My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 234

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Episode 234: Dream in the game becomes reality

52. Rondel’s changes (5)

The scenery in front of you changes with the unique sense of spatial movement.

Rondel’s high-ranking officials have experienced this many times, but for President Kim Min-guk and his entourage, who are citizens of Earth, this was their first time experiencing this phenomenon, so they were all greatly embarrassed.

“This is it, Rondel’s magic is truly amazing.”

Still, President Kim Min-guk, like a leader of a country, did not show it and made a joke.

Adrian said with a smile at President Kim Min-guk’s reaction.

“Teleportation magic is widely commercialized in Rondel. Teleportation gates with this magic are the main means of long-distance transportation, allowing you to travel to places on the other side of the planet in an instant. Perhaps, if you have accurate coordinates and enough magic power, you could even travel from Earth to another planet.”

“Oh, is that so? “Space exploration would be much easier if we used magic.”

“Sure. “They used teleportation to launch a satellite made exclusively for the Layers Territory.”

The President’s eyes widened as if this was the first time that the County of Rayers had launched a satellite.

I realized how much I could accomplish with just one teleportation spell.

“What volume or weight can teleport magic move?”

“If you have the equipment or facilities to replenish your magic power, you can also move the sky fortress. “I actually had an experience of being invaded by space-moving a sky fortress.”

“ha ha ha. “That’s amazing.”

In the past, Margrave Raven, stepmother Anna’s biological family, used this method when attacking Viscount Lawrence.

Of course, Adrian, who had noticed in advance, self-destructed the Viscounty’s Sky Fortress and turned it all into fireworks.

Since this was not something that needed to be revealed, Adrian told them the location of the ground they were standing on.

“This is a place called Fukue Island, belonging to Nagasaki Koto City.”

Although the President of the Republic of Korea cannot know all the islands of Japan, he did know about Fukue Island.

It was the closest Japanese territory to Jeju Island.

Fukue was a developed island with a fairly large population.

However, the great disaster caused numerous casualties, and after entering a period of stability, all survivors left for the mainland, leaving the island uninhabited.

The abandoned island’s urban area had become a complete ghost town, giving off a shabby atmosphere. Many buildings and facilities seemed like a perfect place for experiments.

“Then I will show you Rondel’s swordsmanship.”

Since the event started almost compulsorily, the President looked bewildered on the inside but smiled on the outside.

“Before the full-scale demonstration, I have a question. “Do you guys know anything about the Force Sword?”


“Then do you know about Vanguard?”

“Yes, I know. Isn’t this Rondel’s armor-type weapon that was of great help in this war? I can’t tell you how surprised I was. “It is no match for tanks, which are ground weapons, and using a hoverboard, it is possible to fight one-on-one with fighter planes, Earth’s main weapon.”

“Now that you know about Vanguard’s destructive power, it will be easy to make a statement. “The core of the Vanguard equipment is the force engine, which processes the aura energy possessed by the swordsmen into a form that can be released.”

Since it was a concept that did not exist on Earth, no matter how much I tried to explain it, I could not understand it.

Adrian asked Arcia to assist him.

Arcia was the first to release the aura onto the sword without force conversion.


The sight of blue light rising above the sword and fluttering like a flame was so mysterious.

“This is what an Auror is. “It is an ability that is a basic skill of swordsmen called knights in Rondel.”

Arcia walked up to the nearby mini building and swung her sword.

Then, the reinforced concrete wall of the building was pierced, creating a sharp and long scar.

It’s like swinging a box cutter at clay.

The president and his entourage widened their eyes at that, and then Arcia converted the auror into force and released it into the building, creating a neatly 2m-diameter hole in the building, as if a punch hole had been made.

“And when you convert those auras into force in the form of an emanation, this is what happens. The attack range increases, and long-distance attacks become possible.”


The president was impressed because he just thought Rondel’s weaponry was amazing, but he didn’t think it was based on swordsmanship skills.

“Among those who have mastered the use of auras, a small number of geniuses become aura masters, and above them there are levels of grandmaster and roadmaster. “My wife is the Grandmaster, and Blake is the Roadmaster.”

After all, this was just an introduction.

The full-scale swordsmanship demonstration begins now.

When Arcia formed the Auror Blade, light and energy on a different level from previous Aurors stood on the sword.

