My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: Dreams in the game become reality

48. Arrangements just in case (2)

next day.

The hostage exchange took place as scheduled.

The royal family of Coralheim and Saint Ivril were exchanged.

Finally, the kidnapping case of Saint Ivril of Sorrows is solved.

“Your Majesty the King!”

Ivril, who must have been through a lot of emotional distress, ran to me and hugged me with a touched face.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“no. “I thought His Majesty the Duke would save me.”

As a saint, it would be common to believe in the church’s rescue rather than mine, but if you think about it calmly, it was a difficult problem to solve with the church’s power.

And considering what I had shown so far, I could fully understand.

I’m thankful that she trusted me and waited for me… … .

– Kuuk.

The power of Ivril in my arms was too strong.

As if it wasn’t going to fall.

And it seems like Ivril is especially groping my body. Is this an illusion?

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

Arcia forcibly pulled Ivril’s hand from hers and shook her hand.

Arcia looks somewhat angry, and Ivril has a sullen expression on her face as if asking why she’s bothering her.

It seems that Ivril’s active behavior today was not an illusion.

[Relationship: Love / Obedience]

[Status: Obsession / Gratitude]

And when I saw Ivril’s information through the lens, I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

It felt like the content had changed to something too extreme.

[Characteristics: Gray Saint, improved combat sense, cool-headed judgment of the situation]

Even the contents of the characteristics that affect combat style and disposition are unusual.

‘What is the Gray Saint?’

Thanks to this, I had to aim at the back of Ieria’s head as she ran out of sight.

What on earth happened to her?

“It was a lot of hard work. “Saint Ivril.”

Today, instead of Blake and Celine, we brought Saint Sylvester and Saint Avith.

No matter how close my relationship with Ivril was, I still couldn’t bring in a devil worshiper.

Ivril admired the images of saints and virgins.

“I just apologize to my seniors for causing concern.”

Saint Sylvester and Saint Avith responded with smiles to the neat manners.

Now they only have one day left in their term.

Her successor returned before she could barely give up her status as a saint, so she was more relieved than anyone else and rejoiced at Ivril’s return.

“What are they planning to do?”

Saint Sylvester asked secretly with cold eyes.

The people she was talking about meant the Ieria group, the kidnappers of Ivril, who had already disappeared.

“It has to be removed. “I have no intention of ever forgiving you.”

Was my answer satisfactory?

A satisfied smile appeared on her face as she felt alive.

“I have decided.”


When he said that he had suddenly decided on something, I expressed doubts, and Saint Sylvester gave me an unexpected gift.

“Let’s settle in the Duchy of Lawrence.”

“oh! Is that really true!?”


Many countries poured honey on her to somehow recruit her to step down from her status as a saint and become an ordinary person.

The power of a saint did not disappear immediately when she left her position.

I understand that he was promised the status of duke along with the saint in the Brigham Empire, but he is willing to reject all such sweet offers and come to my duchy.

How could it not be good?

The saint becomes a subject who follows my orders… … .

In addition, since the Sepia Church is the only religion that almost everyone believes in and follows, the settlement of the saint will also provide psychological stability to the people of the former Croisen Empire.

This means that its mere existence has a positive effect on the entire country.

‘There are many corners that can sting… … . It won’t matter.’

I extended my hand to her, asking her to take care of me, and Saint Sylvester held my hand with a smile.

With this, the kidnapping incident of the saint came to an end.

Now all that’s left is to clean up afterward.

* * *

[Was the kidnapper of Saint Ivril ultimately the 3rd Prince Ieria Nelson? Prince Adrian L. Laurence saves her saint.]

[Messages of congratulations and support pouring in from all over the world. Saint Ivril appears at an official event.]

[Saint Ivril: I apologize for causing you so much trouble. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the church officials who worked hard to search and to His Highness Prince Lawrence, who saved me even at the cost of infamy.]

[Saint Ivril conveying her deep respect and love for Prince Lawrence.]

In the article, the unnecessary word ‘love’ was mentioned, but it had the nuance of a greeting conveyed to a parent or teacher, rather than love between a man and a woman.

This was understood that way by everyone who lost a knight.


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-brother! I Love!

└Me too!

-Prince Lawrence’s actions were extreme, but if it had not been for this method, Saint Ivril would not have been freed so easily.

└That’s right

└With this incident, Lawrence Gongwang’s fan base will become even stronger.

└It sure looks cool even from the same guy.

-Saint Ivril seems to follow Prince Lawrence a lot.

└It has to be that way. She makes herself a saint and always steps up when a problem arises. I have a sense of responsibility.

No one had any doubts about my relationship with Ivril.

But these days, I often break into a cold sweat because of Ivril.

I don’t know what kind of change of heart occurred, but if you hadn’t revealed the fact that you liked me before… … .

[i love you.]


This is because it has now been openly pushed.

As I was mindlessly reading the messages on the terminal, I had a cup of tea when I read the content Ivril sent.

“Is it her again?”

Arcia, his escort and wife, showed an uncomfortable look.

I comforted Arcia and massaged her temples.

There’s no way I wouldn’t like the feeling of someone liking me.

But this is uncharacteristic behavior like Ivril.

So, I actually got worried.

