My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 241

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Episode 241: Dream in the game becomes reality

53. Not everyone can be a villain (4)

‘Ark Scarlett, right?’

The great devil called the Crimson Demon King begs the dragon and bows servilely to me, a human?

At first, I thought there might be some kind of plan.

That’s right, Arch Scarlet, who descended 1,200 years ago, was the one who slayed countless dragons alone, defeated the allied forces created by the combined efforts of religious denominations and powerful nations, and set several countries on fire.

Then, although the saint and the saint were defeated by the descending Elyos in exchange for their lives, I heard that the Elyos who received the support of the Rondel Allied Forces would have been in danger as well.

In other words, Ark Scarlet was driven to the brink of world domination.

However, even though the master-slave contract was mentioned, this being only panicked and did nothing.

That’s why I couldn’t help but wonder.

[Ark Scarlet / Crimson Demon King (Ability Sealed)]

Race: Pure-blooded vampire lord

Age: 7,520

Talent: –

Traits: Ruler of the vampire race, blood sorcerer, necromancer

Relationship: Hate / Hostile Forces

Status: Annoyed / Embarrassed

-Current abilities have been significantly lowered

-Possesses Grandmaster level military power and 8th circle level magic abilities.

However, the question was naturally resolved when we took a closer look at her abilities.

‘Ability sealed status? Does this mean you can’t use your original abilities?’

It’s incredible that he has Grandmaster-level strength and 8th-circle level magic, but honestly, with that level of power, Brangiche and I could have been the only ones to subdue him.

Thanks to this, my expression as I looked at the Demon King of Fear naturally had no choice but to change.

“Do you like it?”

The corners of his mouth naturally rose up like a clown mask.

Seeing me like this, Branguiche, who had brought the Demon King with him, said it was a gift and asked with satisfaction.

[Is it possible to make the master-slave contract so tight that not even the devil can solve it?]

Branguish tilted his head at me using telepathic magic as I kept mentioning the word demon lord.

[If you use a 9th-circle level engraving magic, but proceed with the contract in a way that the other party accepts your proposal, and I back it up with Yong-Eon, there is a possibility.]

[Then let’s go with that.]

Ark Scarlett is busy watching us and rolling her eyes.

The girl with the face of a girl seemed to sense that she was anxious, and seemed to be thinking of running away.

So, I alerted Branguiche and prepared to prevent Arc Scarlett from escaping.

“Vampire lady, do you know who I am?”

I asked as I approached Ark Scarlet.

She was very intimidated by that and shook her head.

However, I knew that her every action was an act, and I had no sympathy for her because she was truly a terrible demon lord.

Well, from her perspective, it might be a situation no different from a disaster.

But for me it is an opportunity.

A big opportunity that cannot be missed.

“I am Adrian Lawrence, Prince of the Duchy of Lawrence. And he is a disciple of Archduke Manuel Lucas.”

Then her expression changed.

Wariness was replaced by a subtle curiosity.

I think he was probably reacting to the name Manuel Lucas.

Wasn’t she a collaborator of the Demon Lord Lord Exceed?

There was a high possibility that Lord Exceed knew that he was the reincarnation of Manuel Lucas.

“You are a great person.”

“I was just lucky. Currently I have a lot of work to do. Few people know, but a crisis is approaching this world. So, I created an international organization to respond to this, and I became the head of that organization.”

Ark Scarlet’s eyes widened.

Even if I don’t elaborate, you probably know what I’m talking about.

In addition, the fact that I am a person who fits his plan.

“Our organization is currently suffering from a manpower shortage. So, even though she is a vampire and an enemy of humans, I would like to take her in if it would be helpful. “If you don’t mind, could you help me?”

So, I gave Arc Scarlett an element of interest so that she could make a choice that was at least a little advantageous to me.

This is the greatness of Mangyeong.

Since you can first understand the other person’s identity or thoughts, you can gain an upper hand in the conversation.

And as the conversation goes on, the other person has no choice but to bite on the fishing hook hidden in the rice cake I threw without realizing it.

“To humans, vampires are no different from monsters or lower-level demons. “What are you planning to do by dragging me in?”

“There are devil worshipers among my subordinates. “Don’t worry about that.”

“Are you a devil worshiper?”

“She is a woman with strength equivalent to that of a roadmaster. “I’ll probably be assisting her.”

“… … Could it be that he is a person named Celine?”

“Do you know?”

There is only one woman who is a roadmaster-level devil worshiper.

Because of this, she must have been surprised and happy to learn that Celine, a member of Lord Exceed who she thought was dead, was working under me.

“All right. “I guess I don’t have a choice.”

When the odds were stacked against her, she finally took the bait.

He decided that it would be better to have a plan of his own and temporarily hold the hand I held out.

“I’m sorry, but as Mr. Branguiche suggested, we will have to sign a master-slave contract for safety reasons.”


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“I can’t help it.”

Arc Scarlett accepted this as if there was nothing he could do.

Although he was reluctant, he seemed to have decided that he could break the contract at any time.

Well, it’s natural.

She thought we knew her as a named vampire.

“Then, from now on, we will sign a master/slave contract.”

I said with a kind smile.

“Will you accept me, Adrian L. Laurence, as your master?”

Question followed once again.

