My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 225

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Episode 225: Dreams in the game become reality

51. Actor (2)

Virtual reality based on the Hollywood system has a maximum daily access time.

Normally, if you log in for more than 15 hours, you are forced to quit, but perhaps because we are in the middle of a special quest, we are continuing the battle without a single logout.

The reason why virtual reality access times are limited is simple.

It’s for the user’s health.

Since it is a system that sends and receives signals directly to the brain, it was judged that overloading it could cause nerve damage.

After using that system non-stop for over 50 hours, I felt hazy, as if the entire scene before my eyes was a dream.

Even if you train your body, there is no way to train your brain, so perhaps this is a natural result.

I’m just thankful that my judgment doesn’t waver.

-Go go go go!

Whether it had its own mission or was simply struggling, the dragon fought us desperately.

The breath motion that I had encountered hundreds of times over the course of 50 hours continued, and the flames that filled my vision shot out like a beam of light in a straight line.

-Sweet love!

However, as soon as the guy entered the breath motion, the black guy began to fall quickly.

Perhaps because of the memory of being left behind several times, the dragon tried to use both its breath and a wide-area attack that burned the surrounding area at the same time.

Thanks to this, the Negro disappeared in a fire.

Since it was a self-immolation anyway, the main body of the black man was not harmed, but one option to offset his attack was lost.

[Stop dying!]

However, without showing any signs of panic, I aimed my magic staff at Breath, who had arrived right in front of me in an instant.


And rather than using defensive magic, he used offensive magic.

An attempt was made to offset attack with attack.


Breath and Hellfire collided head on.

No matter how much Hellfire is an 8th circle level magic, there is no way it can be a match for Breath, which has top tier attack power even at the 9th circle level.

Hellfire did more than just offset some of the breath’s flames.


But then.

Four greatswords with the anti-dragon option flew in to take the empty space where Hellfire had disappeared.

It was Arsia’s sword.


When the four swords and the breath collided from the front, a large explosion occurred, although not at the level of hellfire, and this time, part of the breath was canceled out.


Immediately my Hellfire took over again.


They were followed by Arsia’s four swords.


followed by Hellfire.


After that, Eogeom.

[Wow, this is crazy!]

Arcia and I continued to offset the breath like this, and before we knew it, our attack was right in front of its nose.

In the end, the breath that was eaten by metallurgy metallurgy was broken through by Arsia’s fish sword.


The dragon writhed in pain as its throat was pierced through its gaping maw.

‘Time to attack!’

We stood still and defended the breath with only long-distance attacks, and then we dashed towards the unconscious dragon for the number of times we couldn’t remember.

In addition, the body of the black man who was struggling began to fall at the same time as his other self-immolations, and what followed was an all-out attack.


The black man’s alter ego grazed the dragon’s cheek like a fighter jet and used magic to explode the dragon’s bright red eyeballs.

Arsia’s sword cut off the dragon’s extremely hard horn.

And dozens of great swords that had been scattered here and there in the devastated field as if there had been a forest fire rose into the air at once, as if imitating the techniques of the devil worshiper Celine.

The great swords sparkling in the sunlight looked like a school of fish swimming in the sea.

Soon, the great swords became a swarm of greedy sharks and started biting the dragon.


[HP: 55.7%]

[HP: 53.2%]

[HP: 51.4%]

[HP: 48.9%]

… … .

… … .

An attack with missiles flying in from all directions.

I threw the sword with magic, and Arcia used the sword technique to apply the Aura Blade exactly at the point of impact.

Celine’s patented technology was instantly implemented to perfection through the power of the two.

Thanks to this, the dragon’s HP quickly reached 0%.

[Sashimi, recovery!]

In the end, he had to pour his magic into recovery.


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As a result, the dragon completely recovered from all injuries… … .

[HP: 100% MP: 0.6%]

When I saw that my MP was running out, I was finally able to raise the corners of my mouth.

The end of this battle has finally begun to appear.

“A dragon without magical power is just a big punching bag.”

[Damn it… … .]

The dragon’s frustrated swear words indicated the direction of victory or defeat.

* * *

52 hours have passed since the battle with the dragon began.

[You guys were truly terrible opponents.]

Red Dragon Kite said this as he stood on the ground where everything had turned to ashes, looking up at the sun that was dimly visible through the smoke.

“Someone wants to say this… .”

Arcia and I sat down on the floor full of sparks and complained to the dragon.

[But it wasn’t bad. If you are a descendant of the Grand Duke, it should be like this.]


[Don’t think everything is over. There are fights that begin after gaining strength.]


And then the guy tilted over with a very humane line, and soon his entire body fell to the ground.

Thanks to this, ash and smoke spread everywhere, but I had to stare at the fallen dragon without blinking at the un-AI-like dialogue.

[The Red Dragon Kite has been defeated.]

[You have cleared stage 9 of the Giyeon quest.]

However, as soon as the message appeared before my eyes, the dragon’s body became a shiny polygon and dispersed.

“her… … .”

A somewhat empty, suspicious, and refreshing feeling.

I looked at Arcia with mixed emotions.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“you also.”

Arcia, who looked very tired, leaned her head on my shoulder.

[The conditions for opening the next area of ​​the Magic Tower have been met. The 10th floor, the final floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower, is open.]

[Would you like to go to the 10th floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower?]

The message I had been waiting for so long appeared before my eyes.

What can you do with your time?

I immediately touched the button to head to the 10th floor, and soon the scenery in front of me changed.


The space was moved from a desolate forest where everything had turned to ashes to a village with a fairly large fountain and various buildings.

The size of the village seemed quite large, but its unique feature was that it was a ghost town with no people.

