My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 231

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Episode 231: Dream in the game becomes reality

52. Rondel’s changes (2)

As the place where the meeting took place was a sacred place, our movements were broadcast in real time through the media around the world.

As expected, the emperors of the Brigham Empire and the Reinharts Empire are gathering together and holding a meeting centered on me, the successor of Archduke Lucas.

It was natural that the world was interested, and numerous media outlets gathered at the sacred site and poured out articles.

However, as the protagonists of the meeting, who had no doubt that a rough conversation would take place, hurriedly headed to the church headquarters in unison, everyone had no choice but to express doubts.

This could be seen just by looking at the reporters following us, keeping the distance.

We don’t dare ask questions to the emperor and king, but everyone is watching us closely with question marks above their heads.

Before long, Emperor Edward Noah Bringham, Emperor Michael van Reinharts, and I arrived at the church headquarters.

“I will guide you this way.”

The reporters had to wait outside because they could not get inside the church’s headquarters, but the clergy at the church’s headquarters followed the reporters’ reactions.

Of course, before coming here, I contacted them saying that I would like to meet the saint and the saint.

However, since it was a request for an interview that was almost like a notification, officials at the church headquarters were also greatly embarrassed.

It was a behavior so rude that it could create the misunderstanding that the member was just a member and could not shake it off, and that he was ignoring the church.

“I meet Your Majesty the Two Emperors and Your Majesty the Duke.”

And at that moment, I was able to meet the saint and the saint who were hurriedly walking in front of the reception room.

Saint Ivril did not look particularly offended, but the saint’s expression was full of dissatisfaction.

I guess he thought he was being taken lightly because he was a new saint.

“I hope you understand that I acted against the procedures. “There was something I urgently needed your help with, so I risked being rude and requested an immediate meeting.”

“It must mean that it is important enough for precious people to move in such a hurry.”

However, when Emperor Edward, the elderly leader of the First Nation of Rondel, handed us an apple, his anger eased and he led us into the drawing room.

To the saint and the saint who were sitting face to face, the emperor got straight to the point.

“I hope you two can take the path of the goddess and listen to Sepia’s voice.”

Of course, the listener couldn’t help but wonder if this was the sound of someone banging a baton in their sleep.

Seeing the saint’s frown narrowed, the saint who was friendly toward us took the first step to ask the reason.

“Please explain.”

Her eyes were on me, and she seemed to have guessed that I was the one who caused this situation.

Accurate judgment.

I had to feel complex and subtle emotions because I no longer seemed to see Everil’s clumsy and naive side.

“Do you two know about the world called Earth?”

The saint and the saintess flinched at the thoughtless question.

‘I’m just saying this as an introduction to explain the situation, but you already know about Earth?’

Because this was a completely unexpected reaction, the eyes of the two emperors, including me, became sharp.

The saint opened his mouth with a bewildered expression, as if wondering when he had narrowed his eyes in an unusual atmosphere.

“This is a top secret matter for the church. Rather, I wonder how you know the name.”

There is no need to bring up trivial details such as the fact that Archduke Lucas and I were from Earth.

What we wanted to know was what the goddess thought.

Are they really planning to merge Earth and Rondel, will there be any damage to Rondel in the process, and is there a way to deal with this?

“We are protecting several Earthlings who came over from Earth. In addition, there is a means of receiving news from the Earth in real time.”

“… … .”

Perhaps the news was completely unexpected, and the saint and saint were perplexed.

I looked straight into Ivril’s eyes and asked.

“Does that top secret include the plan for Rondel and Earth to be merged?”

“What does that mean? “The two worlds are merging?”

However, the two were not fully aware of the goddess’s plan.

What the two knew wasn’t as much as they thought.

“One day, the goddess gave me knowledge. “That knowledge only contained information about Rondel and its twin planet.”

The two only knew background information about Earth.

It feels as if they are saying, ‘You are my people, so I will make it easy for you to adapt to the new era.’

Still, if the two people know something about the Earth, the explanation becomes much easier.

