My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 228

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Episode 228: Dream in the game becomes reality

51. Actor (5)

Why are these guys like this all of a sudden?

I narrowed my eyes at the suspicious appearance of Blake and Branguiche.

What on earth happened while I was sorting things out?

In the end, I had to look at Arcia.

“The Brigham Empire tried to investigate Adrian and Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, saying there was a high possibility that they were actors. In the process, Brigham sent a coercive appearance order, and many people helped in this regard.”

Arsia’s answer was perplexing.

Didn’t the Brigham Empire realize that the Louis Fairmont was a fake?

Although it seems like we were caught sooner than expected, we were able to safely resolve all issues, so it can be seen that we played our part.

I’ll have to find out in detail what the current situation is, but I think Blake and Branguiche may be included among the ‘many people who helped’ with the actions of the Brigham Empire.

However, looking at those scenes, it seemed like the results were not that good or something unexpected happened.

“Hmm, that’s it.”

Eventually, Blake and Branguiche opened their mouths as the questioning continued.

“At first, I was very angry when I heard about the fate of the Brigham Empire from Arcia. Lucas, aren’t you trying to rob that friend of his talent even though you rightfully took it into his hands? So he went to warn the Brigham Empire.”

“me too.”

“but… … “Three problems arose in the process.”

The three problems he spoke of were:

First, because the cause of death of the two did not match, they kidnapped the investigation team’s leader and unit leader.

Of course I had to express my bewilderment.

Kidnapping Duke Christopher, owner of the Imperial Tower, and Count Elfrid, head of intelligence, in the middle of the Brigham Empire did not seem like a good choice.

But on the other hand, I thought it would have some effect since it was a warning from the Dragon and the Roadmaster.

If the two move together, it will be difficult for even the emperor to preserve his life.

However, as you can roughly guess at this point, the real problems are the second and third.

The second is that the emperor was not frightened by the threats of the dragon and the roadmaster, but rather became angry and raised an army.

Thirdly, the hidden power of the Brigham Empire revealed in the process was terrifying.

Arcia manipulated her terminal and uploaded a picture, inside which was a huge crater.

“What is this?”

“It’s Yak Mountain.”

“Yak Mountain?”

Yak Mountain is a strategic point that divided the Kingdom of Lucias and the northern part of the former Croesian Empire (currently the Duchy of Lawrence).

It is one of the forbidden places in Rondel because the mountain slopes are rough and there are many monsters… … .

Where has the mountain gone and only the creator remains?

“Yak Mountain was destroyed by the Brigham Empire’s tactical magic, Gungnir.”

“Tactical magic… … .”

I expressed my confusion at the concept, hearing it for the first time.

Meanwhile, Arcia played a video, which she said was distributed by the Brigham Empire.


In the video, the thorn-like peak that is characteristic of Yak Mountain was at the center, and soon a bright blue magic circle began to be drawn over the peak.

Considering the size of Yak Mountain, the size of the magic circle covering the entire area was large enough to surround the capital of a country.


-Go go go go!

The subsequent explosion accompanied by pure white light created a powerful shock wave and aftereffects, which soon created a huge mushroom cloud.

A truly shocking video.

As I watched it, I had to feel something familiar.

‘It’s a complete nuclear bomb, right?’


The word was tactical magic, but it seemed no different from a tactical nuclear weapon.

‘No, is there nothing new? ‘For now, a weapon with the power of a nuclear weapon has appeared in Rondel, which has built a civilization larger than that of Earth.’

Moreover, since this attack uses magic, there is no need to worry about radiation, and in Rondel, physical power is a subordinate concept of this ability, so nuclear weapons do not show their full power, so it can be said to be an upwardly compatible version.

“According to what Branguiche said, its power is similar to that of Meteor of the 9th circle.”

It is also significant in that even though there is no dragon or 9th circle wizard, the attack ability that can demonstrate 9th circle level power is obtained.

“The Brigham Empire was hiding a huge amount of weapons.”

If it were used in war right now, many cities would disappear without being able to defend themselves.

Indeed, it was worth keeping it hidden from the Brigham Empire.

The moment you use that to commit massacre, you will become a target of the entire world, including the church.