The only difference was that the floor was made of books instead of tiles or stones.

However, there was no strange feeling of something being caught on my foot, so I put my hand on it and felt a flat glass-like material.

[Would you like to bring out a proposal for a new weapon following the Sky Fortress and Vanguard?]

That message came to mind.

I didn’t bother to read the book right now, so I didn’t take it out, but from the first book I reached with my outstretched hand, the title was unusual.

‘A new weapon proposal.’

With difficulty, I got up and looked toward the fountain.

A huge sapphire-like blue gem was floating above the fountain located in the center of the village.

My guess is that that would be the center of the 10th floor.

Perhaps because I was putting all my strength into the dragon raid, my body didn’t move as I wanted, but I walked with Arcia, supporting each other.


[I was impressed! You are truly amazing! You can’t believe you passed the last gate in one go!]

Then, as on the previous floor, Chester, the little fairy grandfather, appeared with a small light.

I smiled and trembled at the familiar sight of him.

“I feel like I’m going to die from exhaustion.”

[It makes sense. You’ve been fighting dragons for days… … But you know what? No matter how many items were added, the Red Dragon Kite’s data showed that it had more combat power than a real dragon. So he speculated that he might spend more than a year fighting Kite.]

You gave that guy as your last assignment?

It seems that Archduke Lucas did not feel like just giving compensation was a waste.

You’re belatedly acting like this.

“Does that mean we, who defeated him, are worthy of facing off against the dragon?”

[Yes. And once we get the ‘compensation’ sorted out this time, the process will be a little easier. The concentration and breathing that the two showed easily exceeded all data expectations.]

Still, when the word ‘compensation’ came out of the mouth of the pension manager, Chester, I burst into laughter as if I had never expressed my dissatisfaction.

[The final reward is contained here.]

Then Chester pointed to the giant blue gem floating above the fountain.

I followed his instructions and dipped my feet into the fountain, and then stretched out my hand toward the blue gem.

[I became the administrator of the Hollywood system.]

[1,000 trillion routes have been obtained.]

[The amount will be paid to the Elysia Union Bank account where the amount is stored.]

[Yonhap Bank account will be additionally registered on the terminal.]

[Obtain 3 summoned Sky Fortress Icarus.]

[Acquire 3 summoned Sky Fortress Aegis.]

[Obtain the summoned Sky City Gigant.]

[Acquire 5 Auror Master-class autonomous vanguards.]

[Obtain the magic staff Kite Rod (Dragon Heart).]

[Obtain rare ownership of the Red Dragon Kite.]

A long series of rewards.

1,000 trillion is money, but perhaps because it was the last, there were some unusual things involved.

First of all, I became the administrator itself, not the administrator authority of the Hollywood system.

We acquired a large number of sky fortresses and master-level autonomous vanguards with high performance and the advantage of being a summon type.

Also, it is a city in the sky that seems to overwhelm the sky fortress in terms of scale, and a new weapon that is presumed to have a dragon heart built into it.

Lastly, there was a somewhat questionable reward in the form of a dragon rare.

But no matter what, the most important reward is… … .

[9 circles are created.]

That’s it.

A leap to the 9th circle.



As always, creating a circle was accompanied by great pain.

Moreover, this time, perhaps because it was the last 9th circle, it was incomparable to before.

Blood poured from my mouth and nose, as if I had taken poison, but I got through it without a single scream.

It felt like my organs were cut off and my whole body was on fire, but this level of pain was nothing compared to the benefits of getting to the 9th Circle.

[It will take 72 hours to complete circle creation.]

The only catch was that I had to go 72 hours without a break after 52 hours.

I got my reward right away because I was able to pull off the ox horn, but I thought I should have rested a bit before coming back.

* * *

“Her Majesty the Queen Mother!”

Duchy of Lawrence, in front of the King’s bed.

As Arcia went out the door with a tired expression, a group of people came rushing in.

“What are they doing here?”

Arcia had to ask harshly as she looked at them, because the people who flocked to them were not the maids she always saw, but the principal ministers of the principality, including the chancellor, the Marquis Walker.

Even the Foreign Minister of the Reinharts Empire was involved.

“They said they had something they needed to convey to His Majesty the King, but they blocked me from entering.”

People who saw Arcia’s always gentle and harsh appearance for the first time were shocked and speechless, and eventually Count Gregory, who could be said to be Adrian’s confidant, stepped forward and answered her question.

At Count Gregory’s report, Arcia nodded, saying that she had done well.

“Currently, His Majesty the King is trying to overcome an important wall. So, everyone is quiet and we don’t know what’s going on, but let’s move on. “I will listen to the message.”

People’s eyes widened at the fact that Adrian was trying to overcome an important wall.

People were not stupid enough to not know what the wall meant, so they obediently followed Arsia’s instructions.

Soon they were able to arrive at the Queen Mother’s office, and soon shocking news was delivered from Prime Minister Walker.

“A summons has arrived for His Majesty Prince Lawrence in the name of the Emperor of the Brigham Empire.”

“summons? “What kind of summons?”

“This is a summons to participate in an investigation to determine whether or not you are a descendant of Archduke Manuel Lucas!”

As this was unexpected, Arcia had to frown.

“The subpoena arrived two days ago, and the period is until three days after receiving the subpoena… … . In other words, they asked us to appear in court by tomorrow.”

Even if it was the Brigham Empire, asking to investigate the king of a country was an impossible request.

Moreover, it takes 3 days for Adrian to take care of Circle 9.

In the first place, it was impossible to appear by tomorrow as they requested.

“Is the emperor crazy?”

Of course, swear words couldn’t help but come out of Arsia’s mouth.


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