My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 235

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Episode 235: Dream in the game becomes reality

52. Rondel’s changes (6)

“Isn’t the threat too excessive?”

In response to Blake’s question, I shook my head and said it was okay.

“It was something that had to be addressed at least once. “If you continue your relationship half-heartedly, you will have no choice but to think differently.”

“Even though it is your own country, you are cold-hearted.”

To be exact, it is the homeland of my previous life, but I did not bother to point out this point.

“I love the country called Korea, but I can’t like its politicians at all.”

“Still, the president seems like a pretty good person?”

That is certainly true.

President Kim Min-guk considered the best interest of the country and was not a person who would deceive the people for personal gain.

Above all, his political inclinations were close to neutral, he knew how to listen to what others said, and his ability to see things from afar was also quite outstanding.

“I also like the current president. But there’s no guarantee that he’s okay and that his surroundings are okay, too. Moreover, the political system of the Republic of Korea is weak against instigation and water-taking.”

“So you’re holding your breath to win?”

“yes. Looking at the reactions in the media and on the Internet, it seemed like they were very excited, perhaps because they had achieved their long-awaited unification. The reason why unification was achieved so easily and without damage was because of the backup of the County of Rayeth, and not because of their own abilities. “If you mistake this, you will be in trouble.”

I have no intention of harming Korea.

Rather, they are working hard to guarantee their interests and eliminate potential hostile countries.

After all, isn’t that my country in my past life?

I had as much affection for the country of Korea as I did for the Reinharts Empire.

So, I plan to increase Korea’s power as much as possible until Rondel and Earth are unified.

However, to achieve this goal, Korea must quickly follow suit.

So it was decided that it was necessary to forcefully suppress them.

“Was the United States the country in the Brigham Empire’s position on Earth? “I don’t think Korea’s ally, the United States, will be happy about this situation.”

Just as Blake said.

Currently, South Korea is in the most important position among major allies from the United States’ perspective.

While Japan has lost its original power, the Republic of Korea not only retains its power, but has also achieved unification.

If an alliance that has been built over a long period of time is controlled by a force that suddenly appears one day, it is bound to be unpleasant.

“You don’t have to worry about that. “I’m working hard to spread the rice cakes.”

“huh? Ah, I guess you’re talking about treating influential people.”

If you were to choose a country on Earth that serves as an example of capitalism, everyone would point to the United States.

I am recruiting people who can be said to be the mainstay of capitalism in the United States.

It means that you have made your own preparations.

Blake clicked his tongue.

“The world called Earth is being swayed by you alone.”

“My ultimate goal is peace. In that sense, we can say that we are helping the earth.”

“You mean after setting up the environment to suit your taste?”

Blake was expressing concern about my desire for peace but my desire to start war.

“Even though it looks like this, it is a body that has lived on Earth for over 20 years. So, we are trying to figure out what is needed for peace and what is not needed.”

“What we don’t need are North Korea, China, and Japan?”

“Yes, like the Croesian Empire of Rondel.”

I am neither a philanthropist nor do I consider myself a good person.

A realist and pragmatist.

Therefore, there was no hesitation in making claims that could be seen as self-righteous.

Seeing me like this, Blake shrugged and said, “It’s just you.”

“Anyway, the Earth’s environment is becoming more and more similar to Rondel.”

Blake cut off the conversation, as if he would no longer discuss whether my thoughts were right or wrong.

And I said I sympathized with his change of topic and took out a mana stone the size of a fingernail from subspace.

This is not from Rondel.

President Kim Min-guk brought it to him, saying that it was collected from around the poisonous area and asking if he knew anything about it.

“This precious mana stone is mined from the rocky mountains around Dokji.”

Valuable medicinal herbs have been collected from within the pond for a long time.

After the catastrophe, an infectious disease was rampant on Earth, and an herb that was effective against the infectious disease was discovered inside poisonous paper.

As a result, even though mutant monsters threatened their lives, people had to wear protective clothing and enter the enclosure from time to time.

However, such charity was becoming a bridgehead connecting Rondel and the Earth’s environment.

Not only were Rondel’s monsters flowing in around the poison, but mana and resources were also spreading.

“I wonder if mithril will be discovered soon.”

“Maybe so. But the area around the pond is dangerous, so mining won’t be easy.”

Once Rondel’s monsters, such as orcs and trolls, started appearing, they continued to appear no matter how many monsters were killed, as if they were regenerating in the game.

In Rondel, there is a concept called an extinction prevention system, and there is a law that maintains a certain number of resources and life, and I thought that this system might have been applied to the dokji that had started to become Rondel.

In addition, the mutant poisonous insects that emerged from the poisonous soil became stronger, adding to the danger.

However, as Rondel’s various resources appeared in this kind of poison, I couldn’t help but think that it was an opportunity as well as the perception that it was dangerous.

“It’s high risk, high return.”

“Since the people of Earth don’t know how to use those resources, it can’t be considered a big benefit.”

“Why, don’t we know?”


“There is gold and gems that are in common with the Earth in Rondel, so wouldn’t this be a golden opportunity to buy them at a low price?”

“Are we going to trade between the worlds?”

“Until the two worlds are integrated, I think we can eat and drink in quite a few bites.”


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“Well, there’s nothing wrong with having abundant resources. If the two worlds are integrated, chaos is predicted.”

Blake laughed and said that it was amazing to think of doing a trade in this situation.

“It’s a good thing that there is someone suitable as an agent.”

When my gaze fell on Count Rayers, who was sitting to one side and just rolling his eyes, he flinched in surprise.

However, he soon straightened his shoulders and pounded his chest, asking me to leave it to him.

“All right. “I will send an official letter to each country through Korea saying that I will purchase new materials around poison paper.”

