My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 229

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Episode 229: Dream in the game becomes reality

51. Actor (6)

Three people were standing next to Adrian during the press conference.

One of them was, of course, his wife and Grandmaster Arsia, and the other two matched the descriptions of the kidnappers the emperor had heard about.

A dark elf with white hair and silver eyes and a young man with black hair and red eyes.

They were ‘Blake Russell’, the world’s only roadmaster who was introduced as Arsia’s teacher at a party within the Reinharts Empire, and ‘Brangiche’, a dragon who appeared in human society for the first time in over a thousand years.

If it weren’t for those two, there would have been no reason for the Brigham Empire to be dragged around like this.

They were the cause of the current situation, and they were the ones who made it impossible to take a hard-line response against Adrian like during the Prius Republic.

Considering that the military was mobilized, one might think that this was a sufficiently hard-line response, but simply making a threat and actually attacking and waging war were two completely different stories.

Therefore, the emperor could not help but be dissatisfied with the current ambiguous situation.

[As everyone knows, the Emperor of the Brigham Empire has once again raised an army, saying he will retrieve the opportunity to find the successor of Archduke Lucas. So, now that I have revealed my identity, I believe that the pressure on unrelated countries will stop.]

“Ha, you’re an apostle of justice?”

The emperor, who was already trying to defeat the army deployed in the direction of the Kingdom of Lucias, had to look pitiful.

However, there was one thing that the emperor overlooked, and that was Adrian’s own ability.

I thought that what we needed to be wary of from Adrian was his ability as a tactician, not his ability as a wizard.

‘Archduke Lucas was a person who had amassed enormous wealth. The financial and material wealth he possesses must be enormous. However, if we were to consider the most valuable thing from the legacy left behind by Archduke Lucas, it would be the research materials.’

Not only the emperor but everyone else thought this about Archduke Lucas.

Looking at Adrian, it was assumed that he might have some auxiliary means for rapid growth, but no one guessed that the magic circle would be passed down intact.

In other words, most people thought Archduke Lucas’s abilities were vaguely great, but they did not accurately understand their level.

because… … .

[I am the official successor to Archduke Lucas. The wealth, knowledge, and even the realm he possessed.]


[We recently succeeded in achieving Circle 9. Because of that, he was able to inherit everything from Archduke Lucas.]

When Adrian revealed that he was the 9th Circle, not only the emperor but also everyone watching the broadcast looked dumbfounded.

Since I didn’t know the form of the gift, I couldn’t help but feel disbelief, wondering if it was possible at the age of 22.

[I will show you the evidence.]

Adrian gave a simple answer to this.

[Go go go go go!]

As he casted the spell, a huge magic circle slowly began to appear in the sky… … .

A moment later, a meteor whose size was difficult to estimate appeared through the magic circle as if being sent.

The meteor passed through the sky at the press conference with a flame on its tail and disappeared from sight.





A distant explosion sounded, smoke billowed out, and a loud earthquake struck the press conference venue.

The shock wave was blocked by a magic curtain that had been spread out in advance at the conference venue, but considering the size of the mushroom cloud that formed when the meteor fell and the intensity of the earthquake, it was not even possible to predict how severe the impact would be in the center.

[I think this may have answered the question.]

[Oh, by the way, the place where the meteor fell is a wasteland area 200 km away from here, a land abandoned not only for people but also for animals. We plan to turn the crater created by magic into a lake and develop it into a tourist destination, so please use it.]

Anyone could see that this was a protest.

A demonstration that the Brigham Empire is not the only one that can use strategic magic.

It expresses that even if the dragon and the roadmaster, the dark elf, do not come forward, they can harass Bringham with their own power.



The emperor had to bite his lip.

Then a stream of blood flowed down his beard.


He then struck the handle of the throne with all his might, and a strong impact sound unbecoming of his age echoed throughout the imperial palace.

This means that the emperor’s anger is great.

“Marquis Winfred!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor nervously asked Marquis Winfred, who was temporarily in charge of the wizards on behalf of the kidnapped Duke Christopher.

