My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 222

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Episode 222: Dream in the game becomes reality

50. Max level (5)

“her… … .”

After a while, the background changes from a white space to a space with colorful colors.

I had to narrow my eyebrows at the scene that was revealed next.


In front of the Forbidden City, commonly called Tiananmen Square, a landscape that looked like hell unfolded.

The corpses of humans and monsters were strewn everywhere, and the foul scent of blood carried the wind and irritated the tip of my nose.

This sight could not help but be too provocative for Benjamin, an ordinary person.


He covered his mouth and looked like he was going to throw up at any moment.

I placed my hand on his back and used magic to calm his mind and body, and then immediately spread a shield to erase the foul smell.

“Okay, thank you.”

I answered that it was no big deal because I could understand it well, and approached the paper with my colleagues.

A hazy space with a soft green glow, that was Poison Pond.

But we couldn’t enter the dock right away.

“What are those?”

The reason was because of the soldiers camped in front of the dock.

It was difficult to find anyone who was not injured, as if they had been through a fierce battle, and a military unit surrounded Dokji along with armored forces.

Well, since the scene was quite predictable, I didn’t panic and used the invisibility magic.

Unlike Rondel, today’s Earth is completely unprepared for magic, so you can simply avoid people’s attention with invisibility magic.

The Chinese military who discovered us looked around in panic, but we succeeded in entering the territory without any interference.


And after a while.

As shown in the video Blake showed, a rondel-style sepia church minor temple appeared.


Since members are members, we easily defeated the poisonous insects and monsters that rushed here and there.

I said to Benjamin.

“Let’s try.”

Benjamin looked nervous and walked towards the temple and stretched out his hand.


But then.

Berg, frightened by the appearance of an earthworm the size of his forearm rising from beneath his feet, took a step back and ended up reaching the temple before Benjamin.



Bugs was embarrassed, Benjamin was confused, and I was embarrassed too.

No, not only us but everyone present was embarrassed.

At the same time, ‘Pod!’ And a ray of light fell from the sky and enveloped the bug.

[The first gift in China will be given to the recipient.]

[Currently, there are 99 remaining gifts in Beijing.]

The phrase appeared in front of everyone, not just the bug.

At the same time, I felt a strong magical power coming over the bug.

What can I say, it feels similar to magic but different?

“full of energy!”

Where did the fear go? When Bug called out a cheer, small sparks immediately flew around the area.

[Characteristics: High computing power, multi-tasking, … … .]

[Characteristics: High computing ability, multi-tasking, lightning user.]

And Mangyeong edited this guy’s information.

‘Are you a thunderbolt user?’

It’s an unusual title.

I approached the bug with strong interest.

And then I hit the guy with a confident expression.


The bug flew up into the air as if it had been hit by a fist, and then flopped down to the floor.

“W-what are you doing!?”

Bug protested by covering his reddened forehead, and I tilted my head and expressed doubt.

“I felt like I had somehow become stronger?”

Despite the grandiose title and the feeling of being extremely special, it was suddenly knocked out in one hit. Could it be that gifts have nothing to do with battle?

“Because you didn’t respond!”

“Oh yeah? “I guess that gift is an ability that can be used in battle like magic?”

In response to my question, the guy said to see for himself and took a posture as if he were gathering energy before firing a long blast.


Then sparks flew around the bug, and power began to gather in its fist.

It seems that you can figure out how to use the gift the moment it is delivered.

If you see it being used right away like that.

I was amazed by the sight, so I looked at it quietly, and soon a ray of blue light stretched out like a ray of light.

“It’s pretty good?”

However, contrary to my impressions, the thunderbolt died down with a single wave of my hand.


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Very unsightly.

Thanks to this, Bug, who had a solemn expression on his face, showed a dumbfounded reaction.

“The power is roughly around 4-5 circles.”

Berg, who had been elated by Blake’s evaluation, was disappointed that it was only that much.

But my thoughts are different.

Even just at the 4th to 5th circle level, it was possible to unleash a powerful enough killing spell.

Moreover, we must not forget that gifts have a limited quantity and are obtained for free.

“Me too!”

Benjamin seemed to think that Bug-level power was impressive enough, so he quickly placed his hand on the temple and placed a gift on it.

But is it because he gained the ability by being second place, not first place?

Benjamin’s gift was only to fly, but he had no combat power of any kind.

“Oh oh!”

However, although it may not be the power he wanted, the fact that a person can fly in the sky bare-body is an ability that one cannot help but admire, so he seemed quite satisfied.

“If you compare it to magic, Bug is given a 4-5 circle level attack ability, and Benjamin is given a 4 circle level auxiliary ability, right? Still, I’m glad. “It doesn’t feel that threatening.”

“Well, I was worried for no reason.”

I don’t know what the goddess was hoping for when she granted this ability, but I felt fortunate that it wasn’t an ability that would affect the general public.

“Let’s go to other docks nearby. “Let’s check to see if there is a temple there.”

“good idea.”

I know that there are more than 10 temples in Beijing alone.

So, I looked into the situation of other dokjis and was able to confirm that there was no small shrine that gave out gifts.

It seems that the small shrine is only hidden in places where monsters appear.

