My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 217

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Episode 217: Dream in the game becomes reality

49. King Gong is a problem solver (6)

When the planet Rondel is split in half, on the front side are the four major continents where most civilizations are located and the Sea of ​​Storms, which is called the center of the world.

On the other hand, on the other side, there is a silent sea with only a few islands floating lonely on the vast sea surface.

Since civilization was concentrated on the front of the planet, not even ships or airships roamed the Sea of ​​Silence, but recently, a change occurred in this empty sea.

By an island named Ophelia.

This Ophelia Island is being developed by the Duchy of Lawrence, spending a large amount of money on it.

Of course, it is not compared to the entire surface of the planet where Rondel’s four major continents are concentrated, but still, a large number of merchant ships ply the seas, and the population has steadily increased.

Thanks to this, Ophelia Island was always noisy even though it was located on the sea of ​​silence, so this could be said to be a change of its own.

“It feels like there are more and more planes going to and from this island.”

“Can we call those airplanes? “I think it would be better to just call it an airship.”

The 500 Americans who barely survived each day from a shipwreck in the sea were able to live on Ophelia Island thanks to Adrian’s rescue, but they were unable to adapt easily due to the very different environment and civilization.

Rondel is a fantasy world.

Moreover, it is a caste society where feudalism is the mainstream.

However, because civilization was more developed than that of Earth, it was a unique place that achieved a high level of civilization with an outdated political system.

“People in this world live very well maintaining the caste system. “If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Americans love freedom dearly.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s a little strange.

Even if they are told to wear just one mask to prevent infectious diseases, they are the ones who spread the infectious disease by claiming that it is their freedom whether they wear it or not.

From their perspective, Rondel’s system was bound to be incomprehensible.

“I just adapted. In fact, in the Middle East on Earth, there are many countries ruled by kings, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. “The same goes for Brunei in Asia and Monaco in Europe, where the Grand Duke directly appoints the prime minister, so it can be said to be similar.”

“Oh yeah? “I didn’t know.”

“There are countries like that on Earth as well, but how terrible would it be in this land where there are overflowing means to oppress ordinary people, such as magic and Aurors?”

“But aren’t there people who use magic or auras from commoner background?”

“What’s the point? The moment they get that power, they become vested interests, so how many people will fight for the people for the power and authority they have in their hands? Even if there was one, it would be difficult to get over a majority, and there would be nobility watching, so you wouldn’t even be able to dream of a revolution.”

“It’s a very unfair world.”

“Honestly, is America fair? In a society where money is the status, if the parents are rich, the children are also rich. If this is not nobility, what is it?”

“Well, well… … . “When I heard it that way, it seems to be true.”

“We shouldn’t judge this world based on our way of thinking. And then trouble arises.”

Of course, not all Americans are the same.

Among them, there were people who had this kind of thinking and took care of the mental health of their friends and family… … .

“Hey Officer, how long do we have to live like this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I do it because I feel frustrated living under surveillance in such a limited space. “The gentleman named Gongwang didn’t even show his face after the first day.”

“Your Majesty the King is the leader of a country. “You’re not a leisurely person who shows up here often.”

“No matter what, he is the one responsible for bringing us here and controlling our lives like this. Isn’t that too much?”

As if to prove that the law of preservation of the body exists, there were people who forgot their past of living a difficult life under the sea and only expressed their emotions.

There were as many as 500 people from Earth, including Americans, so it was natural for people like this to appear.

So, the first thing Adrian did when settling them on Ophelia Island was to scare them so they wouldn’t act rashly.

However, they showed us that people have a very convenient way of thinking.

This is because in just a week, as they became accustomed to the things they enjoyed, their demands gradually increased.

“Your presence can cause chaos in this world. His Majesty the King does not want that. Although it may be frustrating to be tied to one place, the interpretation artifacts given to you one by one and a private room filled with the latest equipment are things that people in this world cannot get even if they shell out a lot of their annual salary. Please understand that His Majesty the King is providing maximum convenience to you. “I’m sure the restrictions on your activities will be lifted gradually.”

“Still, personal freedom should not be infringed like this!”

Benjamin, from Singapore, who was put in charge of managing the Americans, was very upset.

Thanks to Adrian, he returns from meeting his sister and is confident that he will be able to return to Earth someday, but this is not the case for them.

I can completely understand why he is frustrated, but I thought it was not something an adult would do to throw a tantrum like this, not even a child.

“Then take advantage of this opportunity and find something that can help this world. Then you will be provided with a better environment.”

“Just like you, the officer in charge?”

“That’s right.”

Among the Americans who settled on Ophelia Island, there were some who openly showed signs of dislike for Benjamin.

They say he seems like a stooge for the Rondel people.

Thanks to this, Benjamin had to report to Adrian.

I think they’re going to have a big accident at some point.

“Officer Benjamin!”

“Is there a problem?”

“12 residents, including Michael More, have escaped the active area!”

“ha… … .”

And soon it actually happened.

Benjamin, whose main job was consulting with Americans, was sleeping in the manager’s quarters after finishing his day’s work, and sighed deeply when he heard a report from a soldier who suddenly showed up.

Michael More was a person who found fault with Benjamin’s behavior at all times.

He was quite thirsty for the opposite sex, and perhaps because he could not find a partner among his fellow Americans, he often asked the soldiers vulgar questions, such as whether there were any places like brothels here.

If Michael were to commit a crime related to the opposite sex, Adrian would be angry, which could make life difficult for Americans.

