My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 213

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Episode 213: Dreams in the game become reality

49. King Gong is a problem solver (2)

This is how I had to respond to Marshal Nathan’s request to lend me wisdom.

“I think Marshal Nathan is overestimating me.”

“What is that?”

“It means my wisdom is not that special.”

I am not particularly a wise man or a detective.

He is simply a person who was born with memories of his past life and accidentally acquired a gift.

Of course, I never considered myself stupid, and I think I have a good ability to judge situations, but I was not an exceptional person to the point where I asked for wisdom before taking on important matters for the country.

However, my words seem to have sounded like a euphemistic refusal to Marshal Nathan.

He looked very confused and shocked.

“Aren’t you friends with our President?”

This is a title we hear a lot these days.

Me and the President of Israel are friends?

I tilted my head.

Well, I guess I can interpret it to mean that they seem to be that close to each other, right?

“please. Currently, the republic is divided into the faction of the President of Israel and the faction of the Supreme Council of Ordain. Ordain’s liaisons are hiding everywhere in the military, public security, and intelligence departments, so the investigation is not progressing at all. “The only one who can overcome this frustrating situation is His Majesty the King.”

Ricardo Ordain.

He is a political rival to the current President of Israel, as he is a person who inherits the spirit of President Fairmont, who was the worst leader and dictator.

His predecessor, President Fairmont, was executed by the revolutionary army for corruption that exceeded anything one could imagine, but Ordain is claiming that all of this was Israel’s ploy to regain the throne.

In addition, they are increasing their sophistry with all kinds of negative comments… … .

The problem is that this is working so well.

Due to the clever manipulation of data, confessions of conscience by close associates of the faceless self-proclaimed President of Israel, and in addition, propagandists supporting Ordain actively shaping public opinion, there were many people who ignored it regardless of whether it was true or not.

Above all, Ricardo Ordain was an eloquent speaker and had a good-looking appearance that attracted people’s favor, which gave him an advantage in many ways in creating an image.

‘People usually tend to think that what they believe is justice. And once you decide on your tendencies, it is very difficult to change them.’

If you look at this situation as a third party and a person from a foreign country, the people of the Republic will inevitably look foolish.

However, when I was in that situation, I couldn’t help but be swept away by the atmosphere.

‘So when I said I would take care of it, it would be great if Ordain was eliminated.’

Unless you are a fool, you cannot fail to know that the disappearance of the President of Israel and Marshal Ansen was the work of Ordain.

In other words, it is clear that it was a kidnapping.

I heard from Ordain that the situation was not good, but I did not expect such an extreme incident to occur.

If I had been a little more careful, the outcome would have been different… … .

Unfortunately, the President of Israel did not want it.

He said that if Ordain dies, he is the one who will receive the most suspicion, but since the Republic of Prius is a country that advocates democracy, the problem should be resolved based on the law rather than assassinating political opponents.

I couldn’t help but feel bitter that the result of maintaining such standards was kidnapping.

“Your Majesty the Duke! Please lend me your wisdom!”

Marshal Nathan let out a cry that was almost like a plea, as if he would not back down until given permission.

Seeing him, who is famous for his strong pride, do something like this, it seemed like he believed that if I stepped forward, I would definitely be able to solve this case.

Although I had created an image as an all-rounder, I was embarrassed to be evaluated so highly.

I quickly stopped him from expressing his will even by hitting his forehead on the floor.

“Please stop it. “I was trying to help anyway.”

“Well, is that really true?”

“Yes, I don’t know if I’m going to make a grand wish for wisdom or something, but I’ll try to use all the cards I have at my disposal to resolve the situation.”

“Oh, Your Majesty the Duke! thank you! thank you!”

It would only be troublesome to act as if the situation had already been resolved.

I asked seriously.

“But if I move, things might get a bit drastic. “Is that okay?”

Marshal Nathan flinched for a moment as he remembered the kidnapping of the King of Coralheim at my words, but nodded with utmost seriousness.

“I will entrust the plan entirely to His Majesty the King. “No matter what method His Majesty Prince Lawrence uses, it will be the best.”

“What if problems arise with Ricardo Ordain’s life in the process?”

“Then it’s better.”

Cool Marshal Nathan’s reaction.

Satisfied, I spoke into the empty void.

“Count Gregory.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Then Gregory appeared between me and Marshal Nathan, as if he had been there all along.

Gregory has recently become famous as a shadow knight, but he and Marshal Nathan were the same Auror Master.

