My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 237

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Episode 237: Dream in the game becomes reality

52. Rondel’s changes (8)

The County of Rayeth, which went to Earth, belonged to the Kingdom of Valtor.

The Kingdom of Walther is located at the southernmost tip of the Defteron Continent, where our Reinharts Empire is located, among the four continents of Rondel. Following an incident in which an entire territory disappeared, the Earth’s army even came over.

Isn’t it really a very hot area in relation to Earth?

“These are soldiers from Earth, something is sinister. “It would be nice if they didn’t make such a big deal out of it.”

A fantasy world, a society where status exists.

Rondel is easily misunderstood by people who came from Earth as being easy-going.

However, on the day when I encounter Vanguard during installation… … .

Ordinary infantrymen wouldn’t even be able to recover.

Gregory, who had relayed the news to me about my concerns, nodded in agreement and continued.

“Fortunately, the unit commander seemed to be a calm person. “We were moving as carefully as possible and using scouts in teams of two.”

“You don’t know the exact size of the military base, right?”

If Gregory had a complete grasp of their information, he would have attached it to the foreword when he reported.

However, the fact that this was not the case means that the situation of the soldiers was not yet fully understood.

In other words, it was decided that reporting takes priority over the accuracy of information.

“That’s right. So far, only two groups of two-person scouts have been discovered. However, considering that the reconnaissance team has only a small number of people and there is no visible special equipment other than personal firearms, the size of the unit does not seem to be large.”

“What are the other characteristics?”

“He looks like a well-trained special forces soldier. And looking at the bodies of the members discovered so far, they are all presumed to be women.”

“Special forces made up entirely of women?”

Is it like a security unit?

I tilted my head and held out the back of my hand, and Gregory adjusted his terminal to transmit the data to my terminal.


Of course, the materials he handed over included photos and videos.

It appeared to have been filmed from a very long distance, and the video showed two small soldiers moving around the bushes.

It was difficult to see their exact appearance because they were wearing camouflage on their faces, and it was very cautious to look through them only through a telescope and not approach the city.

Next, I looked at the photos.

The photo showed the opponent’s equipment and clothing quite clearly.

However, there was no insignia on the special forces uniform to confirm their identity.

This is my first time seeing firearms as I only know K1, K2, M16, and AK.

Since I heard that even Korean special forces use German-made rifles rather than domestic ones, it may be natural that they do not know.

“Other than the fact that it clearly looks like a woman, I can’t find any information of this kind.”

Eventually, I got up.

“where are you?”

“It has not been found since it was confirmed at the entrance to Harsion Forest near the County of Einer in the Kingdom of Walther.”

The Blue Moon Rangers were clearly on the move, but the fact that they had not been discovered meant that there was a high possibility that the leader was either capable or hiding in an unexpected place.

“Wait a minute, is this place called Harcyon Forest where the Harcyon Earth Dragon appears?”

But suddenly the place name sounded somewhat familiar.

That’s why I had to narrow my eyebrows and ask that question.

“ah… … .”


The Harsion Earth Dragon is a giant monster in the shape of a midge.

Although they are not many in number and have a tendency to avoid humans, if there is a being that approaches their residence, they will devour them in one bite, no matter how reluctant they may be.

In other words, there is no problem as long as you don’t break into their house, but what is worrying is that the Harsion Earth Dragon’s residence looks like an ordinary crypt.

I thought it wouldn’t be strange for a special forces unit that didn’t know the local situation to hide there.

When I pointed out, Gregory also realized what I was concerned about and his expression hardened.

“I will move it myself, so bring the troops back.”

“All right.”

Immediately I left the office and headed to the next room.

There, Arcia was watching a drama that had been brought in from Korea.

“Did you hear the story?”

As a grandmaster, it would be no problem for her to hear conversations through the thickness of a wall.

She nodded at my words and got up.

“let’s go.”

So we moved directly to rescue and quickly secure the unidentified special forces.

* * *

A crypt large enough for an adult male to run around with his arms wide open.

Kang Min-hee and her unit members ran quickly as if they were being chased by something in the cave.

“shit! “What a monster!”

They ran with expressions of despair and fear, and a horrifying friction sound rang out from behind them.


A noise as if hundreds of cockroaches were chasing you.

The noise suddenly narrowed the distance.

In response, Kang Min-hee, who was located in the center of the unit, stood close to the wall and aimed his gun at the rear.

– Blood shot!

Then, a grenade flew in a close straight line from the rifle-mounted launcher, and soon an explosion sound was heard along with vibrations that shook the tunnel.


One member of the unit was startled by her attack and said,


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“Did you get rid of it?”

That ominous line that should not be used.

Kang Min-hee ran forward, shouting ‘A-C’.

And the ominous feeling became reality, and the earth dragon’s vicious sucker-shaped mouth full of fangs came into view.

Harsion Earth Dragon is a high-ranking Drake-level monster among monsters.

Moreover, Rondel has the concept that physical power is inferior to other abilities, so even when hit head-on by a grenade, the earth dragon did not show any wounds.

Thanks to this, the expressions of Kang Min-hee and other unit members became even more determined.

Since not only rifle bullets but also grenades were impervious, there was nothing they could do but run.


How long did this seemingly elusive game of hide and seek last?

The unit member who was following from the rear was grabbed by the earth dragon while screaming.

At a time like this, a normal unit commander would boldly give up his captured subordinate for the survival of the remaining members, but Kang Min-hee could not do that.

Because she thought it was her fault that the current situation had occurred, she ordered return fire for rescue.