This felt different even to the general public, the president and his entourage.

“It is often said that the combat power of an Aura Master is similar to that of a sky fortress. The trademark of such an Aura Master is a technique called Aura Blade. “The Auror Blade can cut through several meters of metal plate, and using the Force Sword, you can penetrate the Sky Fortress’s defense shield and hit the armor directly without having to make a melee attack.”

Arcia swung her pure Aura Blade towards the little building that had been demonstrated earlier.



-Go go go go go boom!

A long diagonal crack appeared, and the building fell on its side.

It’s a small building, but it’s 20 meters wide.

Such a building was cut to the ground with a single knife.

Moreover, Arsia’s Aura Blade did not just cut down the building, but also caused damage to the buildings in the rear, with three houses swept away by the Aura Blade’s fragments and sword wind.

The president and his entourage gaped.

“Do you mean this is the force exerted by the human body?”

“Yes, it is an ability that can be expressed purely with the sword without any correction. “This is what happens when you use the Force Sword here.”

Then, when the Aura Blade was released using the Force Sword, hundreds of buildings in a straight line evaporated without a trace.

The asphalt on the floor had deep dents, as if a spoon had passed over ice cream.

It was a scene that made it understandable why the Aura Master was said to be comparable to the Sky Fortress, which displayed fearsome majesty.

And Adrian smiled brightly and said:

“The level called Grandmaster is capable of taking down dozens of Sky Fortresses and wiping out thousands of Vanguards by himself. Of course, that’s only if we fight head-on, and if we engage in guerrilla warfare, we can cause even more damage.”

At that time, Arcia’s appearance changed with the light.

As if transforming, he changed his outfit to the main combat equipment made of orichalcon and adamantium.


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Four swords were stored like wings behind her back, and when the lock was released, the swords floated in the air.

“The Grandmaster uses a more strengthened Aura Blade and releases the Aura Blade even without the Force. The biggest feature is that he can swing four swords at will. This technique is called fish sword. “By using the fish sword, you can perform swordsmanship from a distance and release an aura blade.”

The president and his party were already at a loss for words from the Auror Master level demonstration.

Therefore, Adrian did not immediately demonstrate the Grandmaster’s force, but continued the Roadmaster’s explanation.

“A roadmaster is a person who has reached the level of success with the sword. “By using the technique of mind and sword, you can cut everything in sight.”

Adrian cast a spell.

Accordingly, a huge magic circle began to be drawn in the sky, and the eyes of the president and his entourage, who noticed something strange, turned to the sky.

“What situation is this?”

“We are bringing in the right targets to demonstrate the might of the Grandmaster and Lordmaster.”

“You’re a target.”

“Oh, there it is.”

-Go go go go go go!

With Adrian’s words, a huge meteor appeared through the magic circle.

The president was astonished at the sight of a meteor with red flames.

“Well, well, what is that?”

If something like that falls, this island will never be safe.

Arcia threw a sword at the meteor.

From the level of Grandmaster, you can fire the Aura Blade over a long distance without the help of the Force.

Her sword, which flew through the air like a fighter jet, spewed out aura blades and struck the meteor with fierce force.

-Quaaaang! Quaaaang!

Then, a series of huge explosions occurred on the surface of the meteor.

It’s as if thousands of missiles are raining down.

As a result of Arsia’s attack, the surface of the meteor exploded and split, creating numerous fragments.

Arcia’s attack was powerful enough, but it was not enough to offset the meteor, and Adrian continued speaking, calming down those who were confused.

“This concludes the Grandmaster’s demonstration and we will continue the Roadmaster’s demonstration.”

Then, Arcia took a step back and Blake came forward.

He did not flash his Aura Blade or swing his sword, but took a stance with his sword raised.

-Go go go go!

And towards the huge meteor that filled my field of vision.

He pulled out his sword and swung it.

The sword is neither fast nor slow enough for the average eye to follow.

However, this was the most powerful blow that Blake poured all his strength into.

The situation created by that attack left everyone stunned.

-Kwasik! Kwaaaaang!

The meteor that fell from the sky with a loud explosion split in half.

It’s like an apple splitting open like a lie.

Adrian was a 9th circle, and Blake was a roadmaster equivalent to the 9th circle, so there was nothing strange about being able to use meteor magic.

