although Rondel has developed healing technology centered on magic, the level of magic that ordinary people can enjoy and the level of magic that the upper class can enjoy are greatly different.

This was due to the unit price of magic artifacts becoming almost ten times more expensive as the wizard’s status and level increased.

In a situation where blood replenishment is needed due to bleeding, the problem can be solved at once with magic starting from the 6th circle’s Great Heal, but for spells below that, magic only treats trauma and does not replenish blood.

In other words, when treating a person with magic of 5 circles or less, if there is a lot of bleeding, additional measures such as blood transfusion and potion use are necessary.

It can be said that magic below the 5th circle is the best medical treatment available to the general public, and anything beyond that is the exclusive domain of the upper class.

That’s right, the unit price of the 6th circle magic used by high-ranking wizards is around 20 to 30 million won (root).

The price of portable, disposable artifacts and scrolls is more than three times the above unit price.

Of course, if you use the religious order, you can enjoy appropriate treatment at a cheaper price, but the religious medical facilities are always full and require long waiting times.

It is said that one must have the ability to invite a high-ranking priest of the religious order in times of emergency.

“But the nominal purpose is disaster preparedness, but it seems to me that they are trying to use it for something else.”

“Somewhere else?”

Berg cautiously approached Marignan, who understood the meaning but still did not understand the line, and whispered.

“He took a lot of blood. “I wonder if that flower needs blood to bloom.”


If there were an ominous flower that grew by feeding on blood, it would definitely not be an ordinary plant.

It’s probably some kind of monster or a created magic plant.

And if it was a magical plant, it inevitably seemed likely that it was a type of black magic rather than general magic.

Thanks to this, Marignan swallowed his dry saliva.

Does this feel like being caught up in a big incident?

“Fighting. “I’m going.”

Marignan attempted to escape.

However, her escape ended in an attempted attempt as her arms were grabbed by two autonomous vanguards that appeared from the bug’s shadow.

“Aren’t you going to let go of this?”

Everyone knows about the autonomous Vanguard, which has master-level military power.

However, everyone involved was silenced by Adrian, so it is not known to the outside world.

In order to escape from those two autonomous Vanguards, I had to use my abilities properly, but I was afraid of what would happen if I did that.

Because of this, Marignan hung in the air and struggled.

The appearance was so cute that it did not fit the situation, and the agents of the Future Security Department who were glancing at the two powerful people were smiling daddy smiles without realizing it.

“Let’s go together and talk to that guy.”

“If you want to go, you should go alone.”

“Hey, I don’t like it. “I feel uncomfortable about him for some reason.”

“Why do you have to do something you don’t like!”

“You have good defensive skills. “Do you feel like my shield?”

“You bastard!”

So, the bug headed towards Ark Scarlett, who was taking care of the flowers in the garden with the imprisoned Marignan.


After a while, Berg approached Ark Scarlett, who was picking weeds, with Marignan in front of her like a shield and spoke to her.

“What are these?”

In response to Bug’s greeting, Ark Scarlet straightened her back and narrowed her brows.

I was already so angry at being treated like a gardener, but I couldn’t help but become even more annoyed when strange things approached me.

“I am Count Ellis Elinburg, commonly known as Berg, the right-hand man of Prince Lawrence, and my name is ‘Iris Marignan,’ the highest elder of the Elysian Alliance.”

The sight of a fox beastman floating in the air with his arms held by two knights and a human woman hiding behind the fox beastman and talking to him was strange.

However, looking at the way the two people around them quickly bowed their heads and greeted them despite their strange behavior, I could see that they were people of really high status.

Ark Scarlet could not just ignore Bug, who introduced himself as Adrian’s close associate.

Like it or not, she was currently in a master/slave relationship with Adrian.

“So, what business do you have with those precious people?”

“Adrian said he and we are going to set up a blood donation department. Do you know anything about it?”

Only then did Arc Scarlett realize that the two ridiculous, flirtatious women were also related to him, and he burst into laughter.

“It means you belong to a dark and dangerous department.”

“What is that?”