“If possible, let’s use Korea as an intermediary. “Only then will they become more proactive and realize that continuing their relationship with us is beneficial.”

Although direct trade can bring the greatest benefit, the Countries of Rayeth are an reluctant partner for the nations of Earth.

They decided that they would be able to make a lot of profit if they did business with Korea, which they were familiar with.

Count Reyes nodded in understanding at my instructions.

“How much gold does the County of Reyes currently have?”

“It’s about 20 tons.”

The County of Reyes was a wealthy territory.

That’s why they have this much gold, and most people generally prefer mithril ingots, which are small in size and easy to move.

Although I only had a small amount of gold bars right now, I took about 10 tons out of subspace and handed him over to him to use for purchases.

10 tons of gold may seem like a huge amount, but compared to the wealth I have, it is like the blood of a bird’s feet.

“For the time being, about 30 tons will be sufficient. “I’ll bring more gold next time I visit.”

“all right.”

What we must not forget is that Count Rayers is now my subject.

This means that property can be confiscated if one wishes.

Therefore, he had no hesitation in giving money, and he also had no hesitation in accepting it.

Since the count was someone who had run a large estate for a long time, leading a transaction like this was no problem.

“By the way, what happened to the gift?”

Gift refers to the name of this ability bestowed on Earth by the Goddess.

There is a temple in the pond where the monster appears, and if you touch it, you can obtain a special ability called a gift for a limited time.

This is a very important issue.

The more powerful the gift, the more likely it is to become a threat to Rondel in the future.

Military technology using vanguards and sky fortresses is important, but just looking at our group, wouldn’t an individual overwhelm an army with technological prowess?

“Recently, as gifts have become more widely known, it has become difficult to collect them in China and Japan.”

“Well, it’s worth it. I understand.”

“Currently, the number of temples that have appeared in China and Japan is 16, of which 9 temples have been occupied, and a total of 862 people have received gifts and become people with special abilities.”

This means that approximately 96 people with special abilities were obtained from one temple.

Usually, one temple holds gifts for 100 people, but if 100 people are not able to fill the number, it is said that it is because the locals got it first or the country’s regular army interfered with the intervention.

This was a sufficient number to extract data.

“Among them, there are two people with 6th circle abilities, 11 with 5th circle abilities, 37 with 4th circle abilities, and the rest all have abilities of 3rd circle or lower.”

Does this mean that 6th circle level abilities have appeared?

This meant that if the number increased, a 7th circle level entity could appear in the future.

“But I don’t think it’s something worth worrying about. “It’s definitely a free ability, so it’s better than nothing, but even if it’s a 6th circle level ability, it can only handle one type of magic.”

Although everyone in the group, including me, agreed with Count Rayers’ assessment.

I couldn’t erase the feeling of discomfort.

Because the abilities given to me by the goddess were too vague.

“We are experimenting with various things to see if there is growth potential, but there are no other signs.”

“thank god.”

I don’t think it’s a bad thing for Earth to have this ability.

They also need to adapt to the new world.

However, I do not want that power to be stronger than necessary.

Therefore, I had no choice but to tell Count Rayers to observe carefully.

“All right. Thank you for your hard work today. “We’ll just head back.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Please take a look.”

After finishing our work in the County of Rayers, we headed home to Bucheon before returning to Rondel.

* * *

As major areas of Tokyo are engulfed in poisonous rain, the official residence of the Japanese Prime Minister has now been moved to Osaka.

Currently, an unexpected situation has occurred at the Prime Minister’s Office in Osaka.

“What is this? Commander Mikado (Lieutenant General)!”

The Ground Force, one of the main units of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, occupied the Prime Minister’s residence and the commander of the unit, Commander Mikado, committed the atrocity of holding a Japanese sword to the Prime Minister’s neck.

Commander Mikado, who triumphantly pulled out a Japanese sword that, unlike Rondel’s force sword, was nothing more or less than a cool thing, shouted at the Prime Minister as if shouting.

“I cannot recognize you as the head of state, as you are busy tarnishing the reputation of Japan and chasing after Korea and China and licking their shoes.”

“What is that? I just calmly judge the current situation and take action accordingly… … .”

“Shut up! “You are a plague that tramples on the people’s pride and destroys their spirit!”

The Prime Minister sensed that Chief Mikado was someone he could not communicate with as he suddenly started talking about spirituality.

So, in order to overcome this situation, I rolled my eyes and looked around.

Currently, there is a standoff between security personnel and members of the 1st Airborne Division, a special unit of the Land Forces, at the Prime Minister’s residence.

Although they are outnumbered, the security forces and agents from the Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Office will soon arrive.

So I thought that if I just took the time, this ridiculous coup would be sorted out.



but… … .

The intelligence agents and guards that Japan was proud of were unable to do anything and were killed by members of the 1st Airborne Division.

In the process, the Prime Minister had to frown as he watched the members of the 1st Aircraft Group use special powers.

This is because they all appeared to be superhuman troops who had obtained the gift.

Superhuman units were organized into three armies, and one of them happened to be part of the Land Forces.

The Prime Minister was taken aback by this and suggested negotiations to Commander Mikado, saying let’s talk.

“With your death, Great Japan will be reborn! Disappear! “You are a symbol of national ruin!”

Commander Mikado swung his Japanese sword and cut down the Prime Minister.

“Oh, this is crazy…” … .”

Chief Mikado seemed to think of himself as the main character of a drama or movie, and gave strength to every word he said.

If Adrian had seen it, he would have said, ‘It’s just a serious 2nd year of serious illness,’ and due to his dogmatism, the situation in Japan falls into great confusion.

And this was a good signal for Adrian, who was trying to reorganize his power in East Asia centered on Korea, to easily take over Japan.


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