My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 233

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Episode 233: Dream in the game becomes reality

52. Rondel’s changes (4)

Do you know what the goddess is trying to do?

Isn’t this something you can naturally figure out if you follow Adrian?

I hate getting caught up in troublesome things, but this is something I can fully enjoy and show off my pride.

Therefore, Branguiche nodded with an extremely serious expression at Stania’s words.

“All right. Please leave it to me.”

Stania let out a low laugh as if she was seeing him again when she saw him showing such a trusting response.

[Hehehe, guy. I thought he was going to throw a tantrum and say he didn’t like it, but it looks like he’s grown up already.]

“It seems like an important issue, so we should step up.”

Dragons have the ability to clearly see through their opponent’s intentions, but Branguiche was still the same dragon no matter how much better he was than himself.

Therefore, Stania accepted what he said as it was.

Stania, who was in a good mood, gave Brangiche a gift and told him to work hard.

“what is this?”

It was a metal sphere the size of a human head.

[Isn’t it the main weapon of the human world? Flying in the sky.]

“Fortress in the sky?”

[That’s right, Sky Fortress. I tried to compress it and make it. Is it a so-called escort-type autonomous sky fortress? Its performance will not be inferior to that of the needlessly large sky fortresses created by humans.]

“Oh oh!”

It was not a similar sky fortress model like the Spirit Tower of the Elysian Alliance, but a sky fortress equipped with an actual force engine.

It’s just ridiculously scaled down in size.

[A force engine is a device that amplifies and converts auras. So, I processed the Elder Death Knight into core form and put it in. And then it worked in a similar way.]

If it’s an Elder Death Knight, it’s an 8th circle, grand master level monster.

Processing it to create a sky fortress was a serious nerf.

Rather, the Elder Death Knight was much more powerful than the Sky Fortress.

Does it feel like precious mithril chunks were put inside to make the amount of gold seem large?

It was a useless waste that anyone other than a dragon could even think of attempting.

[Since your guy likes strange things so much, I was going to give it to you as a reward if you don’t listen, but I’ll just give it to you.]

“thank you!”

Branguiche let out an exclamation as he picked up the small sky fortress, saying he could show it off to Adrian and his companions.

But soon, I was struck by the thought that I had received something precious even though I was not doing much.

So, Brangiche took out a rather expensive item from among the Earth’s automatic watches he owned and handed it to Stania as if bartering.

[This… . Watch.]

Stania, who has a sharp eye, immediately recognized what it was.

[Wow, is this a mechanical clock that operates solely on kinetic energy using a pendulum?]

The watch movement, which was so elaborately made, had a beauty different from that of jewelry.

The unexpected gift she received from Branguiche caught Stania’s heart.

Thanks to this, Branguiche was in a good mood and Stania was also in a good mood.

But Branguiche did not expect this.

The fact is that when Stania shows the automatic watch to other dragons, she receives explosive attention later on.

* * *

“I think everyone understands. If you follow my instructions faithfully, I will prepare a place for you to visit your family next time. However, if you cannot keep this, you will have no choice but to be detained in the underground prison of the King Kong Castle for Hamgu’s sake. Of course, I can’t even visit Earth again.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

Arriving at the ruins of Dragon Land, which allows travel to and from Earth, I left a threatening warning to the 20 Americans who would be traveling with me today.

Today, they will pair up with Blue Moon agents and approach the contacts I have built on Earth to give them individual instructions, including investigation activities.

I had already made them fully familiar with the work, so there was no need to bother talking at length.

“let’s hurry. Gogo.”

However, unlike Americans, who inevitably have a heavy heart, this waiting time could not help but feel boring for Brangiche, who visited the Earth as if he was going on a trip.

I laughed at his urging and headed straight for Earth.

This time, unlike before, there were as many as 50 people together.

After a while.

The place we arrived was the rooftop of a building located in Boston, USA.

The city was abandoned because it was not protected by the military, and there was no sign of anyone at all.

“Then move right away.”

I calmly gave instructions to the Americans, who were filled with emotion as they looked around to see how good it was despite the ruins.

The time you can stay on Earth is limited.

To me, every minute and every second was a waste, so I couldn’t allow them time to indulge in sentimentality.


At my direction, they tore down the space movement scroll immediately along with Agent Blue Moon, who had no choice but to be paired with them, and soon all of them disappeared from sight.

Thanks to this, only the existing members remained on the roof of the building.

“We’re going too.”

Branguiche flew to China again.

There, you will enjoy shopping and Earth’s culture.

The reason why the country where he enjoys adventure is China is simple.

Even when the dragon went on a rampage, it chose a country that felt less sorry for its opponents, and that was China.

Instead, I gave him a Gregory, whether I should call it a minimal safety pin or a deterrent.

Although it was his first time participating in the trip to Earth, I thought that a rational Gregory would act as my agent well and prevent Branguiche from going on unnecessary rampage.

“I should go and watch the wiggles too.”


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I did not head to Bucheon.

Bergman first headed to the Bucheon house to check the artificial intelligence, and I remained on the roof of the building with Arcia, Blake, and the devil worshiper Celine.

The reason why this member remained is simple.

The purpose was to have Celine talk to the Demon Lord Exceed, the reincarnation of Archduke Lucas.

