My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 230

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Episode 230: A chance in a game turns into reality

52. Rondel’s changes (1)

The mother looked at Arsia with wide eyes.

My father and I tilted our heads, wondering what was going on, but it was too late to realize why my mother was surprised.

“Ah, Arcia. “It’s not like there’s something stuck in your throat or something, right?”


Arcia, who could chew even steel, responded that she didn’t understand the meaning of my question, and then, forgetting that her mother was wearing a dress, she rushed over and asked.

“Are you pregnant?”

Seeing her mother asking while holding Arsia’s hand, Arcia looked surprised, but soon closed her eyes and checked her condition.

“The flow of energy is not smooth… … .”

As she said that and looked at me, I quickly used magic to check her condition.

Then, in addition to the aura point located on Arsia’s lower abdomen, I discovered a place where energy was concentrated a little further up her abdomen.

No matter how little I built up my circle, I knew what it meant as I had been instilled with various knowledge related to magic.

“Oh, oh oh oh!”

When I let out an unusual exclamation, my mother and father’s expressions brightened, and Arsia’s expression became happy and somewhat complex.

No matter how much there was to worry about, two superhumans couldn’t even find out in advance that they were pregnant… … .

Isn’t this a level that goes beyond the word insensitivity?

I held onto Arcia’s hand, who looked somewhat anxious, and said this as if to reassure her.

“There is no need to be anxious.”


“If Arcia Jeong is anxious, we could create a culture facility and grow the child there so she doesn’t have to carry the fetus in her stomach… … .”


However, I was slapped in the back by my mother at the misaligned lines from the wizard-like focus, and I also said to Arcia, “That’s a bit…” … I had to listen to the words.

“Hey, just kidding.”

“It didn’t sound like a joke at all?”


I cleared my throat for no reason and looked at Arcia again.

Then he kissed her cheek and spoke again.

“Let’s live happily.”

A short but meaningful line.

Arcia finally smiled at those sincere words.

She has a surprisingly expressionless expression, so when she smiles, the surroundings feel brighter.

‘By the way, I have a child.’

It was my first time having a child in my past and present lives, so I felt strange.

But one thing is clear.

That is, the child born between me and Arcia will be able to live a life without being ignored by anyone.

My father was a great magician of the 9th circle, and my mother was a grandmaster.

* * *

The news of Arsia’s pregnancy was truly a double event for the principality.

This is because, unlike Archduke Lucas, who lived alone his entire life and left his legacy in the form of a gift, the legacy I will leave in the future will be passed on to my children.

Of course, this was bound to be good news for the principality, and it meant that the royal authority was further strengthened.

And this news from the Duchy of Lawrence is not very pleasing to the Brigham Empire.

It would feel like you gave it to a dog after making porridge.

If no benefit is obtained from the current negotiations, the property of Archduke Lucas, which belonged to their country, will be permanently transferred to another country.

This had the potential to weaken the unrivaled power of the Brigham Empire, so everyone expected difficulties in negotiations.

But I wasn’t too worried.

There was a means to make the Brigham Empire cooperate.

“All I can say is congratulations.”

To Emperor Michael’s greeting, I scratched my cheek and expressed a slight apology.

“sorry. “I thought that the first thing I would do when conveying to the outside world that I had inherited Archduke Lucas’ progress was to inform His Majesty the Emperor, but the situation was not conducive.”

The situation was so urgent that even Emperor Michael heard the news through a press conference.

However, as always, Emperor Michael responded that he did not really care.

“no. Because it was a completely understandable situation. “It would probably be the same for me.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“Hey, what if I don’t understand? Are you really going to kick out the successor of Archduke Lucas? haha.”

He is a very rational and logical person.

Therefore, he understood my judgment.

After the general greetings were over, Michael, who now looked quite like an emperor, asked a question.

“So what’s going on? “Didn’t you ask to meet, saying you had important business to attend to?”

Important business.

It was to ask Emperor Michael for help.