Berg and Marignan were so frightened by her remarks that they froze in place.

Rather than simply being frightened by the words, it would be more correct to say that he was subdued by the energy that Arc Scarlett secretly gave off.

But the two soon had to tilt their heads.


Suddenly, Ark Scarlett fell to her knees as if she had been electrocuted and fell to her knees on the floor.

“Hey, are you okay?”

This was due to the restrictions placed on her by Adrian.

Unless it is for the purpose of protecting oneself or someone else, there is a restriction that one must not threaten others unless instructed to do so by Adrian.

She is unusually tough and has an unusual body like that of Berg and Marignan. If she were a normal human woman, she would have fainted from Arc Scarlett’s energy.


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Marignan and Berg could not help but misunderstand the sudden seizure of Arc Scarlett.

“Ah, it looks like Anne is feeling unwell.”

That’s it.

“I feel sorry for no reason.”

“What are you doing, you bug? “Without apology.”


Berg obediently bowed his head in response to Marignan’s scolding.

“But didn’t you say he was at the grandmaster level?”

“Well, there’s no law saying that even a grandmaster doesn’t have a disability.”


“They say that disorders related to aura lords and aura points, rather than general physical injuries, are difficult to treat.”

Although she looks like a girl, Ark Scarlett is well over 7,000 years old.

However, for the two of them, the title ‘Hey’ has become the default.

“Ahh! shit! go away!”

Arc Scarlett, who was belatedly freed from Adrian’s restrictions, shouted that.

However, since I had already developed sympathy for the two people, I was not afraid and instead stuck together.

“What are you doing, let me help you?”

“me too.”

Following her actions earlier, Bug was picking at the weeds, and Marignan, who finally freed himself from the self-supporting Vanguard he was holding, snatched the water aperture that Arc Scarlett was holding and sprayed it on the flowers.

Ark Scarlet clicked her tongue at the two people’s foolish behavior.

“But what does it mean to be an insidious and dangerous department?”

Bug’s question continues again in a subtle way.

In the end, Ark Scarlet let out a small sigh and pointed at the flower with her chin.

“Right now, we are only raising a small amount as a pilot, but once the blood donation department gets back on track, we will grow it in large quantities.”

“huh? What does that have to do with the blood donation department?”

However, in response to Ark Scarlett’s subsequent answer, Berg and Marignan, who were diligently tearing up the weeds, stopped moving.

“Because this flower grows by eating blood.”

“What is that?”

“This is a flower called Bloody Mary. It is a vampire flower that needs to drink a lot of blood to grow.”

Berg and Marignan’s gaze shifted to the water aperture they were holding.

What is inside the water aperture is transparent water.

However, when Arc Scarlett snapped her fingers, the clear water turned into bright red blood.

“It was made to look like water because of the surrounding eyes.”

Only then did the two realize that something was clearly wrong, and they hastily took a step back.

“huh? Where?”

Soon Berg and Marignan ran away from the scene as if competing with each other.

“Ugh, they’re stupid kids.”

Arc Scarlet laughed as she looked at those two people.

* * *

[Finally, the market capitalization of the Lawrence Magic Tower surpasses the Imperial Magic Tower of the Brigham Empire! To the world’s largest magic tower!]

[The fact that Prince Lawrence is the descendant of Archduke Lucas is a good news that cannot be ignored. However, considering the scale of sales with the Brigham Imperial Magic Tower, it is evaluated as somewhat foamy.]

[Series of large orders focused on Lawrence Magic Tower. The sales volume will soon catch up with the Brigham Imperial Magic Tower.]

[Adrian El Lawrence, who became the Prince of the Reinharts Empire and the Grand Duke of the Bringham Empire, plans to establish a second magic tower in the Bringham Empire as well.]

Currently, two news stories are emerging most prominently in Rondel.

One is about the establishment and launch of the Rondel Peace Organization, and the other is about the Magic Tower that I am running.

It was inevitable that people would be very interested in my career as a wizard, the successor to Manuel Lucas.

