My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 210

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Episode 210: Dream in the game becomes reality

48. Arrangements just in case (4)

When I opened the door and appeared again after going out for a while, the attention of my parents and companions who were sitting around a table in the living room was focused.

“It came sooner than expected?”

In response to my mother’s question, I said it was no big deal.

“It was something that would end quickly.”

“Who is the friend you went with?”


It’s not a big deal, but since it’s been such a long time since I heard this word, it feels very new to me.

Is there anyone I can call a friend?

Thanks to this, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m sure you’re talking to your brother right now.”

“okay? “Good.”

Since the explanation about Benjamin was only vague, the two people sincerely responded that it went well.

Before we knew it, Arcia and the others were eating dumplings that gave off a fragrant smell, as if they had already been baked.

It seems that the Korean instant dumplings, which were well-received overseas, also fascinated my group.

I wasn’t particularly hungry, but everyone was eating so deliciously that I reached for my plate without realizing it.

And when I dipped the grilled dumplings in soy sauce and put them in my mouth, a nostalgic taste filled my mouth.

“It’s delicious.”

“I already bought a lot of this and that, so take it with you.”

Looking at Arcia and Blake with somewhat satisfied expressions, they seemed to have already received something as a gift.

So I didn’t refuse my parents’ gift either.

After stuffing two more dumplings into my mouth at once, I grabbed Berg’s arm as he was munching with his fork in his mouth.

Thanks to this, the bug looked up at me with doubt.

“Father, what about the item I asked for?”

In response to my question, my father nodded, saying he had not forgotten.

Next, he guided me somewhere, which was a small room in our house that was used as a storage room and dressing room.

The structure of that room was slightly different from what I remembered.

This is because there was a curtain on one side of the wall instead of a hanger.

As if showing off, my father pulled back the curtain, and soon a new space appeared.

“Are you next door?”

“Yes, I thought you would need a space to use when you came with your friends, so I checked that it was empty and bought it and put up a wall.”

I recently sold a large amount of gold and made billions in cash to give to my parents.

With that money, it wouldn’t be a burden to buy an old apartment in Bucheon, but it’s not a good idea to buy real estate with money from unknown sources.

Although mental magic was used on several people during the gold trading process, the funds were not completely laundered.

My father must have noticed my concerned expression and smiled.

“After the disaster, the prices of these old apartments fell a lot, so they are not as expensive as you might think. “I have that much money, so don’t worry.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Real estate around the world has plummeted since the catastrophe, but there are a few exceptions.

South Korea was one of those few places, as the country suffered no major damage during the catastrophe.

Currently, many people overseas think of Korea as a safe zone.

It’s a shame that the incumbent president moved quickly to restrict real estate transactions by foreigners, otherwise a situation would have occurred that would have caused real estate prices to skyrocket alone.

Currently, real estate prices in Korea are maintaining stable prices.

However, prices have only gone down for old buildings, like the apartment we are in now, that may have suffered a major disaster and may have been damaged in some way on the inside.

“We need to make the apartment a little stronger.”


As a pale light spread out in all directions around me, my father tilted his head.

I used reinforcement magic to increase the durability of this apartment.

Although nothing had changed on the outside, the robbery would have been almost as bad as that of a newly built apartment.

“The house has become stronger? “It’s amazing to see magic.”

Afterwards, I toured the new space with my father.

The interior of the house appears to have not been modified in any way except for new wallpaper and flooring.

However, it was fully stocked with furniture and home appliances and was ready for immediate use.

There were three large refrigerators lined up, and when I opened them and looked inside, they were full of various snacks and drinks.

How much trouble must it have taken to prepare these.

Before I leave today, I need to cast a healing spell on both of you.

“Here, what you asked for.”

Then my father led me into the living room.

In the main room, six large monitors filled one wall, as if they were stock trading, and three large PCs with unusual force were also placed.