“What is the difference in power between Gungnir and Meteor?”

“It’s a huge tax. However, since Meteor is a special position among 9th circle magic, it cannot be used very many times per day. Gungnil will probably be more advantageous as a speaker.”

However, unlike those who use the facility, the big advantage was that there were few restrictions on use as the magic was revealed by one person’s casting.

“The moment we use Gungnir, the Dragon and the Roadmaster will also step forward, so if an all-out war breaks out, we will no longer have the advantage.”

“Whether we win or lose, both countries will be in ruins.”

The Emperor’s brow twitched at the cold-hearted remarks of the Marquis Winfred, but he could not help but agree with her judgment.

“Is there any possibility that this is a trick?”

At that time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said so to appease the Emperor’s anger, but this only aroused his anger.

“Why would I commit a trick that would be discovered if investigated anyway?”


The Emperor, who glared at the Minister of Foreign Affairs who was unable to even get his money’s worth, turned his attention to Adrian in the video who opened his mouth again.

[I do not want war. And this is what not only me but all countries around the world want. If we and the Brigham Empire go to war over the territory, not only our two countries but the entire world will suffer.]

It was truly Adrian-like behavior to use Meteor to show force while saying he did not want war.

[If possible, I think it is more future-oriented to cooperate and promote mutual development rather than war. Therefore, I propose negotiations with His Majesty Edward Noah Brigham, Emperor of the Brigham Empire.]

Although it seemed extremely rational, it could not help but be seen as a one-sided proposal from the empire’s perspective.

However, the problem is that the key has already been passed to Adrian.


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Unless I wanted to fight to the death together, I had no choice but to accept the offer.

“Damn it.”

The emperor sighed.

The fact that Adrian was deceived by a fake actor and was given time to increase his power was itself a defeat for the Brigham Empire.

In the end, it means that they were thoroughly manipulated.

For a young man of only 22 years old.

* * *

The Emperor of the Brigham Empire eventually agreed to my negotiations.

As a result, the Bringham Empire returned to military service, and the countries of Rondel kept a close eye on me and the Bringham Empire.

Negotiations will begin in three days.

I asked for a week, saying I needed time to prepare, but the Emperor of the Brigham Empire did not allow me any free time, perhaps because of what had happened in the meantime.

The good news was that they postponed their plan to meet the next day by three days.

[The Reinharts Empire is in a completely festive state! Emperor Michael sincerely congratulates Prince Lawrence on achieving the 9th Circle and plans to designate it as a national holiday.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower’s stock price has reached its upper limit! It was decided that since Archduke Lucas’ successor was the owner of the tower, the world’s best magic tower had to be Lawrence Tower!]

[Not only the Lawrence Magic Tower, but also the stock index of the Reinharts Empire and the two principalities soared! The heyday of the Reinharts Empire following the Bringham Empire is certain!]

[It is also good news for countries that have good relations with Prince Lawrence!]

-Wow! I thought it was unusual, but was he a descendant of Archduke Lucas?

-Look at the Brigham Empire not being attacked easily. Circle 9 is scary.

└If there is only one member of the 9th Circle, it is enough to attack. However, Prince Lawrence is friends with a dragon, and his wife, who is a grandmaster, has a teacher called a roadmaster.

└Ah, I write novels too much.

└Novels are stories that everyone already knows.


└ㅇㅇ Really.

Of course, as soon as it became known that I was Archduke Lucas’ successor, the Reinharts Empire… … .

No, the whole world was in chaos.

The people of the Duchy of Lawrence cheered loudly at the bright future ahead, and his subordinates raised their thumbs up, saying that he was indeed their lord, as he had bought time to achieve the 9th circle by planting fake talent.

I am certainly happy to have achieved the 9th circle, but what makes me most happy is that I now have the strength and power to protect what I have.

How could you not be happy that you no longer have to hide yourself and worry about threats around you?

“… … .”

But we must not forget.

The fact is that I deceived and deceived many people to achieve my current level.


I bowed my head and apologized.