This can be seen just by looking at the market capitalization of Lawrence Matap, who quickly became number one in the world without doing anything major.

But unfortunately, it could not respond to the public’s interest.

The reason is that Archduke Lucas’s technology was planned to be developed mainly in the military sector for a while.

“So this is Titan?”

I let out an exclamation of admiration as I took in the appearance of the new weapon in the secret research facility of the Lawrence Magic Tower on Ophelia Island.


Currently, only the Brigham Empire is in operational use. It can be said to be a combat robot that is controlled by a human riding inside.

“There are many researchers who question the utility of Titan.”

It’s worth it.

That’s because we can drastically reduce the cost of building a force engine. For a normal magic tower, it would cost at most 500 billion won to produce one Titan.

This was the price of 10 Vanguards, and I couldn’t help but be skeptical as to whether this Titan would be worth 10 Vanguards.

“Moreover, unlike the armor-shaped Vanguard, which can produce almost the same force if the level is similar, this must be controlled with a controller, so there is a large variation in combat power depending on one’s sense.”

“What was your level in the evaluation of your combat power?”

“There were five test pilots, and the one who fought the worst barely managed to win against the three Vanguards, while the one who adapted well beat the six Vanguards.”

The price is 10 times that of the Vanguard, and the combat power is equivalent to 3 to 6 Vanguards.

It was indeed a number that raised doubts about its effectiveness.

But I thought that was good enough.

Simply considering cost-effectiveness, it is better to only use Vanguard than to use Sky Fortress.

However, it has already been proven through numerous actual battles that it is much better to use Sky Fortress and Vanguard together.

In that respect, I think it is a good figure if the combat power of 6 Vanguards can be shown on average.

Because it creates an intermediate position between Vanguard and Sky Fortress.

And do you know?

If piloting sense largely determines combat power, will those with the skills of Korean professional gamers be able to perform beyond their price tag?

“We mass produce it. “Don’t worry about cost, just extract as much as you can.”

“All right.”

Therefore, I put aside the concerns of the Magic Tower researchers who expressed concern and ordered the mass production of weapons.

“I’m going back to Gongwangseong now. “Please forgive me for your hard work.”

“Yes, Your Highness. I will do my best.”

For your information, the reason I am so passionate about developing weapons and expanding military power is not because I am worried about armed conflict with the countries of the Earth.

After the integration of Rondel and Earth, they are thinking that the countries in the Rondel region might show their ambitions, so they are strengthening their military power to prepare for this.

Right now, we are all joining forces to prepare for a major disaster, but after the disaster disappears, the situation is bound to change.

After all, isn’t the current Earth a fairly formidable opponent?

So I wanted to equip myself with sufficient power to prevent the unification of the two worlds from becoming the prelude to a new war.

It’s ironic that we prepare for war to prevent war, but it can’t be helped.

The peace that a powerless person cries out for and the peace that a powerful person cries out have different weights.

So, I am preparing to become a more powerful person.

“Ah, Adrian!”

After visiting the research facility on Ophelia Island, I leisurely walked around the royal castle of the Duchy of Lawrence.

Currently, the royal castle of the Duchy of Lawrence serves both the functions of the royal family and the headquarters of the Rondel Peace Organization.

Therefore, in the corridors of the royal castle, one could often see not only the subjects of the Duchy of Lawrence but also administrators from the Reinharts Empire and the Bringham Empire.

At that place, someone openly called my name.

There were only a few people in the principality who would dare to do something like this.

“what? “Where did you sell your title?”

When I looked back, I saw Berg hurriedly running towards me with Marignan hanging on him.

“That’s not important now! Is that really true? Eating blood… … .”

When I realized what she was saying, I quickly covered her mouth and dragged the two people into the office as if kidnapping them.

And when I was able to have a conversation without being interrupted, I took my hand off the mouths of Berg and Marignan that were blocking them.

“W-what are you thinking, growing flowers like that? “And so openly.”

Two people who shout that out in contemplation.

It seems that the demon lord gave the two a good scare.

I laughed and told him about the great value of the Bloody Mary flower.


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