Because of this, Benjamin had to quickly put on his coat.

“Do you know which way we escaped?”

“Yes, it has been confirmed that it was heading towards Aliha Village.”

The place where Americans are currently staying is a resort that Adrian developed to use as a vacation spot.

There are two villages located around the resort. Aliha Village was an Asian village made up of people from Roberto’s Kingdom who had lived on Ophelia Island for a long time.

Since Americans tend to look down on Asians, they were an ideal target for criminal activity.


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“If it is difficult to suppress, it is okay to kill.”


As an Earthling, it is not easy to talk about killing others, but this was the authority given to him by Adrian and an inevitable choice to protect other Americans.

And after a while.

Benjamin was able to see the escaped Americans, including Michael.

Soldiers were surrounding a pub, and escaped Americans were holding residents hostage.

“I can’t understand at all. “How stupid are you?”

Benjamin sighed deeply at the hostage situation that followed the escape.

Naturally, the Americans, including Michael, were quickly subdued.

They were not familiar with the magic of this world, and were able to solve the situation by simply using Stone Curse (action-restricting magic).

After returning to the resort and looking at the detained Americans, Benjamin asked with a truly curious expression.

“Why did you do that?”

“You are restricting freedom.”

“Does that freedom mean you can control your emotions?”

“That too can be called freedom.”

Benjamin’s Singapore, like the United States, is a country where English is the dominant language.

However, their way of thinking was inevitably closer to that of Asians than Westerners, and perhaps because they were of different races, it was not easy to understand them.

“When you go to Rome, you have to follow Roman laws, right? “Those who took hostages and threatened residents will be flogged according to the laws of the Duchy of Lawrence.”

So Benjamin flogged the Americans who caused a commotion, confiscated their interpretation artifacts, and created an isolation wing to lock them in so that they could not even take a single step outside the room.

“This is not America. Much less is it not a democratic country. “Judge the situation well.”

Afterwards, Benjamin’s attitude became colder and no Americans argued with him anymore.

In this way, Americans seemed to follow Benjamin’s instructions well, even if they frowned, in order to avoid imprisonment.

* * *

“Oh, I’m surprised Benjamin.”

I received information about the events that occurred on Ophelia Island in real time through Blue Moon.

If I had intervened with Blue Moon, I could have prevented the Americans’ escape or hostage-taking in advance, but I did not.

The purpose was to see the response of Benjamin, who was given various powers as the site manager.

However, the work was handled more neatly than I expected, and the response suited my style.

For some reason, I feel like I’m discovering a good hand that I didn’t know about.

It seemed quite useful.

“Tell Sir Benjamin. “I ask you to select about 20 Americans who are good listeners and smart people.”

Gregory, who was reporting on Benjamin, expressed doubt and then looked surprised.

“Are you really planning on taking them to Earth?”


I visit Earth regularly using the ruins of Dragonland.

The visiting members are always similar, and I felt a lot while handling various tasks in the last district.

That’s because the time you can stay on Earth is short, so wouldn’t you be able to get more done if you use several people than if you just wander around alone?

If I stay on Earth alone for 10 minutes, I can only do 10 minutes’ worth of work, but if I distribute work to 50 people and go to Earth with them, I think I can do 500 minutes’ worth of work in just 10 minutes. It was done.

‘If you think about efficiency, there is no need to worry.’

There is no difference in operation time of the ruins depending on the number of people.

We started with 3 people and the number of visitors gradually increased, but whether we were 3 or 6 people, the amount of time we could stay on Earth was the same.

We have not confirmed how many people can use the ruins at once, but we will find out as we gradually increase the number of people exploring.

So, through Benjamin, useful Americans were selected.

Since they are people who know the Earth well, it would be good to use it.

In this way, my colleagues and I, plus 20 Americans from Blue Moon, plan to visit Earth next time.

“What are you going to do if they do something stupid?”

“You can use Auguste to make a hint. “I’m not too worried about that.”

“okay. All right. “I will forward it to Sir Benjamin.”

As Gregory disappeared, I looked at Blue Moon’s report containing detailed information about the Prius Republic with a satisfied expression.

[General Auror Master Aitrin, known as a radical, has been captured by the President of Israel.]

[General Marigold, the 1st commander of the Sky Fortress Unit of the Ricardo Ordain faction, has been captured by Marshal Ansen.]

When I saw the contents, I couldn’t help but laugh.

The report contained Israel’s plans and preparations for burying Ricardo Ordain.

‘Yes, there’s no way that smart guy can just suffer.’

However, there is one thing to be careful of: there is a spy planted by Ricardo in the Israeli president’s faction.

It seemed that if Israel were to be secretly informed of that point, the war would end surprisingly smoothly.

It means that a case that was quite nerve-wracking is coming to an end.

* * *

War between South Korea and North Korea.

In the end, North Korea, which was driven to the brink of ruin, ended up using nuclear weapons, which could be considered its last resort.

The plan is to attack Seoul from a long distance with an ICBM at a high angle.

The idea was to strike the enemy’s heart without considering human casualties in order to end the war once and for all… … .

“Yo, we were intercepted.”


“It appears that a weapon called the Stranger’s Sky Fortress was waiting outside the atmosphere.”

The plan ended in futility and failure.

The nuclear missile was intercepted outside the atmosphere, and South Korea, angered by the fact that North Korea had attempted a nuclear attack, increased its speed and destroyed North Korea along with Count Rayers’ army.

Just 3 days.

This was the time it took South Korea to occupy North Korea.


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