However, looking at Marshal Nathan’s small expression of admiration, it seems that although their levels are similar, there is some difference in their abilities.

“You heard the story, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Please keep an eye on Ricardo Ordain.”

“all right.”

Gregory disappeared at my command, and I spoke to Marshal Nathan.

“And Marshal Nathan has work to do too.”

“Please speak.”

Marshal Nathan looked at me with shining eyes, and he tilted his head at my continued words.

“Please make it public that from now on, I, as a close friend of the President of Israel, will personally begin the investigation.”

“yes? Ah, I understand.”


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He seemed to think that it would be best to conduct the investigation quietly.

However, whether it is fame or notoriety, the value of Prince Lawrence’s name is so high that Marshal Nathan came to me and asked me a favor.

If the officials are embarrassed by that, they will make a mistake somewhere.

If so, we will not be able to escape from the net of the Blue Moon, which will be focused on the Republic of Prius from now on.

‘Of course, I have no intention of just believing in the blue moon and staying quiet.’

* * *

[Prince Adrian L. Lawrence: We will launch an independent investigation into the disappearance of our close friend, the President of Israel.]

[Chairman Baus: This is interference in state affairs. Domestic problems will be solved through domestic power.]

[Prince Adrian L. Laurence: What are you going to do to solve the problem of the country being divided into two groups and the other side interfering with the search for the president? Anyone who disturbs me will be considered a person involved in the disappearance of the President.]

[Is Prince Lawrence going on a rampage again following the kidnapping of the King of Coralheim’s family?]

-Your Majesty the King is missing haha.

–Still, this is a bit haha.

–What’s wrong with this?

–It seems like there is too much interference from other countries.

–I don’t understand people like you. You say you’re going to save someone because their whereabouts are missing, so why are you being so picky about it?

–There is damage to the country.

–Because the behavior is unconventional, if you look at it comprehensively, it can’t be said to be a harm, right?

–Why is there no damage? In Coralheim, the country stopped for a while due to the absence of the king.

–It’s a shame, are the prime minister and other administrators just decorations? And the 3rd prince was actually the culprit in the kidnapping of the saint. Then the royal family is also responsible. But don’t you think that because of King Kong’s kidnapping incident, he was able to escape responsibility?

–It’s too much to fit together.

–Lawrence Prince is 100 times smarter than you. It’s all a calculated action.

Prius A luxury residential area in the capital of the Republic.

Ricardo Ordain said while looking at the magnificent garden at his house, which was as good as the mansion of a high-ranking nobleman.

“With the appearance of Prince Lawrence, the world’s attention is pouring into our republic.”

“You’re in trouble.”

The person who answered his words was General Raminus, a past close associate of President Fairmont and Auror Master.

“If we do this, we should produce results that everyone can understand.”

Ordain thought that General Raminus was a political soldier who had an accurate judgment of the situation.

Domestic public opinion can be changed to one’s preference by somehow creating an atmosphere and inciting it, but the problem was that it was not easy to do so abroad.

[Prince Adrian L. Laurence: No matter what anyone says, this is a kidnapping case, and the person who benefits the most right after the President of the Republic is taken over is the culprit.]

-Then isn’t political enemy Ricardo Ordain confirmed to be the culprit?

–ㅇㅇ That seems likely.

–There are no suspects except him.

–The President of Israel is a 7th Circle Grand Wizard, so you have to have that much power to kidnap someone like this. In many ways, Ricardo Ordain appears to be the culprit.

And what I don’t like even more is that in this way, an atmosphere has been created where one is assumed to be the culprit.

Even though suspicions have been raised so far, there has never been such a definitive response.

Not only was the suspicion covered up by other suspicions, but the shield of supporters was so strong.

However, the online reaction expanded to the world, and Lawrence Gongwang drove a wedge, so this is what happened.

“This is it, Won, I just sent the president on an overseas trip to cool off for a while, but things are getting bigger.”

“We must accelerate the revolution. “That will create the image that the President of Israel is hiding from the revolution.”


As can be seen from the conversation between the two, the culprit in the disappearance of the president was, of course, Ricardo Ordain.

However, the reason why he, who is clearly a suspect, can remain calm even though he committed such an extreme crime… … .

“And now seems like the right time.”


“I will make a statement that I will not run for president.”

“Then the suspicion towards the Supreme Councilor will be greatly reduced.”

This is because he did not have a strong desire to become president.

