My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 220

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Episode 220: Dreams in the game become reality

50. Max level (3)

[Isn’t this the mood to enjoy Earth’s civilization?]

[What are you talking about!? I can enjoy it!]

[No, Mr. Branguiche. Even though monsters are only a threat at the level of flying flies, do you still want to stay in a scene where blood is splattered and guts are spilling out?]

[What’s so big about strawberry juice and sausages lying around?]

[Ah, so this is what a dragon is… … .]

[This bastard. Do you think I’m easy because I filmed Roadmaster in a dark elf theme?]

[Yes, your mental age seems reasonable.]


A monster appeared in Beijing, China?

How much?

I wanted to ask various questions, but I lost the timing because Branguiche and Blake were bickering.

[Tsk, I can’t help it. We will be summoned back from Beijing like this.]

I spoke to Blake, who was at least rational.

“If possible, could you please find out the scale of monster occurrence and how it appears? Adding recording is the icing on the cake.”

A request that is no different from an instruction.

Branguiche’s dissatisfied voice was heard, but Blake answered as if it was natural.

[I already tried to check. I will let you know in detail after I return to Rondel.]

“thank you.”

As we lost contact and approached the castle of Count Rayers spread out beneath our feet, the knights hurriedly came running to welcome me and Arcia.

“See you, His Majesty the King.”

A very polite greeting.

But I only nodded half-heartedly.

The knights tilted their heads at my unusual appearance, but there was nothing they could do.

Right now, my mind was occupied elsewhere.

‘What does the goddess want?’

I asked myself.

At first, I thought the goddess’s purpose was simply to take over the Earth and incorporate it into Rondel, but looking at what she was doing to the Earth, there were too many questions.

Does it feel like they are trying to harass the people of Earth?

Of course, I wasn’t in a good mood.

If something goes wrong on Earth, the parents from previous lives who stay on this Earth are bound to be in danger.

‘If I had known this would happen, I would have brought Celine.’

This is a matter that requires advice from Lord Exceed, the demon king and reincarnation of Archduke Lucas.

Of course, even if Celine came along, there was no guarantee that we would be able to contact them like last time, but I felt that it was a mistake to leave her behind in Rondel due to the participation of the dragon, who is an enemy of the demons.

“Your Highness, have my subordinates perhaps made a mistake?”

And when Count Reyes started to fidget, I finally came to my senses and waved my hand.

“no. “The group is currently in China. What do you mean there is chaos there?”

This is news that will be known to him as a resident of Earth anyway.

Therefore, I shared information about what was currently happening with him without hiding anything.

“Are you saying there will be an uproar in China? “What else have they done?”

Perhaps because of past troubles, it seems that Count Rayers’ perception of China is also not good.

“Did you know that there is a special terrain called Dokji on Earth?”

“I know. Isn’t this the terrain that arose after the great disaster? It prevents people from approaching with powerful poison, and it is full of mutated monster insects… … .”

“Monsters are pouring out of that poison. “That includes the orcs, trolls, and ogres we see in Rondel.”


Count Rayers gave an expression that he did not understand.

Of course.

I don’t understand it either, so how can I know?

“Does the Goddess intend to destroy the Earth?”

“If that were to be the case, there would have been an easier way.”

“That’s right.”

He has been told that all the abnormalities that are happening now may be the work of a goddess.

Naturally, as a devout member of the church, he reacted calmly, but in fact, there was no way that anyone other than a goddess could do something like this.

This is impossible for Elyos, Demons, and Dragons.

Moreover, as Rondel’s monsters began to appear this time, the claim could not help but be regarded as almost a foregone conclusion.

“Anyway, if the opponent is a monster with rapid regeneration ability like a troll or a strong defense like an ogre, China will be in a bit of trouble.”

“I guess so.”

The troll’s rapid regeneration is at the level of immortality unless its head explodes or its throat is decapitated, and the ogre’s defense is no different from that of a biological tank.

It will not be easy to handle with an ordinary personal firearm.

A tank or an anti-tank missile would be an opponent, but monsters are not that stupid, so they will avoid enemies they find difficult or reluctant to deal with.

Moreover, if monsters with mental attack abilities such as Lamia or Harpy, undead monsters with infection abilities, or high-ranking monsters such as ogres appear, the damage will grow uncontrollably.

“First of all, we need to find out whether this is only happening in China or all over the world.”

I was in Korea until recently.

Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any significant changes there, but there’s no way this abnormal phenomenon could only occur in China.

So I asked Count Rayers to investigate, and he immediately nodded.

“All right. “We will investigate through the government of the Republic of Korea.”

It was a satisfactory answer and a satisfactory attitude.


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“But China doesn’t have to help, right?”

I am not a philanthropist.

In any case, we are working in accordance with our purpose.

I don’t really have any acquaintances in China, and I have to set aside time to help them in resolving the case, so why would I do that for a third party?

For China’s sake.

“Well, wouldn’t China’s boastful military be enough to stop it?”

“Well, we can’t ignore the weapons of this world.”

So I brushed it off as if it was none of my business.

It may seem cold, but the only time I can stay on Earth is about 20 to 30 minutes once a month (one Rondel month = 3 Earth days).

