My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 223

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Episode 223: Dream in the game becomes reality

50. Max level (6)

[You will be moved to a secret space by Ariel.]

This is a message I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Giyeon Quest has two tasks at each stage: one is to achieve a certain level, and the other is to hunt the named monster prepared by Giyeon.

This message appeared when the message was forcibly transmitted to a place where there was a named monster to fight after achieving the level, and only me, Arcia, and the black man could participate in the hunt.

“I pray for your master’s victory.”

As soon as the level up message appeared, the gathered party members saluted.

Since they were all Blue Moon agents, they understood my situation well.

This is also how important the fight that will begin from now on is.

I was wondering what to say in response to their energizing reactions, but as soon as I blinked, the scenery changed and I had no time to say hello.


But I had to question the changed landscape.

Until now, the Named Monster Raid had been taking place on the first floor of the Magic Tower, but the outdoors suddenly spread out in front of you.

It was a vast field in the form of a large forest surrounded by steep mountain ranges.

“What kind of guy would make such a grandiose statement just to stand out?”

I don’t know what type of named monster I’ll be dealing with, but I think there’s a high possibility that this terrain is more advantageous for named monsters than for me and Arcia.

We looked around, raising the tension, and the black bird flew high into the sky.

And after a while.


I thought the world suddenly became dark… … .

[The named boss monster Red Dragon Kite appears.]

When I looked up at the sky with the harsh wind pressure that seemed to tear the air, I saw a huge fuselage of ridiculous size blocking the sun.

The target of the final quest to subdue is a dragon.

Among them, it was a red dragon that was famous for being difficult to deal with.

“Ah, as expected… … .”

I’ve been jokingly saying that the named monster that appears in the final stage of the Giyeon Quest is a dragon, but it turned out to be a reality.

It was definitely someone who suited the word ‘last’ very well, but I had to sigh deeply.

Because I had no idea how to deal with that huge guy.

In Chronicle Online, dragons were objects that multiple parties formed alliances with or formed guild-based forces to conduct raids on.

I couldn’t help but feel dispirited because it meant dealing with just two people and one animal.

“Is this the last one? “You mean you don’t want to give rewards too easily?”

I twitched the corner of my mouth and faced the dragon’s bright red eyes.

[The Red Dragon Kite’s Dragon Eye causes the person to fall into the ‘fear’ condition.]

[‘Fear’ is canceled due to the high status abnormality resistance level.]


[The status abnormality ‘stat decline’ occurs due to Red Dragon Kite’s dragon fear.]

[The ‘stat decline’ is canceled due to the high status abnormality resistance.]

But there is no chance of winning at all.

In the meantime, I have been thoroughly preparing for the final battle with this named monster.

“Don’t do anything useless and just go for it.”

I can say that my life is at stake in this game.

Therefore, they did not spare any money, and thanks to this, they easily took first place in the combat power rankings even when they were not at full level.

But why struggle just because of a status abnormality?

The inventory contains different types of armor with resistance options for each attribute, and the same goes for weapons.

Moreover, not only are the types of equipment diverse, but the level of reinforcement is also at a level that would astonish even top rankers.

Among these equipment, Arcia and I were equipped with fire resistance armor and a weapon that deals additional damage when dealing with Balaur.

In addition, an accessory set that provides additional damage during dragon raids and a title that provides a stat-boosting buff when performing unreasonable battles have been created.

In other words, they are fully prepared to deal with the enemy in front of them.

I don’t know what level of combat power Archduke Lucas expects from us, but there was no doubt that our abilities were at MAX.

[Eyes that convey caution and confidence. I don’t like it.]

At that time, the dragon spoke to us like that.

Until now, many named monsters have shown high intelligence that is not typical of artificial intelligence, but this was the first one that spoke to me while pointing out the emotions contained in their eyes.

“I don’t like your size either.”

Saying that, Arcia and I ran through the air as if it were the ground.

The shield magic was spread widely to create a platform.

For reference, you can just move through space, so why approach directly? … .

[Space movement obstruction magic is in effect.]

It was because of unnecessary verification of reality.


We gradually increased our running speed.

Then, the distance suddenly narrowed to the point where I was told to move in space.

That speed was unsuitable for a wizard, and was comparable to Arcia’s power.

-phut! phut! phut!

This was a skill that became possible as one became accustomed to using magic like breathing, and by firing a two-circle air boom behind his back, he became a human propellant and accelerated.


[The magic was destroyed by the Red Dragon Kite.]

The concept of dragons being the lord of magic is the same both in reality and in games.


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As the magic was destroyed by the piercer that he had made, the scaffolding disappeared.

But there was no embarrassment on our faces.

-fault! fault!

This is because the long sword that flew out from Arsia’s waist created a foothold.

Also known as the sword platform.

Thanks to Arcia giving me a moment of time, I was able to regain my footing, and in an instant, the dragon and we were at the same eye level.

Have you realized that we are unusual in our ability to deal with crises that seem natural?

-Whoop whoop! Go go go go!

From the very beginning, he blew out his breath as if he would never allow anyone to approach him.

“This is crazy… … .”

This was completely different from the Red Dragon Raid pattern I knew.

Because of this, I was embarrassed and my expression hardened.

“Did you know you were going to say that?”

However, it didn’t take long for the frozen face to relax.

This is because the black bird that was flying high in the sky dived down and bombed the back of the dragon’s neck like a fighter jet.