“The kidnapping incident completely changed my personality. “I wasn’t this active before.”

I couldn’t tell if Ivril’s change was good or bad.

She’ll probably try to help me with anything I want.

Even if it is not right from the church’s perspective.

This was a very useful strategic move given the unusual situation between Earth and Rondel, but it was complicated in my mind as I thought of her as a younger sister.

First of all, I don’t want to waste time on love or political issues.

Besides that, there were too many things to worry about.

I told Arcia not to worry too much and turned my attention to the terminal again.

[Message arrived]

The reason I’m looking at the terminal is because there’s news I’ve been waiting for.

Of course, the news is not Ivril’s, but Celine’s.

[Coordinates 124.393.228]

The message contained the coordinates of a certain space.

These are the coordinates of the space where Ieria is hiding.

At that, I jumped up from my seat.

And Blake, Berg, Gregory, and Auguste, who were standing on one side of Arcia, began moving through space together.

Then an underwater cave appeared, and I immediately used space-travel disruption magic to prevent them from escaping.

“Are you here?”

As we moved along the road, we soon came to a place with oxygen and a large area of ​​land, and soon a sickening bloody smell came over us.

Our group was able to see Celine standing tall and Ieria kneeling among the corpses of various monsters and mermaids that had been turned into rags.

Celine welcomed us, but my reaction was extremely cold.

“What are you doing?”

“S-sorry. “I want to be helpful.”

Perhaps because she thought her position was insecure, Celine did something she didn’t ask to do in order to be liked.

Isn’t this the only way to make people who prepared for battle seem like fools?

Arcia and Blake disarmed their Force Armor, saying it was boring, and Bug sent the two master-level autonomous vanguards he had obtained by clearing the Giyeon quest back to subspace.

All the powerful enemies were already dead, and only Ieria, whose individual combat power was mediocre, survived.

“Oh, I meant to do this in the first place… … .”

Ieria’s condition was not normal either.

The daggers were stuck in both my shoulders and knees, so I couldn’t move.

“That’s right.”

“You fooled me.”

“When we deceive the enemy, we call it ‘operation success.’”

I said, picking up one of the fish swords flying around Celine.

“Haha, that’s stupid. “I acted so stupid.”

Ieria lets out a self-deprecating laugh.

Nevertheless, I held the sword to his neck without an expression of regret.

“Do you have any last words?”

“If I say I want to live, will you let me live?”

It was a natural question for someone who was about to die.

“If it’s worth it.”

And in response to my hopeful answer, Ieria asked me if that was true, and a little hope appeared in her eyes.

“News about the Earth is of no use. “I would know more.”

Ieria’s complexion darkened slightly at the firm words, but soon, wondering if there was any information that could be of benefit, she said something unexpected.

“In this wide ocean, a variety of things come across, including sunken ships where Earthlings were gathered.”

“is it so?”

“But there are people who specialize in collecting such items.”

When I expressed interest, he swallowed dryly and continued speaking.

“It’s a black dragon.”

A dragon that appeared out of nowhere.

At that, I narrowed my eyes and distorted my expression, and Ieria, who was embarrassed, said it was true and showed me the picture of the terminal.

Since this was not a stormy sea, the artifact worked properly.

“I don’t know your name. “They are often found flying from west to east, and unlike ordinary dragons that do not spend much time outdoors, they are quite active beings.”

And when we saw the photo that appeared as a hologram, Arcia and I were quite surprised.

The reason is because it was the dragon I had seen on Ophelia Island before.

I never thought I would see this dragon again, so I asked Blake if he knew him.

“Oh, I’ve seen this guy a few times too. But we don’t know each other.”

After further listening to Blake’s answer, it seems that it is correct to say that Ieria is an actively moving dragon.

But what is this dragon?


“It’s interesting, but is that the end?”

In response to my question, Ieria shook her head, asking if that was possible.

“I heard from a kraken that if you bring him something that interests him, he will do you a favor. So I guessed that the object of interest to the dragon might have been from Earth.”

If a dragon unconditionally grants one request, that alone becomes a tremendous weapon.

Thanks to this, I let out an exclamation and responded that it was amusing, and Ieria seemed to think that this was her last chance to live, so she spoke rapidly.

“The ocean is the largest space in the world. “I will collect and present the information in the sea.”

It’s tempting.

That makes sense.

I tried to kill him, but I started to think that it might actually be useful.

“What should I do?”

So I asked Blake, and he said it was your business and handed the decision over.

I thought about it for a while.

And soon I made a decision.

“great. “Let’s give it a try.”

His survival was also determined by my decision, and the guy who survived his life seemed relieved, but his emotions were complex, showing an aggrieved expression.

I decided to stamp Ieria with the slave’s seal containing the power of the 8th circle.

Instead of having to ask for the consent of the other person, it was a more powerful seal of slavery.

It didn’t stop there, and additional threats were added.

“If you betray, your family. “You know what happens, right?”

“Well, of course.

Doesn’t this look like a complete villain?

I was satisfied and cleaned up my surroundings.

Then, after treating Ieria, the family’s greatest weakness, we moved on to the next schedule.

The next very important event is to go to Earth.

They plan to stop by Gongtoon briefly to pick up Earthling Benjamin and take Bug with them for some experiment.


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