There is no time to protect other countries, including China.

My priorities on Earth are firstly protecting my parents and Bucheon where they live, secondly the County of Rayers, and thirdly the Republic of Korea.

Other than that, I honestly don’t have time to worry about it.

“But where are you going?”

So, I led Count Rayers to the count’s castle and arrived at a spire and opened a subspace.

“It is a communication device such as the Rondel standard form. “If we install this, we will now be able to use existing communication equipment on the island.”

“Oh oh! thank you! “How uncomfortable it has been!”

“Also, we have made it possible to use online services such as library search, community, and games, but since they are all pirated, if a problem arises, we have to resolve it ourselves.”

“Oh, that won’t be easy. Because we don’t train separate programmers in our territory… … .”

“Then, if an error occurs, please organize it and make a list. “We have professional staff, so we’ll fix it every time we visit.”

“thank you. And I’m sorry.”

“Haha, don’t worry. “Because I do it because I like it.”

Then I opened the subspace again and took out cylindrical equipment about the size of a car.

“What is that?”

“This is a multi-purpose satellite to be used in the County of Rayers.”

This is new equipment that contains the essence of Lawrence’s Magic Tower.

The total number of satellites I brought was 6.

There are only three functions attached to this: ‘communication, surveillance, and attack.’

First, the communication function creates a rondel-style communication area in a space with a diameter of 300 km designated through a satellite.

Since mana on Earth is thinner than Rondel, it is impossible to transmit signals using mana in the atmosphere, so it can be seen as a repeater built.

Second, the surveillance function is similar to that of Earth’s spy satellites.

However, what makes it different from Earth is that it has a see-through function so you can look into spaces hidden by obstacles.

The third and final attack function is to fire mithril-coated metal sticks to devastate the ground.

It can be said to be a strategic weapon that threatens the enemy like a nuclear weapon.

It can be easily blocked using magic, but there is no way to intercept it with Earth’s anti-aircraft capabilities.

“I really need to think carefully about the attack function before using it.”

I simply placed the equipment outside the atmosphere using teleportation and handed the control device to the Count.

“Just know that such a function exists, and don’t use it if you can.”

“Yes, I will.”

These devices were not used in the existing Rondel.

So, quite a lot of manpower and effort had to be put into production.

You don’t have to explain this hard work to Count Rayers.

He continued to look thrilled by the thoughtful gift.

As if he had made up his mind, he got down on one knee in front of me.

“New Eliot Reyes, I would like to take His Royal Highness Prince Adrian L. Laurence as my lord.”

As their master knelt, the knights who followed him also knelt before me.

I was already going to suggest that you come under my command first.

But I am grateful that he stepped forward and kneeled before I told him to.

I said, putting my hand on his shoulder with a smile on my face.

“There is no reason to refuse. “I accept it.”

As of today, the County of Reyes has been incorporated into the Duchy of Lawrence.

The lord, Count Rayers, also becomes my subject, and the lords become my subjects.

I took out a sword from subspace and placed it on his kneeling shoulder.

“As of this time, I hereby appoint Elliot Reyes as Earl of the Duchy of Lawrence.”

The sword was a saber with impressive ornate decoration and was one of the force swords left behind by Archduke Lucas.

“This sword is the Force Sword left behind by Archduke Lucas. “I will give it to Count Rayers as a token of his becoming mine.”

“Lu, Archduke Lucas.”

“It is a weapon made by mixing dragonbone and mithril. “It will be good enough to become an heirloom of the Reyes family.”

“Is it just enough!? “This is a gift beyond measure!”

Isn’t it the sergeant of the treasured sword that is indispensable in the oath of loyalty?

That sword made by mixing dragonbone and mithril is undoubtedly a treasure… … .

Unfortunately, it was an extra weapon with nothing special for me, who had all kinds of treasured swords, including the Holy Sword, Orichalcon Sword, Adamantium Sword, and Pure Dragonbone Sword.

However, in general, the dragonbone is a treasure that is difficult to obtain even if you pay a thousand gold, and the value of Archduke Lucas’ name is added to it, so Count Reyes, who received it as a gift, even shed tears of emotion.

It was the moment when I had a very loyal subordinate.

* * *

Beijing, China.

“Wow, great free shopping.”

Blake shook his head excitedly at the sight of Branguiche not only wearing a luxury watch on both hands, but also stuffing all kinds of equipment and food into the subspace.

Where he was heading was a poisonous area where numerous monsters were pouring out.

Blake moved forward, dealing with the monsters that attacked him as if they were annoying, and soon discovered something strange.


The pond was full of monsters and mutated poisonous insects, but at the center of it all stood a pure white temple that did not fit in with its surroundings.

Naturally, Blake had no choice but to express his doubts, and so did Bramgisch, who had followed him indifferently.

“I don’t feel like I’m particularly popular inside?”

Blake walked up to the temple and immediately experienced a mysterious phenomenon.

The divine power scanned his body as if searching.

Naturally, Blake, who possessed the dark attribute, withdrew his hand from the temple in displeasure, and soon a strange phrase appeared before his eyes.

[The body is already filled with powerful supernatural powers.]

[Failed to obtain gift.]

Although it was short, it was a message with many meanings and possibilities.


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