My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 211

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Episode 211: Dream in the game becomes reality

48. Arrangements just in case (5)

After Bug’s work was finished, I could see the laptop boxes piled up in one corner of the room.

“What is that?”

“I asked my parents to provide it. “To take it to Rondel.”

“Where can I use all this? Rondel can only be used offline because the Earth and online environments are different.”

The number of laptops is roughly 20.

Since it is a high-spec gaming laptop, I think the amount spent on this alone would be around 4,000 to 5,000 won.

I answered Berg’s question with a smile.

“That’s right, it’s something you and the students you will teach will use.”

“Eh? What should I use? And teaching? what? student?”

Seeing the bug literally stumbling around as if it had been caught by a bug, I shrugged my shoulders, asking the obvious.

“Why are we going through all this trouble? “We are preparing for a situation where Rondel and Earth merge by referring to the words of Archduke Lucas, who became the Demon King.”


“We can fully prepare for the time when it merges with the Earth, but shouldn’t we increase power that can be used immediately in the Earth environment?”

“Are those programmers who specialize in computers?”

I was satisfied with the bug that I finally understood and patted him on the back.

“of course. Blue Moon and our Gongwang family have already selected people to be trained. They are all smart and capable people. In addition, we have a training center equipped with a concentration-enhancing magic circle and a large number of expensive memory-enhancing potions, so you will learn very quickly. “Do you enjoy teaching?”

“It enhances concentration and improves memory… … . “Am I the only one who finds this scary?”

“Haha, don’t worry. I wouldn’t expect unreasonable results in a very short period of time. I’ll give you 6 months. “Make students at a level where they can respond to external hacking within that period.”

“This crazy guy?”

Bug heard my story and grabbed me by the collar.

I thought it was quite possible, but it seems like I thought it was an unreasonable request.


“Ouch! “My eyes!”

After loosening the bug’s collar by poking its eyes with my finger, I looked down at the bug rolling around on the floor and spoke firmly.

“This is an order, not a request, so I will not accept any objections.”

The bug stiffened and stopped moving, and I smiled and used healing magic.

Thanks to this, the revived bug made an excuse with the most pitiful expression possible.

“But, I have to support you as a party member in the game… … .”

That is correct.

It is important to build up a fighting force in preparation for the unification of Rondel and Earth, but the most important thing to do is raise your level and clear the basic quests.

Moreover, the situation is not far from reaching max level.

In other words, it was an important time.

“Just hand it over to Gregory the character. You’re a healer anyway. It’s not a very difficult character to control, so it doesn’t matter who follows you as a party member. “You just have to worry about educating your students.”

“You can’t believe I described my heels, which contained my soul, in that way.”

However, seeing that I couldn’t get through to him, he finally surrendered with a deep sigh.

I put my hand on his shoulder and didn’t forget to add another comment.

“Oh, and don’t forget to develop a few programs that you think might be useful if you have some spare time while teaching students.”

“You’re so spoiled, you devil.”

As I packed my laptop into a subspace, I didn’t bother to tell her that the students she was going to teach this time were the first class, and that there would be second and third class students after that.

* * *

Afterwards, I visited the County of Rayers and presented the items I had prepared.

Since development and production of major artifacts, including satellites, were still in progress, all I gave them were a few flying vehicles, everyday artifacts, and personal weapons for use by soldiers.

However, as the amount of everyday artifacts was quite large, Count Rayers expressed his gratitude to the point of obsequiousness, as if he was bowing.

After a brief visit to the County of Rayers, Celine attempted to contact the Demon King Exceed Lord (Archduke Lucas).

However, there was no response as the aftereffects of the advent disappeared in just a few days.

As the conversation with the Demon King ended in failure, we finished all business and returned to Rondel.

I did a lot of things, such as treating people, developing bug programs, visiting the County of Rayeth, and even trying to contact the Demon King Lord Exceed, but all of this only took about 30 minutes.

It was possible to reach the next destination in a blink of an eye using teleportation magic, so there were no restrictions on distance.

[The current remaining connection time is 1 hour and 51 minutes.]