Of course, that help meant consultation with the Emperor of the Brigham Empire, and his help was essential in order to proceed as I wanted.

“I would like His Majesty the Emperor to attend the consultation with the Brigham Empire.”

“It would be honorable for me to do that, but is it okay? “This is a discussion we are having with Archduke Lucas.”

Of course, as the motherland of the Duchy of Lawrence and the emperor of the Reinharts Empire, he is a person involved in this situation.

However, he had no authority to interfere with the situation.

The project was my private property after all.

“This consultation is not simply about deciding whether or not to give a portion of the funds to the Brigham Empire.”


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“What else is there?”

I nodded earnestly as Emperor Michael expressed his doubts.

And the main point, which can be said to be the core, was brought out.

“In the not-too-distant future, something big will happen in Rondel.”

“What is that?”

“In order to effectively respond to this, I would like to launch an international organization centered around the Reinharts Empire and the Brigham Empire.”

Emperor Michael narrowed his brows.

He said he didn’t know what I was talking about.

That’s true.

There are only a handful of people who truly understand the abnormal phenomenon currently occurring in Rondel.

“Please explain in detail.”

I nodded and answered Emperor Michael’s request.

“It’s going to be a long story.”

Then I started talking about the Earth and the Goddess.

However, in the process, I did not reveal that Archduke Lucas and I were from the same Earth.

We did not think there was a need to publicize this part, and we judged that the seriousness of the situation would be sufficiently conveyed even if we did not include this information anyway.

‘There exists a world in Rondel that is a sibling to Earth, and the one who created that world is the god Caius, the alter ego and son of the goddess Sephia.’

‘Caius, who created the Earth, has now reached the end of his life and is extinct.’

‘Goddess Sepia seeks to repair the world created by her alter ego and manage it by integrating it with Rondel.’

‘The goddess is conducting various experiments to unify the two worlds, which has changed the Earth’s environment and caused various disasters.’

‘If the two worlds are integrated, great loss of life and property will occur in Rondel. A continent-wide response to this is needed.’

Of course, Emperor Michael could not easily accept these words.

Other than trusting me, that’s the future.

“… … .”

However, since I am not the type of person to talk nonsense, a situation arose where his reason and logic clashed with each other.

Can not help it.

At least, if I told it this much, it was a story that would have been dismissed as nonsense if someone else had told it.

“Are you planning to tell this story to the Emperor of the Brigham Empire?”

“That’s right. “To prevent this situation with minimal damage, the cooperation of the Brigham Empire is essential.”

“Then you know what I’m asking.”

“You will need a basis to give credibility to the story.”

“you’re right. “If there is no solid evidence, it is likely to be dismissed as nonsense.”

I responded with a smile to Emperor Michael’s cold-hearted assessment.

“Then, first, His Majesty Emperor Michael can experience it himself and make a judgment.”


I know very well that this story is bound to sound absurd.

To convince you of this, it would be better to experience it once than to tell it 100 times.

“I will take you to Earth.”

Thus, I showed Emperor Michael a new world.

* * *

A day of consultation to meet with the Emperor of the Brigham Empire.

“How can this be?”

The Emperor of the Brigham Empire was shocked to see the people of Earth having a completely different civilization and completely different lifestyle.

And that was the same for the major figures of the Brigham Empire who were by the emperor’s side.

Emperor Michael, who had visited the Earth a few days early, responded that he fully understood.

“Duke Christopher, Count Elfrid, am I seeing a vision?”

“no. It all looks real.”

“Didn’t Prince Lawrence even take the Mana Oath earlier? So I have no choice but to believe it.”

The two people who had been kidnapped by Blake and Branguiche but were now released answered one by one, and Duke Francis and Duke Raphael, who were also sitting together, swallowed dryly, saying that the scenery in front of them did not seem like a fantasy.

“Your Majesty, do you remember the County of Rayeth, an island that suddenly disappeared from the Kingdom of Walter?”

“Yes, there was such an incident… … . No, wait. no way?”

