My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 218

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Episode 218: Dreams in the game become reality

50. Full level (1)

In modern wars, there is a strong feeling of destroying everything on earth, but the Second Korean War was different.

Even though an all-out war broke out between countries, the damage from the civil war within North Korea was even greater.

Not only did they hit only military bases with pinpoint accuracy, but they also intercepted all enemy missiles through the air.

In the city center, where it was expected that the guerrilla battle would intensify, the North Korean army was quickly annihilated thanks to the assistance of the Vanguard, a human tank with search magic as a standard option.

And as the priority was to eliminate the leadership that started the civil war, the North Korean military quickly lost its head and disintegrated.

-Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

“What is that helicopter?”

“uh!? “What’s falling?”

“I’m going to eat it!”

In addition, despite experiencing an extreme food shortage after the disaster, the public’s antipathy towards each military branch that started a civil war out of greed for power was very strong, and South Korea took advantage of this to drop bread, chocolate, and bean jelly, which are high in calories for a small capacity, from helicopters.

A message was written on their packaging that rice, eggs, and meat would be provided as soon as the battle was over, and citizens who were more desperate for immediate food than for the national system voluntarily cooperated and helped suppress the North Korean army.

Naturally, South Korea was concerned about the nutritional status of the North Korean people and quickly supplied food only to the occupied territories.

Rather, seeing the South Korean government providing more food than promised helped North Koreans realize that the situation in South Korea was different from what they had heard during ideological education.

“I heard that Korea is now better off than Japan?”

“what? “Is that real?”

“Even so?”

“But it must be known that they are poorer than us…” … .”

“Everyone was fooled. Just looking at the soldiers, they are different in color and size. “I thought they were sheep at first?”

In order to prevent the North Korean people from falling into confusion, South Korea thoroughly restricted its soldiers from making claims such as that South Korea is much better off than you and that North Korea’s leaders were pigs who sucked up the blood of the people.

They decided that there was no need to provoke the North Korean people and create resentment.

Why don’t North Korean defectors also say that they get angry when people criticize North Korean leaders at first?

Of course, if you live in South Korea for a few years, you will feel betrayed and start cursing the North Korean leader.

Since everyone will learn the truth over time anyway, at first, without words, I made them feel physically that South Korea and North Korea are different.

“My child is sick! Hey, if there’s any medicine!”

“Hey, come here. “I will make arrangements for you to receive treatment from a doctor.”

“thank you!”

If someone is sick, treat them.

“There are so many people at home that we have already run out of food… … .”

“Yes, I will give you more. “Ramen just arrived today. I’ll give you that too, so try it.”

“Oh, thank you!”

If you ask for more food, they will grant you what you ask for.

“Our house collapsed, so it’s an empty house over there. “Can I use that road?”

“of course. Please.”

“My mother lives in the next town. “Can I come and ask how you are?”

“If you tell me your parents’ address and names, I will take you there.”

Residents’ complaints were handled quickly and flexibly.

From the beginning, the Republic of Korea had no doubt that it would win the war.

Therefore, it was judged that the post-war settlement was as important as the battle in the Second Korean War.

As a result, South Korea was able to stabilize the occupied territories very quickly, and the North Korean people’s evaluation of the South Korean military and government was not bad.

Perhaps the story would have been different if the North Korean leader had survived unscathed, but the moment the North Korean leader passed away due to a great disaster, their system was no different from having already collapsed.

Thanks to this, North Korean residents obediently followed instructions without much opposition.

“huh? what? This?”

“Is this a South Korean broadcast?”

And among the policies implemented to relieve the anxiety of the North Korean people, there was something that reaped unexpected benefits: the most addictive Korean dramas that began to be broadcast through North Korean broadcasting stations.

The Korean drama, which combines a solid story with perfect filming techniques, actors’ acting skills, and visuals, was enough to not only calm the confusion of North Korean residents but also create illusions about South Korea.

In the future, it was evaluated that the greatest contribution in South Korea’s complete absorption of North Korea was thanks to Korean dramas.

In this way, the Second Korean War quickly came to an end, and the government of the Republic of Korea announced its victory to the world and declared unification.

* * *

[United States: We sincerely congratulate the unification of the Republic of Korea. I hope that we will continue to develop together as a clan in the future.]

