My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 227

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Episode 227: Dream in the game becomes reality

51. Actor (4)

“Come here…” … .”

Naturally, Count Elfrid and Duke Christopher had to express their bewilderment.

I’m not kidding, what kind of place is this… … .

So Count Elfrid tried to ask his student who was looking for them, but the other person threw out the words ‘come here’ and opened the door without permission.

And the person who appeared was a young man with a handsome appearance.


A young man with black hair and red eyes wearing a black uniform reminiscent of a military uniform.

Count Elfrid and Duke Christopher tried to scold them, saying this was rude, but when the young man looked at them, sweeping his long black hair, they froze in place as if their limbs had been restrained.

His blood-red eyes were like an abyss, and his strong presence gave him a sense of causeless defeat.

“Who are you?”

Is it really the 8th circle?

Duke Christopher gathered his wits and asked with a wary expression where his usual appearance, which seemed to have a screw missing, had gone.

Despite his indifferent eyes, the young man, who was only smiling at the corners of his mouth, sat down at the head of the table as if it was natural and spoke.

“There is no need to be so stiff.”

Then, Count Elfrid, who had been suppressed by something unknown and could not even speak, was released from his restraints.

I don’t understand what the situation is.

I don’t even understand it.

However, she thought that she should first evacuate her student.

The unidentified man in front of me was so dangerous.

“You stay away.”



In the end, Baron Josef, the deputy and disciple of Count Elfrid, head of the intelligence department, was unable to resist his teacher’s urging and had to step down.

As a result, there were only three people left in the conference room: the young man with black hair and red eyes, Duke Christopher, and Count Elfrid.

“This is the Brigham Empire’s dedicated team looking for a performer for Archduke Lucas, right?”

The young man did not give an answer to the duke’s question about his identity earlier, but continued by asking question after question.

The Duke and Count were confused, but nodded together, feeling that they should not go against the other person’s feelings.

“That’s right.”

As if the two people’s answers were satisfactory, the young man with black hair and red eyes finally introduced himself.

“My name is Branguiche. “He is a friend of Prince Adrian L. Laurence.”

Light tone.

However, the moment the name Branguiche was mentioned from his mouth, an unknown magical power swept through the room.

At the same time, Duke Christopher could sense the presence of people moving around outside the conference room.

The conference room was crowded with people, including Vanguard, who had secret powers that should not yet be made known to the public.

‘What is the Sky Fortress doing?’

However, I couldn’t understand why the Sky Fortress remained silent while people were moving around so bustlingly, preparing for emergencies.

There is a possibility that it might react to magical power.

“I didn’t know that His Majesty Prince Lawrence had a close friend like Branguiche.”

At least the opponent has 8 circles or more.

However, since it appears that they know how to use ‘Eonryeong’, even if they were actually 8th Circle, they were definitely not at the same level.

However, Duke Christopher soon realized that his guess was wrong.

“of course.”

Perhaps because the electric power waiting outside was annoying, people fell to the ground due to Branguish’s spreading energy.

Duke Christopher and Count Elfrid could feel the distant wall moving away from the energy emitted by Branguiche.

“There are only a handful of people who have faced me and survived.”

Branguiche crossed his hands under the light on the table to create a shadow, which soon formed the shape of a dragon.

There is no need to give a hint like that.

Because the two people had already figured out Branguiche’s identity.

“Above, I see the great being.”


The duke and count knelt down on one knee and saluted Branguiche as if they were treating the emperor.

Additionally, I felt like I was at a loss, because the dragon in front of me described himself as Adrian’s friend.

‘This is crazy… … . You ate a dragon and a friend? When? Could it be that his genius was due to the influence of dragons?’

‘As expected, Prince Lawrence. I thought he was a great guy, but he even moved a dragon.’

Thanks to this, the feelings of the Duke and Count were bound to be complicated.

“You know why I came here, right?”

It was a tone that was very unsuitable for a dragon full of majesty who lived for a long time, but this unusual appearance made it even more bizarre and frightening.

“You came to protest the investigation into Prince Lawrence… … .”

Branguiche’s blood-red eyes flashed at Duke Christopher’s answer.

At the same time, a powerful deadly force overtook Duke Christopher.

“Are you saying that you are a country that would not hesitate to go to war just to take advantage of Manuel Lucas’ talent? “I heard that Adrian was targeted by such a country. As a friend, how can I remain silent? I came here not to protest, but to warn.”

Duke Christopher was able to clearly understand Branguiche’s words even as he felt that his breath was suffocating.

The current Brigham Empire can easily handle two or three dragons.

That is how powerful the military power of the Brigham Empire is.

But that’s only if the power of the Brigham Empire and the dragons face off head-on.

If the dragon decided to harass and attack here and there while avoiding direct combat, even if it was Brigham, he had no choice but to be dragged around.


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This means that the power of a group and an individual with power proportional to the group can never be the same.

“I understand?”

The deathly stranglehold on the dragon’s question subsided.

Thanks to this, fear appeared on Duke Christopher’s face.

“Oh, I understand. “Let’s keep our hands off Prince Lawrence.”

This was Count Elfrid’s answer.

Duke Christopher, who came back from the dead, must have felt the need to please the person in front of him, so he quickly nodded, saying he understood.

“Yeah, good. “But I can clearly see that you are thinking differently.”

