My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 212

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Episode 212: Dream in the game becomes reality

49. King Gong is a problem solver (1)

An unexpected statement.

Thanks to this, the office of the lord of the County of Rayers was shocked.

“yes? What is that… … .”

“Currently, there is no force on Earth that we can trust and have our backs on. What I am saying is that I would like the Republic of Korea, with which we can at least communicate, to fulfill that role. Then we will show you the reward for your choice through actions.”

The people talking to Count Rayers are agents and diplomats who were instructed by the head of the National Intelligence Service to only look at the other person’s reaction.

The mission is to check whether or not they know about Adrian, who treated the soldiers in the video, but suddenly there is a military alliance and support for advancing north.

Even if you suddenly hear such a story, it is bound to be difficult.

“Why, but it’s not you who make the decisions anyway? “Your job is to convey my intentions to the President.”

“Well, I see.”

“I assume you know how useful our sky fortresses are in intercepting Earth’s missiles and fighter jets. And if you add the Vanguard, which has had little opportunity to be directly active, and the newly deployed Spirit Tower, there will be no need to worry about North Korea’s missiles at all thanks to its watertight anti-aircraft capabilities. “Whether the missile’s contents are high explosives or nuclear weapons.”

National Intelligence Service agents and diplomats had to swallow their saliva.

North Korea’s internal affairs are currently in chaos.

There is talk not only in the upper military and political circles but also among the public that they should take advantage of North Korea’s situation as an opportunity to win and advance to North Korea.

However, the reason South Korea was hesitating to advance north was because of East China, which called itself Shinbalhae, and North Korea’s nuclear program, where it was unclear who would be holding the button.

However, if the County of Rayeth provides support, all these concerns will be resolved.

Not only have they already shown how excellent their interception capabilities are against China’s barrage of missiles, but they have even pushed China, making it difficult for the self-proclaimed New Balhae tribe to act rashly.

“And if you use Vanguard, it’s easy to assassinate a key figure. “The Vanguard is a fighter jet in human form and a tank, so personal weapons cannot cause any damage.”

Although it was something they couldn’t make a decision on, it was a proposal that only seemed beneficial, except for the lack of information about the County of Rayeth.

Even though the Korean Peninsula could easily become a powder keg, I felt that this was an irreplaceable opportunity to achieve unification.

“All right. “We will do our best to give you a positive answer.”

Their thoughts were clearly revealed in their answers.

Count Rayers was satisfied with their reaction and gave them two gifts.

“What is this?”

“It is a soldier’s personal weapon commonly used in Rondel. “It is a gift to the government and military of the Republic of Korea.”

It resembled a gun, but had a slightly more futuristic design.

It’s like a laser gun that appears in a science fiction movie.

“See you then.”

“Please be careful.”

After the National Intelligence Service agents and diplomats left, So Young-ju, who had been showing a calm expression until now, looked shocked and said.

“What do you mean? “You didn’t hear anything at all?”

He protested to his father, asking why he was proposing such an important issue without discussion.

The lord said with an apologetic expression.

“Actually, it was suggested by His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence when he visited.”

“When you just arrived?”

“Yes, after all, the place where our territory is located is a place with the most complex international relations in the world.”

“Well, I’ve heard a similar story. “Even before the catastrophe, it was an area where the political systems of communism and democracy clashed.”

“However, since the power in this region has been dispersed after the great disaster, His Highness the King’s idea is to use the Republic of Korea to stabilize the surrounding area.”

“The way to achieve that stabilization is to eliminate North Korea?”

The idea is to divide the three major powers around the County of Rayers, South Korea, North Korea, and China, by excluding North Korea, which has no idea what it will do.

Currently, China has suffered great damage from the catastrophe and is divided.

On the other hand, it was judged that the Republic of Korea would be able to maintain its power stably as its strength was intact and it was supported by a new support force called the County of Rayers.

“His Majesty Prince Lawrence told me to think about it, but he is not the type of person to talk nonsense. “He happened to have been sent by the government of the Republic of Korea, so he made a suggestion right away.”

Youngju Su was still dissatisfied, but she sighed softly as she understood why her father suddenly made such a suggestion.

“How will the Republic of Korea move?”

“If the president is someone who knows how to take advantage of an opportunity, he will accept it. “If he were a small person who was anxious to protect what was his, he would probably refuse.”

* * *

President of the Republic of Korea Kim Min-guk expressed interest in the appearance of the head of the National Intelligence Service who brought unexpected news.

“Count Rayers is quite an interesting man.”

I found out that the silver-haired young man who used healing magic, which was the original purpose, was related to them, but he suddenly made an unexpected proposal to support the advance north, which made me exclaim.

President Kim Min-guk is a person who is determined to achieve unification during his term.

However, when I was struggling with various obstacles, strangers reached out and offered to help.

Normally, this would be a time to be suspicious of the other person’s purpose, but President Kim Min-guk decided that it was enough to take advantage of what he could and then resolve any problems that arose later.

“What do you think?”

President Kim Min-guk gave a simple answer to the cautious question of the head of the National Intelligence Service.

“Of course, thank you.”

“Then war… … .”

“If it’s necessary, you should do it. “This is an invaluable opportunity considering the future of the Republic of Korea.”

At the same time, President Kim Min-guk picked up the weapon that the head of the National Intelligence Service said had been given to him by his subordinates.

The stubbornness that he would not accept differing opinions was already evident on his face.

Thanks to this, the head of the National Intelligence Service sighed and revealed the financial resources of the artifact gifted by Count Rayers.