“Focus on the lower abdomen!”


Nine guns spewed fire all at once.

However, the toryong did not move as if it had been hit by a BB bullet, and they had to witness the horrific sight of their colleague’s upper and lower body being separated before their eyes.


It is true that they should have chosen flight rather than rescue.

In the end, Kang Min-hee failed to rescue the unit members and even missed the timing of their escape.

“Sergeant! Run away with his men. “I will take as much time as possible.”

To take responsibility for the wrong decision, he ordered the second-in-command and platoon leader, a sergeant.

But the platoon leader had a different idea.

For some reason, their abilities were ineffective, but since Kang Min-hee was the person with space-traveling abilities who brought them here, they decided that abandoning her was the worst choice as it would erase any possibility of their return.

Instead of following orders, the platoon leader pulled Kang Min-hee’s collar and threw her at his colleagues.

“Be safe.”

And she left Kang Min-hee, who was venting her anger, and rushed at Toryong, shooting at him.

“Lee Ji-hye!”

The unit members forcibly dragged the company commander, who was shouting out the platoon leader’s name, and left the position.

“Damn it!”

Cursing is bound to come out.

Not only did he fall into an unfamiliar land due to his own abilities, but his subordinate even sacrificed his life for him in the hope of returning.

However, since my important abilities were not working, I couldn’t help but feel a lot of guilt.

Although this situation cannot be seen as all Kang Min-hee’s fault, she felt a deep sense of responsibility and blamed herself.


Moreover, even though I used my colleague as bait, the sound of the monster moving was heard again in less than a minute.

“I will go.”

I was devastated to see another colleague throw away his life again.


But then.

Is it a miracle?

Or is it an illusion created by fear?

Before the eyes of those who were running away, a handsome man and a very beautiful woman, radiating a gentle light from all over like angels, appeared.

Suddenly, I couldn’t understand what was going on.

So the members of the unit, including Kang Min-hee, had to look dumbfounded while covered in tears with fear and sadness.

“Minhee Kang?”

And when her name came out of the other man’s mouth, Kang Min-hee blinked like an idiot.

Naturally, ‘How does he know his own name?’ I had a question.

“ah! monster!”

Belatedly, I came to my senses by recalling the existence of the monster I was facing as my colleague threw himself away.

“Oh, that one?”

With voices without tension, the bodies of the unit members, including Kang Min-hee, floated in the air without warning.

Soon, without any time to do anything, they began to run back the distance they had escaped through the sacrifice of their comrades.

“What are you doing!”

How can you go back this way after escaping?

Naturally, Kang Min-hee had to be angry at the unidentified man and woman who seemed to have this ability.

However, the situation that followed left him and his colleagues speechless.


“This is an earthen dragon.”

When the opponent swung his finger at the terrible monster with a mouth covered in blood, the monster’s head, which resembled a midge, rotated 360 degrees and was torn off, as if squeezing laundry.


That was the only reaction Kang Min-hee and her subordinates could give.

A monster that was extremely powerful could be defeated with just a wave of the hand.


But that lasts only a moment.

When they heard the voice of a colleague who threw himself into the fight to save them, everyone’s eyes turned to that place.

“iced coffee… … .”

The scene that immediately came into view was hard to dare to open my eyes and see.

His entire body was twisted in strange directions, and one of his arms was torn off and stuck to the wall.

No matter who looks at it, it looks like it cannot be survived.

Tears naturally poured out.



As soon as a short word was spoken from the mouth of the man who had dragged them into the air, a change occurred in the body of their colleague who was dying in pain.

The twisted body returned to its original position and the torn off arm began to regenerate like a lizard’s tail.

The unit members, who were shedding hot tears, swallowed the air and opened their eyes.


The people who were most surprised were not the unit members who watched the recovery process, but the person involved.

She tilted her head in confusion.

But she had no time to celebrate her recovery.

“I see there are two more people?”

I was lifted into the air with my colleagues and ran back the way we came.

“Ah, these two are dead.”

After a while, the members of the unit, who had been dragged around without any explanation, arrived at the location where the bodies of the first victim, the member, and Sergeant Lee, who had thrown his life away, were located.

The young man clearly showed a miracle of bringing back people who were on the verge of death, but he did not expect that he could do anything about these two people.

As the young man said, those two were already dead.

“Sergeant Lee, Sergeant Han. Sorry. because of me.”

Raising a dead person is a miracle that only God can do… … .


“uh? what?”

“Am I alive?”

A miracle happened.


The bodies of the two dead people inflated like balloons and returned to their intact state.

In response, Kang Min-hee had to scream rather than shout with joy.

“I know you’re lucky. “Resurrection cannot be used after 3 minutes of dying.”

Perhaps knowing how these unit members felt, the handsome young man flashed a refreshing smile.

“Well, who the hell are you? “Are you an angel?”

I couldn’t help but ask about his identity.

The silver-haired, blue-eyed man shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“It’s me, Mingi. Kim Min-gi.”


“I mean your cousin Kim Min-gi.”


However, despite that answer, Kang Min-hee’s brain did not understand whether it was rejecting normal thinking.

Adrian laughed at that and snapped his fingers.

-Just right.

Then, like a lie, the surrounding scenery changed from a dull crypt of death to a study with a splendid European-style interior.

It was an ability to move through space that was all too familiar to them.

“First of all, let me say welcome to Rondel.”

Adrian stared at the soldiers of the Republic of Korea and waited for them to gather their thoughts.


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