There is no need to prove the existence of the Earth.

“This can’t happen! “Your Majesty the King, are you planning to blaspheme the One God!?”

That was the saint’s reaction after hearing all the explanations.

It was a fully expected reaction, so I answered without feeling offended.

“Of course, this claim cannot be said to be 100% certain. So, I want to ask the goddess. “It is true that the two of you have already received information from Earth, and if you look at the circumstances, this claim is supported.”

At my words, not only Emperor Michael but also Emperor Edward of the Brigham Empire, who was now on the same side, nodded.

However, the saint who was also chosen by God became angry at me, as if he was dissatisfied with the situation itself.

“You must not doubt the goddess’s intentions! “Isn’t it just because the King wants to turn the attention of the Brigham Empire to the outside world?”

I don’t like this kid.

You hit my intention exactly.

“I’m thinking about that and this separately, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

And at Emperor Edward’s subsequent reaction, I clicked my tongue and shrugged my shoulders.

“If my guess is correct, there will be great damage to Rondel. So wouldn’t it be better to be clear about it?”

“Your Majesty the King!”

As the saint’s voice became louder, the energy of the Holy Knights directly under the saint’s command, who were waiting outside the door, permeated the living room.

Even so, it poses no threat to me as a member of the 9th circle.

“All right. “We will comply with the requests of His Majesty the Two Emperors and His Highness the Prince.”

But then.


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Saint Ivril’s remarks echoed in the atmosphere of the drawing room as if pouring cold water on them.

“Saint Ivril, are you sane?”

“Saint Jihad is more emotional than necessary.”

The two emperors, including me, agreed with Ivril’s point and looked at the saint.

As a priest, I could fully understand the saint’s reaction, but at least the two emperors and I were people who had no choice but to value reason over faith in God, so Ivril’s choice could not help but resonate with me.

“Instead, I believe that the three of you will donate sufficient money.”


“Is it possible?”

In addition, as the leader of the religious order, her thoroughness in taking care of practical benefits reminded me of Sylvester, her predecessor as a saint.

Now that the saint had come out like this, the saint could no longer object and glared at me.

I had a good relationship with the previous Seong Ja-wan, but for some reason, I feel like it will be difficult to get along with this Seong Ja-wan.

Is it because I’m still young?

“Let’s go. “I will go straight to the path of the goddess.”

Soon, Ivril showed the two emperors and I with impeccable courtesy and guided them to the exit.

* * *

After a while, we arrived at a sanctuary reminiscent of an Aztec foundation called the Way of the Goddess.

The saint, who had repeatedly voiced opposing views, followed with an expression that said there was nothing he could do. Unlike the religious headquarters, the sanctuary was an area where outsiders could enter, so once again numerous cameras were attached to it.

Ivril paid no heed to those people’s gaze and took out a fancy ceremonial robe from the subspace ring and put it on.

“Then I’ll be back.”

Next, she began to climb the path to becoming a goddess, holding in her hand the staff specially designed for saints.

It is something that happens once every few years for a saint or saint to take the path of a goddess.

However, when the saintess took the path of goddess without warning while the two emperors and I were inducted, the reporters’ reaction became more serious.

I wonder if something unusual is happening.


While everyone’s attention was focused on the saint, a ray of light fell from the sky as she climbed to the top of the Goddess’ Path.

Fortunately, it seems that the goddess responded to the saint’s call.


But right after that, something strange happened.

Suddenly, I felt like a strange energy was constricting my whole body, and the surrounding scenery changed as if I had been transported in space.

The sanctuary I was looking at just now is nowhere to be found.

What unfolded before my eyes was a wide field with no end in sight and a meadow with floating clouds.

In the center, the two emperors, Ivril and the saint, stood with me.

“Why are you all here?”

Everil responded by asking why you were here, but we couldn’t help but tilt our heads because we didn’t know what was going on.

[I called it.]

However, as a new woman appeared vaguely like a ghost, the need to explain the situation disappeared.

There is no need to think deeply about her identity.

Everyone knelt in unison and bowed their heads.

