My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 23

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Episode 23: Dream in the game becomes reality

7. End of the war (3)

I took out a Supporter Resurrection Scroll from my inventory that I had never used.

It was noticeable that he was carrying two supporters, so he decided to revive Black Eagle outside the village later, and revived Arsia first.

“sorry. “Adrian.”

Arcia hands me an apple upon resurrection.

He seems to think that he was annihilated because he was unable to stop the Death Knight.

But this isn’t her fault.

It was my fault for blindly believing that it would happen again this time because it had endured so well so far.

I shook my head and gave her the seat next to me.

“Are you okay? “Didn’t it hurt?”

Although Arsia is a homunculus, she tastes, smells, and feels the same as humans.

There’s no way she couldn’t feel pain.

“Even though it hurts, my pain perception in the game is not set as high as Adrian’s, so it’s bearable.”

thank god.

At first, I recruited her without much thought as a tank with good abilities, but as time went by and we got to know her, there were many times when I felt unhonorable hiding behind her small stature.

If he had been bearing the pain for me, he would have tried to change his current fighting style.

‘no. In the end, it’s probably right to change.’

While dealing with the Death Knight this time, the limitations of our fighting style were clearly revealed.

The gap was so severe that it felt like it would be difficult to win using the same method.

Our battle was very simple.

Arcia uses a shield to block the enemy’s approach, and Black Man assists her by blocking the enemy’s view or keeping the enemy in check through surprise attacks.

And it’s me who uses magic behind the scenes to inflict powerful damage.

To be honest, it was so simple that it couldn’t even be called a tactic.

However, perhaps because of Temporality, this method has worked so far, but I have come to realize that it has its limits against enemies that are difficult for Arcia to deal with, such as Death Knights.

‘We have too much gap time between attacks.’

The reason there is a lot of blank time during battle is because I, the main dealer, am a wizard who needs casting.

In other words, while casting continues, the only means of keeping the enemy in check is Black Eagle’s body slam.

However, there was bound to be a limit to Black Eagle’s ability to keep the Named Death Knight in check, and as a result, the enemy in a free state excitedly pounded Arsia’s shield.

No matter how great Arcya is, how can she continue to withstand the Sword Gang?

The collapse of the defensive line was an inevitable result.

‘Honestly, it can be said that Arcia’s defense skills are also effective against Death Knights. ‘Because at least one hit is blocked.’

If there had been at least one more dealer to relieve Arcia’s burden while I was casting, the current combat method might have been enough.

However, since you can’t involve other people in your quest, you can’t hope to add new companions.

Ultimately, this means that you have to change the battle with this member.

‘There are about three ways to think about this.’

It’s not a very complicated method.

All it does is change the style of the members.

The first way is to increase the rate of fire by reducing the casting speed by using magic mainly with Zercle.

The second is to actively utilize Black Eagles as combatants rather than simple checks.

The third and final method is for Arcia to deal damage directly using her sword rather than just swinging her shield.

Each has distinct pros and cons, and the first method is like giving yourself a nerf, so changing Black Eagle and Arsia would be the most efficient.

Of course it won’t be easy.

“Still, let’s give it a try.”

“All right.”

After considering the possibilities with Arcia and thinking about it for a while, I came to that decision.

First, I’ll have to practice and make detailed adjustments while recovering my experience.

* * *

Second match against Death Knight Pascal.

It took over an hour just to recover the experience lost due to death.

Thanks to this, I was able to refine my new fighting style.

I soon realized that there was no choice at this level.

[He died. Please try again after recovering your experience.]

In fact, he died faster than during the first challenge.

Was there a build-up of fear because his entire body was mutilated and he died?

Was it because of the overwhelming pain of my limbs being cut off and my internal organs burning?

After resurrection, my hands and feet were shaking and my body did not listen to me.

I held on to the railing of the fountain in the village square for a while, gritting my teeth, and then let out a curse as if I was venting my anger.

“Fuck! “Were you able to catch this?”

This operation was an active participation of Arcia and Black Eagle in combat.

However, as expected, it was too much for Black Eagle to deal with the Death Knight, and a catastrophe occurred as they were out in just one minute.

Thanks to this, Arcia, who changed her armament from a large shield + dagger to a medium shield + one-handed long sword, was unable to swing her sword properly and allowed the Death Knight to break through one after another.

Thanks to this, I died 3 minutes after the battle started, and Arcia followed me a minute later.

“Whoa! Phew… … . Let’s calm down. Calm.”

After a while, when the pain subsided to some extent, I caught my breath and clenched my shaking fists.