“It has three built-in functions: regular ammunition, long-range ammunition, and explosive ammunition. The regular bullet has an effective range of 500m and has an excellent rate of fire, while the long-range bullet has an effective range of 2km and has excellent penetrating ability. The last explosive shell is said to have an effective range of 200m and a killing radius of 10m in diameter.”

“Wait a minute, so this one light gun can function as an assault rifle, sniper rifle, and grenade launcher?”

“I’ll have to experiment, but that’s just what I heard.”

“Huh, what about replacing the bullet?”

“There is a battery pack at the bottom like a magazine, and all you have to do is replace it with a new one. The battery pack can use 500 rounds of regular ammunition at a time, and 50 rounds of long-range ammunition and explosive ammunition… … . Surprisingly, the battery pack charges on its own if you just leave it alone.”

In Rondel, I heard that soldiers’ personal weapons are equipment that has become difficult to find on the battlefield, pushed out by Vanguards and Sky Fortresses.


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I heard that it is now commonly used by security forces to maintain public order, but even such items have high specifications that cannot be realized with modern technology.

After testing the power of Rondel’s personal firearm, it showed equal or greater power compared to items on Earth.

“It’s surprising, but I believe we’ve joined hands with a non-standard being.”

Seeing the President holding hands as a given, the head of the National Intelligence Service cleared his throat slightly and asked.

“Then shall we accept the offer and pass it on to you right away?”

“okay. And while we’re at it, let’s suggest setting up embassies in both countries.”

“The embassy? Aha, I think that’s a good idea. It could be a base to collect their information. “Then I will convey it that way.”

Once the direction is decided, it moves quickly.

That was the strength of the Republic of Korea in overcoming the great disaster, and it was the quality that the current people most wanted in their president.

Thus, the decision was made to move north for the future of the Republic of Korea.

* * *

“What is the condition of the people pulled out of the sea?”

I returned to reality after filling up my daily schedule of online access to the Chronicle, and while looking at the affairs of the principality, I asked the Minister of the Imperial Household Affairs, who was also an executive of Blue Moon, about the situation of the Americans who had settled on Ophelia Island.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem. It seemed like he was very happy, perhaps because he was released from confinement. “I think we’ll have to wait a little longer and watch.”

“Just catch people who do stupid things or say unnecessary things and put them in jail. Even if they are castaways, there is no need to take care of them one by one by being considerate and persuading them.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

I plan to educate them well and use them on Earth as well.

Since we feed them, put them to sleep, and provide them with many conveniences, I think they will act on their own if they have any ideas.

However, when I look at Westerners, I am worried that there are quite a few people who sometimes pretend to be smart with logic that does not make sense.

Of course, there are more people who do not, but the problem is that with 500 people gathered together, there is a high possibility of an unexpected situation occurring.

that… … . Isn’t there something called the law of conservation of God X?

That is why this order was given.

“What about Sir Benjamin?”

“I heard that you have just arrived at Ophelia Island and are making a statement.”

I appointed Benjamin as manager of these Americans.

He was in a position where he could never betray me, so I wasn’t too worried.

“I gave you a warning, but keep an eye on Sir Benjamin to make sure he doesn’t accidentally come and go from Earth.”

“all right.”

After finishing my work by asking about the well-being of the Americans on Ophelia Island, I sat down and stretched.

Is it because I’m stretching by turning my neck?

Arcia, who was sitting at the tea table in the office and enjoying refreshments, came up to me and massaged my shoulder.

If something goes wrong with your body, you can use healing magic, but you can’t imitate the coolness of human hands.

When I learned it, it was Arcia who massaged my shoulders in a very refreshing way.

“Thank you, Arcia.”


I guess I’m done with work, I’ve fulfilled my daily quota of games, and I’m trying to enjoy my newlywed life with the girl I met… … .

“Your Majesty the King!”

A guest came.

“Marshal Nathan of the Prius Republic has visited.”

A completely unexpected guest.

I had to tilt my head, wondering what was coming from the Republic of Prius at this time.

Moreover, ‘Marshal Nathan’ was a high-ranking figure who was second in military rank after Marshal Ansen and fourth in republican rank, and was the closest associate of the President of Israel.

“is it so? “Please take it in.”

As I had seen it several times, I couldn’t help but welcome it even though I was skeptical about the unexpected visit.

A moment later, Marshal Nathan entered my office.

Although he is a key figure in the Republic, he has been giving me a Reinharts-style example.

“welcome. Marshal Nathan, isn’t this the first time since the King’s coronation?”

“Thank you for taking the time to visit us without notice. “Your Majesty the King.”

Next, I met him and his face showed a look of exhaustion.

I could sense that something had happened.

Thanks to this, my expression also hardened.

Currently, the Republic is in an alliance with our Reinharts Empire and the Duchy of Lawrence.

Their difficulties were not unrelated to ours.

And sure enough… … .

“Please lend me your wisdom!”

He begged for my help by kneeling on the floor and bowing his head.

The Prius Republic is a country called one of the four great empires of Rondel, along with the Reinharts Empire.

For a person in power in such a country to ask for a favor so servilely is tantamount to announcing that a major crisis has befallen the country.

“What has happened that makes you say that?”

Marshal Nathan hesitated for a moment at my question, then continued speaking with a serious expression.

“A major civil war is about to break out in the Republic. However, the President of Israel and Marshal Ansen are missing.”

“Huh, what?”

Certainly, that is a serious problem.

however… … .

It was like that when she was a saint, so why are they going missing like this?


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