“First of all, you can get 98 more gifts in Beijing, right?”


“Then, tell the County of Layers so that they can take care of everything through Yeongjimin. “There is no need to hand over new power to China as it is a potential enemy.”

To agree.

So, I accepted Blake’s suggestion and ordered all the gifts from the Little Temple that appeared in China to be swept away from the County of Rayers.

As a result, 98 permanent residents of the County of Layers sequentially received abilities ranging from 4 to 2 circles.

From China’s perspective, there is no choice but to shout ‘You’re a thief!’… … .

It will likely be a while before they find out what happened.

* * *

The underground laboratory of the Brigham Empire’s Imperial Magic Tower.

“The more I look at it, the less I understand. “It certainly appears that the materials this guy possesses belong to Archduke Lucas, but why does it feel so inadequate?”

Duke Christopher, the Imperial Mage Tower lord and Grand Wizard of the 8th Circle, looked at Louis Fairmont, the son of the former President of the Republic of Prius, whose hands and feet were restrained, and expressed his doubts.

Louis, who was very frightened by Duke Christopher’s question, opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, but then quickly averted his gaze.

I’ve been in trouble more than once for using my mouth incorrectly.

“How many hours are you detaining me? “What if I have a nervous breakdown and go crazy?”

Instead, it was a woman with a sharp tone of voice who answered Duke Christopher’s question.

“Marquis Winfred?”

She was the Marquis Cordelia Winfred, the second-ranking archmage of the Brigham Empire, who was certain to be the next Great Imperial Magic Tower lord.

Duke Christopher, who looked like a middle-aged man about to enter old age, went behind Louis and pulled both his ears and asked playfully.

“Do you feel sorry for Ija? “Louis Fairmont is a piece of human scum who used his power to molest countless women. As far as I know, he is probably the type of person the Marquis Winfred detests the most.”

Marquess Winfred was momentarily speechless at the sight of Duke Christopher hitting the nail on the head, but then shook his head.

“It’s a shame that I, too, was influenced by such trash. But what can you do? “Unlike this man, Archduke Lucas is innocent.”

“No, even though he knew that he could fall into the hands of this kind of scum, he acted without a plan, so this can definitely be seen as Archduke Lucas’s fault.”

“Are you belittling a great man now?”

“Oh my gosh, you’re scared. “I wonder if anyone is not a fanatic of Archduke Lucas.”

Marquis Winfred approached Louis Fairmont to untie his restraints.

However, Duke Christopher blocked her path and asked:

“It’s strange.”

“What on earth is it?”

“I don’t feel like it, but Archduke Lucas is a great archmage who changed the course of the world. “The person who took advantage of the talent he left behind is being interrogated without a trace.”

“So you’re saying the interest rate is likely fake?”

“No matter how you look at it, isn’t it true?”

Marquis Winfred responded to Duke Christopher’s assumption by massaging his temples.

“But the data I got from Louis Fairmont is real. “The more we investigate, the more evidence comes out that he is real.”

“That’s why it’s even weirder. Could it be that Archduke Lucas did not anticipate our actions? “Even if someone gets their hands on Giyeon, the empire will eventually take it over.”

“that… … .”

“Something doesn’t look like Archduke Lucas. Releasing a later person like this without any preparation? “If it were me, I would either provide an environment for rapid growth, or prepare a secret training space.”

Even if he didn’t express it, Marquis Winfred also felt this.

However, since all the circumstantial evidence showed that Louis Fairmont was real, I was just accepting ‘reality’ rather than ‘feeling’.

Duke Christopher tilted his head grotesquely and turned his face towards Marquis Winfred.

“Don’t you think this?”

“Any thoughts?”

Then, he curled up the corner of his mouth like a clown mask and expressed a question that could be considered a taboo.

“Now this guy is fake, and is it possible that we are playing into the hands of the real Huin? “Thoughts to do.”

Marquis Winfred spoke firmly.

“You can’t do that. No, that shouldn’t be the case.”

“Well, if that happens, His Majesty’s anger will spread throughout the continent.”

Duke Christopher grinned as he seemed to agree with her words.

* * *

After the China incident, I regularly visited Earth briefly, even if only for a minute, to check on the situation.

In the process, it was confirmed that, following China, monster waves also occurred in Korea, the United States, and Russia.

However, it is said that they were fully prepared by watching the situation in China, and since they are all military powerhouses, they were able to block the monster wave without major damage.

Monsters come out explosively in the beginning, but gradually decrease after a certain period of time.

Thanks to this, we have now entered a lull, and we have heard that an investigation team is scheduled to be dispatched internally.

Count Rayers asked if I would receive gifts from those three countries like I did with China, but I shook my head.

I had no intention of being looked down upon by countries like Korea, the United States, and Russia by simply acquiring abilities that were mostly at the 4th or 2nd circle level.

Instead, he gave instructions to Count Layers that if the same thing happened to Japan, he would just take what was theirs and decided not to worry about it from now on.

It had to be that way.

Because I was in a situation where I couldn’t just hang on to the earth.

[Master level 300 has been achieved.]

Now, there is not much time left to clear the Giyeon quest.


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