Right now, in front of me is the President of Israel of the Republic of Prius.

He asked with an expression that didn’t change much in response to my apology.

“What are you sorry for?”

“The fact is that Louis Fairmont was made into a fake actor in order to divert attention from the Brigham Empire.”

As a result, the Prius Republic was invaded by the Brigham Empire and fought a war.

The casualties were so great that at one point the war came to the brink of defeat.

No matter how much I helped end the war and stabilize the lives of the people by taking down the dictator of the Republic, it is clear that this is an act that cannot be easily forgiven.

Naturally, the quick-witted politicians and citizens of the Republic realized the situation and were criticizing me, and before I knew it, even the President of Israel, who was known to be a close friend of mine, was being criticized along with me.

“Is this why you provided financial support to war victims?”

In order to at least alleviate my guilt, I am investing funds into the victims of the war and providing them with enough support for their daily lives.

Many people did not understand my behavior before, but now the mystery has been solved.

But why?

Despite my apology, the President of Israel was not very offended.

“Well, thanks to that, the revolution was able to succeed. “If our republic had not been exploited by Prince Lawrence, it would still be a dictatorship.”

But if you only look at the results… … .

Don’t people consider the process as much as the result?

“If you really feel sorry, wouldn’t it be okay to continue to maintain a close relationship nationally and provide help as Archduke Lucas’ successor?”

A decision made by looking at the future rather than the past.

I nodded, my heart pounding at the President of Israel’s remarks.

“Of course you should. “We will later formally apologize to the people of the Republic and provide compensation for the damage.”

“all right.”

Although the President of Israel was very surprised by this incident, he seemed to solidify his relationship with me, saying that our relationship as a close friend would not be shaken.

I don’t know what kind of calculation is behind it… … .

[Relationship: Friend / Ally]

[Status: Favor / Interest]

At least, Man-kyung’s feelings were not much different from before.

* * *

After meeting with the President of Israel, I faced the three great wizards of the Riverdale Tower of the Kingdom of Lucias.

They, including Olivia, the current matriarch of the Riverdale duchy, were also the ones who were deceived by me, but there seemed no need to apologize.

“You already knew, right?”

“Yes, that’s why we put on that live show to wait in line.”

Currently, Olivia has achieved Circle 8.

This was a secret not known to the outside world.

This time, I had to express my gratitude because I heard that she sided with Ivril and put pressure on the Brigham Empire to save time.

Thanks to Olivia, I was able to achieve the 9th Circle without much interference from the Brigham Empire.

Although her efforts were overshadowed by Blake and Branguiche’s antics, she was less interested in me than Olivia because she took the lead in attracting aggro in the beginning.

“Can I just assume that our relationship is the same as before?”

The relationship she is talking about refers to the sense of belonging she felt when she belonged to the same school.

Although it is not a Riverdale school, it means continuing a strong alliance.

I nodded without much hesitation.

“of course.”

If Riverdale could be brought in, it was obviously beneficial to do so.

“It’s good.”

* * *

As I was strengthening my relationships with those around me, I had to visit the two people who surprised me the most.

“Oh, my little brother has grown up a lot.”


“Hello, Emilia.”

These are the parents of the Marquis Lawrence, his biological family.

I’ve been busy with work recently, so it’s been almost half a year since I visited my parents’ house.

Rather, it was these two people who gave birth to Adrian Lawrence, who I am today, but I saw him less often than my parents in my previous life who lived in Korea.

I think this is something we need to reflect on.

So out of shame, I became close to my baby sister for no reason.

“sorry. “I had to hide it because I didn’t know if it would leak out in some way.”

I had to ask for forgiveness from my parents, especially my mother, who had a sullen expression on her face.

My father responded that he fully understood, but my mother sulked like a girl and rarely let go of her anger.

Since we had endured persecution and hardship together for a long time, I think it was quite a shock that my son kept such a big secret.

Thanks to this, I had to sweat all day to relieve my mother of her anger.

But it only took a moment for the mother’s anger to ease.


This is because while eating together, Arcia suddenly became nauseous.



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