A vast, pure white space that you can’t help but see when you return from Earth to Rondel.

I was satisfied with the ample usable time of the dimensional transmission device that the relic had informed me of.


When the dimensional transmission device ended, Benjamin, who was meeting his brother in a different space from us, was also reverse summoned at once.

I approached him who was standing blankly in a corner of the ruins.

He must have been having a fun conversation with his younger brother, but he was standing in a really awkward posture.

“Did you have a good time?”

“yes? ah… … .”

There was a deep sense of regret on his face, but he seemed to be in a good mood, perhaps because he was finally reunited with his younger brother, even though it was only for a short time.

“I was so happy that I couldn’t speak. “Thank you so much for your consideration in many ways.”

“Because I promised something. “Her younger sister, the chairman of Daehan Electronics will take good care of her, so you don’t have to worry.”

“That’s good news. “Amy looks strong thanks to His Majesty the King.”

“One day we will be able to stay on Earth without any time limits. Until then, you will have to endure visits like this.”

“Yes, that’s enough. No matter when, I will definitely repay this favor.”

“It feels good just to hear it.”

I comforted Benjamin, who was filled with tears, and then looked at Blake.

“Staying on Earth is becoming more and more fun. “The food also suits my taste.”


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“Aren’t you bored just staying at home?”

“I’m only staying for a short time anyway, so where can I go? “I think it’s a priority to acquire information about the Earth from your parents’ home.”

“I would appreciate it if you could understand that.”

I feel like I’ve become closer to him these days.

Blake coolly waved his hands and moved on to the next area of ​​the ruins, leading Selene like a subordinate.

“We’re going back soon, too.”

And I led the members to Gongwang Castle and used teleportation.

“See you, His Majesty the King.”

Then, the scenery changed from a pure white space to Gongwang Castle with an old-fashioned atmosphere, and the subjects and facility managers waiting at the teleport gate all bowed their heads.


But then.

I felt something strange and had to look up into the sky.

“Why are you doing this?”

“No, I definitely felt a strange energy, but I can’t feel it anymore.”

“I didn’t feel anything?”

“okay? “Then was I mistaken?”

The same scenery as usual, the same smells as usual, the same noises as usual.

I tilted my head and entered the palace with my companions.

* * *

The County of Rayers is located between West Hanman, North Korea, and the Shandong Peninsula, China.

“Daily necessities go there. “Move the weapons over there.”


Lord So, who belatedly discovered the artifacts piled up in the lord’s castle garden, approached with a surprised expression and asked his father, Count Rayers.

“What is it all about? Oh, by any chance, did His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence come and go?”

“that’s right.”

“Oh, my… … . “I should have said hello.”

“He seemed to be busy, so he passed away without even having time to have a cup of tea after giving me this.”

Administrators and soldiers are busy sorting gifts.

Perhaps because there was someone taking care of them despite being dropped into an unfamiliar world, people’s expressions were not necessarily dark.

Lord Su laughed as he looked at the 10 Spirit Towers floating in the sky along with the Skystar and the large number of Vanguards visible here and there in the Lord’s Castle.

This level of power was enough to compete with the dukes within the Kingdom of Walter, to which they belonged.

“I am truly grateful. “I wonder if I can just receive it like this.”

No matter what the situation is, they cannot fail to realize that the money they are pouring into themselves is considerable.

Because of this, Youngju So had to feel sorry for Adrian while being grateful to him.

“I intend to pledge my loyalty to His Majesty Prince Lawrence next time he visits.”

“yes? “Suddenly?”

“It was a decision I made after careful consideration.”

And his father, as if his thoughts were different from his own, made an unexpected and shocking statement.

Thanks to this, Youngju So was greatly embarrassed.

“hmm… … .”

But he soon calmed his startled heart and thought calmly.

This is a clear act of treason, but there is no one in this world who would define themselves as treasonous.

The person currently working hard for their survival was not the royal family of the Kingdom of Walter, but Prince Lawrence, and without his help, everything could have been blown up under the nuclear bomb.

Therefore, it was clear where to line up in this situation.

“I think it would definitely be better to further strengthen the relationship.”