However, Meteo is a special magic among 9th circle magic.

Even though the meteor was split in half, it did not completely cancel it out, and the orbits of the two meteors were slightly distorted and each fell in a different direction.


Soon, a huge mushroom cloud appeared, accompanied by a powerful explosion.

The meteor split into two and fell on Wakamas Island and Nakatori Island, about 25km away from Fukue Island.

“Both islands are uninhabited, so it doesn’t matter. Oh, you don’t have to worry about earthquakes or tsunamis. “You can easily calm it down with that decluttering magic.”

The shock wave generated when the meteor fell reached Fukue Island, where they were located, but was blocked by Adrian’s shield.

Next, Adrian, who helped prevent earthquakes and tsunamis, smiled and snapped his fingers.


Soon, they returned to the original conference room of the County of Rayeth.

“It is rare to see grandmasters and roadmasters directly demonstrating military force, even in Rondel. How do you feel? “It’s quite a rare experience, right?”


The president smiled and nodded, but his complexion turned pale like those of his entourage.

* * *

The meeting between Adrian and President Kim Min-guk ended before long.

All we wanted to do was share information and solidify our cooperative relationship.

However, one thing that was significantly different from before was Korea’s evaluation of Rondel.

“That was a power that no human being could possess.”

“I wondered if it would feel that way if there was a God.”

They had previously evaluated Rondel as a world where science and technology using magic had developed rapidly.

Therefore, no matter how good the relationship is, as the underlying world and roots are different, tactics and techniques that will be used in Rondel have been studied without knowing.

But what happened today changed their thoughts completely.

“The truly scary thing about Rondel is not its magic-based technology and the military power it created. “This is the power that superhumans have.”

The Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defense nodded in agreement with the President’s story.

Adrian said it was nice to meet them and showed them the power of the Grandmaster and Roadmaster, but they were not stupid enough to purely accept his intentions as is.

The thing that stood out the most, showing Arcia and Blake’s power, was the meteor summoned by Adrian.

“This is a show of force.”

“I think so too.”

Adrian’s reason for staging such a show of force in Korea, with which he had good relations, was simple.

He intends to clearly distinguish between upper and lower ranks in future relationships and take the lead himself.

“The problem is that even though we know it is a demonstration of force, we have no choice but to cover it up with laughter.”

It would have been a good idea to regard the forces of Rondel, including Adrian, as a serious threat, and for the nations of Earth to unite to fight against them, but in reality, it was close to impossible.

To begin with, each country had different ideologies and political inclinations, and even in this situation, they were busy keeping each other in check.

Isn’t Korea alone keeping China and Japan in check?

Even if a common enemy arises, will Korea, China, and Japan be able to join forces?

It wasn’t easy.

In the end, there was only one choice President Kim Min-guk could make in this situation.

“I can’t help it. “For now, we have no choice but to follow their intentions.”

South Korea’s biggest ally is the United States.

The United States would have been able to easily overwhelm the County of Rayers, but the problem was that the United States was too far away from Korea.

Moreover, because of this incident, I learned that it was not the military power of the County of Rayeth that I had to worry about.

So I couldn’t dare to have any other thoughts.

“What do you think of his offer?”

The President thought for a moment about the Chief of Staff’s question.

At the meeting, Adrian made a suggestion.

Of course, I’m not saying we should do it right away, but rather plan for the long term.

“There is no need to refuse on our part.”

This is exactly what Adrian suggests.

‘Status of East Asian hegemony.’

The idea is to reorganize the power structure in East Asia with Korea at the center.

What this meant was the fall of China and Japan.

In other words, the idea is to expand the war rather than end it with taking over North Korea.

“Unlike North Korea, there is too much land to cover.”

“Yeah, it won’t be easy.”

In normal circumstances, I would deny that it was possible, but the force that Adrian and his group showed today made me think that it might be possible.

Thanks to this, the president was troubled.

“If they make a strong request just because we are concerned, can we refuse?”

“… … .”

The president could not help but laugh at the fact-based violence by the chief of staff.

He was absolutely right.

“At this point, I don’t know if we can truly call ourselves a hegemon just because we occupy East Asia.”

I thought the line they caught was a twig line, but I started to think that it might be a thorn vine.


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