Even Emperor Edward of the Brigham Empire, famous for his arrogance.

“I see the great Creator.”

Sure enough, her true identity is none other than Goddess Sepia.

It seems that this place was created for conversation with God.

The goddess, who appeared in a translucent form with the hem of her white dress fluttering, appeared to be not in perfect condition, but even she had an energy that greatly exceeded mine.

[You’ve been selling my name quite a bit, you disgusting bastard.]

The goddess, not a saint or saint, stood before me first and said that.

Well, it was natural for a god to know that I was the culprit who brought him down.

Although she used a polite tone, I slowly raised my head at the goddess’s remark, which did not seem to contain much emotion.

“We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

I just moved according to the situation.

However, my actions may have seemed offensive to the goddess.

I answered politely because there was no benefit in giving a bad impression to a transcendent being.

The goddess answered calmly without any change in expression.

[It was done. In the end, it was all my fault. Your shame is also my fault.]

Did you feel uncomfortable?

The goddess passed over very coolly.

It was a reaction that made her feel embarrassed that she had been treated as a semi-villain recently.

Meeting the goddess was an unexpected and unexpected situation, but it was a clear opportunity.

A very good decision to decide future response… … .

[There is nothing to explain at length regarding the Earth. Everything is as you know.]

However, I was taken aback by the goddess’s remark that made me lose my breath.

“Are you saying that a major disaster could befall Rondel in the future?”

[…] … .]

As mentioned earlier, the goddess did not bother to answer this issue, as if she had no intention of explaining it at length.

Thanks to this, not only mine but also the expressions of the two emperors became serious.

As the saying goes, silence equals positivity, it didn’t seem like a very good response.

[I did not answer because I did not think it would be fair to only give Rondel hints about future events.]

However, my eyes widened as I saw the goddess adding additional explanation as if she did not want to be misunderstood.

‘Isn’t it fair to only give hints to Rondel?’

This is interpreted to mean that not only our Rondel, but also the Earth’s position is being considered.

It seems like they are already considering the Earth as their own.

But it doesn’t matter what her perception of the Earth is.

There was only one thing we wanted: safety.

“If you are a goddess, wouldn’t it be possible to manage both worlds without causing any damage?”

I asked a question while observing the goddess’s gaze.

[It happens when damage occurs. Or not. Isn’t it all natural anyway? Keep in mind that your daily life is already based on the death of another life.]

I get it roughly.

The disposition of this goddess.

In any case, for her, humans are not much different from livestock in a slaughterhouse.

They regard what they will do in the future as simply the providence of nature and cannot do anything about it even if it causes damage.

I’ve been looking into her since she released a large number of monsters and planted something called a gift in China, and she seemed to consider the balance of Rondel and the Earth more important than human life.

So what are the advices (oracles) that have been given to humans so far?

It was a statement that made us reconsider the values ​​of the denomination.

[All my choices are to create a better future.]

A better future certainly means a world seen from her perspective, not that of humans.

I couldn’t say anything more.

Since the goddess has already drawn the line, there will be no need to protest or plead.

[No matter what future you imagine or what response you make, I will respect that will and will not place any restrictions on your actions.]

They said they would just leave it alone.

I scratched my head.

‘This is it, won,’

* * *

The expressions on the faces of the people who returned to the reception room in the church headquarters after the meeting with the goddess were spectacular.

In particular, the saint’s reaction was the most violent, and the reactions of the saint and the other two emperors were similar.

“I guess I have no choice but to accept the King’s offer.”

The emperor, shocked by the goddess’s way of thinking, spoke in an angry voice.

The unification of the two worlds was acknowledged by the goddess and became a fait accompli.

So, it is a natural procedure to prepare for just such an emergency.

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s create an alliance organization with the Reinharts Empire. instead… … .”

Even in this situation, are you still putting conditions on it?

However, Emperor Brigham’s subsequent remarks were completely unexpected.

“I guess you will be the head of the alliance organization.”

Suddenly, he became the head of an organization that encompassed two empires.


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