This time, unlike the previous question, it was a formal question accompanied by 9-circle engraving magic, and the magical power I possessed entangled Arc Scarlett.

“Yes, I will accept it.”

But the real thing starts now.

When I looked at Branguiche, he raised the magic power of Dragonheart and declared like this in a proverb.

[I, Branguiche, a member of the dragon clan, notarize this contract.]

When the master-slave contract was suddenly strengthened by Yong-Eon, Ark Scarlet was greatly embarrassed.

“This contract cannot be broken unless I, the owner, revoke it or one of the parties dies. “With this, a master/slave contract between I, Adrian L. Lawrence, and the Crimson Demon Lord Arc Scarlett is established.”

When I mentioned her identity and name as if I already knew, the girl in red swallowed the air.


There is a big difference between master and servant contracts between true names and pseudonyms.

However, we have divided the contract into 9 circles + Yongeon + True Name.

This means… … .

It means that your nose is completely pierced.

Arc Scarlet sat down on the spot with an expression full of emptiness and absurdity, and Branguiche, who still did not understand the situation, expressed doubts.

“Why do you keep calling me Ark Scarlet?”

I can only thank him.

Whether he planned it or not, he gave me the devil as a gift.

“Hey Scarlett, rub your shoulders.”

As a test, I commanded Arc Scarlett, and then her wide-eyed body moved like a robot and started massaging my shoulders.

“Hey, that’s good.”

Branguiche blinked his big eyes at me, looking extremely satisfied, and then opened his mouth wide.

The situation was belatedly identified while a strongly binding contract had been established.

The fact that the person he was leading around like a pet was the scary Crimson Demon Lord.

“Wow, this is crazy.”

* * *

“I’m here!”

There is one unique department in the Duchy of Lawrence.

That was a place called the Future Security Department, where Bug was in charge and talented virtual world hackers or programmers were deployed.

Their job is to teach Bugs how to code and create programs using Earth’s computers.

This was a department created to prepare for the future after integration with the Earth and to quickly adapt to changes and take the lead in the 4th and 5th industries in the new society.

The door to the Future Security Department opened violently without warning, and Iris Marignan, with fox ears and a fox tail, came in.

“Oh, are you here?”

Currently, she has returned to the Elysian Alliance, and she frequently visits the principality to meet Berg, whom she became close with during her time in captivity by Adrian.

During her visit, the bug that was hanging out like slime sitting at the head of the table greeted her as if she was annoyed.

In response, Marignan used his short legs to approach the bug and hit the honey chestnut.

“evil! “What are you doing!?”

“It’s just that I have a disgusting attitude.”

“This puppy.”

“It’s a fox.”

The department members who were tapping away on their keyboards couldn’t help but become interested in the two people’s childish appearance.

They were two pretty people, but even though they looked like this, they were powerful figures representing a country.

“You said a strange guy came crawling in? “They said they were threatening your position.”

When Marignan said that she came to see him because she was worried, Berg immediately remembered a person and narrowed his eyes.

“Who are you?”

Berg quietly pulled Marignan towards the window, and soon the two could see a girl with red hair nervously tending to her flower bed.

“That’s him.”

“Aren’t you a gardener?”

“no. “I saw you sparring with Arcia a while ago, and I heard you were as strong as a close match, right?”


Excluding Blake, Arcia can be said to be one of the greatest swordsmen on the continent.

The close relationship between such a person and that young-looking girl was a huge news story.

But why is such a person tending a garden?

I could hardly understand the situation.

“I’m not sure, but I think it can make a special rose bloom. So Adrian told me to make a certain amount of flowers bloom every day.”

Adrian is probably the only person in the world who can employ a Grandmaster-level being as a gardener.

“So what kind of threat is he? “You’re not in charge of military force anyway, right?”

Berg answered the question with an extremely serious expression.

“The characters overlap.”


“No, should we say it is a higher compatible version?”

“What kind of bullshit is that?”

“Isn’t this a serious problem!? “If my character overlaps, it means that your character also overlaps!”

The expression disappeared from Marignan’s face as he heard Berg’s story screaming as if he was struggling.

And Marignan turned away, saying that she had lost money because she was worried, and Berg quickly grabbed her arm.

“Look at me like this, I’m a busy person. “The elder of the Elysian Alliance is not in a free position to make fun of your foolish actions.”

Even if you say that with his cute appearance, Marignan was not dignified at all.

Seeing her like that, Berg gave an expression of understanding and opened his mouth in his own serious way.

“This is not such a simple matter.”

“What does that mean?”

“Adrian recently established an international organization, right?”

“Oh, I did.”

“But he’s creating a new department centered around that woman, and he’s thinking of putting the two of us in it!”

“Eh? Why me, putting you second? “Our Elysian Alliance hasn’t even joined the organization yet?”

“Joining the Elysian Alliance is in the negotiation stage, but I heard they requested that those in need be given away first. “You are included in it.”

Only then did Marignan realize why Berg had called him.

Now, she was protesting the fact that they had a baseless person as their boss who did not even know where they came from.

As he could be said to be Adrian’s close associate, I fully understood Berg’s feelings.

However, Marignan had to wonder what was so broken.

First of all, you have to know what you are doing before you can respond.

“The name of the department is… … .”

“What’s the name?”

“It’s time to donate blood.”



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