My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 239

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Episode 239: Dream in the game becomes reality

53. Not everyone can be a villain (2)

Of course, if the image of a saint falls, it does not mean that he will be kicked out of his position.

However, since the denomination itself is a place where believers make their living based on their beliefs, this was something that could not be ignored.

If the donations collected are reduced due to the saint’s unexpected actions, the various projects carried out by the church will inevitably be affected.

Therefore, it is said that there is a strong public opinion within the church calling for the saint to self-reflect.

The problem is that the saint doesn’t really care about such reactions.

Someone, looking at this jihad, whispered that the goddess’s choice was wrong.

Is it okay for a saint to be that emotional?

However, what we must not forget is that the reason Jihad is angry is because he believes that I am interfering with the goddess’s decision.

‘In other words, it means that it is the jihadist saint, not Ivril, who is most loyal to the goddess.’

If we look at it this way, it means that the goddess’s choice was not wrong.

Rather, it can be seen that Saint Ivril, who shot such a saint, went astray as a priest who followed the goddess.

Depending on the interpretation, saying that Jihadi chosen by the Goddess does not qualify as a saint could be considered distrusting the Goddess.

But the funny thing is that even within the religious order, there are almost no people who criticize such a saint.

On the contrary, when I pointed out the saint’s carelessness, I pointed it out.

Anyway, the trend has turned this way, so all that’s left is to take advantage of the opportunity and take down the saint.

“What are you thinking about?”

When asked by Marquis Sylvester (former saint), I shook my head and said it was no big deal.

Then he changed his expression to become serious and asked her.

“But are you really okay?”


“Follow me and prepare for the disaster that the goddess will cause. The current saint said that even if a disaster occurs, if it is the goddess’s will, we must accept it.”

Marquis Sylvester’s brow furrowed at that.

“That seems like a very wrong way of thinking. “It would be more future-oriented to interpret it as meaning that the goddess has left the rest to us.”

It was something I could sympathize with very much.

After all, even if they are from the same religious denomination, it seems that they cannot all have the same tendencies.

The good news is that both the former saint and the saintess are on good terms.

An extremist mindset like the current saint may be able to strongly unite the denomination, but it is people with a flexible mindset like these who will benefit the world.

“His Royal Highness Lawrence.”

Duke Avis (former saint), who was nodding his head next to me as if supporting the saint’s remarks, called me.

As I looked at him, I saw a person approaching quickly through the crowd of people at the Duchy of Lawrence party hall prepared to celebrate the establishment of the Rondel Peace Organization.

He was Gregory, a knight wearing a black uniform.

Normally, he would have appeared like a ghost right next to me, but perhaps because there were so many VIPs, he seemed to avoid making an appearance that would surprise those around him.

This time, he was busy as he was joining forces with Count Elfrid of the Bringham Empire as an assistant to the chairman, so the fact that he appeared in person like this means that something has gone wrong.

That’s why I hardened my expression.

“Is there a problem?”

“The lord’s guests who were going out were arrested by the Holy Knights.”

I had to express my bewilderment at the words that came out of his mouth.

If Gregory is talking about guests, he probably means Kang Mi-hee and his group.

Those girls were captured by the Holy Knights?

“What is that?”

The former saint and saint who were with me had the same reaction as me.

Arresting my person without warning was nothing more or less than an act of complete provocation.

‘Have I lost my mind?’

Of course, the culprit is a saint.

If the saint was the person in charge of the church’s priests, the saint was the person in charge of the church’s military power.

“I want to beat up the saint.”

The expressions on the faces of the former saint and the saintess turned ambiguous at my remarks.

Even if the saint was on a rampage, this was absurd.

However, Marquis Sylvester’s subsequent remarks were unexpected.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if it wasn’t revealed to the outside world?”

Her comment was like telling the two of us to resolve the issue quietly.

Originally, I only wanted to suppress them politically and did not even think about using direct physical force, but I changed my mind after hearing the advice of Marquis Sylvester.

* * *

As if they almost died at some point, Kang Min-hee and her unit members, who had an unexpected vacation enjoying all kinds of luxury in the Prince Lawrence Territory, were greatly embarrassed by the crisis that came without warning.

“I will ask you a question. Are you from Earth?”

A man arrogantly asks a question accompanied by a driver.

Because they had the interpretation artifact provided by Adrian, they were able to understand his question.

The good news is that they are all trained special forces soldiers.

Looking at the current situation and the other party’s attitude, everyone realized that if they made an absurd statement, the problem could become bigger.