“you’re right. “The County of Reyes has been transferred to this Earth.”

And I led the VIPs to the County of Rayers.

Then, as always, the vassals of the County of Rayers welcomed us, and the lord, who ran without thinking and saw the emperor of the Bringham Empire, was frightened and lowered his head.


The laughter of the Emperor of the Brigham Empire, a coexistence of absurdity and embarrassment.

He seemed completely entranced after being suddenly dragged into another world.

I thought this wasn’t a sufficient explanation and returned to Rondel with the VIPs to ask for their impressions.

“How do you feel?”

“This is it.”

The emperor, who returned to the conference room set up in the Holy Land, a neutral area, for consultation, was speechless for a moment.

I said that to the emperor.

“A big crisis is about to hit Rondel. “Now is the time to join forces, not to keep each other in check.”

Create common goals.

This is my response strategy to the Brigham Empire.

Well, it was necessary anyway, but when we were discussing whether or not to split Archduke Lucas’s role, what was the reason for bringing this issue up?

Don’t look away.

“hmm… … .”

Naturally, facing such a shocking reality, Emperor Brigham and his subjects looked serious.

“Does the saint know anything about this situation?”

As I have a close relationship with Ivril, the emperor did not necessarily ask about the church but about the situation of the saint.

“Yes, she doesn’t seem to know anything else about this incident either.”

“Isn’t this a matter that requires permission from the creatures anyway?”

Emperor Brigham nervously tapped his pen on his desk, perhaps exasperated by the situation in which he had no choice but to be swayed by the vague story that the unification of the two worlds might cause great damage.

Then Duke Francis, who had been silent until now, asked me.

“Then, what made you judge that a great disaster would occur in Rondel as well?”

“I found out while interrogating a devil worshiper.”

Everyone looked surprised at my answer.

However, given the situation, everyone put aside their devil worshiper prejudices and looked at me intently, wanting a detailed explanation.

“As you all know, this time we cooperated with the Holy Land to suppress devil worshipers. This time, the devil worshipers were so powerful that even saints and saints struggled with them, and their power was so great. “I felt the need to investigate their purpose, so I secretly took one out and interrogated him.”

“Well, the Holy Land only kills devil worshipers on sight.”

“There were two devil lords behind those devil worshipers. One was Arc Scarlett, the Crimson Demon King whom everyone knows.”

Ark Scarlet remains a terror in Rondel.

Of course, everyone was dumbfounded, but the Emperor of the Brigham Empire said he was not interested and urged them to continue with the explanation.

“The other one was the Demon Lord of Earth named Lord Exceed.”

“The Demon King of Earth?”

“Yes, Ark Scarlet cooperated with the unheard-of Demon King of Earth to increase his power in Rondel.”

What happened next was something everyone could guess without having to explain it at length.

The Demon King of Earth noticed Goddess Sepia’s actions and tried to stop her.

It was a very simple story.

Those who heard the whole story fell into deep thought.

This is because it was not easy to decide how to deal with this.

“We need to be a little more specific.”

Then the emperor came up with a suggestion.

“I will ask the goddess directly.”

When everyone questioned what that meant, the emperor said:

“Can’t saints and saints talk to the goddess?”

“Ah, you mean the path of the goddess.”

The Goddess’ Path is a type of sanctuary where only saints and saints can enter.

This is the altar that Ivril climbed when she was chosen by the goddess during the sainthood contest.

It is a famous anecdote that in the past, Archduke Lucas exceptionally went on the road to the Goddess and had a conversation with Sepia.

Is he really the emperor of the Brigham Empire?

When I asked Sepia herself about her intentions, she said it was an impossible way of thinking.

“If the Emperor of the Brigham Empire, the Emperor of the Reinharts Empire, and Prince Lawrence, who have a close relationship with the church, visit together, even the Holy Land will not be able to refuse. Let’s go right away.”

The Emperor of the Brigham Empire, who spoke as if he were going for a second round, did not even mention the word ‘ki’, perhaps because of the gravity of the situation.


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