However, the reason the dragon race is scary is not simply because they are strong.

Each one of them is a being called a wise man.

Of course, he noticed Duke Christopher’s shallow thoughts and made a face.

Duke Christopher swallowed the nonsense and said that it was absolutely not the case, but he had already lost trust.

“It just worked out. “I thought it would be nice to have a human servant that I could use comfortably.”

When Branguiche stretched out his hand, Duke Christopher’s neck was caught in his hand as if it were being sucked in.

“If the warning is only given verbally, the sense of crisis will be reduced. “I will take this person away.”


Count Elfrid was confused, not knowing how to react.

The Ice Witch of the Brigham Empire was just an ordinary girl in front of the dragon.

“Tsk! When a great being… … .”

The mighty Duke Christopher struggled against Branguiche’s grasp, but it was all a futile rebellion.

“Thank you Adrian. “I didn’t kill him because I was afraid of nagging him later because he moved without me knowing.”

After making a proud declaration of kidnapping, Branguiche calmly left the conference room, holding the Duke Christopher in one hand, as if he had gone out of town and stopped at the supermarket to buy groceries.

Outside the conference room, which was already in chaos, no one could stop Branguiche, and the two people disappeared.


A moment later, Baron Josef, looking pale, hurriedly entered the conference room.

Seeing him like that, Count Elfrid fell down on the floor.


“Are you okay? “No matter where you are hurt!”

The disciple’s worried voice sounded dull, like a sound resonating underwater.

Count Elfrid covered his forehead with his palm and sighed with a mixture of relief and embarrassment.

“ha… … .”

What on earth is going on?

Due to the visit of just one person, the headquarters of the Giyeonja investigation team was devastated as if a typhoon had swept through.

Duke Christopher was even kidnapped.

Adrian is said to always create unexpected situations and cause shock, but I couldn’t help but think that this had gone too far.

“People around me always told me that I overestimated Prince Lawrence.”


“But looking at the results, it seems I was underestimating it.”

Hearing Count Elfrid’s soulful words, Baron Josef helped her up and lifted her up.

Count Elfrid was already having a headache, wondering how he should report this to His Majesty the Emperor.

But she didn’t expect it.

“Hello, how are you?”

A time when knights who had fainted from the dragon’s energy were recovered and key figures from the intelligence department were convened for an emergency meeting under the leadership of Count Elfrid.

Once again, the door to the conference room burst open without warning and a man entered.

“Dark elf?”

“I heard that you guys were trying to harass the husband of my friend and student.”

“Seo, surely you?”

“My name is Blake Russell. “Are you the one in charge of this position?”

And in a déjà vu-like situation, Blake, who had previously appeared at official events as the Roadmaster, overpowered everyone who got in his way, lifting Count Elfrid like a piece of luggage and putting him at his side.

“Now, wait a minute. I visited before… … .”

“Noisy. “I’m taking a nap.”


Blake simply knocked out the noisy Count Elfrid and spoke to key figures in the intelligence department, including her protégé Baron Joseph.

“I will take this woman. Although she has heard that the Bringham Empire is a powerful nation, I don’t think she has ever turned against the Lord Master. “I hope my arrogance doesn’t lead to the tip of my sword.”

So Blake disappeared, kidnapping Count Elfrid.

An unprecedented situation occurred in which Duke Christopher, the head of the investigation team, and Count Elfrid, the head of the investigation, were kidnapped within the Brigham Empire.

In addition, everyone thought this as they saw the chaos caused by the appearance of the Dragon and the Roadmaster.

‘It seems like King Lawrence is a real talent. Otherwise, there’s no reason to do this!’

* * *

Just as the difference between the 7th and 8th circles was large, the difference between the 8th and 9th circles was also very large.

I enjoyed it with my eyes closed, as if appreciating the presence of the nine circles felt in my chest.

Does it feel like a microcosm is unfolding inside?

It was the library of truth for me that could contain any record.

‘My whole body is full of strength.’

No, it should not be expressed at that level.

When I reached Circle 9, I felt confident that I could accomplish anything.

Should I say that I could have the world at my feet if I wanted to?

It was arrogant, but I could feel that my own status had changed.

It was not for nothing that the level of the 9th circle was described as dragon level.

“Huh, hoo!”

I took a deep breath and took in the terrifying energy that was spreading everywhere.

Normally, spreading energy like this would be a foolish and risky act, but the reason I wasn’t too worried was because I felt the presence of a powerful auror nearby with an enormous amount of mana that was almost infinite.

This must be the energy of Branguiche and Blake.

Those two people are staying where they are, so what is there to worry about?

I took off the virtual reality headgear I was wearing with a smile on my face.


As I reached the 9th circle, the fatigue that had accumulated over the years was completely relieved.

I ran over and hugged Arcia, patted her back, and expressed my gratitude to Blake and Branguiche, who were standing behind her like a folding screen.

“I felt like the two of you were watching over me and I was able to gather my energy with peace of mind. thank you.”

In response to my gratitude, the two people nodded loudly and smiled.

However, is it an illusion that the two people’s smiles feel somewhat awkward?

I had to tilt my head and ask.

“What’s going on? “Why are you making such facial expressions?”

In response to my question, the two people avoided eye contact as if they had committed a sin.


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