Therefore, they kept their mouths shut and avoided answering the man’s question.

The knights urged the women, emitting an eerie energy.

“How dare you keep your mouth shut about His Majesty’s words!?”

It’s been a week since I stayed at Rondel, and I have a general understanding of the world view.

When they realized that the other person was the highest person among those who served God, their eyes had to open wide.

Seeing them like that, the saint chuckled and continued speaking.

“If you cooperate with me, I will do my best to help you return to Earth.”


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And when the story of returning to Earth came out, the eyes of Kang Min-hee and the members of the unit wavered.

However, following his words does not guarantee that you will be able to return home.

Even though he was a saint, they weren’t stupid enough to not know that he wasn’t approaching them out of kindness.

“We are guests of the Duchy of Lawrence.”

So Kang Min-hee said that as if she was protesting to the saint.

This world is a status society.

In addition, I was well aware that Adrian’s name value was very high in such a society.

That’s because he was a person who appeared non-stop on the news whenever Rondel’s broadcaster (TV) was turned on.

Kang Min-hee carefully guessed that this situation was caused by a power struggle.

But her remarks were inappropriate.

At least in front of a saint.

“Prince Lawrence. Prince Lawrence. Yes, he is a great person. But to me, that name is just heresy.”

Adrian’s name was like a seizure button for him.

The expression disappeared from the smiling face of the jihadist saint.


His hand roughly grabbed Kang Min-hee’s shoulder.

But the grip was so strong that it felt as if my shoulder had been caught in a steel press machine.

The saint is a grandmaster level paladin.

It was a being that could be bent with bare hands.



In the end, her shoulder was completely broken.

Kang Min-hee felt like she was going out of her mind due to the immense pain she felt for the first time in her life.

The man in front of me looked like a monster, crushing his shoulder with just his grip, which didn’t seem to have taken much effort.

But she gritted her teeth and held on.

“Oh sorry. “I made a mistake.”

The saint belatedly apologized, but he didn’t look sorry at all.

The saint’s hand, which grabbed the hair on the back of her head while apologizing, felt like it was going to crush her head.

“But I want you to keep that in mind. The fact is that the religious order is extremely cold towards beings branded as heretics… … .”

Looking at his cold appearance, Kang Min-hee thought that he might die today.

But has heaven not abandoned them?

At that moment, the door to the interrogation room where they were suddenly burst open, and an extremely gorgeous woman entered with the hem of her white robe fluttering.

“Jihad saint. “Are you really crazy?”

The new woman who broke in poured out harsh words to the saint, the leader of the religious order.

But what was surprising was that the Holy Knights, who had been giving off a ferocious spirit just now, reacted to her like that, saying they didn’t know what to do.

Her identity was soon revealed through the saint’s mouth.

“I don’t know why the saint was so excited. These women are believed to have come from Earth. Then wouldn’t it be natural to interrogate him? “For what purpose did they come to Rondel? Could it be that they are a force trying to disrupt Goddess Sepia?”


A noble figure who divides the power of the church together with the saint.

Kang Min-hee had to listen to the appearance of the saint even while shedding tears over her shattered shoulder.

They may not know it, but they sense that their safety depends on her.

“Are you saying something like that after kidnapping Prince Lawrence’s guest? “The moment Prince Lawrence established the Rondel Peace Organization and the former saint and saintess participated in it, your actions lost their legitimacy.”

While arguing with the saint, the saint noticed Minhee Kang’s injury and used healing magic on her.

Thanks to this, my shoulder, which had been suffering from pain that felt like it was being cut with a knife, was relieved.

“Is it necessary to mention predecessor saints and saints? “Isn’t it just that Saint Ivril is annoyed by my actions because they are disturbing her beloved Prince Lawrence?”

Although he might have been embarrassed by his love affair that did not suit the situation, Saint Ivril laughed and laughed at him.

“Well, you’re not wrong. But regardless of my personal feelings, your outbursts are beyond normal. Then you will face a backlash.”

It was so easy to acknowledge lines that could have been dismissed as nonsense.

Kang Min-hee and the unit members, who were being cared for by Adrian, had to swallow their saliva at a scene that was reminiscent of a scene from a drama, regardless of the seriousness of the condition.

A saint who has a married man, Adrian, in her heart.

Considering his good looks, it may be natural that he would make many women cry, but the expression on Kang Min-hee’s face, who was projecting Adrian’s cousin’s appearance, was bound to be strange.

