My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 238

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Episode 238: Dream in the game becomes reality

53. Anyone can be a villain (1)

“I don’t know who you are, but thank you for saving me.”

Kang Min-hee bowed her head to me on behalf of the unit members.

It seems that she has no intention of truly accepting the self-introduction I made earlier.

Well, it’s worth it.

If you bring up the name of a cousin who has already been dead for several years, it is common for people to be wary rather than take it seriously.

I burst out laughing.

She narrowed her eyes slightly when she saw me laughing at her, but then remembered the fact that I was her benefactor and immediately relaxed her expression.

“Is this Rondel by any chance?”

Perhaps the country on Earth that has the best understanding of Rondel would be South Korea.

It seems like I’ve heard a lot about this name since the name Rondel immediately comes to mind when I see the strange fantasy world that suddenly unfolds before my eyes.

“That’s right, it’s a country called the Duchy of Lawrence, located on the continent of Rondel Defteron. And the place you were just now was the Kingdom of Walter, to which the Count Rayers belonged.”

“Well, I see.”

He and his companions may feel fortunate that they ended up in Rondel, which has at least some connection to Earth, rather than a completely unidentified world.

But you should never think that you are lucky.

There is no way for the current country to send them back.

“By the way, it’s okay to mention the County of Rayeth, and you know my name… … “Do you know our affiliation?”

Fortunately, Kang Min-hee, perhaps because of her intellectual nature, paid attention to understanding the situation rather than blindly feeling relieved.

I answered her question.

“It’s the Republic of Korea’s Defense Force Women’s Special Forces Company, right? “This time, we are participating in research activities as a gift pilot operation unit.”

But the answer she was hoping for might not have been this detailed.

Wouldn’t it feel scary if they recited their confidential affiliations perfectly without making a single mistake?

Of course, Kang Min-hee, who was my cousin of the same age, flinched, and her unit members looked wary even though they knew I was a lifesaver.

“But that’s not what’s important right now.”


“Isn’t the most important thing whether or not you can return to Earth?”

They obediently agreed to the facts that followed.

“Then tell me how you came to Rondel.”

There are probably a lot of things you want to ask.

The current conversation is a step away from the core content, as if teasing them, and only focuses on the outer parts.

Nevertheless, in response to my instructions to ignore everything and only answer questions, Kang Min-hee had to explain their situation.

‘Kang Min-hee, who obtained the space movement gift.’

‘Testing Gift’s abilities at a military research facility.’

‘I arrived at Rondel, not Jeju Island, where I had planned to go, with a different feeling than usual.’

To briefly explain the situation, it was like this.

In response, I massaged my temples.

“Okay, I understand for now.”

“Is there a way to go back?”

A question with the hope that I might know if I had the amazing ability to even bring back the dead.

Moreover, my detailed understanding of the Earth, which I did not know how to know, added possibility to their hopes.

“I don’t know if you can return to Earth with your abilities, but there is no other way.”

But I did not coldly offer flimsy hope.

Thanks to this, their complexions darkened.

Still, perhaps because they had overcome the risk of death or because they were professional soldiers, everyone remained calm and looked at me.

It seems like there really is no way.

“First, we should start by thoroughly researching your abilities.”

It was an extremely common sense answer.

“First of all, I will protect your personal safety. And I will also help with Gift’s research.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Anyway, the only person they can cling to right now is me, the unidentified partner.

Therefore, everyone did not lose hope when they saw me offering to help them.

“Anyway, your sweat smells so bad. “I think it would be better to take a shower first.”

“ah… .”

I am a married man who does not hesitate to make rude remarks about women smelling.

Next, I pressed the call button on the desk, and the maids, including the butler and the head maid, came rushing in.

“You are my guest. “Please assign me a quiet room that is not noticeable from the outside, wash me well, and then serve me a meal.”

They were startled when maids in uniform suddenly appeared.

I told Minhee Kang that it was either that or not.

“For now, Kang Min-hee, please stay.”

“All right.”