“yes. And of all the powerful people I have seen in my life as an aristocrat, I have never seen anyone go out of their way to help others like him. “He is special in many ways.”

That is certainly true.

Moreover, he is also a descendant of Archduke Lucas.

So the two decided to join Adrian’s command.

As a result, Layers territory becomes an external territory of the Duchy of Lawrence.

The problem is that the extraterrestrial domain is a different world.

“But what about that?”

Then Youngju Su pointed at something.

There were 10 large and small flying cars placed there.

But the problem is, those flying cars… … .

“Isn’t it the king’s ceremonial vehicle?”

These were the extravagant vehicles used by the leaders of a country.

“His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence gave it to the people of Earth and told them not to bow down. “I plan to use the flashiest one and mobilize the rest for major events.”

Youngju So continued to laugh.

Should I call him Archduke Lawrence?

The way of thinking of ordinary people in power feels different.

Youngju and Youngju laughed happily as they looked at the items Adrian had given them.

“My lord. “A guest from the government of the Republic of Korea visited.”

How long have you been into artifact classification?

Youngju and Youngju So tilted their heads at the report of Youngji Butler.

There was no appointment to meet them.


Although I had doubts, I did not express any particular displeasure.

From their perspective, the government of the Republic of Korea was the only country they could communicate with among the countries they encountered in the world.

“Okay, tell them to wait a moment.”

“Yes, I will.”

The lord, who was wearing comfortable clothes, went back to his room with his son and prepared to greet the guests.

After putting on a little makeup and changing into stylish ball gowns, the two greeted people sent by the Korean government together, and were exposed to unexpected information from the Koreans.

“Thank you for showing such hospitality despite my sudden and unannounced visit.”

“Haha, no. “There must be a reason for everything.”

“Actually, I came here because I wanted to ask Count Rayers for advice.”


“There is someone our government is looking for, and I was wondering if you know who that is.”

Then they took out a tablet and played a video.

Count Rayers was shocked when he confirmed that the people who appeared in the video were Adrian and his group.

And the National Intelligence Service agents of the South Korean government did not miss the Count’s reaction.

“What are you looking for this person for?”

“If you watch the video, you will see that this person healed the wounded soldier with mysterious powers. We suspect this is Rondel’s magic.”


“I came to see if I could ask for help from this person if he knew me.”

After listening to the story, I was able to roughly understand what the other person wanted.

However, Count Rayers could not accept their request.

“I won’t necessarily lie to maintain a good relationship with the government of the Republic of Korea. “I’m sorry, but it would be better to stop paying attention to this person.”

Surprisingly, seeing him obediently admitting that they were in a relationship, Korean guests felt a little fond of Count Rayers.

However, my liking for him soon turned into doubt.

The moment Count Rayers, the owner of this land, referred to the person in the video as ‘this person’, it was tantamount to revealing that the other person’s status was higher.

“He is someone who can easily destroy small fiefdoms like our County of Leith, and he is like the dawn of Rondel.”

Even though we hadn’t been in a relationship for a long time, I could tell that Count Rayers was not a person who talked nonsense.

Therefore, the Korean government could not help but become more interested in Adrian and his group in the video.

In addition, the fact that the opponent was so big that Count Rayers, who had even pushed China, made weak remarks.

“okay. “I will keep your advice in mind.”

Count Rayers smiled as he looked at the Koreans being politely addressed.

“I’m just sorry I feel like I wasted your time.”

And when they handed him the apple, Count Rayers shook his head and said no.

“No, because I also wanted to talk to the President of the Republic of Korea. Since this has come to an end, I guess I can use you as messengers.”

“A messenger?”

Count Rayers, who wiped the expression from his face as he looked at the others expressing doubts, spoke as if making a declaration.

“Tell this to the President. “The County of Reyes wants a military alliance with the Republic of Korea.”

The Koreans’ eyes widened at that.

It could not be considered that sufficient interests had been established between them to warrant such a discussion.

Moreover, Count Rayers’ next words shocked them even more.

“If we form a military alliance, we will support South Korea’s advance northward to commemorate it.”


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