My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 240

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Episode 240: A chance in a game turns into reality

53. Not everyone can be a villain (3)

The reason the demons want to descend on Rondel is simple.

To expand their scope of activity.

In other words, it can be said that the goal is conquest.

However, Ark Scarlet has another purpose.

He was participating in the plan of Earth’s Demon King Lord Exceed (the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas), who had formed a united front with him.

Lord Exceed judged the goddess’s plan to be a kind of runaway, and came up with a clever idea to protect their world.

This was not to lose the position of ruler of the world left vacant by the death of the creator, Caius, to the goddess Sepia, but to create a being to inherit the creator’s power and take the throne.

However, rather than being a single god like Caius or Sepia, Lord Exceed was a plan in which Earth’s ‘Elyos’ and ‘Demons’ would join forces, share the Creator’s power, and be reborn as ‘gods’.

And Arch Scarlet, a demon lord from a different world, also took advantage of this plan and became the only god of Rondel, aiming to be reborn as a superior transcendental being.

‘In order to achieve this goal, we must restore contact with Lord Exceed without being disturbed as much as possible, but… … .’

Goddess Sepia, the creator, does not directly kill her children in the world she gave birth to.

Therefore, even if the Demon King descends on Rondel and disrupts the world, he does not take action directly, but ends up taking measures such as using dragons or giving oracles to the church.

I don’t know if it’s accurate to not kill him or not, but if you use this rule well, you will be able to become a god and control Rondel to your liking.

But this grand plan went wrong from the start.

“Are you a demon?”

“Well, that can’t be possible. He’s an ordinary vampire that can be found anywhere.”

“Ordinary vampire? “For that matter, it looks pretty strong.”

“I think it’s because it’s a name.”

“Oh, named vampire? “What’s your name?”

“It’s Scarlett.”

“Didn’t you say that the Crimson Demon Lord’s race is also a vampire? “Even the name is the same?”

After the success of Advent.

I thought that all that was left was to cooperate with Lord Exceed, but due to the sabotage of other demon lords, my abilities were restricted in various ways, and as soon as I arrived, I was captured by a stupid-looking dragon, which ended up being completely screwed up.

“My abilities cannot be compared to the Demon King’s… … .”

“That’s right. There is no way the Demon King would be this easy. “I heard that the Crimson Demon Lord is particularly strong.”

“ha ha ha.”

There are many vampires living in Rondel.

However, unlike dark elves with similar tendencies, they are completely treated as monsters and hide in various parts of the continent.

Such low-level hybrid vampires and purebred vampires from the demon world cannot be compared.

This meant that Ark Scarlet was in such danger that she had no choice but to imitate a hybrid vampire.

“If it were just a vampire, I would kill it and be done with it… … . “You look quite unusual, don’t you?”


Even though she was Jackie Chan, her life depended on a single word from Branguiche, who was better described as young rather than young.

Arc Scarlet threw away everything, including pride, to please Branguiche.

“Hehe, does the Great Being need to care? “I will just do what I did before, squished in a corner of Rondel, so please have mercy on me.”

This was a choice for the future.

If you just endure the humiliation now, you will be able to pay it back a hundred or a thousand times later.

“Oh, should I give it to him as a gift? “Seeing as he’s good at taking devil worshipers with him, it seems like he’s more concerned with usefulness than attributes.”

Who is that guy?

Although Ark Scarlet was relieved that the dragon would not harm her right away, she had to vent her anger inside.

In this way, Ark Scarlet was tied to an invisible leash and dragged by Branguiche.

* * *

“Aww, this brother is also a good person if you get to know him.”

I said that to the man kneeling in front of me.

The man responded by raising a terrible face whose original form was unrecognizable.

“Je, I am Jesung.”

What would you hide?

The man in front of me was a saint, and he came close to death several times due to my violence.

No, to be more accurate, we should say that he died several times.

Because I used 9th Circle’s Resurrection several times.

Thanks to this, the hostility he had shown towards me disappeared as if it had been washed away, and his once arrogant disposition changed to humility.

This means that no matter how full of faith and stubbornness one is, there is no business ahead.

Not everything can be solved with violence, but there are some problems that can only be solved with violence.

I thought those were the seeds of saints.

“Originally, I was planning to frame your family’s fiefdom, sweep them to the neighboring fiefdom, and take your beloved sister hostage to make her a maid for the King Kong Castle. “I have no mercy on those I label as enemies.”

The saint was startled by my words and repeatedly bowed his head.

[Relationship: Fear / Surrender]

[State: Intimidated / Nervous]

But looking at the tail, it doesn’t seem necessary to go that far anymore.

Clearly, the mistake was made by the saint in front of us and not by his family.

“There’s no need for hostages, right?”

“It’s Grusmi. “I am Jamohaesmi.”

I asked my cousin Kang Min-hee, who was completely frozen and crumpled in a corner, smiling with satisfaction at the sight of the saint who had completely surrendered.

“What should I do?”

“W-what is it?”

“Shall we give this kidnapper more punishment? Or should we end it like this?”


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“Chu, that’s enough.”

The violence against the saint, who had already crossed the river of death several times and then returned, was at a level that even she, a former member of the special forces, could not bear to see with her eyes open.

In Rondel, perhaps because they learned that punching can turn a person into minced meat, Kang Min-hee and the rest of the unit sympathized with the saint, saying that he had received enough punishment.