“You’re facing a backlash? Haha, am I a saint?”

The jihadist did not think that even in the slightest chance something would go wrong with his life.

It’s natural.

Who would dare attack a saint who has absolute influence over Rondel?

However, the saintess shook her head, looking astonished at his confidence.

“Even though you attack, you have no idea about the other person’s tendencies.”


“This is why anyone can become a villain.”

“Are you insulting me now?”

The saint was furious.

Because her remarks were basically based on the feeling of ‘ignorance’.

but… … .

What happened soon proved the saint’s words 100 times correct.


Suddenly, a blue door appeared in the center of the interrogation room… … .

“W-what is it?”

“It’s me, you bastard.”

That’s because Adrian appeared there.

The saint was taken aback by the appearance of Adrian, who appeared with an outspoken swear word.

Basically, magic that interferes with space movement was deployed at the church’s headquarters.

“You’ve reached the 9th circle, so you can’t break that one 7th circle spell?”

And, speaking as if he could clearly see what he was thinking, he approached the saint without hesitation.

Of course, the Holy Knights, who were supposed to protect the saint, tried to stop Adrian.



A door similar to the one used when Adrian appeared appeared at the feet of the paladins, sending them flying somewhere.

In that way, the only people left in the interrogation room were Adrian, the saint, the saint, and Kang Min-hee’s unit.

Although Kang Min-hee felt relieved that she was alive, she could hardly understand the situation.



The Duke of the principality, a vassal of the empire, began to beat up the saint of a huge religion that encompassed the world.

To borrow an expression from the Earth, isn’t it like the president of a country storming into the Vatican and immediately beating the Pope?

No, unlike Earth, Rondel is a monolithic religion, so it can be seen as even worse.

It was refreshing to see, but I couldn’t quite understand why this was an afterthought.

“How dare you call a saint…” … .”

“congratulations. “Because I became the first person to be beaten by the 9th Circle Archmage.”

The saint is a Grand Master-level powerhouse.

However, he was no match for Adrian, who threw his fists while mixing magic appropriately.

In this way, the saint used his power to the fullest and pressured one person, and was beaten like a dog on a lucky day.

* * *

In the world where Rondel belongs, there are numerous demons and elyos.

However, these races brutally destroyed Rondel in the mythical era and were eventually sent into exile by the goddess to another planet.

Although the situation was better on the Elyos’ planet, the Demon’s planet was extremely barren.

Thanks to this, the rich Rondel became a hometown to which the demons must return, and a long-cherished land that they must obtain.

However, due to the restrictions placed by the goddess, it was not easy for the demons to go to Rondel, and even if they spent a lot of time and effort, they were always stopped by the dragon.

For those demons, the abnormal phenomenon currently occurring in Rondel was of utmost concern.

This is because the goddess’s mind was preoccupied elsewhere, and the border surrounding the exiled demons’ land was weakening due to the interference between Earth and Rondel.

“If we cooperate now, wouldn’t it be possible to have our own advent?”

Then, a devil came out.

In Rondel, also known as Middle-earth, ‘Arc Scarlett’ gained a fearsome notoriety by being called the Crimson Demon Lord.

She brought together the Demon Lords who were competing for their respective territories and requested their cooperation for the first and last time.

Although rational skepticism did not suit the special nature of beings called demon lords, everyone could not help but agree that this was the best opportunity to escape the demon world.

“I think it would be possible to send just one person.”

And a miracle occurred where the devils’ interests coincided.

“The only problem is who will be in charge of this plan.”

However, the demon race itself is a group of beings united by greed.

The word concession did not exist in their dictionary.

Ark Scarlett, who was the first to bring up this proposal, expressed his opinion.

“Wouldn’t it be better for the strongest to go down?”

An extremely valid opinion.

As a result, a fight broke out between the demon kings over the position of Advent.

result… … .

“As expected, I’m perfect.”

The proposer, Ark Scarlett, became the final winner and gained the opportunity to ascend.

However, since the demons were the furthest from trust and faith, various conspiracies were rampant even during the advent process.

When Ark Scarlet descended, the worst situation occurred as she lost her original abilities drastically.

Thanks to my weak ability, I did not notice the devil’s descent in the sacred place… … .

“What are you?”

Even for a young dragon who could normally chew it in one bite, it ended up being difficult.

Arc Scarlett, the worst demon lord who terrified Rondel 1,200 years ago.

Captured by Black Dragon Branguiche.


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