My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 219

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Episode 219: Dream in the game becomes reality

50. Max level (2)

“But you know, right?”


“As you said, let’s say that Prince Lawrence is the successor of Archduke Lucas. “So what problems could arise if we put him in line?”

The Marquis of Lake was laughing.

However, when he asked seriously, removing the expression from his face, Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, agreed and said she knew.

“Are you saying that we could become hostile to the Brigham Empire?”

“okay. The merits of being the successor to Archduke Lucas are great, but if she found out about this fact in the Brigham Empire. “Will she be able to handle it?”

Behind Prince Lawrence is the Reinharts Empire.

And even if the Kingdom of Lucias, centered on their Riverdale Tower, provides backup, it will never be a match for the Brigham Empire.

Bringham Empire and Reinharts Empire.

Although they wear the sign of the same empire, one should not be mistaken in thinking that their national power has risen to a similar level.

The Brigham Empire was a country that could win even if it went to war with the other three of the four great empires at the same time.

In order to compete at an appropriate level with the Bringham Empire, there must be four more countries with national power at the level of the Reinharts Empire.

No, this is just a superficial figure, and the undisclosed hidden power of the Brigham Empire cannot be ignored, so the difference will be even greater.

“Yeah, I think you can do it?”

However, Olivia’s answer to this extremely serious question was very light.

As if he wasn’t worried at all.

Thanks to this, the Marquis of Lake had to look dumbfounded.

“The forces that will unite around Prince Lawrence are not easy.”


“It means that the Reinharts Empire, or rather Prince Lawrence, has a lot of countries to join besides our Kingdom of Lucias.”

“Explain in detail.”

“First of all, there is the Prius Empire and the Roberto Kingdom.”

“Ah, there is definitely a high possibility that those two countries will take Prince Lawrence’s side. “Because the country’s leaders owe him a great debt.”

“And it is highly likely that the remaining five countries on the Triton (Eastern) continent, who live in the interests of those two countries, will also join forces.”

“Are you saying that we cannot ignore the influence of the Roberto Kingdom, the loser of the Triton Continent, and the Prius Republic, which is responsible for 60% of the continent’s trade?”

“During the war between the Brigham Empire and the Republic of Prius, the countries of the Triton Continent secretly helped the Republic. If you teach me some of Lawrence’s engineering skills, he will definitely take my side. But the biggest thing is… … .”

It’s not 100% understandable, but the Marquis of Lake, who decided to ignore it, waited for further words and soon looked surprised at the appearance of an unexpected force.

“The Holy Land, Dragon Land, and the backup of the Brigham Empire.”

“Did I hear wrong?”

“No, you heard me correctly.”

The Marquis of Lake had to express his bewilderment by picking his ears.

A sacred land that must always remain neutral, Dragon Land, a barren land without a nation, and finally, the Bringham Empire, a potential enemy and party to the conflict.

This was a member who felt like it was nothing more than a joke.

“Ivril Barnet was a woman before she was a saint. A woman who is in love with a man named Lawrence Gongwang. She thinks that with her status and Prince Lawrence’s ability to control public opinion, she can make a different move than before. Moreover, the current relationship between Seongji and Prince Lawrence is at a level where they can almost be called partners.”

“The situation would be different even if the Holy Land did not directly add military force and only made a statement to our advantage. but… … .”

The reaction was that this was too wishful thinking.

But Olivia’s answer was firm.

“There’s a lot of potential.”

“I figured it out. So what about the other two? “How can Dragonland and the Bringham Empire, which have no country, be of any help?”

“It has been confirmed that there is no country in Dragonland, but there is power. “He is a dark elf who is Queen Arsia’s teacher.”

“Dark elf… … “It feels powerful as a race that lives in Dragon Land.”

“Furthermore, there is a rumor that her teacher is a roadmaster, and if it is true, it is an incredible amount of power.”

And after taking a moment to catch her breath, Olivia continued speaking.

“Finally, the Brigham Empire. Surprisingly, even though it is a virtual enemy country, there are quite a few people in power who have a good relationship with Prince Lawrence. Moreover, there are many people who dislike the imperial family arbitrarily arranging the successor to Archduke Lucas. Should we call them the Lucas Anti-Communist Party?”

A scenario where opposition from within the Brigham Empire was unexpected.

Marquis Lake said, stroking his chin.

“Now that I think about it, I think I heard that the lord of the Winfred Magic Tower’s devotion to Archduke Lucas is almost at the level of faith.”

“Yes, she is the representative figure. “She continues to advocate for the release of Louis Fairmont, who has been captured and imprisoned in the Republic of Prius.”

Winfred’s Tower is a historic tower of the Brigham Empire, the second-largest tower in the empire after the Imperial Tower, and a rival to the Riverdale Tower, alternately occupying the 4th and 5th places in the world.

“If we can capture the Winfred Magic Tower, it will become a powerful inhibitor.”

After listening to the whole story, I felt that Adrian’s situation was not that bad.

If Adrian realizes that they have enough power to oppose them, the Brigham Empire will not run wild like it did during the Prius Republic.

“Prince Lawrence laid the basic foundation well.”

“I can’t help but feel uneasy still, but it definitely feels like it’s not just a gamble.”