However, the Brigham Empire did not use this attack against the country.

The Brigham Empire showed off its presence to the world under the pretext that it was simply a response to threats from dragons and dark elves who had kidnapped key figures of the empire.

“I understand why you two are doing this.”

Branguiche and Blake were embarrassed by the fact that they had tried to solve the problem on their own and ended up getting bigger.

But I can’t help it.

Who knew that the Brigham Empire would have weapons like that?

“You said you also raised an army, right?”

“Yes, the Brigham Empire Army is currently positioned on the border of the Kingdom of Lucias and the sea toward our Duchy of Lawrence.”

Because of the strategic magic, Branguiche and Blake were no longer able to go out without permission.

If those two appear, the Brigham Empire will have a justification for using strategic magic.

There was nothing they could do unless the two were members of human society.

“uh? “What is that again?”


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“It is a new weapon of the Brigham Empire.”

As I was examining the state of the Brigham Empire’s positions, I expressed my doubts when I saw a new type of marker in addition to the Sky Fortress and Vanguard marked on the map.

Arcia scratched her cheek and took out a new photo again.

It was an armor similar in shape to the Vanguard.

However, if it is different from a regular Vanguard… … .

“Giant Vanguard?”

Unlike a typical Vanguard, it was an armor that appeared to easily exceed 5 meters in size.

Like a robot… … .

“It’s called Titan. It is a type that a human rides and controls. “They said it was equipped with five force engines.”

“iced coffee.”


It’s definitely something I remember.

This time, when the 10th floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower was opened, I saw a proposal for a new weapon, and the name of the weapon that appeared there was Titan.

I don’t know if Archduke Lucas’s research was leaked while he was alive, or if there was a aircraft under research, but it seemed clear that it was the same weapon.

It is certainly a country that has enjoyed glory as the world’s most powerful country at different levels for a long time.

“Because we did something pointless… … .”

“I think I too have ignored the level of magic engineering in human society too much.”

Did you think I would be angry?

Blake and Branguiche apologized again when my eyes turned to them.

I smiled and shook my head.

“no. “You stepped up for me, so I can’t blame you just because the results are not good.”

Unlike before, as a member of Circle 9, I have now become an equal being who can stand side by side with them.

It means that there is no need to pamper yourself by saying you don’t know what to do with an apple.

Nevertheless, the reason I answered this way is because I judged that the current problem was sufficiently solvable.

“If the situation becomes serious, the two of you have no choice but to step forward, so the Brigham Empire cannot move as you wish, regardless of whether there is tactical magic or not.”

If the Dragon and the Roadmaster actively harassed the Brigham Empire, they would inevitably suffer great damage even if they had tactical magic.

In other words, this is all a threat to protect one’s pride.

“Is that so?”

Branguiche asks if that’s the case, and Blake nods, saying it makes sense.

I shrugged my shoulders calmly.

“The emperor is probably also troubled.”

The emperor’s agony was fully expected.

The Brigham Empire is the world’s largest and most powerful nation.

A country like that cannot suffer the stigma of giving in to threats.

This was a matter of national honor.

Isn’t that why he revealed the power that he had been hiding so long ago?

They say the Brigham Empire is this great.

In fact, many people were frightened by the Brigham Empire’s tactical magic, but those involved would have headaches because the future solution was not clear.

It’s burdensome because there’s so much to lose if you attack, and if you just continue the confrontation like this, it’ll be revealed that it’s all just a scare.

In order to solve this problem, I had no choice but to take the lead.

As the successor to Archduke Lucas.

“I think it’s time to announce that I was the one who gained Archduke Lucas’ talent.”

“Is that okay?”

In order to reveal that I am Archduke Lucas’s successor, I must have the power to block the Brigham Empire’s attack.

So I tried calculating in my head.

Is it possible to suppress the Brigham Empire with the forces around me and myself?

As a result, I came to the conclusion that it was quite possible.

“I think now is the right time.”

What’s the point of putting it off when the Brigham Empire has already decided to investigate me?

Rather, it would be better to negotiate with the emperor through the two beings who embarrassed the Brigham Empire.

“However, before that, I think it would be easier to have a conversation if we let them know who Archduke Lucas’s successor is.”