After completely restoring the saint’s appearance and tattered clothes, I looked at Ivril.

“Can I ask you to follow up?”

Currently, I am using magic to block access from priests.

It’s really crazy outside right now.

The only people who could fix this were the saint and the saint, so I had to ask her.

But Ivril laughed, wondering what was so good about my violent appearance.

“Please leave it to me. “We will block all issues that may cause problems.”

I smiled, thanked the saint, and warned her.

“It would be best not to divulge what just happened.”

My tone towards him also returned to normal.

A warning that is no different from a threat.

The saint nodded frantically.

“of course.”

“And in the future, please review any matters related to me in advance with Ivril before proceeding. “If Everil tells you not to do it, just don’t do it.”

If a saint just pretends to be crazy, a difficult situation is bound to arise.

However, I wasn’t too worried about the worst, because I believed that Ivril, the other half of the church, was on my side and was sufficiently capable of calming the situation.

The problem is just annoying.

“Yeh! “Your Majesty!”

“Are you okay!?”

I lifted the spell that blocked people’s access.

Then the paladins and priests came in like a wave.

“Then let’s go.”

Even in the face of extreme clergy, he was polite to the saint without paying any attention to it or not.

Yvril spoke with an expression as if she had a plan somewhere.

“I’ll see you in the near future.”

“Visits from Saint Ivril are always welcome.”

Then, I gathered Kang Min-hee and her unit members who had been captured and returned to the principality.

“You had a hard time.”

“I am only sorry for causing trouble to His Majesty the King.”

Kang Min-hee, who had shown a familiar reaction to my greeting by revealing that she was my cousin, completely stiffened and saluted me.

I was taken aback and asked why she was saluting, and she said she was sorry and ran away to her room.

I shrugged and headed to the party hall where the event was still in progress.

“Your Majesty the King!”

However, as if he had heard of my arrival, Count Elfrid, who had joined Gregory and the Rondel Peace Organization aides, came running just before I arrived at the party hall.

The faces of those two people were full of worry.

“The issue with the church has been resolved, so don’t worry.”

The two people were visibly relieved.

“Actually, Branguiche came to visit.”

But it seems that was not the only reason for concern.

The appearance of a dragon was something that inevitably made everyone nervous.

“Master Branguiche?”

If you’re going to come, come quietly and alone. What’s the point of coming now that the attention of so many countries is focused on the establishment of an international organization?

And I had to frown at Gregory’s next words.

“He captured a vampire, saying it was a gift for His Highness the King.”


What kind of gift is that?

I tilted my head.

The word vampire somehow struck me as ominous.

I had to follow the two people back the way I came, and after a while, I was able to see Brangiche talking with the Emperor of the Bringham Empire and the Emperor of the Reinharts Empire in the drawing room.

“Master Branguiche?”

I don’t know why he was talking to the emperors, but I was frozen in place when I inadvertently noticed a red-haired woman standing behind him.

[Ark Scarlet / Crimson Demon King]

Race: Pure-blooded vampire lord

Age: 7,520

The information written by Man-kyung contained unreliable content.

“Oh, are you here? Adrian, I just happened to bring you a gift, and I heard you have something to celebrate today. “Thanks to you, my gift will become a meaningful memorial.”

“gift… … “What do you mean?”

I asked Branguiche, who was smiling innocently, out of curiosity, and his answer that followed was a sight to behold.

He pulled Arc Scarlett by the arm and made her stand in front of me.

“I just caught a named vampire that seemed useful. “It looks good to use as an escort or to roll around.”

For the first time, Branguiche seemed crazy.

You have to do your best to assassinate someone.

“My apologies to your two emperors, but I would like to speak closely with Master Branguiche. for a moment… … .”

No matter how close and cooperative the emperors were, it was difficult to ask them to leave their seats.

This is the subject that just beat up the saint.

However, the two emperors took notice and coolly accepted my request.

“I understand. “Brangiche also seemed bored talking to politicians like us.”

“Then Branguiche, please visit the imperial castle at any time. “We will do our best to provide you with hospitality.”

“Yes, I saw it.”

The two emperors left the drawing room, and I, who had sent Gregory and Count Elfrid out, had to protest to Branguiche.

“No, what is this?”

“what’s the matter? “To the person who brought the gift.”

It seemed that Branguiche didn’t know who the red-haired woman was.

In response, I watched Arc Scarlett’s thoughts and sent a telepathic message to Branguiche.

[It’s Ark Scarlet! Crimson Demon King!]

“Hey, what kind of joke is that?”

However, Branguiche, who had no sense of crisis, laughed and patted Arc Scarlett on the back.

Thanks to this, my face turned pale and I swallowed my frustration.

“Ah, haha. hello.”

But what followed was completely different from what I expected.

Isn’t Ark Scarlet greeting me with an awkward smile and a servile expression?

Branguiche, who still couldn’t understand the situation, pushed Arc Scarlett towards me and said,

“I will help you with the master-slave contract. “It would be safer to deal with vampires.”

“Master-servant contract?”

“Yes, it looks like he has special abilities equivalent to the 8th Circle level of a Grand Master, so it’s perfect for manipulating him.”

A master-servant contract with the devil.

I had to look at Arc Scarlett’s expression with a still bloodless face after Branguiche’s remarks, but funny enough, the Demon King’s complexion also turned pale when he heard the words “master-slave contract.”

Thanks to this, I was able to express my doubts and realize the strangeness belatedly.


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