In addition, there was a closet-sized data storage server neatly located in the space, so anyone looking at it could not help but question its purpose.

“How much did you spend?”

“To set it up like this, about 200 million? “I bought this with the money you gave me.”

“It’s good.”

Naturally, production facilities in each country suffered significant damage due to the catastrophe.

Thanks to this, no research was conducted, and the performance of computers was at a similar level to that of two years ago, and on the contrary, the value has increased significantly.

The cost would probably have been much cheaper before the catastrophe.

With a satisfied expression on my face, I released the bug that had been dragging on until now.

“Oh oh?”


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As soon as he saw the computer room, he let out an exclamation of admiration.

Looking at her like that, her father asked.

“I heard that a workstation of this size is equivalent to a university research lab. What are you using it for?”

I answered my father’s question by pointing to the bug.

“I want to build an environment similar to Rondel on Earth.”


My father tilted his head and then shrugged his shoulders, saying he wouldn’t ask too much.

You understand that your son is a person who is far from ordinary.

“Well, I guess you can take care of it.”

After saying that, my father left the room as if taking turns with Arcia.

After the Ivril incident, Arcia did not allow him to be alone with another woman.

Even though I don’t really think of Bug as a woman.

“Is it possible?”

In response to my question, Bug sat in front of the booted computer and executed various functions.

Currently, he has been copied and received knowledge from all over the Earth by the talent manager Chester.

Chester was born with the memories of Archduke Lucas, so giving him information about Earth was no problem.

Not only English and other letters, but also computer-related knowledge.

Thanks to this, Bug was able to use the computer without difficulty.

“I think it’ll be okay. “I got the trick.”

I am satisfied with the positive answer.

To do this, I used the Hollywood system’s administrator privileges once to bug the bug, and I would have been annoyed when I got a negative response.


Soon, he lined up three keyboards and started playing the keyboard like a crazy pianist.

There is no need to use a mouse.

Her computer use began and ended solely with commands.

On the six monitors, numerous windows open and close, and characters are entered in a complex manner, possibly due to coding.

As if he was slowly adapting, the bug’s work speed became faster and faster, and eventually it became difficult for the average person to follow.

So what we are trying to do now.

As I told my father, I am trying to build an environment similar to Rondel on Earth.

Right online.

‘Rondel’s online is under the management of the Hollywood system, and the person who controls the Hollywood system is the acting manager Chester.’

‘Chester is my indispensable assistant, collecting information as needed and sometimes turning lies into truth. He also said, “He creates favorable public opinion through fabrication and instigation, so no matter what he does, the reaction of netizens is bound to be favorable to me.”

That’s how powerful the administrator authority in the Hollywood system is.

However, what is unfortunate is that the online system does not allow the authority to be used in other districts.

It’s natural, but I can’t help but feel regretful.

This district is as dependent on online as Rondel.

‘Okay, if we don’t have it, let’s make it.’

Then I thought of one possibility.

In Rondel’s virtual world, I was always pressured by Chester and couldn’t even make a sound, but I had a being in my hands who had abilities equivalent to that and could freely travel around the Earth.

This is a monster bug in the virtual world born from artificial intelligence.

“braided! “Look at this.”

I thought that if Berg could adapt to Earth’s virtual environment, he might be able to fulfill Rondel’s role as Chester.

And after about 10 minutes had passed since Bug sat down in front of the computer, he proved that this guess was not nonsense.

When the bug pressed enter on the keyboard… … .


The workstation PC’s cooler spun up with a loud noise, and even though the bug was not manipulating the PC, the Internet and system windows opened and closed on their own.

“What happened?”

“We created a function to acquire knowledge and grow while autonomously surfing online. “Is this the so-called seed of artificial intelligence?”

“her… … .”

“For safety reasons, I did not approach places with overly strong defense walls, and changed my address frequently to avoid being tracked. “In the first place, the performance of this computer could not handle all the functions, so I made powder and sprinkled it here and there on the external terminal. It doesn’t matter, right?”