“What does that mean?”

“You will soon find out. Oh, and can you give me the people you kidnapped?”

The two people tilted their heads at my words and quickly answered that they understood.

* * *

“Your Majesty!”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stormed into the Imperial Palace of the Brigham Empire without warning.

Although his head was already aching, the Emperor responded by glaring coldly, saying he was not pleased with the actions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs that were causing a commotion.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, frightened by this, fell to his knees on the floor and bowed his head.

“Please forgive my rudeness, Your Majesty!”

The emperor sighed deeply and lifted his chin.

It meant to talk about business.

However, the narrowed eyebrows clearly revealed the feeling that they would not forgive if the content was vague.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs swallowed dry saliva and answered.

“It is said that Prince Lawrence sent an official letter to media outlets in each country, saying that he would hold a public press conference.”


The emperor’s brows relaxed and he showed interest.

A person who had not been seen in public for the past few days has come to the forefront.

Of course, I couldn’t help but show interest.

“What are you going to say at the press conference? Should he reveal that he is not the successor of Archduke Lucas? Or will they trust their acquaintances and threaten them without fear?”

No one in the imperial palace could answer the emperor’s question.

As he was a person who did many unusual things, it was impossible to predict what he would do.

But there was a clear fact.

The Brigham Empire’s response would be determined depending on the contents of Adrian’s interview.

“If we think about the future, we must accept immediate losses, but if the losses are such that we have to give up our status as the world’s most powerful country, the story is different. If that happens, it will become difficult for us to maintain our foundation.”

The best way is to give a certain amount of compensation through negotiation and get the benefit back.

No matter how many dragons and roadmasters are behind Adrian, if both sides fight with all their might, they will be the first to fail.

However, in that case, the Brigham Empire could also suffer a severe blow and lose its title as the world’s most powerful nation.

Then you won’t be able to protect the opportunity you worked so hard to acquire.

Therefore, I decided that it would be most rational to conclude the matter through negotiation, even if I was unwilling to do so.

“When is the press conference scheduled to be held?”

“Just one hour later.”


The Emperor stroked his chin and instructed Duke Raphael.

“Order the entire army to retreat 50km from the designated location.”

“All right.”

This was the last favor shown by the emperor, hoping that he would make the right choice.

According to the emperor’s instructions, the Brigham Empire temporarily withdrew and the world’s attention focused on the Brigham Empire and the Duchy of Lawrence.

And 1 hour later.

When it was time for the scheduled press conference, something unexpected happened.

-Fit! Fit! Fit!

This is because not only the video device (TV) that the emperor was watching, but also the personal terminals worn by everyone in the imperial palace operated on their own and output the same video at the same time.

Even the emperor’s terminal, which has a high security level.

[hello. My name is Adrian L. Lawrence. The owner of the Duchy of Lawrence… … .]

[He is the successor of the great wizard Manuel Lucas.]

How could it be that the identity was revealed so easily… … .

The people who were perplexed by the abnormal operation of the terminal were left speechless, and the emperor also clicked his tongue in disgust, but also felt interested.

“Tell them to defeat the troops heading towards the Kingdom of Lucias.”

Now that Adrian has revealed his identity, there is no longer any reason to fight with the Kingdom of Lucias.

This means that Duke Olivia Riverdale of the Kingdom of Lucias is not related to Archduke Lucas.

As much as they support Adrian, they are also a potential hostile force, but the justification for invading first has disappeared.

“Your Majesty, it appears that all communications are currently blocked.”

However, the emperor’s instructions were not quickly made known to the units of the Lucias Kingdom Army.

This is because all types of communication based on the Hollywood system have stopped working.

No matter how high the level of security equipment was, it only transmitted the content of Adrian’s conference.

Only then could the emperor understand what was happening.

“So, after all, the Hollywood system was also developed by Archduke Lucas?”

In today’s society, it is difficult to find an online system that is not connected to Hollywood.

It was a great shock to learn that the Hollywood system, which was thought to be flawless because it was the legacy of Archduke Lucas, could be controlled by the will of one person.

The emperor had to watch Adrian’s interview in silence with the corners of his mouth twitching.


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