[Russia: North Korea’s self-destruction is unfortunate, but South Korea is also our important friend. Since it is connected to the Republic of Korea by land, we hope that the two countries will continue to cooperate in various ways, including the Trans-Siberian Railway.]

[European Union joint statement: We support and cheer for the Republic of Korea. We sincerely congratulate you on unification.]

Of course, most countries welcomed the unification of the Korean Peninsula and expressed their support.

But just two regions.

There were just two areas where I couldn’t figure out how to react.

It was the former China, split into four, and a weakened Japan.

China did not comment at all on this.

It was an unavoidable response from their perspective.

I didn’t want to celebrate, and I couldn’t make a statement criticizing it.

On the other hand, Japan’s reaction was quite interesting.

[Japan: Celebrating the birth of a unified Korea and a great nation. I hope we can forget the resentments of the past and work together as leaders in a new era.]

Because I came in completely bent over.

“They are a very easy people to understand.”

President Kim Min-guk laughed when he saw this reaction.

“How about taking this opportunity to show Japan an example?”

Inspired by the easy victory, key figures in the Blue House raised their voices in a reminiscent manner.

The President shook his head and said:


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“It would be wrong to attack another country as soon as the war is over, so tell the Japanese government. Please acknowledge ownership of Dokdo and all mistakes in past history and apologize. “I emphasize that this should be handled officially by the government, rather than a clumsy media play.”

“What if I don’t comply?”

The President thought for a moment about the question from the head of the National Intelligence Service, but then smiled.

“I’ll take the Tsushima sword.”

“Haha, I understand.”

Key figures in the Blue House, including the Director of the National Intelligence Service, nodded cheerfully.

Who ever thought the day would come when they would put pressure on Japan?

I felt a sense of change.

“Of course, if we resolve the past history with Japan, the next target is China. “First of all, we have to stop the arrogant name Balhae from being used.”

“It is difficult compared to Japan, but it is something that must be addressed.”

From now on, I will say what I have to say, and if necessary, I will correct my mistakes, even if it means using force.

This was the image of the new Republic of Korea that President Kim Min-guk envisioned.

* * *

When China and Japan were in trouble due to the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Adrian, like South Korea, was also prominent in the international community.

[Not only has the Duchy of Lawrence entered a period of stability faster than expected, but the people’s income is increasing significantly due to the increase in high-quality jobs.]

[Performance score of the sky fortress produced by Lawrence Magic Tower. Some functions have been greatly improved, and even evaluations have made it more convenient to operate.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower’s Sky Fortress ‘Daedalus’ begins mass production this month. Currently, 30 units can be produced per year, but the goal is to expand facilities and acquire related companies to have a production capacity of more than 80 units per year.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower’s Force Engine and Vanguard equipment Panther 2.0 dominate overseas orders. In addition, with the addition of favorable news from the Sky Fortress, the price reached its upper limit.]

[The market capitalization of Lawrence Magic Tower surpasses the Lucias Kingdom’s Riverdale Magic Tower and enters the world’s top 3 magic towers.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower’s acquisition of overseas Magic Tower begins in earnest. Plans to purchase the 6th and 7th largest magic towers in the world. At this rate, we may surpass the imperial magic tower of the Brigham Empire.]

Adrian’s existence, which received a lot of praise and attention from the world’s media every day, was a source of pride for the Reinharts people, and he was an absolute threat to neighboring countries.

He is a tactical genius, makes good money, and has outstanding leadership skills.

Although his publicly known level of magic was the 7th Circle, his presence had a deterrent power greater than that of a Grand Master.

Thanks to this, the heads of countries bordering the Reinharts Empire held meetings every day.

Although my relationship with Reinharts is good now, I don’t know what will happen as the generations go by, and since Adrian is a person who takes such unconventional steps, it is difficult to predict what will happen next.

Thus, the ‘Kingdom Cooperation Organization’ on the Defteron continent was born under the pretext of keeping the Reinharts Empire in check.

It was said to be keeping the Reinharts Empire in check, but in reality, it was an organization to limit Adrian’s rampage.