“Well, as long as you don’t get caught… … . But is that true? “Artificial intelligence.”

“What am I doing by bluffing on you?”

I was impressed by the unbelievable speed of the work, but was this possible in just 10 minutes?

I was thinking of using her, but I couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Is it because Archduke Lucas, who created the Hollywood system, is from Earth? The environment was more similar to Rondel than I thought. “Except for the fact that the information transmission medium, language, and coding system are different.”

“In other words, your abilities are fully usable in Earth’s environment, right?”

“Yeah, you’ll know when you see it, right?”

It’s a problem because you can’t see it.

“What can we do with him now?”

“There’s not much we can do yet. This guy needs time to grow.”

“What can you do if you grow up enough?”



“Ahem! You can do anything. “Unless someone like Chester appears out of nowhere.”

“her… … .”

It seems that the experiment was a success.

Even more than I thought.

I had to make a face to see that the bug’s abilities were even better than I expected.

* * *

“So, all the noblemen who flocked to Daehan Electronics returned home in good health?”

South Korea’s Blue House.

President Kim Min-guk narrowed his eyes at the report from the head of the National Intelligence Service.

The two were aware that powerful figures, including Rothschild and Rockefeller, or their families had visited Korea.

In the United States, intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA are still not functioning properly as they are trying to clean up after the catastrophe, but Korea was different.

Not only was there little damage in the first place, but it was natural for South Korea, which was eagerly targeting the North and even thinking about moving south when it saw an opportunity, to focus its efforts on its intelligence department.

“It is surprising that the head of Daehan Electronics, who said it would not be strange if he died soon, miraculously came back to life, but even the disabled people who gathered at his invitation were all cured?”

The President looked at the Director of the National Intelligence Service, asking how he should accept this fact, and the Director of the National Intelligence Service swallowed dryly and proposed a hypothesis.

“Wouldn’t it be possible with magic?”

“Magic? It’s magic… … .”

If someone who didn’t know their situation heard the story, they would have thought it was a joke.

But the two were never joking.

‘Magic is real. The County of Reyes proved it.’

The government of the Republic of Korea had a friendly relationship with the County of Rayers and was the one with the most information about them.

I heard from Count Rayers that they had come from a fantasy world called Rondel, and that they had gotten caught up in an accident for unknown reasons.

Since I had actually met a wizard in person, I thought that it might be possible to perform miracles like this with magic.

“hmm… … .”

At the same time, the president opened the laptop at his seat and played a video.

There were images of certain people there.

The appearance of inhumane humans who not only subdued the monsters of the poison and purified the poison, but also overwhelmed the soldiers who were confronting them.

In the process, a scene was captured in the video where a handsome silver-haired man treated a soldier with injuries that would not be surprising if he died soon.

At first, I couldn’t believe it and passed it over, but with the appearance of Count Rayers, I was able to find out that the power that healed the soldiers was magic.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels a sense of crisis, right?”

“Looking at the current situation, anyone can’t help but feel a sense of crisis. “If the chairman of Daehan Electronics and the people who visited there today work together, any country will inevitably fall into crisis.”

“I don’t know who is behind it, but is he secretly trying to conquer the world?”

The president said it as a joke because of the absurdity, but the head of the National Intelligence Service couldn’t help but laugh.

The two stayed silent for a long time without conversation, and soon the President gave instructions to the Director of the National Intelligence Service.

“Go to Count Rayers Castle and ask if he knows the people in this video.”

“Do you want to tell me just because you know?”

“Even if you pretend not to know, you can clearly infer whether or not they are related by looking at their mood and facial expressions.”

“ah… … .”

“So, send people who are quick to notice.”

The head of the National Intelligence Service said he understood and withdrew, and soon the President, who was left alone, got up and looked towards the window.

“I feel like I’m at the center of a conspiracy theory. “How should we act from now on?”


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