As the female soldiers were dragged away by the servants, only three people, Arcia Kang Min-hee and I, remained in the office.

As if she didn’t care about the commotion, Arcia took out a drink from subspace, drank it, and looked at online news on the terminal.

Even My Face’s Arcia was absent, so the only people to talk to were me and Kang Min-hee.


I snapped my fingers.

Then, she, who had been covered in dirt from rolling and running around in the crypt, cleared up.

“Not only did you treat fatal injuries, but you even brought the dead back to life, right? “Is that magic?”


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What is the need to hide it now?

She let out a small exclamation at my affirmation.

However, this reaction did not lead to a friendly atmosphere.

Because she wanted to hear the point.

“You seem to have a deep connection to what we are going through.”

“Does it look like that?”

“You showed up at the right time to save me in a moment of crisis, and you readily offered to protect me, and you were well-versed in the situation on Earth… … . “You even mentioned my name and my dead cousin’s name.”

Should we call it circumstantial evidence?

From her perspective, she had no choice but to suspect me as the person involved in this situation.

It’s just that the difference in power is so large that I can’t press the question strongly.

“You can’t say there is no relationship at all.”

Even though I was smiling, I was wondering how much information I should reveal to her.

And soon I decided that it wouldn’t really matter what I said.

I’ve already mentioned my past life’s name, and honestly, I can control what information I open.

Moreover, hasn’t he already made acquaintances and established friendly relationships with not only the President of the Republic of Korea but also many people around the world?

‘It’s not bad to have my hands and feet in the Korean Armed Forces. Once she gets her gift, she has no choice but to keep winning, and with a little help from me, she will rise to the top in no time.

Besides, we are related.

Is there anyone else who can be operated more safely than this?

“What is certain is that I have nothing to do with your spatial movement. Rather, it is a perplexing position. “For me, this situation is a variable that I had not considered at all.”

Kang Min-hee expressed regret.

In the end, it meant that nothing would change.

“And the only reason I have full knowledge of the situation on Earth, including you, is because I have the means to obtain relevant information.”

“All right. “For now, I will accept the situation as you said.”

appropriate response.

So I liked it even more.

“But why did you ask me to stay?”

I gestured to her.

It means to come a little closer.

Currently, she and I were quite far apart, even with the table between us.

Kang Min-hee obediently complied, and soon her eyes opened slightly.

As she sat down as if she lost all strength, Arcia suddenly appeared in front of her, saying she knew this would happen, and put her arms around her sides to support her.


Soon Kang Min-hee, startled, stood up.

Once she was able to stand on her own, Arcia coolly returned to her seat as if something had happened.

“You seem very tired?”


I said sarcastically that I didn’t care.

“are you okay. “What do you do with your relatives?”

She kept asking why she said that, and I explained why I left her behind.

“As I introduced myself earlier, my name is Mingi. your cousin “That’s why I asked you to stay because I wanted to talk to you for the first time in a while.”

“… … .”

“Well, it’s natural that you don’t believe it. “The cousin in your memories, Kim Min-gi, must have been an unlucky boy who died after being crushed by a pigeon while serving in the military.”

“You’ve been very knowledgeable about information about people around you, including me.”

“That’s right, because he is the party.”

I talked about the past simply.

By appropriately cutting out information that is unnecessary in this situation.

Thanks to this, it was greatly glorified by saying that he was born into a noble family through reincarnation, became a wizard, and achieved success, but we decided that there was no need to talk about his hardships and adversity.

“her… … . “How on earth should I accept this?”

Of course, Kang Min-hee didn’t immediately believe my story.

At that, I laughed again.

“Whether you believe it or not. Time will tell. Anyway, while you stay here, think of it as your home.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Seeing her sticking to polite language until the end, I decided to call it a day and waved my hand and said,

“There will be a maid waiting outside. Ask her unit to guide you.”

That’s how the interview with Kang Min-hee ended.

“Was it really necessary to reveal the master’s identity?”

at that time.