[Black Eagle at the speed of sound]

First skill: Shared vision

Second skill: Magic sharing

Third skill: alter ego

Fourth skill: –

The 10 Hellfires that had been memorized in advance exploded all at once through magic sharing.

-Quaaaang! Quaaaang! Quang!

Thanks to this, the head of the dragon, which seemed to fill a small playground, was lifted up and its breath was released into the air.

The shock wave from 10 rounds of Hellfire spread out in all directions like a storm, and the dragon’s breath fired into the sky evaporated the clouds and created a hole in the sky.

[It’s pretty good.]

The dragon let out an exclamation in a dry tone.

“How long can I have enough free time?”

Meanwhile, Arsia and I, who had safely climbed onto the back, launched indiscriminate attacks.

Each of the dragon’s scales is a reinforced version of mithril.

However, it was not a hindrance to Arcia and I, who had been covered in various buffs.

* * *

Imperial family of the Brigham Empire.

“Even though there is evidence that Louis Fairmont is an actor, we cannot erase the suspicion that he is a fake?”

Emperor Edward Noah Brigham frowned at the report of Duke Christopher, the Imperial Tower lord.

Duke Christopher was a very outstanding wizard, but as a human being he had a twisted personality.

However, since he was not the type of person to make a false report, the emperor sighed and massaged his temples.

“Why do you think so?”

“He’s too stupid to be a successor to Archduke Lucas.”

“… … .”

Duke Christopher added additional explanation to the emperor’s bewildered expression.

“Ah, more accurately, it means that Ki-yeon’s consideration is so lacking that Hu-in feels stupid.”

“Isn’t that because it’s not so easy to obtain that it was discovered after 20 years?”

“It’s natural that it’s difficult to get, but there’s no need to be unkind until you get it. As you know, the skill that Louis Fairmont gained is that he has to raise his level of magic himself to obtain the next level of reward. Isn’t it strange? If you don’t raise your level, you will never achieve it. “Then it would be no different from throwing away the rest of the talent.”

“But didn’t he rise to the level quickly?”

“That’s because we teach magic using Archduke Lucas’s knowledge. If you’re Archduke Lucas, you’ll raise him up to the 6th circle without any trouble, no matter how ordinary he may be. But the steps beyond that are a different story. Aside from the fact that the teacher must be excellent, the talent of the student being taught must also match.”

No matter how talented a person is in magic, in most cases they cannot achieve the 7th circle, which is the level of an archmage.

But what is the meaning of providing only an education system without consideration for this?

This was a question that not only Duke Christopher but many others had.

Nevertheless, the reason why they dismissed their doubts and only questioned Louis Fairmont was because his presence was so powerful.

“So what does Duke Christopher want to say?”

“We need to start a search.”

“You mean a search for actors?”

“That’s right. “If Louis Fairmont is fake, it means there is a real one hiding there who is playing with us.”

If the real thing that turned Louis Fairmont into a fake actor is hidden, the intention is clear.

This is to divert attention by learning about the horrors of the Brigham Empire.

At least it means that the real one is not as stupid as Louis Fairmont and has the skills to fool even the empire.

“If your guess is correct, he must be a formidable person.”

Emperor Edward stroked his beard and pondered.

Seeing the emperor like that, Duke Christopher tilted his head like a pendulum.

It’s as if the emperor was measuring the time he spent worrying.

Although it was a ridiculous appearance that made it hard to believe that he was an archmage of the 8th circle, the emperor thought that Duke Christopher’s appearance was unique among geniuses.

“Duke Christopher, you remember, right? “The atrocities we committed to take over Louis Fairmont.”

“Well, didn’t we beat up the Republic, which was once called one of the four great empires?”

“That’s how I got my hands on the Louis Fairmont. However, if you proceed with the investigation thinking that he may be a fake, it may raise other suspicions.”

“The Brigham Empire is trying to expand its power?”


“What does it matter whether you expand your power or seek out real talent? “We will do it, but who would dare rebel against our Brigham Empire?”

It was an answer that left me speechless.

Although the Emperor understood the actions of Duke Christopher, who had blind faith in the power of the Brigham Empire, he also laughed at the absurdity of it.

“Sometimes I envy your way of thinking?”

“I will take it as a compliment.”

In the end, Emperor Edward had no choice but to give an answer.

“good. “I accept your offer.”

“thank you.”

The owner of the Imperial Magic Tower says he has doubts about whether the story is real, but he can’t leave it like this.

As an emperor who must always prepare for emergencies, it was necessary to make this clear.

Even if noise occurs in the process.

“So is there anyone you suspect?”

However, it did not take long for the stern emperor’s expression to distort.

“This is ‘Princess Adrian L. Lawrence’ of the Duchy of Lawrence and ‘Duke Olivia Riverdale’ of the Kingdom of Lucias.”

There are only two targets.

However, they were all characters that were not easy to see.

Louis Fairmont, aside from his father’s halo, he was insignificant, but those two were the world’s leading masters of the magic tower.

And, putting Olivia aside, Adrian was a dangerous person who could backfire.

Duke Christopher shrugged his shoulders at the emperor’s suddenly changed expression.

“Out of all the wizards, except these two, is there anyone who can water our Brigham?”

That is certainly true.

Duke Christopher asked the emperor, who was speechless, again.

“Can we proceed with the investigation?”

“Yeah, I guess we should definitely point this out.”

The emperor did not overturn the decision.

“I am appointing you in charge of investigation. “I will assign Count Elfrid, head of the intelligence department, to conduct a thorough investigation.”

“I follow your orders.”


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