“no. There’s no need to be sorry. “This is a matter of my abilities.”

Next, when Arcia was resummoned, she repeatedly apologized.


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I patted him on the shoulder and told him it was okay, and then I quietly gathered my thoughts.

What was the biggest problem in this battle?

‘It must be a quick out for the nigger.’

Even though it does not directly inflict much damage to the enemy, Black Eagle’s role as a check has been of great help to us.

Simply put, Black Eagle’s long-term survival is essential in order to maintain the current fighting method.

‘Shall we make some armor and put it on?’

Arcia and I are already wearing the best equipment that can be worn at the same level, so upgrading our weapons was difficult, but Black Eagle still had plenty of room.

Moreover, this is not reality, but a game.

There were plenty of metals that were light yet strong enough for the eagle to not feel burdened.

“Okay, I should try something.”


Now that the plan has been decided, all that remains is action.

‘You shouldn’t be nervous. ‘Because then it won’t work.’

I have a goal that I must achieve even if I experience death a hundred times and a thousand times.

I braced myself, thinking that this situation was just an ordeal to get to the 7th Circle.

* * *

The third match against Death Knight Pascal.

“Ouch! damn!”

[He died. Please try again after recovering your experience.]

They said they would arm him, but there wasn’t much armament that could be worn on an eagle flying in the sky, let alone a horse.

All they had to do was wear breast armor that protected their stomach and back, a helmet that covered their beak and head, and shoes with blades.

There was no way to touch the wing, so I left it alone, but in the end, the unarmored part was cut and Black Eagle fell, making me the first out this time.

‘It wasn’t bad though.’

Although it was an improvised piece of equipment, the armored parts did their bare minimum.

As a result, Black Eagle’s survival time increased and the battle time nearly doubled compared to before.

And it was an encouraging achievement that as the fight with Death Knight Pascal became longer, the battle pattern became visible.

* * *

The 5th match against Death Knight Pascal.

As Black Eagle and Arcia began to get used to the new fighting style, proper attack and defense became possible little by little.

Compared to the first battle, where I was helpless and decapitated, and the second battle, which was less advanced than that, I achieved a great leap forward… … .

Unfortunately, the gap was not easily narrowed.

[This is so… … .]

So, I thought that things couldn’t go on like this, so I came up with an unusual tactic for Game 5.

Isn’t the reason why Arcia has to pay attention to defense, and why the black man helps her by keeping the enemy in check, so that the defense line is breached and the Death Knight’s attack doesn’t reach me?

So, I tried to change my thinking by thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be okay to make it so the enemy can’t attack me?’

[That’s absurd. Was my opponent an acrobatic troupe?]

The Death Knight stared into space and laughed.

“You must have been very embarrassed?”

I scoffed at the guy, but he put his arms around his waist and shook his head at the thought of a monster.

[I think making this undead body laugh is an outstanding talent. How about changing your career path this time?]

The reason he reacts this way is simple.

‘Cause I’m flying in the air

Double casting is possible starting from circle 7.

I’m still in the 6th circle, so if I use fly magic, I won’t be able to use other magic, so I wasn’t flying with my own power.

So how do you fly in the sky?

-Flutter! Flap!


All you have to do is cling to the giant eagle, the Black Eagle.

The flap of its wings, which can fly at the speed of sound, was enough to carry me.

So, he tied a string around his waist, and Black Eagle lifted it and flew close to the ceiling of the magic tower.

“Have you heard of it? “Human bombers?”

So I became one with Black Eagle and challenged Death Knight.


It looked funny, but the start of the battle was pretty good.

In order to deal with us flying in the sky, the Death Knight had to jump, but jumping was originally an action with many gaps.

In addition, the staying time through jumping was limited, so it was difficult to attack continuously, and as long as you dodged the blow, Arcia would buy you time by hitting and running.

“haha! Search! Search!”

I was so excited as to get revenge for the past, I fired magic as if I were a real human bomber.

but… … .

About 10 minutes after the battle began, a problem arose with our operation.

-Kikluk! Kikluk!

“uh? “Uh-huh.”

I wonder if Black Eagle also has energy, because its flight speed gradually slowed down.


Moreover, later on, the altitude slowly started to decrease.

In the end, Black Eagle became unable to fly and gently lowered me to the ground.

[Nice to see you from below.]

“Oh, hello.”

And what greeted me as I landed prone was the death knight’s sword attack.


Through this battle, I realized one thing.

It’s better to go straight than to use small details.

* * *

Game 7 against Death Knight Pascal.

40 minute battle, Death Knight HP damage is 55%.

