My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 224

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Episode 224: Dream in the game becomes reality

51. Actor (1)

Of course, dealing with the Red Dragon Kite was very difficult.

Hunting a raid monster with just three people (me, Arsia, and Black Man) is a daunting task, because this monster’s intelligence is different from regular named monsters.

So, the trapping techniques used in normal dragon raids didn’t work at all, and there were more than one or two times that we had to improvise in response to anomalous patterns.

In addition, he even uses his own skills that other dragons do not have, further increasing the difficulty of the raid.

‘Omnidirectional wide area!’

When hunting giant flying monsters, the rule is to ride on a large body.

But this damn thing started spewing flames all over its body as soon as we got on its back.

Soon, powerful flames engulfed the entire surrounding area like field magic.

It’s amazing to see a wide-area aircraft with Hellfire-level power encroaching on space with no place to avoid.

The tip for the attack was to defend the front with Arsia’s shield as the center, and to defend by deploying the 8-circle grand shield to the rear, left, right, and top.

However, the problem with this attack was that there was nowhere to step, so it was thrown helplessly away.

A pressure that could not be withstood by flight magic came out and threw Arcia off the ground.

Well, since it is a technique designed to prevent people from getting on the dragon’s back in the first place, it can be seen as having achieved its purpose from the dragon’s perspective.

We’re the only ones dying because we have to regain the distance to deal with him right now.

“This is crazy.”

However, I had to express my bewilderment rather than irritation at the dragon’s subsequent actions.

Isn’t this guy going into the motion of using his breath following his wide range attack?

Of course, considering the distance, it may have been an appropriate response, but from the perspective of the victim, it was bound to suck.

The only thing we could do to respond to this was to just put it in its place.

-Go go go go!

A gigantic flame-like breath that extends in a straight line like a laser.

Just like before, Arcia held up her shield in front of her, and I unfolded an 8-circle shield behind me.

Fortunately, there is some ground to step on this time… .

It was the same as before and this time, being pushed back helplessly.

This was because the ground melted like lava in the flames that filled the field of vision, lowering friction.

Because our fire resistance was so high, changes in the surrounding environment did not cause any damage to us, but the red dragon’s breath burned and melted everything in a radius of several kilometers even though it did not come into direct contact.


Despite the enormous pressure, Arcia gritted her teeth and held on.

Her current level is 250, not 300.

This was because of the limit level of the supporter, but it was useful to hold on to the breath.

Of course, it was clear that she was overexerting herself due to the level she was falling, although she had a share of items that could not be ignored.

“Hold on!”


Nevertheless, I had no choice but to hold on.

If her defenses are breached, the battle is no different.

I gave her support by hugging her from behind.

-Quaaang! Quang!

How long did it last like that?

Along with the dragon’s irritated voice, the breath did not extend in a straight line but waved like waves.

[This fly!]

This time, the Hellfire magic was put into the back of the guy’s neck through Black Eagle and Black Boy.

I kept hitting the dragon’s back like this whenever the breath came, which wasn’t easy to fight with.

-Fit! Fit! Fit!

Without missing the moment when her breath wavered, Arcia launched the great swords scattered throughout the forest like missiles.

The four swords containing aura blades pierced the dragon’s belly and became deeply embedded.


Our attacks, boosted by various buffs, must be quite painful.

The guy eventually had to break his breath.

As soon as her breath ended, Arcia took out a new shield from subspace and replaced the equipment that had lost its durability.

“let’s go.”

And we ran again.

Arsia’s fish swords, which were scattered here and there and frequently shot up like missiles, and Black Eagle’s attacks on the back of the head were quite a burden, so we were the only ones who couldn’t care about this guy.


It strikes away the rising sword again with its tail and chews it up with its huge mouth.

However, as if laughing at his hard work, new fish swords and black dogs appeared and tormented him.

Arcia’s sword to be used as a fish sword was sufficiently stored, and the black man killed by the dragon was not his original body in the first place, but his alter ego.

A situation where you can’t help but laugh.

But I couldn’t laugh.


Anyway, he recovers quickly.

Thanks to this, Chronicle Online has this saying:

To hunt a dragon, you need to reduce MP, not HP.

[HP: 100%, MP: 94%]

The problem was that the MP of this crazy monster was too large, as it is a game that is very realistic.

‘All I did was lose 6% of my MP after fighting for 2 hours.’

It is inevitable that the dragon will lose strength every time it uses recovery magic.


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‘But it’s not that bad. ‘Because the battle is sufficiently established.’

Anyway, the difficulty of the final quest was predicted from the beginning.

Rather, I thought that fighting like this on my first challenge was great enough.

“Hello, here again.”

While the dragon wrestled with the black man and the fish sword, we diligently moved our feet and arrived right in front of the dragon again.

* * *

‘The Brigham Empire begins an investigation, suspecting Prince Adrian L. Lawrence and Duke Olivia Riverdale of involvement. The person in charge is Duke Christopher, and the Empire’s head of intelligence, Count Elfrid, assists him.’

This plan was caught on Blue Moon’s intelligence network, which was closely monitoring the situation in the Brigham Empire.

However, Blue Moon was unable to convey this fact to Adrian because he was currently in the final stages of resolving Archduke Lucas’s fate.

[I will report this information to Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale.]