Unless he takes Israel’s place, he will not be singled out as the number one suspect.

Public opinion changes in an instant.

“Then who do you plan to appoint as the next president?”

“Chairman Baus would be better. “No, would you rather be president?”

“Am I the president?”

Ricardo Ordain believed that the downfall of the previous regime was due to President Fairmont’s excessive greed for power.

Since he sat in the position of supreme leader and committed all kinds of injustice, wouldn’t he be judged and called a dictator?

An animal that has long thought of itself as a human being.

Based on past failures, Ordain wanted to become the person who creates the president and controls it from behind the scenes rather than becoming president himself.

The leader behind the scenes has no term of office and is not subject to criticism for being a dictator.

“Ma, I will do my best if you just leave it to me.”

In response to General Raminus, Ordain nodded and said he would reconsider.

Thanks to Ordain’s tendency, there were bound to be many people around him who farted.

[Chairman Ricardo Ordain: I know there are a lot of speculations about me. But these are all baseless rumors. This is because, in the first place, I am not the one who would benefit the most from the disappearance of the President of Israel. I want to make it clear here that I will never be greedy for the position of president, and I will not run for president.]

In this way, Ordain quickly moved his subordinates, saying that he would rather revolutionize the revolutionary regime, and began his specialty, media play.

He thought that if supporters and propagandists latched onto that media play and created a favorable response and created a trend, the speculative attacks against him would stop and the situation would change 180 degrees.

Just like it always has been.

[If you want to prove your innocence, you must resign from your position as a member of the National Assembly and not meet with high-ranking government officials and influential politicians, including the President.]

[I cannot understand why he claims innocence simply by saying he will not run for president. Doesn’t he feel like he can become president at any time if he puts his mind to it?]

-You damn arrogant.

–It seems like a person who lives in his own pride haha.

–Do you think that controlling it from behind is enough?

–LOL Maybe so.

But this time something was strange.

This is because online incitement did not work, and rather, the attacks against Supreme Councilor Ordain became more severe.

[With the President missing, Supreme Council member Ordain is at the center of the forces preparing for revolution. What are his intentions?]

In this way, negative articles about him poured out, covering up the inflammatory articles published by Ordain himself.

“Well, what is it? “Who on earth am I fighting?”

These attacks are at a level that can be considered a bombing raid.

This was the first thing that embarrassed Ordain, who entered the political world and was always on the rise.

“No way is this…” … ?”

Anyone can see that this is an artificial situation.

Suddenly, Ordain began to think that Adrian might be behind this situation.

“No, it’s clearly his doing.”

A person who has even tried to steal did it, and the master of manipulating public opinion could see the flow in his eyes.

I don’t know how it is possible to form public opinion to this degree, but his suspicions about Adrian have turned into confidence.

At a time when Ordain was trying to overcome this situation.

“Oh, Master Ordain.”

“huh? “What’s going on?”

“His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence has visited.”

He suddenly appeared before my eyes.

A person whose actions cannot be predicted at all.

To Ordain, Adrian’s very existence was an irregularity.

* * *

When Adrian was meeting with Ordain.

On Earth, media outlets around the world were abuzz with a new story.

[South Korea joins hands with strangers to attack North Korea!]

This is because the unification plan for the Republic of Korea began.

“Oh my, this can’t be right…” … .”


Jiha-ri, Icheon-gun, Gangwon-do.

It was one of the North Korean military’s main bases and the missile production base closest to the front line.


-Quaaaang! Quaaaang!


The unit was currently engaged in a battle with the enemy, and the situation was extremely hopeless.

Missiles and shells flying from an invisible distance.

When they are helplessly defeated and North Korea tries to respond with missiles and long-range artillery.


As always, blue light poured down from the sky, and all missiles and shells were intercepted in the air before they could fly even 100 meters from the ground.

In fact, there were more cases of damage from fragments of missiles and artillery shells fired by friendly forces to attack the enemy than from enemy attacks.

The commander of the unit cried out for a desperate fight, but the soldiers who had to fight on the front lines were frightened and cried out for surrender.

“profit! Let it go, let it go!”

Thanks to this, the battle to occupy Jihari Base, one of the North Korean military’s major front-line bases, ended less than 10 minutes after the battle began.

[Jihari Occupation Completed]

[Capture of Colonel Git completed]

[Joonghwa Army Occupation Completed]

The problem was that this situation was not limited to Jihari, but was occurring throughout North Korea.


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