Almost 100% of the total damage inflicted on the enemy during the battle was caused by my magic, and this was the first time Arcia inflicted damage in the 20% range.

This means that you can now inflict consistent damage to the enemy while defending.

[He died. Please try again after recovering your experience.]


This time it felt good.

We knew what each other wanted just by looking at each other and backed up, and I even managed to dodge the Death Knight’s attacks about a dozen times with the extremely dull body of a wizard.

As he continued to engage in duels of repeated death and resurrection against strong opponents, his combat abilities rapidly improved in proportion.

“Not bad.”

In addition, I gradually got used to the pain, and I no longer had to flinch out of fear.

So much so that casting can continue even if one of the arms is amputated.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel pain.

I guess we can just say that the poison got stronger and I was able to hold it in well.

* * *

Game 9 against Death Knight Pascal.

25 minutes of battle, Death Knight HP damage is 45%.

This time, I changed the battle formation.

Originally, Arcia always stood in front of me, but this was the first time we fought side by side.

This is because it was judged that Black Eagle alone was not enough to divert the Death Knight’s attention from Arcia.

Coming forward on the topic of wizards was such a violation of the common sense of Chronicle Online that if you were in a party with other users, you would be immediately kicked out.

However, if you look at the conclusion, this did not lead to a bad result.

‘The battle time became shorter again, but the damage per minute was overwhelmingly high.’

The biggest problem was that I had to cast magic while avoiding enemy attacks with this slow body, but I think I had a good chance if I lasted for 25 minutes.

Now I was completely reading the Death Knight’s movements.

It was an encouraging result created by the combat experience accumulated so far.

However, even though he was strengthened with Haste, Strength, etc., it was still a big problem that his body could not keep up with his eyes.

‘Let’s change the item setting from casting to focusing on agility.’

So, I decided to try my hand at avoiding shit, which I would never have done before.

* * *

Game 11 against Death Knight Pascal.

62 minute battle, Death Knight HP damage is 84%.

As a result of taking on the eccentric task of becoming an evasion wizard, survivability increased significantly, reducing the burden on the entire party, but the amount of damage per hour decreased.

Even though I lost… … .

I gained confidence through this battle.

If I keep trying like this, I will definitely be able to defeat him.

“I thought it was over once I reached level 200, but I got caught in an unexpected place.”

After taking off my gaming headgear, I stood up and stretched.

The 11th challenge finally reached the connection limit.

However, the next time you log in, you will definitely be able to clear stage 7 of the Giyeon Quest.

“what? “The world seems to slow down.”

“Because we are repeating death and resurrection that others cannot experience. “I think it’s natural for perspectives to change.”

“So do you?”

“I don’t know. but… … .”

I waited for Arcia’s next words as she examined her palm.

“I have become stronger. My physical abilities are the same as yesterday, but I feel much stronger. “This is the strength that experience brings.”

It was surprising, but her answer did not seem to indicate that a homunculus was an artificial being.

If time passes like this and she experiences many things, she will definitely become no different from a human being.


Is it because I’m staring too intently without saying a word?

She blinked her eyes quietly and blurted out an unexpected line.

“Are you horny? then… … .”

“shut up.”

I changed the subject by throwing her a cookie jar from the shelf to stop her from saying something stupid.

As Arcia’s eyes turned to food, I decided to take a short nap to control my condition.

“Don’t worry about your guard and get some rest.”

“all right.”

* * *

Time passed like that and the next day.

After the access restrictions were lifted, I accessed the game with a solemn heart and resumed yesterday’s routine.

Game 12, Death Knight HP damage 75%.

Game 13, Death Knight HP damage 85%.

Game 14, Death Knight HP damage 91%.

Game 15, Death Knight HP damage 89%.

Game 16, Death Knight HP damage 93%.

Game 17, Death Knight HP damage 98%.

The first game was a time spent adapting, and the rest was a time to accumulate combat experience.

There is no feeling of being bored.

I could feel myself getting stronger step by step.

“Let’s get this over with now.”

And the 18th match against Death Knight Pascal.

Perhaps because they were more cautious than ever, the battle lasted 102 minutes, 15 minutes longer than the 17th game.

[It’s pretty good.]

Death Knight HP damage… … .

In the end, 100% was achieved.

[You have cleared stage 7 of the Giyeon quest.]

He succeeded in defeating the named monster Death Knight Pascal.


As I looked up at the first floor ceiling of the Magic Tower, the site of the battle, looking tattered, I clenched my fists and cheered.


With this, I will become an Archmage of the 7th Circle, and Arcia will become an Auror Master.


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