Therefore, Chester, the finance manager in charge of Blue Moon, suggested that to Gregory, who had become Adrian’s faithful confidant.

“may I?”

[If she responds based on that information, the Brigham Empire will consider it strange, and they will pay more attention to it.]

It means to focus your attention somewhere else.

Gregory probably thought there was nothing he could do, so he nodded and decided to follow Chester’s instructions.

But the two people didn’t know.

What are Olivia Duke of Riverdale’s thoughts currently?

* * *

The news that the Brigham Empire is beginning a re-investigation into the actor was secretly delivered to the Riverdale Magic Tower Intelligence Department through Blue Moon.

Naturally, this was quickly reported to Olivia, and she bit her nails when she heard the news.

“What’s happening all of a sudden?”

Olivia shook her head with a serious expression in response to the question of Marquis Lake, the Vice Tower lord of the Riverdale Magic Tower.

This meant that he himself did not know why the Brigham Empire suddenly began a reinvestigation.

It had to be that way.

As a member of the Riverdale family, he only happened to see through Adrian’s lie, but there was no element to tie Adrian to Archduke Lucas in the Brigham Empire, which captured Louis Fairmont at the cost of war.

“Then, there is a high possibility that it was the work of the man in charge, Duke Christopher.”

“I guess so.”

“The more I look at that gentleman, the more he looks like an animal than a wizard? “Do you feel like you have a sense of the wild?”

Perhaps if there is a country in Rondel that best understands Duke Christopher’s fear, it is the Kingdom of Lucias.

In addition, contrary to what is known, how impulsive and irrational his actions are.

However, when Duke Christopher came forward, the Brigham Empire reaped most of the benefits, and this experience made the emperor trust the duke.

“It would be better for us to stand out and attract attention.”

“Because we’re not real anyway?”


The Marquis of Lake narrowed his eyes at Olivia’s decision, saying it was very sincere.

But the Earl of Preston thought differently.

“Yes, it will only take a few days. The opponent is Duke Christopher, who transcends logic with sense, and the one behind him is Count Elfrid.”

“Do we have to think about the next move?”


In addition, the Earl of Preston argued that ‘we must inform Adrian of this fact so that he can prepare.’

This means telling Adrian what Blue Moon and Chester did.

“good idea.”

Olivia accepted his offer.

Thanks to this, when the news of the Brigham Empire was transmitted from the Blue Moon to the Riverdale Tower, and from the Riverdale Tower to the Lawrence Tower, Chester and Gregory, the sources of information, had to react in an absurd way.

But Olivia went one step further… .

“And by winning, it would be good to solidify the Lawrence Gongwang faction.”

It was decided to replace Adrian and create an Adrian faction without Adrian.

Her first target was not the President of the Republic of Prius or the Queen of the Kingdom of Roberto, but Saint Ivril of the Holy Land of Everhill.

“What can you do for His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence?”

“What does that mean out of the blue?”

“It means that he is currently in danger and needs the saint’s help.”

“… … .”

“No matter how outstanding His Majesty Lawrence’s abilities are, it will be difficult for him to overcome this crisis alone.”

Ivril’s expression was shaken by Olivia’s sudden remark, but she soon cast a suspicious look towards her.

It’s as if Adrian is in danger, so why are you stepping forward?

“You don’t have to worry. “I’m not doing this because of my rational feelings for him.”

This meant that Olivia knew Ivril’s feelings, but she curled up the corners of her mouth as if she didn’t care.

“You just asked what I would do for him, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I am willing to give this life. Would this be enough of an answer?”

Ivril gave off a different vibe from what she had heard through rumors, but Olivia didn’t pay much attention to it.

Ivril’s answer meant the addition of a new comrade who would share the same cause.

It is also an axis of a denomination that has influence around the world.

“Then I will tell you. “What is the situation we are facing now?”

“great. “I listen.”

Adrian was able to have a strange experience where his power was created in a place he did not know.

* * *

The moment the dragon appeared in the last Giyeon quest, I assumed I would experience at least 10 deaths.

However, we were able to continue the battle by finding an appropriate response to any unexpected situation, and as a result, we were successfully attacking the dragon, although the speed was very slow.

[Red Dragon Kite]

[HP: 32.1%, MP: 2.5%]

It feels completely different from the 8th stage of the Giyeon Quest.

Even then, I defeated Balrog, a named monster, in my first challenge, but at the time, I didn’t feel like I was going to lose.

But the dragon wasn’t like that at all.

I didn’t feel like I was going to win at all.

However, I myself did not understand what this situation was.

Is it because of thorough preparation?

Or is it that the combat experience he has accumulated so far has unlocked his potential?

We were cornering the dragon.

[Why is the situation like this… … .]

The dragon himself was very embarrassed, as if he had not even thought of this situation.


-thud! Suddenly!

[Hey, these monsters.]

As if our souls were connected, Arcia and I faced the dragon at the end of the battle, understanding each other’s movements in any unexpected situation, like gears turning together without a single conversation or exchange of glances.

Thanks to this, the dragon gradually began to look at us as if he was tired of us, and now he was completely treating us like monsters.

But we didn’t even have the energy to react to those words.

It’s been 50 hours since the raid started.

Currently, Arcia and I had already exceeded the access limit for Chronicle Online, which was established for user safety.


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