What is surprising is that the Kingdom of Lucias, to which the Duke of Riverdale, known as Adrian’s teacher, belongs, also joined this organization.

[Has the relationship between Adrian Lawrence and the Riverdale school gone sour?]

Thanks to this, many people had this thought.

Of course, Adrian didn’t care.

“Are you okay? “You were able to overcome the wall thanks to the elixir sent by Prince Lawrence.”

Duke Olivia Riverdale of the Kingdom of Lucias shrugged her shoulders in response to the question of Marquis Lake, vice tower lord of the Magic Tower and wizard of the 7th Circle.

“Even Prince Lawrence doesn’t really care.”

“That guy is a person who cannot think from the beginning, right? But you had a pretty good opinion of Prince Lawrence, didn’t you?”

In the Kingdom of Lucias, the Riverdale Magic Tower is evaluated as having more power than the royal family.

In other words, even if she, the owner of the Riverdale Magic Tower, had made such a decision in the royal family, it would not have been possible if she had shouted against it.

This was no different from the implication that Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, had her tacit permission.

That’s why the Marquis of Boutapju Lake expressed his doubts.

“I realized it when I became the 8th circle.”


“Prince Lawrence is not related to my father.”

“What is that?”

Like Adrian, Olivia also hides her state.

This was to avoid provoking the Brigham Empire, which bordered the border, and was a trump move just in case.

She was grateful because the elixir Adrian had sent her was a decisive factor in her advancement to the 8th Circle.

However, Olivia was able to see things that were previously invisible as she climbed into the 8th Circle.

Adrian barely felt any of the magical characteristics that can be clearly felt because it is Riverdale.

An outsider would have been fooled even by the same 8th circle, but she could not be fooled now.

“The materials he has look real even now. He probably would have been fooled all along if he hadn’t made it to the 8th circle.”

The Marquis of Lake massaged his temples at the unexpected story.

“Why bother lying about your origins?”

“Isn’t it because of an origin that can’t be revealed?”

“what? No, wait… … . no way?”

Olivia nodded as she watched him swallowing empty air.

“He may be a descendant of Archduke Lucas.”

“Damn, is that how the story goes?”

The Marquis of Lake sank into his chair with a deep sigh.

At that time, Count Preston, the head of the Magic Tower and Grand Wizard of the 7th Circle, who was quietly listening to the conversation between the two people, tilted his head.

“For someone who has been tricked, his expression doesn’t look bad, does it?”

Hearing his story, the Marquis of Lake also looked at Olivia, and she smiled at the two people’s gazes.

“Maybe it’s because he seemed somewhat suspicious from the beginning, but I wasn’t as surprised as I thought. And he just didn’t show it, but it was a possibility he had in mind.”

“Well, because he is so versatile, attention goes elsewhere, but he was the most suspicious character until the actor appeared in Republic of Prius. uh? “Then who is the actor in the Republic of Prius?”

“It must be a fake made by Prince Lawrence.”

“and… … “The dog is scary.”

The Marquis of Lake looked even more incomprehensible.

“But doesn’t the fact that you accepted him even though he seems suspicious mean that it doesn’t matter what Prince Lawrence’s source is?”

“I thought it would be helpful in many ways, aside from being an alumnus. “I am actually receiving help.”

“Then joining the Kingdom Cooperation Organization to keep him in check is an incoherent action, isn’t it?”

“Of course.”

“Are you sure you’re going to reveal his identity now?”


Even if it becomes known anyway, there is a high possibility that Adrian will cover it up in some way.

However, if that happened, they would be branded as Adrian’s enemies, and this was bound to pose a great threat.

In response to the questionable reaction of the Marquis of Lake, who wanted to avoid a fight with Adrian, Olivia spoke with a relaxed expression.

“My relationship with Prince Lawrence will continue like this. “It will definitely be beneficial.”

“… … .”

“And I plan to join the Kingdom Cooperation Organization and continuously convey information from there to Prince Lawrence.”

“S-You want to spy on me?”

Marquis Lake and Count Prestin widened their eyes at Olivia’s remarks.

Why are you doing this?

“If he is really Archduke Lucas’ successor, isn’t it natural to put him in line?”

“ah… … .”

Her answer, which was so simple but easily understood, made the two of them sigh in the affirmative.


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