Gregory appeared in front of me as if the ground was rising.

To his obvious question, I calmly answered that it was okay.

“You’re curious.”

“Are you curious?”

“Why did that child appear in front of me at this time?”

A situation just like a goddess’s prank.

Therefore, I decided to keep in mind the possibility that ‘this is not just a coincidence.’

“So I’m going to keep it aside and watch.”

“You mean, taking the seat next to me as a friendly relative?”


Gregory still tilted his head at my words.

It seems like there might be a better way.

I responded as if it was no big deal.

“Well, maybe I just wanted to show off. “I’m like this right now.”

Of course, Gregory could not accept these words as they were.

Everyone around him, including him, regards me as a strategist who can predict the future.

“Let’s attach someone first.”

“all right.”

“I left a hint just in case, so there won’t be a big problem… . Just in case something happens, make sure to monitor it thoroughly. “With the mindset that you never know when something unexpected will happen.”

With my command, Gregory bowed his head and disappeared on the floor.

* * *

There was nothing wrong with the lives of Kang Min-hee and the unit members.

I don’t know what to do with the treatment I’ve experienced for the first time in my life, and I researched and studied the abilities I received as a gift to find out how I came to Rondel, but I didn’t get any results.

First of all, her abilities were not properly displayed in Rondel.

As if there were some restrictions.

That’s why I thought, ‘Has the hypothesis of goddess intervention gone too far?’

In a situation where the two worlds are interfering knowingly or unknowingly recently, she may simply be a victim caught up in an accident.

So, although I continued to monitor them, my interest in them had faded considerably.

Above all, there were so many things to worry about besides these.

[A saint’s attack on Prince Lawrence? The Heresy Questioners suddenly dispatched to Ophelia Island, King Lawrence’s territory.]

[A rift arises between the church and Prince Lawrence, who had maintained a close relationship.]

[The emperors of the Brigham Empire and the Reinharts Empire were unusually angry, condemning the saint’s actions.]

[Are you investigating heresy against Prince Lawrence, who worked with the church to subdue devil worshipers and even rescued the current saint who had been kidnapped? What on earth is going on?]

As you can see from the headlines of the articles, the installation of Seongga was not a complete mess.

However, there continues to be an incident where such a saint is dealt a blow.

“I’m glad you two are together.”

“no. “I can only be grateful to you for entrusting such an important task to us who were just waiting for the day to die.”

“The members are very luxurious.”

This is because the former saint and saint attended the inauguration ceremony of an international organization named Rondel Peace Organization.

The two didn’t even stop by to congratulate them.

‘Marquis Sylvester Shin’, a former saint and member of the Duchy of Lawrence, and ‘Duke Avis Shin’, a former saint and member of the Bringham Empire, were named as the highest members of the Rondel Peace Organization.

Currently, the highest council members are a total of six people, including the Emperor of the Brigham Empire and Reinharts Empire, the Prince of the Duchy of Lawrence and the Duchy of James, a former saint, and a saint.

The head of the organization was myself, and Prince Adrian L. Lawrence took office as chairman.

Although it is not yet known to the outside world what this organization was created for, various speculations were rampant in various media outlets regarding my becoming the head of the organization to which the Emperor of the Brigham Empire belonged.

‘A chairman above the emperor?’

The inevitable reaction was that I, the king and grand duke of two empires, was in fact the most powerful person in Rondel.

Thanks to this, he was moved by personal emotions, but the fact that he attacked the person in charge of an organization that included former saints and saints made Jihad’s position as a current saint quite difficult.

Even though he gave up his position as a saint and a saint, the forces within the church that followed the Marquis Sylvester and the Duke of Avis were still very powerful.


[Saint Ivril: Jihad does not qualify as a saint.]

Ivril, who was an incumbent saint and was supposed to support the jihadist saint, decided to attack him.

‘What a fool. ‘You have to be moderate.’

Thanks to this, the image of jihad plummeted, with the media feeling that it was the first time they had seen a saint being attacked to such an extent.


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