“Look at me like this, I am a realistic person. “I’m considering the possibilities.”

“Yes, yes.”

In response to Olivia’s remarks, the Marquis of Lake shrugged his shoulders with an expression that said there was nothing he could do.

This was an indirect expression of support for her decision.

After receiving the consent of the Marquis of Lake, Olivia turned her gaze to the Earl of Preston.

Of course, he responded positively, saying there was no difference of opinion, but Olivia narrowed her eyes at his continued words.

“But I guess I should be careful when approaching Prince Lawrence?”


“You are completely hiding your identity, but if you find out that your identity has been revealed in an unexpected way, you may try to silence me.”

It was a reasonable statement.

“Looking at Prince Lawrence’s tendencies so far, I think that’s enough.”


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Olivia scratched her head as she saw the Marquis of Lake agreeing.

“I need to think about a way to approach Prince Lawrence without instilling hostility in him.”

If Adrian had known that he had the ability to read other people’s emotions and thoughts, he wouldn’t have had to worry.

However, because they did not know this, their attitude towards Adrian had no choice but to be cautious.

* * *

“Is this what you said?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

A huge ruin from the mythical era located in Dragon Land.

Let’s reach the room where there is a dimensional transmission device heading to Earth.

The new member of the group, a man with long black hair, had his eyes shining.

His name is Branguiche.

This is the black dragon I encountered in the labyrinth earlier.

He is a curious being, and I have an environment that can meet his expectations.

Thanks to this, we were able to become friends easily and maintain a good relationship.

“let’s go!”

“Yes, then we will leave.”

Today is a regular visit to Earth.

Although the time spent today is only about 20 to 30 minutes, I think it is enough time to arouse Branguish’s interest.

As the ruins equipment was activated, the surrounding scenery changed.

Until today, only the existing members will visit, but the next visit will include a large number of Americans and Blue Moon agents.

“huh? “Is your son here?”

“Oh oh!”

Parents who welcome us again today without fail.

Branguiche seemed surprised by the sight of the two of them and hugged them with an innocent smile like a child.

“huh? “What is it?”

“Hoho, it’s nice to be hugged by a handsome young man.”

I asked Branguiche what he was doing.

“I scanned it for a moment to see how it was different from Rondelin.”

“Those are my parents.”

“Ah, don’t worry. “Because there will be no harm.”

When you think of a dragon, you might think of an arrogant personality, but he wasn’t like that.

Perhaps it was because they found out that I was Archduke Lucas’ disciple, or because I was a reincarnated person with memories of my past life, but they showed me a lot of respect.

“Structurally, it is very similar to Rondel’s humans. “I just have a small amount of mana.”

It’s bound to be similar because Rondelga Earth is a world made with the same format.

And it is inevitable that the amount of mana held is low.

The amount of mana in the Earth itself was very thin compared to Rondel.

“Let’s get out quickly. hurry.”

At Branguiche’s urging, I sighed softly and told my parents.

“I’ll just leave the bug in the computer room next door and go out for a bit.”

“You’re busy today too. Well, it can’t be helped.”

Since I could only stay for a short time, I had no choice but to keep busy.

Arcia and Benjamin move with me, and Branguiche moves with Blake, who is studying about the Earth.

I was a little worried about Blake and Branguiche’s party, but I don’t think they’ll do anything in vain since they paid enough attention.

I headed to the place where Choi Young-seok, CEO of Daehan Electronics, and his companions were waiting, and Blake and Branguiche headed to Beijing, the location I had designated, via teleport.

If they cause trouble, they should not cause damage to Korea, so their area of ​​activity was set to be China.

So we each moved to our destinations, and as the scenery changed, the familiar rooftop of Daehan Electronics came into view.

“Oh, you’re here.”


“The saint has come again!”

This time there were more people gathered than last time.

As Choi Young-seok and the people who had been treated last time brought in new patients, there were more than 50 people on the rooftop.

People who had already received treatment from me and lived a new life would call me a saint and pray to me.

This time, Benjamin headed downstairs to meet his sister, and I led Arcia to begin treating the patients.


“The two legs that fell off have sprouted! “I’m walking!”

“It’s a miracle… … .”

There were 40 people to be treated this time, and it didn’t take that long.

Naturally, the reaction of those who received treatment was very dramatic, and those who had been living almost as living corpses shed hot tears as they were given new life.

“As expected, you are amazing.”

The head of Daehan Electronics was busy praising me, but I’m not the type to dance to compliments, so I just shook his hand.

“You are doing well. “Please be nice to me next time too.”


After having people bring patients for treatment again next time, I hurriedly headed to the County of Rayers.

The scenery changed again and the familiar Sky Fortress and Spirit Tower came into view.


But then.


Blake’s voice, which seemed somewhat urgent, echoed in my head.

It was communication using a telepathic artifact.

I quickly answered because I was wondering if something had happened to him in China.

“Yes, what’s going on?”

The story that came back was completely unexpected.

[Did you say Beijing!? There is chaos here!]

“Is there an uproar?”

[Monsters are pouring out of a place called Poisonous Area!]


[That’s also our Rondel’s monsters! Guys like goblins, orcs, trolls, and ogres!]

I had to express my bewilderment.

What kind of situation is this again?


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