“Master Branguiche is firmly possessed by the Earth. “You don’t even care if a devil worshiper is around.”

“I roughly explained the situation.”

“But still, isn’t the dragon’s duty to protect Rondel?”

Dragons hate demons as much as the church.

Because on the day when the devil comes, we have to fight like crazy.

That’s why Branguiche participated in the last visit to Earth and hid Celine in Rondel.

However, I can’t leave Celine in Rondel forever to contact Lord Exceed.

So we decided to ask Branguiche for permission, and whether it was because he was an eccentric dragon or if he trusted us, he acknowledged Celine’s existence without much hesitation.

So this time, Celine was able to come to Earth together.


“Yes, I will try it right now.”

Celine immediately prayed to Lord Exceed.

But this time too, there was no answer from Road Exceed.

I had to tilt my head.

“what? Are the aftereffects of Advent still lingering?”

“Well, then he really has no solution. Isn’t this an important situation? “If communication is not easy, cooperation will be difficult.”

Blake answered my question.

“Or maybe we can think of it as meaning that it’s not that urgent right now?”

“Maybe so. “Or we’re in an emergency situation that we don’t know about.”

I had to laugh bitterly at Blake’s line that made me feel somewhat uneasy.

“So what’s the main agenda for today?”

The schedule is to meet famous people and treat their illnesses as usual, and visit the County of Rayers to deliver daily necessities.

But today, a meeting with a special person is scheduled on this schedule.

“I decided to meet the President of the Republic of Korea.”


The President of the Republic of Korea, whom Kim Min-gi (me) in his previous life would never meet, who died unexpectedly while serving in the military, appears as today’s special guest.

* * *

President Kim Min-guk, who was scheduled to meet with Adrian, had already arrived at the meeting location, County of Rayers.

Perhaps he thought that they had become close friends through their cooperation so far, so he asked Count Rayers about Adrian to get information.

“You’re only 22?”

However, when I found out Adrian’s age in the process, I couldn’t help but develop some unnecessary prejudice since the president was also Korean.

Since he is an excellent magician, I thought he might look young but actually be older, but I never thought he would be as old as he looks.

“I heard that Korea is quite strict about dividing people into upper and lower classes based on age. But you shouldn’t judge him based on his age.”

The president asked carefully in response to Count Reyes’ answer, who smiled while showing his pure white teeth.

“He seems like a very special person, right?”

At that, Count Rayers shook his head loudly.

In addition, he boasted about the achievements of Adrian, his benefactor and new lord.

“sure. “You are the one who destroyed a great empire hundreds of times more powerful than the County of Rayeth.”


“As well as… .”

The story of Count Reyes was very interesting, starting with the fact that Adrian was the second son of a noble family on the border of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

He was once called a prodigy, but after living a life of hiding himself under threat from his stepmother and half-brother, he gained strength and achieved revenge, grew his country into a huge empire, and took the throne.

Adrian’s biography was the life of a protagonist that would sell well even if made into a comic book.

“That’s amazing.”

“Yes? “It is clear that he will become a great person who will further develop Rondel in the future.”

Count Rayers’ blind faith was like a believer facing God.

‘If you turn him into an enemy, he would be the worst person.’

The president had no choice but to think that way.

Count Rayers may have exaggerated and embellished the story, but Adrian, who appears in his story, was not only a man with outstanding personal combat skills, but also a person with a deep mind and a knack for trickery.

If you’re on the same side, you’re the best ally.

If you met him as an opponent, he was your worst enemy.

In fact, he had asked Count Reyes about Adrian to gain background information on the other person, but thanks to this, the President was able to decide on a course of action.

“My lord, His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence has arrived.”

“okay? “I’ll take you there quickly.”

After a while, Adrian entered the conference room, leading Arcia, Blake, and Celine.

I don’t know when it was prepared, but the Korean flag and the flag of the Duchy of Lawrence were erected side by side on the wall of the conference hall.

Thanks to this, we were able to create a realistic summit atmosphere, but with so many handsome and beautiful people sitting across from us, it couldn’t help but feel strange.

“Nice to meet you. Mr. President. “This is Prince Adrian L. Laurence.”

“Nice to meet you. Your Majesty the King. “This is Kim Min-guk, President of the Republic of Korea.”

The President sat next to the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Defense, and he sat next to Adrian’s Blake and Arcia.

Count Reyes was standing behind Adrian with Celine, showing that the three people seated were of higher status than him.

“If it’s not rude, could you also introduce the people around you?”

The president smiled and asked Adrian to create a friendly atmosphere.

“This is my wife, Princess Arcia L. Laurence.”

“Oh oh! “You are truly a beautiful lady.”

“haha. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also a master swordsman. By the way, the person here is Blake Russell of the Dark Elf clan, the best swordsman in Rondel and my wife’s teacher.”

I wondered how great of a person he was, but with his wife and her swordsmanship teacher, he was a member that I couldn’t help but feel dizzy from.

Nevertheless, like a seasoned politician, the president asked without showing it.

“I heard that Rondel is a world full of special abilities. Swordsmanship in a place like that would be amazing, right?”

But he didn’t expect it.

How big was the impact of that question asked out of politeness?

“Then, to celebrate this meeting, shall I show you Rondel’s swordsmanship?”

“Good! It is an honour!”

“Then let’s change places for a moment.”



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